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Rubicon Mango Exotic Juice Drink 24/12/2010

Mouthwatering Mangoes

Rubicon Mango Exotic Juice Drink Rubicon is a fairly well known brand, but not one I had often bought from. I am a fan of juice and have never been keen on juice drinks and squashes as I find them too watery and usually a bit artificial tasting. When I first spotted Rubicon's Mango Juice drink I didn't notice that it said "juice drink" and bought it as I love mangoes and I love juice. It was a ridiculously expensive buy for what it is (about £1.60 for a carton!), but I figured it was only a one-off so why not? Design The carton is very easy to spot. It's a fairly light blue with orange mango slices dotted over it. It stands out nicely and I think the design is great as it definitely caught my attention. I doubt you'd miss it if you were looking for it. Also, I've seen it available in most supermarkets and some corner shops so it's fairly easy to get hold of should you wish to try some. It's very obvious that it is a mango drink, although "juice drink" is written in a small and a rather squiggly font so it's not all that obvious. On it, it says that the carton is made from wood which is a natural renewable resource. It also states that it is recyclable. So you can feel a bit more guilt free buying this. At the top is a tab that's easy to flip open and shut again. I prefer this to the cartons that you have to cut as I'm very clumsy and always manage to cause the carton to split or I spill it everywhere. Taste The mangoes for this drink are Alphonsa mangoes. These mangoes are generally ...

Boots Expert Bikini Hair Removal Cream 18/12/2010

Expert Hair Removal Cream Not Expert Enough

Boots Expert Bikini Hair Removal Cream When I started at uni I figured I should probably try and keep fit. The local pool was offering discounts to students so I decided to start going swimming regularly. Swimming regularly, however, meant regularly wearing a swimming costume and that calls for a decent method of bikini hair removal. Although shaving is ok for me, it can irritate a bit and leave stubble, so I figured I would try something else. I spotted 'Boots Expert Bikini Hair Removal Cream' in Boots and as it was a little cheaper than other hair removal creams at around £5.00 and the packaging stated that it was especially for the bikini line I decided to give it a go. The packaging is quite plain and doesn't stand at at all, but I was looking closely to see what was available. It's unlikely you would notice it in passing. The cream claims to be fuss free and will work in 4 minutes. I have to say I did doubt that it would be fuss free sitting around in the bathroom starkers for 5 minutes covered in cream. But it would be worth it to get a nice smooth bikini line ready for that swim suit. I was quite excited about the thought of putting some cream on, then washing it off to find that my hair had vanished as if by magic. It was also especially for the sensitive bikini area so I hoped it wouldn't cause any irritation and I also hoped it would be able to deal with the tougher hairs found in that area. The instructions tell you to spread the cream in vertical strips over the area, and to spread the cream out ...

Rennie Peppermint Tablets 12/12/2010

My Chalky Saviour

Rennie Peppermint Tablets Rennie Peppermint Tablets Although I don't suffer from heartburn or indigestion all of the time, I always seem to get it at the most annoying times (not that it's never annoying!). It flares up when I'm doing something I've been looking forward to for ages and then I don't enjoy it as much, such as a long weekend away or a party. I also seem to get pains in my stomach area when I'm nervous, which is particularly off putting when I'm about to sit an exam, for example. Sometimes the level of discomfort for me is pretty slight, and doesn't bother me too much as I know it'll go away. Sometimes the pain can be pretty unbearable. It was my grandfather that suggested rennie tablets to me. Rennie tablets are white square antacid tablets. They come in a variety of flavours. The two main ones are peppermint and spearmint. They also do a sugar free variety and I believe they do fruity ones too. I'm reviewing the peppermint tablets as those are the ones I have in the cupboard at the moment, although I find them all to be equal in their effectiveness. The boxes I buy are red and contain 72 tablets which is a decent amount and keeps you going for a while. The 72 pack costs around £3.50. You can also get 24 and 36 packs. The tablets contain a antacid formulation which supposedly neutralises the acid in your stomach that is causing stomach problems. Who are they for? They designed to help bring relief to someone who is suffering from any of the following common digestive ...

