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Head and Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Smooth and Silky 27/11/2009

Well known brand generally does the job

Head and Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Smooth and Silky Head and Shoulders is synonymous with dandruff. We all know this brand and its strong market presence is not something to sniff at. SO, it's been a staple in my bathroom for a long time and I use it regularly (as you may see on my other shampoo reviews, I use shampoos in a cyclical fashion as I have mild scalp psoriasis and don't use one shampoo exclusively to fight it as the scalp becomes accustomed etc.). It's got an inoffensive smell, and is not highly priced. It's a high street brand that is available to all. Does it actually remove dandruff? I would say that on the whole it does do its job. My dandruff is reduced, not totally, but a good percentage. The formula soothes my scalp well and does not irritate. My hair feels a little frizzy if using daily over a week or so, but nothing too much. However, my hair is pretty straight and not too thick. I would use with care if having long, wavy or curly hair. You may have a frizz attack!! It's not too strong and does not sting a sensitive scalp. It is not at all organic or plant based, unfortunately, but does compete with other more expensive products which often bring inferior results. Certainly worth trying, and is widely available.

Murad Acne Body Wash 27/11/2009

Interesting product for reducing, not removing, spots

Murad Acne Body Wash This product intrigued me as it seems very 'clean' from the outside, and indeed smells like it when opened. It does not have an overly chemical odour, despite being choc full of them! I have a few spots on my neck and shoulders that I wanted to get rid of. I do not suffer from terrible spots, just a few persistent areas on my face and aforementioned areas. I chose this product as generally, I have found that if you pay more, the product tends to work more effectively (I know this is not always true, but has been my experience). Returning to the product, it is expensive and it does not last very long. One needs to add quite a lot of product to be able to foam it over the affected areas. It left my neck quite dry (this probably down to the alcohol and salycytic acid), not with dry patches, but just a tight, uncomfortable sensation which lasted for a few hours. I tried this product over a total of 2 weeks and can attest that, while drying my skin, it did reduce the size and depth of my spots. It did not get rid of them, but it did make a difference. I'm not convinced that for just a few spots it's worth paying all that money, and with the ensuing dryness also, but I was generally satisfied with the product and would use it again to reduce the appearance and longevity of my spots.

The Body Shop Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 25/11/2009

Ethically aware product that works well

The Body Shop Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo I am, on the whole, a big fan of the Body Shop and have had a lot of success with their products. I have been using this shampoo now for about 3 years and can only give it good reviews. There are negatives, however, as always...! The negatives, for me, would start with the bottle size. I think 250ml is too small for regular users. One bottle lasts me about 10/12 washes, and I try not to over use it! It does not seem logical to me to sell a shampoo in a small bottle, unless it's specifically intended for travel purposes, which this is not. Secondly, the price. We all know Body Shop errs on the expensive side, but it would be encouraging to see them trying to reduce their prices and appeal to a larger market consumer. The positives. I love the smell!! As soon as you open the bottle, the ginger bursts out and hits you in the nose. Wonderful. Makes a big change from tar or chemicals. In terms of its effectiveness, I can confirm that it works pretty on me. I never expect great success from shampoos as I suffer from scalp psoriasis, but this one isn't bad at all. It gently reduces flakiness and itching, not for long, but considering it isn't formulated for diagnosed problems like mine, I'm pleased with its results. As with all Body Shop products, it leaves my hair shiny and looking healthy overall.

Bnatural Organic Cleanser 24/11/2009

Reminiscent of days gone by...!

