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The Cutting Edge (DVD) 07/07/2004

5.9, 5.9, 5.9, 5.9, 5.9, 5.9

The Cutting Edge (DVD) Doug Dorsey (D.B. Sweeney) and Kate Moseley(Moira Kelly of the West Wing) are poles apart. He’s a working class boy done good, adored by the locals back at the family bar, Dorsey’s Penalty Box, in Minnesota while she is a spoilt, home tutored, only child whose temperamental nature leads the blurb on the back of the video box to proclaim that this girl’s nickname rhymes with "rich". The only thing they share is their love of the ice. That and the fact that both of their dreams to win gold at the Calgary Olympics 1988 are shattered. Doug’s ice hockey career is all but over when he sustains an eye injury during the big game and is left with a permanent blind spot, whilst figure skater Kate is dropped by her partner Brian during their long programme leaving her skating solo. Determined to play again Doug spends the next two years back in Minnesota working in a factory, playing in a local bar hockey league and checking the post every morning desperate for one of the twenty three coaches he has approached to take him on. The bitter reality however, sees him receiving rejection after rejection and it looks like he may finally have to face up to the fact that his career his over. That is until he receives a visit from coach Anton Pamchenko. There’s just one problem. Pamchenko’s more interested in Doug’s ice capade potential than his ability to manipulate a puck. He’s a figure skating coach but more importantly, and almost detrimental in his attempts to lure Doug away from ...

Everything that starts with Z ... 13/04/2004

It's all about me!

Everything that starts with Z ... Full review --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ----- *Intro* Name: Louise What time is it: 19.00 *The Fruits of Your Labor (things you can't live without)* Something important on your desk: My computer. Honestly sometimes I don’t know how I’d cope without being able to log on and talk to someone on MSN. When you sleep you wear: PJ’s, a night shirt, nothing - it varies depending on what the weather’s like and how much washing I’ve done. If you could afford it at the moment, you would buy: An around the world ticket, I can’t wait to get out there and see the world. Something you don't have a lot of: Time. Revision is taking up most of mine at the moment and it’s driving me insane. Especially as I can’t remember anything I’ve revised! Roll on May 29th! In fact, don’t - I’m not ready! If your house was burning and you could only save 3 items what would they be: All my photos, you can never get that moment back and memories fade. Letters I’ve accumulated over the years from friends, relatives and penpals. Also my laptop as it has most of my writing on and I’d be gutted if I lost it. *Morals* If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to: Chocolate, god’s gift to women. A time when you purposely hurt someone emotionally: I never want to do this but I’m human and I’m sure there has been a ...

Everything that starts with X ... 24/12/2003

It's the most wonderful time of the year . . .

Everything that starts with X ... It’s my favourite day of the year and I’m in a Christmassy mood so I thought I’d give this challenge a go. (P.S Apologies to staples for stealing their advertising slogan!) 1. What is your strongest Christmas memory? Leaving a piece of paper at the end of my bed with my stocking when I was about 6 asking for Santa’s autograph and being so happy the next morning when it was signed. I think I actually preferred it to all the presents! What an easy to please child I was, Santa, if you’re reading this, hoping for more than an autograph this year nudge nudge ;) 2. What was your favourite present ever? Well my new haircut this year has to be pretty near the top, poker straight with blond and red highlights, layers and a sweeping fringe - I love it! Only had it done yesterday so still at the admiring it in every reflective surface stage lol. When I was a kid it would have had to be my silver Barbie bike which died a tragic death from overuse lol. 2. 3. And the worst? A box of old, manky soaps from a relative lets just say I’m not too keen on. It looked as though she’d had them for ages. 4. What was your Christmas day tradition when you were little? Wake up at 1.30am, being young and overexcited I’d think the digital clock said 7.30 rather than 1.30 so I’d run into my mum and dads bedroom with my stocking shouting "santa’s been!" only to realise after seeing their clock that it was actually 1.30! So ...

