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When is the right time in life to have a baby? 03/10/2006

18 or 80? You decide!

When is the right time in life to have a baby? When is the right time to have a baby? Well, that's a tough question! And frankly, I don't really think there's a right or wrong answer to this question! I think it all depends on the person. Preganancies are planned and sometimes mistakes happen. That's life. Now, my little sister is 18 and has just given birth to her first child, a little girl. When I first found out she was pregnant my other sister told me. When she told me that I was going to be an Auntie again, I naturally assumed she was going to tell me it was she who was pregnant, not my other sister! I gave a big sigh and a tut and moaned about how silly she was to get pregnant at such a young age, considering she is just a kid herself! Still, what's done is done! The news sunk in and there I was galavanting round town buying baby clothes for her!! Then you get stories on the news sometimes where women in their 60's are having babies. Not them personally, but you know what I mean! There was a story recently where a woman in her 60's has a baby boy I think it is. When it comes to an 18 yr old having a baby, that's one thing. But when it's on the other end of the stick, so to speak, that's a different story. Personally speaking, I really don't agree with this. I only think of the child. What's it going to be like when they start school? People are going to think it's Nanny taking them to school. And what about when they leave school? The woman will be in her 80's. I really don't think this is very fair at all on ...

Ryvita Original 24/09/2006

Ryvita for lunch? Yeah, right!

Ryvita Original I'm trying to be a really good little girl and diet! That means I have to watch what I shovel into my mouth! And that isn't easy for someone like me who will eat virtually anything put in front of them! I'm certainly NOT a fussy eater! I very rarely eat Ryvita, mainly because it is very boring! And how on earth do you make such a thing exciting to eat? Well, you do have to improvise on what you put on it, don't you?! PACKAGING ~~~~~~~~~~ A 250g of original Ryvita Crispbread will cost you just £0.53p, which isn't such a bad price considering it's such a well-known brand that more or less the whole nation has heard of! The Ryvita comes in a red paper like packet with the brand name plastered across the front in big lettering. You can see a picture of the Ryvita on the front. On the back of the packet is a little bit of information about the contents of the packet, the guideline daily amounts for men and women, nutritional information and contact details. Although the contact details is in very small writing, so make sure you put your specs on before searching for this, okay?! There isn't much to go on when it comes to ingredients. There are just two, which are wholegrain rye flour and salt. THE RYVITA ~~~~~~~~~ Per 10g slice (1 ryvita) there are 32 calories and 0.2g of fat. You won't be eating too many of these in one go, so I needn't worry about your calorie intake with these! Mind you, that all depends what you put on it (peanut butter, maybe??). The ...

Tesco Value Shampoo 13/09/2006

The bigger the better - or is it?

Tesco Value Shampoo I always do my shopping in Tesco's. And when it comes to food shopping 90% of my shopping is Tesco value products. I'm very happy with their value brand food. And last Sunday morning I though "Right, every single item I buy is going to buy Tesco value." So I picked up the razors & foam for the significant other, and shampoo for me. As I already had 2 bottles of Timotei conditioner (BOGOF from previous shop) I didn't bother buying that. PACKAGING ~~~~~~~~~~ For a 1 Litre bottle of their shampoo I paid just £0.30p. You can't get any cheaper than that, can you?! The clear, plastic bottle has the well-known white Tesco value strip around the middle with the blue stripes on it. It clearly states in red lettering 'Tesco Value Shampoo' on the front. On the side are the directions of use, ingredients and a small warning if you make contact with your eyes with the shampoo. The lid is a white screw on/off lid which is easily opened and closed. The only slight problem I have with the bottle is that when the bottle is full and just a little bit heavy it's slightly difficult to get hold of. It would do with a little dent either side just to have something to grip on to. THE SHAMPOO ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The shampoo is an ocean blue kind of colour. It could be very nearly perceived as a dark green, but my eyes see it as blue. The smell is very nice and has a very nice aqua kind of fragrance to it. The smell isn't too strong, and it has a very refreshing smell about ...

Market Gates Shopping Centre, Great Yarmouth 23/08/2006

Fancy going shopping girls (and boys)?