Bnatural Organic Cleanser I did not discover this product personally, it came recommended by my sister! She found it in a well known supermarket and passed it on to me (suffering from mild acne/spots and mild scalp psoriasis), thinking it could work on me. I must admit, I was swayed by its organic/natural presentation and abandoned another more chemical based cream for Bnatural... I am of the firm opinion that the less unnatural materials we put on our skin, the better. So, this product without parabens (TO BE AVOIDED!!!) and composed mostly organic components, seemed like the way to go!!! I started applying it in the morning. It's quite rich, white and soft. Not grainy or greasy. The pump makes it a 'clean' experience, also good. The smell, some aren't sold, I found it reassuring!!! Reminded me of my Grandmother. I have a feeling this is another marketing ploy though, as in choosing scents that conjure up images of rolling fields and rose covered doorframes... Anyway, I liked it! In terms of its moisturising effect, I was not so pleased though. I have dry patches on my neck and face plus spots which are sometimes red and sore. I applied this all over and found that the redness became more red while the dry spots seemed to remain dry. Tried over a week or so but found the same thing every morning. Maybe should have tried at night instead/as well??? I don't like the idea of getting cream on my pillow cases, hence the preference for the morning! Won't be trying it again, but reckon it could be good ...

Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo 24/11/2009

Therapeutic, tar-smelling, not that effective treacle

Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo I've been using T/Gel for a while to combat my mild scalp psoriasis and continue to use it because it doesn't sting and is, SOMETIMES, effective. It all depends, for me, whether I use it in combination with other medication, what shampoo comes before and after (I rotate shampoos to stop scalp becoming too used to a certain type) etc... Another main reason for which I don't use it too often is that the smell of tar makes me gag (it's for this I try to avoid polytar as much as possible!!!!), and it's nigh on impossible to get out of towels etc. I know this sounds like a lame excuse, for a product which should be effective, but I'm one of those smell sensitive people I suppose! It's not too thick and is not too expensive. It is widely available and doesn't require a prescription, which is good. I'm happy to pay a lot for shampoos which work, so around 5 pounds is fine by me generally. I would say that is reduced itchiness, but that the flakiness remains, on the whole, untouched. I don't have regular dandruff, though, and perhaps this product is only aimed at that sector of the public. For those suffering from scalp eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, I'd give this a quick try but don't expect miracles unfortunately! How long is it going to be before something is developed that is AMAZING and ALL NATURAL???!!!

Allergenics Hair Shampoo 24/11/2009

Worked very well in comparison to its peers

Allergenics Hair Shampoo On purchasing this a while back I was sceptical, having thought I had tried everything. An American colleague introduced me to this shampoo, knowing I suffer from a very sensitive scalp (anyone having read previous reviews knows this!!!) and am constantly on the lookout for a shampoo that doesn't burn or worsen my condition! While Allergenics shampoo is choc-a-bloc with chemicals, it does seem to work. First things first, the price is very competitive and it is available on various sites and shops (I'm told, although I bought mine online). You get a good amount for your money as well; it's not a tiny tiny bottle in a big box. On applying it, as always, I leave it on for about 5 minutes to really give it time to sink in etc... It's not too thick or rich and the smell isn't unpleasant. This makes a big change from tar based shampoos which stink the house out! I used this shampoo over 5 days straight, every evening. I can say I was impressed with its results. I had less flakiness and less irritation from the 1st evening, and continued to react similarly over the next few days. My scalp didn't become miraculously clear, but it did improve and I noticed a difference. I use shampoos in a cyclical way, hoping to avoid my scalp becoming too used to one particular brand. I have about 5 on the go at any one time. I will be making Allergenics a firm favourite here and hope it continues to be effective!

Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatment Pads 23/11/2009

Stings on sensitive skin, not effective on medium spots

Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatment Pads Approach this product with caution, because it is pretty acidic and strong...!!! My skin has mild problems and although I am generally trying to stick to natural/organic products now, sometimes the appeal of chemicals is too strong! So, I cracked for these pads. I haven't had any luck with Clearasil before, but decided to give it a go, who knows... I've come to the conclusion that Clearasil are a company aimed at helping people with very mild skin issues. If you suffer from reoccuring problems, or something more serious, I wouldn't recommend them. Anyway, the product itself. It smells very strong when you're up close to it, but in a way this is reassuring, you think it's going to zap your spots away! I was hesitant about rubbing them on my skin, and was right, it stung, a lot!! I didn't have open sores or anything, but my skin is sensitive, and these pads are certainly not made for sensitive skin. There are a lot of pads inside, and I didn't consider it expensive overall. I used them in the evening over 4 days, and promptly gave up when I saw no noticeable improvement, nor could stand the acidic stinging! So, be careful when choosing this product... Not for sensitive skins, or medium/severe spots. Summary: Recommended for lightly spotty skin, but nothing more

