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Story Goes... - Craig David 06/09/2005

He's Back!

Story Goes... - Craig David Who's Craig David? Is that what you're saying? Can't you remember him? Well he has had over a year away from the music industry and in the fast paced world of showbiz that is a long time! His first album was released in 2000 and followed in 2002 by his second album; both of these were hugely successful in the charts. And now, three years since his last release, we see him back with a much more mature and yet strangely intimate album. "The Story Goes" was recorded mainly with producer Mark Hill and features a broad selection of tunes; from the more soulful tones to back to basics r n b that saw him hit fame back in 2000. The first track on the album "All the Way" was his first single release off the album back in the summer and proved to be a great summer tune. It's funky and sultry yet still reminiscent of his r n b roots with a slight disco feel to it as well. The beat is undeniably addictive and will have you grooving away! It's a feel happy tune, about nights out and just having fun really! It's followed by a rather stark contrasting song which is set to be his second single, entitled "Don't Love You No More" which has a definite "black" feel to it with a strong beat which undertones the entire song. It's apparently based on the time when his long term girlfriend told him she "don't love you no more." We also get to see that Craig David can rap along with the best of them, there's certainly an Usher/50 Cent feel to this track. "Hypnotic" is the third track on ...

Armani Emporio Armani She/Ella Eau de Parfum 01/09/2005

The Aroma of Armani!

Armani Emporio Armani She/Ella Eau de Parfum I'm a big lover of perfumes, take me to The Perfume Shop or Boots and I'm like a child in a candy store - there's no moving me for at least an hour... and I tend to come out feeling a bit light headed too! My latest buy is Armani's She perfume, one that's actually been around for quite a while now (since 1998 in fact!) but one I've only just discovered. It's made by Armani who first started out with a clothing range and in the late 1990's moved onto perfume. ** Packaging ** It's packaged in a long and fairly thin circular bottle and it's of a silvery metallic colour - quite futuristic looking and you could easily mistake it for a small gas canister! It's ideal for storage as it stands up easily on any surface and can also survive a fair bit of battering in my handbag! The bottle comes in a cardboard, rectangular box which has a plastic covering - almost like that on biscuit packets - in the same silvery/gold metallic colour. The packaging in my opinion retains a modern feel, despite being 7 years old now and still has a futuristic feel even in the 21st century. ** Spraying ** There's no actual lid to the perfume which always puts me off a little bit - walking round with a no-lidded perfume in my bag all day I tend to find that half of it is decorating the sides of my bag! However with this perfume I have no qualms - it's dispensed by pressing the top of the bottle, there's a padded cushion feel to half of the top which when pressed, dispenses a squirt of the ...

Las Palmas Airport, Spain 26/08/2005

Liked it... Liked it Less after 5 hours!

Las Palmas Airport, Spain During my June trip to Gran Canaria I had the "pleasure" of being delayed within the airport for 5 hours which gave me plenty of time to fully note and evaluate all the amenities within it - therefore I feel a bit of an expert on this topic thanks to First Choice! In my vast experience of airports - from little more than a shack on the island of Zante to the posh heights of JFK in America - I'd have to say that for a small island Las Palmas airport isn't half bad! Las Palmas airport was built in the 1930's and belongs to the Aena Airport group, which also has airports throughout Spain and Portugal. It's been voted the top airport of all the Canary Islands in light of passenger traffic, cargo and aircraft movements. It also operates 24 hours a day all year round and has been voted one of the safest airports in the EU. There are actually 2 runways belonging to this airport although only 1 is in full usage. ** Location ** Las Palmas airport is located in the North East of the island of Gran Canaria. The nearest city is that of Las Palmas, the capital, which is just over 11 miles away while the more tourist resorts of Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas and Puerto Rico are on the south coast of the island. However due to the size of the island the majority of towns in Gran Canaria are accessible within about forty minutes from the airport. It's also located about 2 minutes from the main… oh and only motorway on the island! ** Arrivals ** As with quite a few foreign ...

Brook Street - Recruiment Agency 20/08/2005

Bother with Brook Street - Nope!

Brook Street - Recruiment Agency I think students must be the only category of people who actually work during their holidays - I mean the typical definition of a holiday almost always involves relaxation, having a lie in, taking some time off, etc. but for students this doesn't quite apply! Returning home from University in June for the summer I was handed a CV by my parents (who'd kindly adjusted my somewhat half hearted attempt to do my own), a list of local agencies and sent off into town to register with some temping agencies. It was either that or get a local bar job and well, working long hours while other people enjoyed their cavorting and drinking didn't really appeal to me! Brook Street was the first agency I registered with, well it was the first agency I intended to register with but when I turned up there I was told I needed an appointment and to come back at a later date! Brook Street has over 140 branches in the UK and has been going for over 55 years now so it's quite a well known agency that can boast experience. It's now actually owned by Manpower Inc which is an agency that operates worldwide yet Brook Street still retains it's name and character. So anyway fast forward two days and I found myself back at Brook Street, with my CV and two forms of identification (this is now a necessary requirement for any agency). I was greeted by a friendly guy who then took me through the registration process… ** The Process ** First things firsts, I was given a form to fill in which was 2 A4 ...

Everything that starts with P ... 09/08/2005

Another Perfect Challenge!