Market Gates Shopping Centre, Great Yarmouth Market Gates shopping centre is situated smack bang in the centre of Great Yarmouth. You can't miss it. There are 2 ways you can enter the centre. One way is from the Market Place. As you walk up to the shopping centre there is Dorothy Perkins and Boots on the outside and D2 on the other side of the entrance. From this entrance there are big automatic doors and a huge Market Gates sign at the top. This is the only entrance which is suitable for wheelchair/disability access. Although there is quite a large slope going into the centre, so could prove a little difficult if you are pushing a wheelchair (talking from experience!). As you walk into the all no-smoking centre from this entrance you will see an array of shops to whett your appetite. There is a flower shop on the left, along with Claire's Accessories (now called 'Claires'), Peacocks, Wilkinsons, a card shop and a computer games shop as you walk up the slope. Well, Wilkinsons is at the top of the slope really. Also here is a man that sells all sorts of delicious sweets. Wilkinsons is a large store (which used to be Sainsbury's years ago) and is very popular. It always gets very busy in here. There are, in fact, 2 computer games shops in Market Gates and 2 card shops. There are benches situated in this shopping centre which is handy if you are worn out and need a short break. You will also find Iceland in here where I go quite a lot. There is a large cafeteria called 'The Lighthouse' which can be accessed by ...

Nestle Shredded Wheat 14/08/2006

100% Whole Grain Wheat

Nestle Shredded Wheat When it comes to breakfast, I usually have Weetabix, and more recently Ready Brek. But now I'm eating Shredded Wheat for breakfast. Whilst shopping in Tesco's the other day I bought a packet of Nestle Shredded Wheat for £1.47. For that price you will be getting 18 biscuits. PACKAGING ~~~~~~~~~~ The large box is yellow with a deeper yellow heart in the middle with the Shredded Wheat name on the front in red lettering. The top of the box is green with the nutritional information in it. On the back of the box is information about the 100% whole grain wheat cereal. There is a bit of information at the top about this cereal from Dr. Clare Chapman, a Nestle Nutritionist. On the bottom of the box in small writing they tell you:- *people with healthy hearts tend to eat more whole grain foods as part of a low fat diet and healthy lifestyle*. This is one of the reasons I'm eating this for breakfast as I'm on a diet and desperately need to lose weight! On one side of the box is a little picture of one of their other products - Honey Nut Shredded Wheat. On the other side is the Guideline Daily Amounts for adults, nutrional information, ingredients and contact details. THE SHREDDED WHEAT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ On opening the box you will find 6 packets of foil wrappers containing 3 shredded wheat in each of them. As I said, it lists the ingredients on the box. The only ingredient is 100% whole grain wheat. That's it. Nothing else. That's good! The shredded wheat ...

Heinz Macaroni Cheese 11/08/2006

Wanna bit of Macaroni?

Heinz Macaroni Cheese I haven't had Macaroni Cheese in ages, and when I was recently out shopping I spotted this on the shelves, so picked a tin of Heinz Macaroni Cheese up. For a 400g tin you will expect to pay around £0.89p. Certainly not cheap, but hey, I'm getting a review out of it - and a full belly! And it' s not one of those things I buy on a regular basis. (My Gran makes a gorgeous Macaroni Cheese!). PACKAGING ~~~~~~~~~ The tin is unmistakeable. It comes in a bright yellow tin with the famous Heinz name on the front with Macaroni Cheese in a green background. It says on the front of the tin that it is 'now low in fat'. On the back of the tin are the ingredients, nutritional information, contact information and a bit of information about the contents. You will also find the instructions on how to heat the Macaroni Cheese up and also the dietry information. The tin can be easily opened and you will not need a tin opener! There is a ring pull on it which is easy to use and pull back the lid to gain entry. THE MACARONI CHEESE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ On opening the can I decided to smell the contents and found it smelt very cheesy! That's a promising start, and sometimes these tins of Macaroni Cheese can smell a bit false. It's not a strong smell, but the smell of cheese is very pleasant and tempting. The Macaroni Cheese itself looks very appetising. It contains 39% macaroni and 3% cheddar cheese and 2% reduced fat cheese. I was surprised to find that it contained such ...