Everything that starts with C ... 03/12/2003

Thank You For The Music

Everything that starts with C ... Not been around much due to uni, saw emmaclaire had done this and thought i'd give it a go too. HOW MANY CD'S DO YOU OWN? About 250 – 300 a lot of which I don’t listen to anymore and wish I’d never bought – well that’s what I tell people anyway, I still sneak out the really tacky ones when no one else is home and have a boogie in front of the bedroom mirror using a hairbrush as a microphone, Doesn’t everyone? . . .OK just me then ;) CD'S IN YOUR COLLECTION: MOST EMBARRASSING- Hearsay’s first album. Yes I admit it, I liked them. I was swept away with the whole reality TV craze like most of the country, even if many of them don’t admit it. So I took it a step further and actually went to see them in concert but in my defence I bought the tickets in March when they’d just released pure and simple and by September when I actually went to the concert I didn’t really like them anymore -well, not much ;). MOST RECENT- Oh this isn’t looking good! Introduction by Alex Parks, yet another of the reality TV winners. I’m not ashamed of this one though, she is really unique and this album is fantastic(yes I did think that about the hearsay one when I first bought it too – but it’s different this time I swear!). FIRST- PJ and Duncan’s first album, can’t remember what it’s called and don’t have it with me as I’m at uni but it’s the one with lets get ready to rumble on. Oh how old this makes me feel …I loved them before they were Ant and Dec! MOST ...

Fiction 17/11/2003

Pavement Cracks

Fiction Here's a short piece of mine about lost love and holding on to it. It's the first time i've posted any of my proper writing on ciao so be gentle with me! Pavement Cracks. The clock has defiantly struck twelve and my once beautiful horse drawn carriage is now nothing more than an edible orange fruit you only ever see on Halloween. Yet in my wake I leave no glass slipper, not one which a handsome prince could slip effortlessly onto my delicate feet anyway. For my glass slipper shattered long ago: the day, the hour, the minute in which I lost you. Every single day I am reminded of my pain, not that I ever really need reminding for every single beat of my heart is punctuated by pure, unadulterated pain pulsating through every blood vessel in my body. Yet in the briefest of moments when my gaze accidentally falls on a tiny shard of glass left in the setting of my life to taunt me with past regrets, to remind me that life is anything but a fairytale, I fall all over again. I fall in love, out of it and into it once again like some weird variation of the hokey cokey. Finally I descend down the long haunting drop I first encountered in that defining instant of my life when I released it was over. Period. There was no going back, I was living my life without you and that is how it was to stay. A stray photograph, that film we both hated, a breeze carrying the familiar scent of your favourite aftershave…all tiny slithers of broken glass embedded in my heart and in my soul ...

Everything that starts with D ... 21/10/2003

Challenge Anneka

Everything that starts with D ... *Which do you like the most? 1. Football or Cricket? Football, i first got into it when i was about ten and although i haven't watched it as much recently i still enjoy it. As for cricket the words paint, watch and dry spring to mind. 2. Soaps or documentaries? I love soaps whereas documentaries are hit and miss. I love all the legal stuff, where they exam crimes etc and i really love Faking It on Channel four, so i guess i'm tied between the two. 3. Coach potato or exercise freak? At the moment my get fit regime has just begun, i'm doing aerobics every day but usually i have to admit i can be a bit of a potato. Although in Durham with all the walking and no TV(although this will change - i'm taking it back with me next year!) you don't get a chance to be lazy. Plus at Van Mildert College the last word anybody wants to hear is potato!(honestly every single meal! half cooked potatoes!) 4. Mexican food or Indian Food? Neither, the plainer the better. I'm very picky when it comes to food. It's a running joke among my friends that i don't like food. 5. Europe or USA? Home is generally where the heart is but i can't wait to go to New York. I will live there one day. 6. Married or single? Single - footloose and fancy free, you know the drill. 7. Happy or sad? Happy, but the sad times make us stronger. 8. Internet or TV? TV!!!!! I didn't realise just how much i loved the thing until i had to spend 28 weeks of the year without it. 9. Travel or ...

