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Minolta VECTIS 2000 Compact Camera 25/02/2003

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Minolta VECTIS 2000 Compact Camera This camera was bought for me as a gift at Christmas 2001 and since then I have had nothing but trouble with it. The range of feautres is vast, but I don't think any of them add particular value. However, my main complaint is the quality of the pictures - all outdoor pictures (particularly the panaoramic shots) were grainy, dark and out of focus. I had used various films and developers but always with the same results, so I finally concluded the camera must be faulty. I sent the camera back to Minolta, who admitted (after 6 months) that there was a fault with the camera, but that this wasn't responsible for the terrible picture quality. They finally deigned to send me a replacement - the new Vecits 3000 - but charged me £40 for the priviledge. The whole sorry saga has taken 8 months to rectify and left me forty quid out of pocket (not including the money I spent on film and development costs for such low quality photos.) After this experience I would certainly not advise anyone to buy a Minolta camera. I accept that occasionally cameras may be faulty, but the level of customer service I received, the delays, the lack of concern and then the refusal to simply replace the camera free of charge (no cost at all to Minolta) were absolutely unacceptable.
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