Polytar Liquid Shampoo 23/11/2009

Golden brown stinkiness

Polytar Liquid Shampoo Polytar and Selsun are well known to me (I suffer from mild psoriasis and my reviews on here centre around my experiences with various skin/scalp products). There are not loads of selling points, but in my humble opinion, it is one of the most effective products against flakiness and irritation. I started using it, on and off, in 2002 and have been using it infrequently even since. Amongst the eczema/psoriasis community, it is widely used and generally highly praised. I choose to alternate my scalp treatments to stop the skin becoming accustomed to one particular treatment and this system seems to work for me. Onto Polytar, it STINKS. Very strong stuff, contains tar and you can smell it a mile off. When you pour it out it is not too thick, but is dark brown and not that appealing (fortunately, you don't eat it!!). I would recommend leaving it on for 5 minutes or so, standing up, if you sit down you'll stain your chair or sofa or bed! I rinse off in warm, tepid water. Your hair is cleaned well and only retains a slight tar smell, something I can deal with. I would use it in the evenings though, the mornings it may be a bit strong over coffee! My scalp has a lot less flakiness when using it, it is less itchy and in that sense, does the job. It's not too expensive either, reassuringly. An inconvenience is that you have to get it from a chemist; your local supermarket is unlikely to stock it. But it is relatively easy to get hold of once you know this, and the Internet has ...

Netdoctor Alphosyl 2 in 1 Shampoo 20/11/2009


Netdoctor Alphosyl 2 in 1 Shampoo If you have a sensitive scalp, possible open cuts etc... DO NOT TOUCH!!! You'd have to be sado-masochist... I have a very irritated, sensitive scalp and had this recommended to me by my GP. Poor guy, he thought he was doing me a favour. It's supposedly formulated for people exactly like me, with psoriasis, which I have on my scalp. I do not know how on earth people can use this, and I'm not even a severe case. I used it over 2 days. It is easy to use, lathers well and is not unpleasant on the nose (which is nice considering usual psoriasis hair products stink of tar...). Once on, one is supposed to let it sink in a bit, which I did, only to feel what felt like a blowtorch directed straight on my scalp!! I washed it off, the first night thinking it was an off evening or something, anyway, second night, same story. ENOUGH. Not sure what I did wrong, I guess my scalp is just too sensitive. I would not recommend it to anyone suffering from psoriasis or eczema. Find something more natural and less chemicals (which is what I am now doing!)

Marius Fabre Olivia Organic Anti Dandruff Shampoo 20/11/2009

Expensive but worth it!

Marius Fabre Olivia Organic Anti Dandruff Shampoo I discovered this shampoo a while back when searching for organic, natural products for the face and scalp (I suffer from mild scalp psoriasis). I am really wary now of chemical-laden products, and strive to find organic/natural products rather than other stuff that generally does more harm than good! So, onto the product. It looks like pure olive oil from the outside. When opened, it has a pleasant, not over-powering smell. It is not thick, as can be seen from the outside of the bottle. It is a tad pricey, I admit, but I consider that a good product is worth shelling out a little more for, (although this is not always the case, especially with the big brands today... far better to search out the little companies, better service and better advice I've found). I applied it once a day over 3 weeks and still have a lot left in the bottle (I tend to alternate between products, having psoriasis, it stops my skin getting used to a certain one and rendering it ineffective). My hair was soft and felt light which was nice. I noticed a definite improvement in my scalp, less tight and less dry. I'm not sure which active ingredients this is down to, but they certainly seem to work! Nature likes to work its magic! The flakiness reduced also, which was a great relief as I had been using chemical-laden products before which stung and didn't seem to actually reduce the dandruff :( The oil wasn't overlt 'oily', the shampoo lathered up well and didn't require too much. I left it on for 3 ...