Member Advice on Friendship 15/08/2003

Reason, Season or A Lifetime.

Member Advice on Friendship I received this in an email from a friend a while back and I liked it so much i saved it so I thought i'd post it. *Disclaimer* I didn't write this if anyone genuinely knows who did then let me know and I'll credit them* Are you a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime?>>>>>>Pay attention to what you read. After you read this you will know the>>>reason it was sent to you!>>>>>>People come into you life for a reason, a Season, or a lifetime.>When>>>you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each>person.>>>>>> When someone is in your life for a Reason...>>>>>>They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you>with>>>guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or>spiritually.>>>They may seem like a godsend, and they are! They are there for the>reason>>>you need them to be. then, without any wrongdoing on your part, or at>an inconvenient time, this person may say or do something to bring the >>>relationship to an end.>>>>>>Sometime they die. Sometime they walk away. Sometime they act up>and>>>force you to take a stand.>>>>>>What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire>fulfilled,>>>their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered. And now>it>>>is time to move on.>>>>>>When people come into your life for Season...>>>>>>It is because your turn has come to share and grow or lean. They>bring>you an experience of peace, make you laugh. They may teach you>something>>>you have never done. They usually give you an ...

Does true love really exist? 15/08/2003

When Harry Met Bridget

Does true love really exist? "You complete me" "You had me at hello" "Nobody puts baby in a corner" "I like you, just the way you are" "I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her" If you recognised any of the above quotes chances are that, like me, your favourite films tend to fall within the chick flick genre. If I’m honest I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen Bridget chase after Mark Darcy(lets face it who wouldn’t?) wearing nothing but her underwear, Baby and Johnny strut their stuff in front of a shocked Kellerman’s or Edward overcome his fear of heights to scale the fire escape and rescue Vivian’s heart. Romance is what the movies are made of and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But has Hollywood instilled in us a romantic ideal of love that reality can never live up to? And is true love nothing more than a mere fantasy which exists only in the minds of those of us with an over zealous imagination? I’d like to answer this question in the negative, to swear blind that true love exists but the simple fact is that I can’t. If there was a Romantics Anonymous I would have no choice but to attend because the truth is I’m well and truly addicted. Addicted to the notion that endless rom coms have fed me since I first discovered my love for them many years ago. I want love to turn my whole world upside down, to be so real and raw that it physically hurts when I’m not with the object ...

Chicago (DVD) 12/08/2003

Murderess Row Where The Wannabes Go

Chicago (DVD) It’s the 1920’s in downtown Chicago where murder has almost become an art and so called crimes of passion result in celebrity status for many of the females currently occupying the city’s famed Murderess Row. Blonde bombshell Roxie Hart(Renee Zelleweger) is married to loyal and dependable mechanic Amos(John C. Reilly) who’d do anything to make her happy but her overwhelming desire to be famous causes her to stray. Temptation proves just too much for Roxie when, after years of dreaming of fame as a Vaudeville star, handsome furniture salesman Fred Casely(Dominic West) lures her into his bedroom with promises of contacts on the Vaudeville circuit. Roxie’s shocked when just hours after she witnesses a fantastic performance by one of her idols, Vaudeville star Velma Kelly(Catherine Zeta Jones), Velma finds herself on Murderess Row when her husband Charlie and sister Veronica are found dead shortly after she catches them doing "number 17, the spread eagle" Together. Yet just one short month later when Roxie discovers Fred’s contacts were nothing but a figment of his imagination conjured up as a helpful device in his quest to bed her, she also finds herself reaching for a gun and is finally on the same bill as Velma Kelly. Only rather than having her name up in lights it’s simply on the list of those on Murderess Row. And the District Attorney says that this is a hanging offence. Cue Billy Flynn(Richard Gere) on his white horse in ...