Norfolk Holidays Forum 11/08/2006

Talk about your Norfolk Holidays here!

Norfolk Holidays Forum Have you ever visited Norfolk? Do you live in Norfolk or been on holiday there? Maybe you visit every year, or just visit now and again. Maybe you've never visited Norfolk, but plan to! Whatever the case may be, there is an informative forum set up for Norfolk Holidays. THE FORUM >><><><><> The forum is a light blue in colour. Anyone can create their own free Forum with Aceboards. Once your Forum is created on the topic of your choice you can change the colours and add as much or as little content you require. I decided to make a Forum on Norfolk Holidays as I couldn't find one specific place where people could go to talk about their holiday experiences (good or bad!). And I know that millions of people visit Norfolk every year on vacation. Not to mention the Norfolk folk themselves that go on day trips in and around Norfolk (myself included!). To start with, registration is easy and takes just a few minutes to do. Once you have registered with your required username and password, you are ready to start posting! There are plenty of topics to talk about. MEMBER CENTRE Under this section there are Polls, Suggestions and Ideas, Help Centre and Welcome where new members can drop in and say hi! COASTAL HOLIDAYS Here you will find General Chit Chat, Wells-Next-To-Sea, Hunstanton Holidays, Cromer/Sheringham Holidays, Great Yarmouth Holidays and Lowestoft/Kessingland Holidays (I know it's in Suffolk, but still very near by!). NORFOLK IN GENERAL Eating & Drinking ...

Coca-Cola Zero 31/07/2006

This time it's zero tolerance!

Coca-Cola Zero I've recently seen adverts on telly of Coca Cola Zero. My friend was given a free can of this the other day outside Woolworth's and he enjoyed it. After seeing the adverts and my friend saying he enjoyed it, I thought I'd give it a shot. So, in whilst shopping in Asda today I noticed these on the checkout so picked a bottle of it up. I paid £.0.88p for a 500ml bottle of it. PACKAGING ~~~~~~~~~~ The coke comes in a clear plastic bottle with a red screw top. The label has the famous Coca Cola name on it in red lettering with the word Zero under it in white. The labelling is predominantly black with white smattering on it. In small letters on the front is says 'great coke tast - zero sugar'. On the other side are the ingredients, nutritional information is the contact information and website address. I like the look of the packaging as it's very modern looking and very new. It stands out from the other drinks an is very noticable. THE COKE ~~~~~~~~ On opening the bottle the cola smells like, well, like cola does! The coke is the usual dark brownish in colour. On the bottle it says it's a 'carbonated low calorie soft drink with vegetable extracts with sweetners'. And low in calories it is too! It only contains 3 calories per bottle (or 500ml pack)! And, as expected, it contains 0% sugar. As this contains no sugar whatsoever, you would think it may be quite bitter in taste. But this is not the case. As I said, it contains sweeteners which gives it that ...

Channel 4: Richard & Judy 28/07/2006

Richard & Judy

Channel 4: Richard & Judy 'Richard and Judy', former presenters of 'This Morning', are now presenting their own daytime show on Channel 4 - aptly named 'Richard and Judy'! This is a lifestlye programme. It is aired each and every weekday at 5pm and lasts for 1 hour. What I like about the programme is that they have a varied selection of guests on there every day. Today, for instance, they had Noel Edmunds on the show (27 July '06). They have interviewed many people ranging from J K Rowling (26 June '06), Barry Manilow (04 March '05) and Ben Affleck (12 January '04). Although each show has the same standard layout each day, the content is different. They cover topical issues that could be something that has been on the news or in the newspapers. They will get certain experts in to discuss these issues and, as with any discussion, there'll be someone who disagrees which makes the discussion more interesting! Each series of 'Richard and Judy' they hold a book club. Over the course of the series they will review 6 books. They get members of the public to read them and give their personal thoughts on the book concerned. Richard & Judy will then have a couple of celebrities in the studio to discuss the book. Indeed, through their book club I went and bought a book called 'The Lovely Bones' by Anna Sebould. I found this book really enjoyable to read! If you don't want to read, then why not join their wine club? Each day they have been reviewing a different wine and, like with the books, members ...