ION iV12 Copy Cat Portable Wand Scanner 30/11/2010

Don't be such a copycat!

ION iV12 Copy Cat Portable Wand Scanner Have you ever been out on the go and come across an article in a magazine that you really want to show someone? Or a paragraph in a textbook that is directly relevant to your essay but don't feel like taking it from the library? Or have you got masses of paperwork that you just want to digitalise quickly? I've found myself in these situations quite a lot in the past. In such situations I've wished that a could carry a scanner around with me. Recently, this wish came true when my family presented me with one as a goodbye and goodluck at university gift. Infact, it's been a godsend to me. The Portability of the Scanner The Ion CopyCat scanner is a handheld portable scanning device. It's small (~26cm long, ~3cm tall and ~3cm wide) and easily fits into a backpack or laptop bag. You might not be able to fit it into a lady's handbag though (although, considering the size of the handbags in fashion at the moment that's probably not true anymore). It's not especially heavy either so it won't weigh you down too much, so for me it's definitely something I'll take around with me even if I'm likely to be standing up for several hours. It is battery operated (AA batteries) so when I'm out and about I do make sure I carry some spares. It can store up to 30,000 pages (using it's 32GB SD card, which isn't always included), so it's unlikely you're going to run out of space. When considering the size of tabletop scanners, it's truely amazing how compact this little device is. Using ...

Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 29/11/2010

Tilda Basmati Rice - the Prince of Fragrance

Tilda Pure Basmati Rice Rice is something that I could eat with pretty much anything. As a rice lover I have tried several varieties of rice over the course of my life so far, and I always come back to Tilda Pure Basmati Rice. This comes as a dry rice product. The name Basmati I believe means "The Prince of Frangrance". I have to say I totally agree with this name as when cooked the rice does a nice delicate fragrance about it with a slightly nutty hint to its taste. Tilda Pure Basmati Rice is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and the grains produced are very slender and long with a soft and lightly fluffy texture. Tilda Pure Basmati Rice comes in a variety of different sized packs which I think range from 350g packs to 20kg bags! I usually opt for a large bag of 10kg as it lasts me for about 6 months (with daily servings of rice) at a reasonable price. I also hear that the rice will mature with age, so you shouldn't worry about buying a large bag and taking a long time to get through it (provided you store it in a dry place). The packaging is quite attractive in my opinion. The large bags I buy are a nice royal blue with a painting of the region from which it was grown. This nice packaging gives the impression of a high quality product fit for a prince (I'm assuming this is the image they are trying to put across as the product is called the Prince of Fragrance after all). The bags are always pretty sturdy and I've never had any issues with splitting. Some of the large bags also have a ...

Johnson's Be Fresh & Escape Gel 11/10/2010

Be Fresh & Escape!

Johnson's Be Fresh & Escape Gel I first used this product when I was away camping in Wales with my boyfriend. I'd completely forgotten to bring any kind of shower products, and while my boyfriend didn't seem to have a problem with going the whole weekend without a wash, I did. So early one morning I went to the local corner shop and picked up a bottle of this stuff. The fact that I found it in a small village shop in remote Wales suggests to me that it is likely to be readily available and therefore easy to get hold of anyway - but don't hold me to that because I haven't actually checked. The bottle is really nothing special. It's translucent, with name Johnson's written at the top and then the name and a picture of Mangos and Passion Fruit below. You can also see the orange gel inside. I'd never heard of the 'Be Fresh' range before (the product says NEW on it, so this may be why I hadn't heard of it before), and I was attracted to it mostly because it was pretty cheap (less than £1!), and it was a gel so I figured I could get away washing both my body and hair with it. I think there were some other gels from the 'Be Fresh' range there, but I thought Mango & Passionfruit sounded really rather nice. As soon as I returned to the campside I took a shower. I found the lid easy to flip open, and the gel was dispensed at a good pace so I didn't have to wait ages and I didn't have too much coming out at once either. It had a good runny texture (but not too watery). I noticed the smell pretty much straight ...