Legally Blonde 2 - Red, White And Blonde (DVD) 09/08/2003

Female of The Species Is More Legal Than The Male

Legally Blonde 2 - Red, White And Blonde (DVD) Elle Woods(Reese Witherspoon) is back and as the posters loudly proclaim she’s bolder and, if it’s at all possible, blonder. Platinum princess Elle has an almost perfect life. As a Harvard alumna she’s secured an associate position in a top law firm, where she expects promotion any day now, and her dream wedding to fiancee Emmet, a Harvard law professor, is looming on the horizon. It seems following her now very much ex boyfriend to law school in the first of the Legally Blonde films was the best move Elle could have ever made. The soriety sister’s wedding plans are cruising along nicely as she spends her days pondering pink seating plans and cultivating the all important guest list. There’s just one problem. She still hasn’t managed to track one potential guest down and, as of course we all know, it’s common etiquette to RSVP at least six weeks before a wedding so time is running out for her to send that all important invite. But nothing phases this blonde as she hires a private detective to track down Bruiser’s birth mother. Those of you who’ve seen the first movie will remember Bruiser as Elle’s much loved and adored chihuahua. Those of you who haven’t might be alarmed by how much pink this dog wears ;). Elle found Bruiser abandoned and is ecstatic when his mother is traced to what she believes to be Boston’s Versace think tank. Once inside however, she discovers that there’s more to Versace ...

Everything that starts with P ... 19/07/2003

"Mon Portrait Chinois".

Everything that starts with P ... I needed a challenge and thought this one was quite original so I had a go. If you were: ---------- An animal: A goldfish, they forget everything every six seconds. Everything would always be new and there would never be any boredom something I could do without right now! ----------- A planet: Mars - hot and mysterious. No one’s quite sure about you but they sure are inquisitive and there’s all sort of rumours going around about you. The talk of the earth. ----------- A country: Australia, cool and sophisticated yet with hidden depth. Almost an oxymoron, beautiful beaches contrasted against the hidden dangers of the tough outback. ----------- A place: A sandy beach where the sun shines brightly, it’s hot rays reflecting off the tranquil ocean, causing the water to turn beautiful shades of blue and green as it ripples and it’s fresh and clean aroma fills the air while a crisp breeze floats over the land. I love water and for me the ocean is the most beautiful thing, I could sit and watch a scene like this for hours and not get bored, I’d hope people would share in the beauty of such a place and come to love it. ----------- A form of transportation: A rowing boat, so I could glide down a river on a hot summer’s day, the sun shining down on me while people had fun, couples read poetry to each other and friends laughed together. A perfect day. ---------- A sport: Marathon Running - I’d require ...

Thierry Mugler Angel Innocent Eau de Parfum 12/07/2003

True Romance

Thierry Mugler Angel Innocent Eau de Parfum "Feel sexy, look sexy" is a motto I’ve been trying out recently and I’ve found it quite a painful one. In my quest to feel more alluring my ears have been pierced, my eyebrows have been waxed and my pain threshold has taken quite a battering. However, I’ve discovered a gorgeous perfume can contribute a long way in helping me to achieve that "sexy feeling" without registering too high on my painometer. I guess you could say I have a sort of love affair with perfume as I have to admit that the first attraction is always physical, I fall in lust with the bottle and then after a few dates with its contents decide if it has the potential to be the one for me. If I decide it has I buy it and take it home. I don’t always choose wisely and consequently some last longer than others. Some last a few weeks before I stop calling, others a few months. But the end result is nearly always the same, the bottles gather dust along with the photos on my wall, destined to be nothing more than memories. Of course after time apart to reflect on what else the perfume counter has to offer I might enjoy a brief flirtation with a scent I haven’t enjoyed for a while but it’s true what they say, you can never go back. However, I’m starting to think it may be time to put my dating days behind me, well at least as far as perfume is concerned, because ladies and gents I think I may have found "the one". I received Angel Innocent by Thierry Mugler as a surprise ...