Nizoral Shampoo 19/11/2009

Tiny bottle without big results

Nizoral Shampoo I tried this after having a disaster with Neutrogena T Gel... Have a very itchy, dry and flaky scalp (mild psoriasis). Bought this with pretty high hopes, as I have short hair and don't generally use a lot of shampoo when washing hair. The bottle is very small considering the quite expensive price one pays for it, however, if it works, excellent... I tried over 2 weeks, daily washing. Bought a second bottle after 10 days to give it a fair go. What I would say, like many products I've tried, is that if you have regular dandruff, this product would work for you. I have something a bit more serious, and didn't find this Nizoral effective. It didn't overly sting, but it didn't really stop the flakiness or dryness on my scalp. My hair felt washed, but I was left with my original problem after 2 weeks of trying. I wonder why they don't sell it in bigger bottles???!!! People with thicker/longer hair are going to find this difficult to use in my opinion, not to mention ineffective. Good luck!

Exorex Psoriasis and Eczema Treatment Shampoo Hair & Body Shampoo 19/11/2009

Exorex, dandruff and flaky scalp's worse enemy...

Exorex Psoriasis and Eczema Treatment Shampoo Hair & Body Shampoo Exorex is known to be a fighter when it comes to bad scalp irritation and dandruff etc... It's a medicated product, full of chemicals (which I'm generally against...) but IT DOES WORK. I have mild scalp psoriasis and started using this treatment last week. I had read a lot about it already, with, on the whole, positive feedback. It smells strong, but works gently (apparently). I had less irritation after 2 applications, over 2 days. I think it's better to do it at night rather than in the morning. I left it on for about 5 minutes, (stung a tiny bit) and washed off with tepid water. I had less flakes and less rash the next morning, and as the days went on, it continued to work. I am concerned about getting 'addicted' to this product though. Too many chemicals in it for my liking. Price wise, it's OK for me, just depends on your budget and what you're willing to spend for peace of mind etc....

Oxy On The Spot Cream 19/11/2009

Spot off Oxy

Oxy On The Spot Cream Bought this product with not a lot of hope I must say ( had already tried far more expensive products, Badescu etc... without a lot of success...). I don't have terrible skin, but recurrent spots in the same places no matter what I do :( It's a smallish tube, well packaged, and cost around 5 pounds more or less. I got mine from Sainsburys where there was a big range of Oxy products on sale. I started applying it in evenings after washing my face. It didn't overly sting which was nice. I did this over a week or so and saw nothing notable. Spots had not subsided, redness still there, still painful. So, I applied it in the morning as well. Started getting really dry face (think I went a bit far in the hope that too much was better than not enough!!!) and, again, no real visible benefits. After 5 days of applying morning and night, I had finished the tube (so that's one week of just evenings then 5 days of morning and night). If I had seen something to inspire me, I would have bought more, but unfortunately, not the right one for me.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 18/11/2009

Very expensive for what you get :(

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion I had read everything good about these products, all the celebrity reviews and got totally swept away!!! Anyway, bought this product a few months ago and used it over the two months following. It didn't over sting which was nice, but for me, it just wasn't effective. I know everyone has different skin and reacts in different ways, but I had such high hopes for this treatment. It started by drying a few of my spots but my skin seemed to just get used to it and after a few weeks it had no real effect on my neck spots or face ones. My red spots saw no change at all and the white heads dried a bit and then returned to normal. Good luck to anyone who gives it a go! I'm sure it must work for some people!!

Freederm Acne Treatment 18/11/2009

Freederm, not bad price, not good results

Freederm Acne Treatment Tried it over a week and then gave up. Made my face achey and dry after 2 days. Thought this was good, at first, all the grease being absorbed, but actually just left with dry patches all over the place which were pretty painful to the touch and when I towel dried my face after washing. Shame, I really wanted it to work!!! Had seen the TV adverts a while back. Think price is OK, not too expensive. Just didn't seem to do the job on me personally. Think it depends on the type of spots you have. I have lots in my t-zone and a few on my neck. Maybe if your skin is less spotty it works better, but I don't reckon. It's certainly not going to have a positive effect on people with serious skin problems!!!!!
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