What's in your purse? 26/07/2006

Give me your money, honey!

What's in your purse? When it comes to purses I've had a fair few over the years! Some I've bought brand new and some I've bought in a charity shop. As is the case with my latest purse. I bought this for a mere £2 in a charity shop and it has lasted me nearly a year so far. So I'm certainly getting my money's worth with it! What I liked about this black purse was the fact that it holds quite a lot. I shall continue to tell you what contains therein...... There are 8 little holders in it to put your cards in. All of them are full. On one side (4 holders) I've got my 2 Nationwide cards (I've got 2 accounts there!), the card I use to pay my rent with, and my Dividend card for the Co-Op. On the other side are all payment cards for the water, BT, TV and Powergen. It's all pay out unfortunately! There's also a flap in the middle with a clear window either side. Presumably, to hold 2 photographs on each side! But I've got yet more cards on one side! In in is my Vodafone top-up card, 2 bingo cards (for Mecca and the Palace), my blood donor card and my Blockbusters video card. I've not used the latter one lately though. On the otherside, however, is a photograph of my 11-yr old niece, Lauren. She lives in Spain and is a lovely photo of her dressed up as a Flamengco Dancer. She certainly looks much older than her 11 years, I can tell you! There's a little compartment with a snap on where I put my change. I've got £2.57 in change in there at the moment. And a bit where you can put your notes in ...

Cadbury Fruit And Nut 22/07/2006

Are you a fruit & nut case like me?

Cadbury Fruit And Nut I've always said I'm not a great lover of the Fruit & Nut chocolate bars - I've always bought whole nut or just plain old chocolate bars. But it's been years since I've had a bar of chocolate with fruit and nut, so thought I'd treat myself to a bar and see if I can change my opinion of it! I decided on buying Cadbury's Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut. I paid £0.45p for a 49g bar. It's certainly not the cheapest chocolate around but, hey, it is Cadbury's - one of the best brands around! And everybody knows who Cadbury's are! PACKAGING ~~~~~~~~~~ The chocolate bar comes in a purple and red foil wrapper, with a white strip of white in the middle, which is milk. The Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut name is on the front along with a picture of some fruit and nuts. On the back of the wrapper are the ingredients, nutritional information and contact details. Also a very small bit about visiting Cadbury World with the phone number. THE CHOCOLATE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are 6 segments of this chocolate. I noticed that some segments contain fruit and nut, some just fruit and some just nuts. The chocolate is milk chocolate with raisins and almonds. The Cadbury name is embossed on each segment of chocolate. Per 49g bar there is 240kcal and 3% protein. It doesn't say how much fat is in it, but I'd rather not know to be brutally frank with you! On biting into the chocolate the almonds are nice and crunchy. I like the idea of nuts in chocolate, but wasn't sure what to make of the fruit. ...

Branston Baked Beans 21/07/2006

They don't just do pickle, you know!

Branston Baked Beans I usually buy Branston's Pickle (lovely on a cheese sandwich!), but had never tried their baked beans. So on a recent trip to Tesco's I decided on buying one of those small tins of Branston Baked Beans to try. For a 220g of these beans I paid £0.36p. It's certainly not the cheapest around, but thought I'd treat myself as I'd never tried these before. PACKAGING ~~~~~~~~~~ The packaging is easily recognisable. The labelling is red and blending into orange at the top. I like the colouring as it is a soft red/orange. The Branston name is on the front in blue writing in a yellow banner. On the back of the tin are the ingredients (of which there are 50% beans and 30% tomatoes, nutritional information and contact details. You will also find the heating instructions and a very small piece of information about the beans. THE BEANS ~~~~~~~~~ Per 220g tin there is 191 kcal and 0.9g of fat. On the tin Branston tells you: "Branston is famous for its pickle and we'd like to become famous for our beans. Try our classic baked beans in a rich and tasty tomato sauce." On opening the tin, I find that the beans are floating in a good mixture of tomato sauce. Branston have not been mean with the sauce. I have noticed that the beans and tomato sauce are ever so slightly darker in colour compared to Heinz Baked Beans. But that may be just me. I don't mind though, as the beans still look very appetising. I decided on putting a couple of slices of bread in the toaster and ...

Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps 18/07/2006

Prawn Cocktail in a bag

Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps I went through a phase of doing quite a few reviews on crisps, but haven't done one in a while. I was surprised to find on searching through my reviews that I haven't wrote a review on one of the most common flavours of crisps - Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps! So I shall tell you about them now. For a 34.5g bag I paid just £0.30p, which isn't a bad price for such a well-known brand! PACKAGING ~~~~~~~~~ The crisps come in a pink coloured foil bag with the Walkers name in big lettering on the front, along witht the flavour of the crisps. On the back of the packet is a small amount of information about the crisps. They tell you that they are cooked in Sunseed, a special type of sunflower oil. They say that like Olive Oil it is naturally high in momo-unsaturates and naturally low in saturates. You can also find the nutritional information, ingredients and contact details on the back. The guideline daily amounts are also listed. THE CRISPS ~~~~~~~~~~ On opening the bag you can distinctly smell the odour of prawns. It's not an over powering smell though. I find it quite a tempting smell. If crisps could talk they would be saying "Eat me!" The taste of the crisps are really nice. You can definitely taste the prawns in the crisps. They are really nice and crunchy and tend to leave a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth. They are made with a prawn cocktail flavouring and 33% sunflower oil. I won't list the ingredients, as I said earlier they can be found on the ...

Pick Me Up 09/07/2006

Why don't you pick me up?

Pick Me Up You've most probably seen the advert on the telly, now buy the magazine! 'Pick Me Up' (PMU) is a weekly magazine which comes out every Thursday. It is priced at just £0.60p which, compared to some other magazines on the market, is quite cheap. And there's quite a lot in it too. What I like about this magazine is the variety of content in it. It is a colourful and snazzy magazine which draws you into wanting to know more about its contents! It is aims for women and is the sort of magazine you will find in Doctor and Dentist surgeries! The front cover is generally colourful with stories on the cover of what is included in that weeks' issue. You will see what true-life story is contained in it. On page 3 you will find a short message from the Editor of the magazine and the contents with what page they are on. There are the true stories, of which you will find many. And the stories are very interesting with photographs of the people concerned in the stories. And then there are the regulars which are: ~ Come on In! - Spread across 2 pages this is where you, the reader, can send in your photo's, funny stories and poems, etc to the magazine. There is also a star picture where the winner will receive a gift. ~ Tip-Offs - If you've got a handy tip, then send it in and maybe it'll get printed! For example, "After eating a pineapple, don't throw the peel away. Cuit it up and scatter it on your flower beds. It will deter cats from messing there and will decompose." I ...

What I'd put in room 101 26/06/2006

They should've all gone on 06-06-06!

What I'd put in room 101 There are numerous things I would put in Room 101, but I shall name but just a few! In no particular order, although I shall put my most annoying one at number one!! 1) CALL CENTRES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You know the sort, those people that phone you up wanting to sell you a mobile phone, double glazing or life insurance. None of which I want as I already have all three! And they don't take no for an answer either! I had a phone call the other day from an Indian bloke trying to sell me a mobile phone. I stopped him mid-sentance and said, "Are you trying to sell me a mobile phone?" He replied, "Yes". I explained I didn't want one as I had recently purchased a rather expensive video phone. You know what he did? Gave a big yawn and slammed the phone down! So much for Customer Training! Prat! On a similar note those people that stop you in the street and try and get you to sign up to a catalogue of some sort. I was in Norwich one day and my legs were aching so sat down. I couldn't believe the nerve of one particular sales person who approached me while I was sitting there! Can't I have any peace?! 2) ACCIDENT CLAIM ADVERTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ Those adverts you get on telly asking you if you've had an accident lately? There's people on the advert who 'claim' to have received so many thousands of pounds in compensation. Bog off! I'm not interested! Grrr! They're so annoying! 3) Car Tax/Television License ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ The car tax is way too high. Far too ...
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