Member Advice on Ciao Addiction 10/07/2003

Ciaoaholics Anonymous

Member Advice on Ciao Addiction There’s an addict inside of us all Each of us an angel just waiting to fall. Whether it’s chocolate, cigarettes or booze, Is addiction a battle we are destined to lose? We’ve tried all the diets without success, We’ll never fit into that size ten dress. Those with willpower we cannot match, We always tear off that nicotine patch. But we’ll live to fight another day, We’ll join Weight Watchers or attend AA. Yet just when we’ve managed to succeed in our fight, We stumble across an addictive website. Instantly we forget past struggles for a cure With a promise of wealth it manages to lure. Money for opinions it pledges to pay Suddenly we’re logging on every day. Just one op and we’ve caught the bug, Our favourite things we’re ready to plug. Hour after hour we read and rate, Criticise products we love to hate. Our fingers ache and our friends moan, We’re never around and they can’t even phone. Yet still we turn down all invites from them, They just don’t understand our quest for a gem. Carefully we choose our circle of trust, For us their opinions are a must. We’ve become obsessed with a dot, Or more precisely what colour it’s not. Our profile’s should be hanging in the Tate, For more than our fellow Ciaoers to rate. For after Html lessons we took to the heart, Some really are a work of art. To a challenge we always rise, Our talent ...

Everything that starts with B ... 04/07/2003

LouLou_83 reveals all

Everything that starts with B ... HAVE YOU EVER Been so drunk you blacked out? No, thankfully. Been hurt emotionally? Yes, haven't we all? Kept a secret? Yes. I was actually thinking about this earlier, the friends i've bonded with most over the past year are those i've shared secrets with. I know theirs, they know mine and we're great friends because of it. Had an imaginary friend? Yes, i didn't really share any secrets this year ;) Lol seriously yes i have, apparently i used to sit on the stairs and pat next to me as if indicating for my imaginary friend to sit down. What can i say i was a lonely only child! Had a crush on a teacher? Yes - no names shall be mentioned, my lips are sealed. Ever thought an animated character was hot? Bart simpson what a hottie, the yellow skin tone was always going to gain him some admirers wasn't it? ;) Had a New Kids on the Block tape? No, they were just before my time. I was a Take That girl. Been on stage? yep, school plays, choir, the works Cut your own hair? no FAVORITES Shampoo? Charles Worthington Shine on Shampooo Hair colour? on me or on men? dark either way Summer/winter? both, summer when its sunny and im outside with friends having fun, or winter when its freezing and i'm snuggled up with a good book, or outsie wlaking on fresh snow(i have a thing about fresh snow, when your foot sinks into it, it's great. Yes i know - weird!) Food? Pizza or chocolate. Movies? rom coms all the way baby Ice ...

The Weirdest Dreams I've Had 04/07/2003

Pauline's shift in the laundrette tonight then?

The Weirdest Dreams I've Had Well here we go I am about to open myself up to intense ridicule, run for the hills ciao members you're about to find out just how weird i actually am. It's about five years now since i had this dream but it still retains its crown as the weirdest one i've ever had and always raises at least a few laughs when i tell it at parties. In fact i'm amazed i've got through a year of uni without retelling this story. So i'm 14, it's about ten o'clock at night and just me and my mum are at home. Suddenly she decides that she has to go out, I have no idea where or why,but she tells me to lock all the doors and windows after she's gone. This i do before settling down to watch TV. A while passes before i realise that i haven't locked the bathroom window so i get up to do so and reach the stairs only to find i'm too late, someone has already broken in. Dot Cotton. Yes that Dot Cotton, I told you this was weird! She's coming down the stairs in that same brown coat she always used to wear, handbag slung over one arm and a cigarette in the opposite hand. She grabs hold of me by my shoulder(cigarette still safely smoking away in the opposite hand), not hurting me at all, I mean come on this is Dot Cotton who could she hurt? But for some reason i can't get away and i'm almost paralysed by fear, i open my mouth to scream but nothing comes out and then...I wake up. This wasn't the longest dream i've ever had, in fact i think it was of the type we have just before we wake up as i can ...
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