Mooncup Menstrual Cup 09/10/2010

Lou's Experience of a Mooncup Menstrual Cup

Mooncup Menstrual Cup As all women will understand, periods are a pretty rough time for me. There's so much hassle involved. It hurts, it makes you feel ill, it's messy, it smells and it can be embarrassing. Modern tampons and sanitary towels do make the experience just that less bit of an ordeal with new slimmer and more absorbent designs. However, it is a real nuisance having to remember to buy them all the time and to carry spares with you. I also hate to think of the amount of waste we women are creating with the vast number of towels we're throwing away. As someone with a certain amount of concern for the environment, I started looking for more environmentally friendly solutions. That's when my mother recommended the Mooncup. **Now, if you haven't already guessed, this review is going to involve a lot of personal detail about menstruation and my lower regions. It's a very sensitive subject. So guys, if you haven't already run away in horror then please don't leave behind comments telling me I have gone too far and given too much detail because quite frankly, women need to know these gory details if they are considering buying a Mooncup. If you don't want to know, then leave now. Don't say I didn't warn you... What is a Mooncup? A Mooncup is a small silicone bowl which is designed to be inserted in the vagina to collect menstrual blood. It is an eco friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary towels as it is washable and reusable as there is no waste involved. On the Mooncup website ...

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor 09/10/2010

Shave At Ease Using Venus Breeze

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Although I am generally a fan of epilating, sometimes I'm in the shower or the bath and I just don't have much time, so a quick shave is in order. There are also some areas that are just too painful to epilate - such as the underarm and bikini line areas. Also, now I'm living in university halls of residence, I don't like to use my epilator as it is very noisy and I'd hate to annoy the other girls. I am unfortunately very prone to shaving rash due to my sensitive skin, so I knew that if I was to start shaving more again I would need a good quality razor. Although I had seen adverts for the Venus Breeze razor I hadn't really taken much notice. My mother uses a venus razor, so when visiting the shop I decided to look out for a venus razor. The venus Breeze razor is a 2 in 1 razor as there is no need for a separate razor and shaving cream. The Razor This razor is made by Gillette. It's purple in colour so it looks quite pretty. The razor head has built in Shave Gel Bars which contain botanical oils and a fresh tropical scent. These bars are supposed to be a replacement for shaving cream and so you should be able to get a close, smooth shave without irritation without using any additional gels. This appealed to me as although the cost of this razor isn't cheap (around £8 I think) I would be saving money on shaving creams and this would also mean less room taken up in my wash bag. It also sounded like it would be very gentle on my somewhat delicate and rash prone skin. ...

Lakeland Stain-Proof Microwave Multi Steamer 02/10/2010

I love my Microwave Multi Steamer

Lakeland Stain-Proof Microwave Multi Steamer Stain-Proof Microwave Multi Steamer I’ve always been a fan of rice and I find myself eating it with almost every meal. Sometimes I find it makes a good and filling breakfast. However, I’ve never had much sucess cooking rice on a stove. Nowadays I find myself relying on my Stain-Proof Microwave Multi Steamer for rice. You can buy one for £8.99 from Lakeland and I have found mine to be very good value for money. The product is a clear plastic bowl with holes in the bottom which sits within a plastic holder. It also has a a vented lid. What can it be used for? Well it can be used for rice and vegetables. It’s a very healthy way of cooking your vegetables as it boils them and then streams them, meaning that all the vitamins are retained in the food. This means that it is probably the healthiest way of cooking your vegetables. Using it My rice of choice is basmati rice. There’s no exact science to how much water or rice to put in, but I usually go by one mug of rice and 850ml of boiling water to make enough for 2. (I’ve made rice so much that now it’s become very much a case of guess work, it really doesn’t need to be exact at all). I then put it in the microwave on full power for 12 minutes. (I know some people say stir half way through, but we’ve never bothered. I've always just waited until the end to stir and the rice still comes out perfectly fluffy throughout). If it’s too dry, just shove more water in a put it back in for another few mins. If it’s too ...

