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Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool 11/09/2008

Not that Bad

Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool I went to the Norbreck Castle hotel with my boyfriend for a cheap holiday before we depart ways for university. When we arrived the receptionist who was a youngish man with a sty above his eye, told us that we hadnt booked in through the system and that the printed out details from a email was only a garauntee not a confirmation. We told him that the money had been taken out of my boyfriends mums account and so it was more than a garauntee. He disappeared off to the back office and then came back to tell us that he wasnt dealing with it anymore and walked off to other customers. In the mean time three customers had come downstairs saying they couldnt get into their room with a key. I was starting to get worried. Another receptionist came out of the back office to tell us that everything was ok and that we had been upgraded so we now had a jacuzzi. We thought that this was a polite thing to offer us and decided not to make a complaint about the man being rude. When we got up to our room we were really pleased with it, we had excactly what we had paid for, however the corridoors on the way down smelt like a mixture of senior people and public toliets. This put us off abit. Overall we had a good time at the hotel and these were our only complaints. The beer was cheap and the food and room was acceptable. The only problem was the receptionist, the window not locking in the room and the housekeeper walking into our room and bathroom even though i said not to, to ...
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