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Rubicon Mango Exotic Juice Drink 24/12/2010

Mouthwatering Mangoes

Boots Expert Bikini Hair Removal Cream 18/12/2010

Expert Hair Removal Cream Not Expert Enough

Rennie Peppermint Tablets 12/12/2010

My Chalky Saviour

ION iV12 Copy Cat Portable Wand Scanner 30/11/2010

Don't be such a copycat!

Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 29/11/2010

Tilda Basmati Rice - the Prince of Fragrance

Johnson's Be Fresh & Escape Gel 11/10/2010

Be Fresh & Escape!

Mooncup Menstrual Cup 09/10/2010

Lou's Experience of a Mooncup Menstrual Cup

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor 09/10/2010

Shave At Ease Using Venus Breeze

Lakeland Stain-Proof Microwave Multi Steamer 02/10/2010

I love my Microwave Multi Steamer

Lakeland Stain-Proof Microwave Multi Steamer Stain-Proof Microwave Multi Steamer I’ve always been a fan of rice and I find myself eating it with almost every meal. Sometimes I find it makes a good and filling breakfast. However, I’ve never had much sucess cooking rice on a stove. Nowadays I find myself relying on my Stain-Proof Microwave Multi Steamer for rice. You can buy one for £8.99 from Lakeland and I have found mine to be very good value for money. The product is a clear plastic bowl with holes in the bottom which sits within a plastic holder. It also has a a vented lid. What can it be used for? Well it can be used for rice and vegetables. It’s a very healthy way of cooking your vegetables as it boils them and then streams them, meaning that all the vitamins are retained in the food. This means that it is probably the healthiest way of cooking your vegetables. Using it My rice of choice is basmati rice. There’s no exact science to how much water or rice to put in, but I usually go by one mug of rice and 850ml of boiling water to make enough for 2. (I’ve made rice so much that now it’s become very much a case of guess work, it really doesn’t need to be exact at all). I then put it in the microwave on full power for 12 minutes. (I know some people say stir half way through, but we’ve never bothered. I've always just waited until the end to stir and the rice still comes out perfectly fluffy throughout). If it’s too dry, just shove more water in a put it back in for another few mins. If it’s too ...

SheWee Portable Urinating Device 17/09/2010

I Pee Easy With My SheWee

Dadcando Plop Trumps 14/09/2010

A Card Game With A Stinky Twist

John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder shampoo 13/09/2010

Go Blonder with Go Blonder

no!no! Hair Removal System 13/09/2010

No!No! Hair Removal gets a no no from me

no!no! Hair Removal System After years of shaving, epilating and waxing I finally considered slightly more long term fixes. I’ve always found it so frustrating when you spend ages removing hair only for it to come back to haunt you. Someone suggested I took a look at the no!no! hair removal system. After doing a bit of research, I learnt that this particular hair removal system works on the thermal principle of heat transference. Basically, this involves the heating and burning of the tips of hairs resulting in heat being conducted down the hair follicle which eventually disrupts hair growth. Although it seemed a bit pricey (around £100 at best), after looking at a few reviews and explanations of how it worked it did sound quite promising. It was also a much cheaper option than IPL or laser surgery, and will work with all types of hair colour and skin tones. Eventually, I splashed out on one. Claims Firstly, it’s important to realise that No!No! does not claim to completely remove all of your hair permanently. It also doesn’t claim that you’ll notice results immediately. However, they do say that if you use it a few time a week for about a month you should notice a significant reduction in hair regrowth eventually leading to a 65% (maybe more if you are lucky) reduction, and an increase in the time it takes to grow back. It’s supposed to be a easy form of hair removal with no pain, no ingrown hairs and no mess. Overall, doesn’t sound too bad. Things to be careful of There are a few things ...

CGP Revision Guides 12/09/2010

CGP are the best by far (AQA A-Level Biology)

PanOxyl Aquagel 2.5 11/09/2010

Zap those Zits

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