SheWee Portable Urinating Device 17/09/2010

I Pee Easy With My SheWee

SheWee Portable Urinating Device ** a little warning that this review does contain some rather detailed descriptions of urinating so obviously don’t read if that’s going to bother you. I feel that given the nature of the product it requires such detail** Why it’s not so easy without my SheeWee I have long envied men for their ability to go pretty much wherever. They can easily unzip, whip it out, aim and fire. No mess, no hassle. This makes things much easier when out camping, hiking or on long car journeys without a service station in sight. My feelings of jealousy came to a peak when taking part in my Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Carrying a large heavy backpack filled with my tent, clothes and kitchen equipment whilst in thick and warm waterproof attire meant that as soon as my bladder gave me the first warning that it was ready to be emptied I became filled with dread. Unlike some crazy girls, I refused to hold on until we came across a public loo. If I need to go then I shall go. There was no point waiting, we were in the middle of fields and trees with no sign of civilization. Holding on becomes very uncomfortable and I'm pretty sure it can cause damage. Although I did sympathise. Going to relieve oneself in a bush is somewhat awkward. First, you have to remove that heavy backpack and put it on the ground (which may be muddy or wet), then you have to remove all of your lower garments. To make things worse, you usually end up having to take your shoes off so that you can actually remove ...

Dadcando Plop Trumps 14/09/2010

A Card Game With A Stinky Twist

Dadcando Plop Trumps PLOP TRUMPS I've always been a fan of the well known game 'top trumps'. It's fun and you can carry a pack of cards with you pretty much anywhere. It's a great game for train, plane or car journeys or to just pass the time before tea! Now when I saw this rather unusual variation on the popular game in my local corner shop I simply had to get it! Top Trumps In Top Trumps each card in the pack contains an individual list of numerical data, and the aim of the game is to compare one of these values to that of your opponent in order to trump and therefore win an opponent's card. The winner is the person who wins all of the cards. Now in this variation the numerical data represents....yep, you got it - plops! The Cards Each card has a picture of a particular animal's plop and with a rating for frequency, hardness, length, width, smelliness and yuk factor. Each card also has a small yellow box with a fact or two about that particular animal or it's poo. There's also a symbol in the corner of each card to indicate as to whether the animal is a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. I have to admit I have just sat down and read all of the facts and some of them are quite interesting. I think this pack of cards would definitely appeal to those with an interest in animals. And there's no denying this game has an education element to it! The cards themselves are pretty good quality. I've had my pack for about two years now and despite a lot of use they still look almost ...

John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder shampoo 13/09/2010

Go Blonder with Go Blonder

John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder shampoo I am a natural blonde and proud of the fact that I've never dyed my hair. When I was younger I had fantastic blonde hair with brilliant highlights. However, in more recent years my hair has adopted a slightly duller look. It looks ok in the summer, but goes a mousy colour in winter months. I guess I was looking for something that would bring out my natural colour and highlights without actually having to bleach my hair with harsh chemicals. That's when I heard about John Frieda's Go Blonder. It's not cheap at around £5, however I did find it on offer so I was able to justify the spend. Packaging Both the shampoo and condition come in a yellow and white bottle with the lid at the bottom. It's pretty noticeable so you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding it on the shop shelf. The only problem is that the packaging is almost identical for both the shampoo and conditioner. This could be a pain and I wouldn't be surprised if people have accidentally picked up the conditioner when they were only after the shampoo or picked up two of the same. Claims It claims to lighten blonde hair whether it's natural, treated or highlighted to give it a sun-kissed look. It doesn't turn non-blondes blonde though, so this isn't suitable for people with brown hair who wish to go blonde. It also claims to make hair look healthier by tightening the cuticles and strengthening the hair shaft. Application The shampoo easily comes out of the bottle and at a good rate so that you ...

no!no! Hair Removal System 13/09/2010

No!No! Hair Removal gets a no no from me

no!no! Hair Removal System After years of shaving, epilating and waxing I finally considered slightly more long term fixes. I’ve always found it so frustrating when you spend ages removing hair only for it to come back to haunt you. Someone suggested I took a look at the no!no! hair removal system. After doing a bit of research, I learnt that this particular hair removal system works on the thermal principle of heat transference. Basically, this involves the heating and burning of the tips of hairs resulting in heat being conducted down the hair follicle which eventually disrupts hair growth. Although it seemed a bit pricey (around £100 at best), after looking at a few reviews and explanations of how it worked it did sound quite promising. It was also a much cheaper option than IPL or laser surgery, and will work with all types of hair colour and skin tones. Eventually, I splashed out on one. Claims Firstly, it’s important to realise that No!No! does not claim to completely remove all of your hair permanently. It also doesn’t claim that you’ll notice results immediately. However, they do say that if you use it a few time a week for about a month you should notice a significant reduction in hair regrowth eventually leading to a 65% (maybe more if you are lucky) reduction, and an increase in the time it takes to grow back. It’s supposed to be a easy form of hair removal with no pain, no ingrown hairs and no mess. Overall, doesn’t sound too bad. Things to be careful of There are a few things ...

CGP Revision Guides 12/09/2010

CGP are the best by far (AQA A-Level Biology)

CGP Revision Guides I used the CGP AS and A2 level Biology AQA revision guides when studying for my A-levels. The books usually cost around £10, but seeing as my school had bought them in bulk and was selling them off for £3 each, I figured I'd give it a go. I was never very good at revising, but figured I should probably make an effort for my A-levels and the CGP books did look nice and user friendly. They aren't ridiculously thick either. Layout I think the layout of the AS & A2 biology revision guides was brilliant. The pages were colourful (without being over the top or too distracting) and there were no large blocks of intimidating text. Key points are written in a larger font and key words are underlined and in bold, followed by bullet pointed lists which explains the point in slightly more detail. This layout worked very well for me because I do find large amounts of text a bit daunting and somewhat off putting so I tend to not absorb the information. However, with this revision guide I found the information really rather inviting. There were also diagrams included which I think is essential in biology and the diagrams were always well drawn and never overly complicated. The topics are nicely and logically split up into different sections. In most cases, a topic would be covered in one double page spread. Content The content of these books is very good. CGP like to throw in a lot of humour to keep us entertained. Yes, most of it is very silly, but I think it's nice they make ...

PanOxyl Aquagel 2.5 11/09/2010

Zap those Zits

PanOxyl Aquagel 2.5 I struggled with acne for about 8 years before a doctor recommended panoxyl gel to me. I was getting pretty desperate and nothing was really working for me. You can buy this product over the counter for about £3, but sometimes you can get it under prescription from a doctor. You can also order it in bulk from some online stores which is, naturally, much better value. Although I would recommend just trying it out first before you buy boxes of the stuff! When I first went into the store to get it, the lady behind the counter actually said that her daughter had used panoxyl gel and it had worked brilliantly for her. The gel is white and comes in 40g tubes, I find that each tube lasts about 2 months. After washing my face with a gentle cleanser I pat my face dry and apply a thin layer of panoxyl gel all over my face. I have to say I did notice a difference within 3 days. Most of my small spots had gone. It also seems to bring the deep under the skin type pimples to the surface quickly too, so they heal faster. The active ingredient, Benzoyl peroxide works by killing off bacteria and triggering a peeling effect which stops greasy skin. After about a month of using this product I was satisfied with the condition of my skin which was virtually spot free. Obviously this was a big deal as I've suffered from really bad acne for years. Another bonus was that due to the bleaching nature of the product, it had faded all my scars. However, I still continue using the product ...
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