Everything that starts with P ... Here's yet another challenge that's doing the rounds on Ciao at the moment... this time it's the P's! 1)Do you think you will / or have you turned into your parents as you have got older? Well my dad's bald and my mum's insane so I'm hoping I won't be turning into them! Only kidding (well not about my dad's baldness) but my parents have been great, they've always been there for me and my brother when we've needed them and I'd be lost without them! Physically wise I don't think I resemble or will ever resemble either of my parents but I think I've inherited quite a few of their personality traits - my mum's so bubbly, always happy and got a fabulous sense of humour while my dad's much quieter but definetly got the brains of the family! 2) Are you the life and soul of the party? Give me a couple of glasses of wine and I'm the life and sole of a funeral! Haha! If I know the people or it's my party then I'm certainly the life and soul but I do tend to act a little more reserved if I don't know that many people... until the wine kicks in and then I'm doing the birdie song with the best of them on the dance floor! 3) Do you have any pets? Well when I'm not at Uni I live at home with my parents who have 2 little West Highland dogs who are 6 and 4 - they're gorgeous and so affectionate! While I'm at Uni we've got 4 fish in our house, 1 named after me and then the other 3 are named after my housemates - Chips (one of my housemates always makes chips when drunk), ...

Piz Buin Body Cooling Spray 05/08/2005

Half Fake - Half Natural!

Piz Buin Body Cooling Spray On my recent holiday abroad (I say recent, it's over a month ago now but it keeps me sane by saying recent!) I was determined to get the best tan I could in the 10 days we were in Gran Canaria. By the time we arose in the morning (suffering hangovers) and obviously had our afternoon siesta ready for the big night ahead, tanning time was somewhat limited and so, on a trip to the supermarket over there I stocked up on everything I thought might improve my tan - except cooking oil of course! ** The Product ** The majority of Piz Buin suncare products come in either a deep brown (sun care products) or a deep blue bottle (after sun products), in this case it's a dark brown bottle with orange writing. It's thick plastic so you don't need to worry about it popping or anything in your case and the opening is a twist top (similar to some shampoos) so there's no risk of spillages either. The bottle is about 20cm in height and has a flat bottom so is ideal for standing up on a shelf. The product itself is a light white colour and has the same viscosity as water or any other plain liquid. The smell is quite hard to describe, there's a slight coconut smell to it along with a hair spray/fake tan kind of aroma too - typical of most sun care products I'd say. ** Application ** Actual application is fairly straightforward, merely squirt a couple of sprays onto your skin and rub in. It appears to be a light white colour when first sprayed but as soon as you rub in there is no ...

Playa Del Ingles 29/07/2005

Take Me Back There!

Playa Del Ingles I returned from Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria just over 4 weeks ago now and already it seems like a lifetime! As soon as I set foot back in England it seems like I was whizzed back to my desk (in my very boring temping job) and the tan started to fade in front of my very eyes! It also seems much longer than 5 months ago that I found myself sat in Thomson's along with my 4 best friends eagerly planning our girly holiday to celebrate passing (fingers crossed) the first year of our University degree. We finally decided on Playa del Ingles as it was the central party place in the Canaries, we were guaranteed endless sunshine to top up our tans and more importantly it was cheap! And so saw us departing for our 10 days frolicking in the sun just over 5 weeks ago now! ** Where is it? ** Gran Canaria is located in the Atlantic sea and makes up a quarter of the Canary islands (along with Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Tenerife). It lies between Fuerteventura and Tenerife, each island is easily reachable on a short flight from Gran Canaria. It's just over 200km away from the African cost and as such is able to share in their glorious hot weather. The island itself is actually of volcanic origin and as such is quite mountainous with a large peak in the centre of the island. Playa del Ingles (which translates as "The Englishman's Beach) lies on the southern coast of Gran Canaria, approximately 30 minutes from the only airport on the island. The majority of tourist towns ...

Nokia 6822 26/07/2005

Basic Phone... with a Flip!

Nokia 6822 I thought it was about time I wrote about my mobile as I've had it for a nearly a year now and it's been a faithful one! The Nokia 6822 has been out for about 14 months now so is in need of a make over you might say, but is still one of the most popular phones purchased off the O2 website. It weighs in at 100g so compared to some of the minute phones available now it's a little on the heavy side but to me it feels just fine! ** Actual Phone ** The phone is a light blue/silver colour with a white and silver back to it, there's no option to change the actual colour of the case as it doesn't offer interchangeable faces. It's 107 * 47 * 20 mm so similar in size to a lot of last year's Nokia phones. The front of the phone has the normal key pad with numbers and letters on as well as a small green and red button for making and ending calls. Connected to the actual screen (3cm by 3cm) are 4 buttons and 1 mouse type button. The two buttons at the top control turning the phone on and off, the two buttons at the bottom of the screen involve accessing and using the phone's menus while the middle curser type button involves moving side to side as well as selecting various phone options. To access the main menu which comes up in a picture format you merely need to press down the middle curser button, this will then bring up the menu where options can be selected using the curser button (moving it up/down and left/right before clicking on the centre to select an option). At first ...

What's in my bag? 19/07/2005

Spring Cleaned!

What's in my bag? Just attempted a spring clean of my hand bag / holdall / suitcase and thought while it's a little bit more empty than usual I'd attempt this challenge... before it fills right back up with junk! Now technically I have 8 hand bags - it just depends what colour outift I have on! At the moment I'm using a lovely summer Fiorelli number - I'll spare you from going into the contents of every single bag I own! It cost me £45 back in May, it's white with multicoloured stripes on and is bordering on a small holdall almost! And now onto the contents... There's one large compartment and then a smaller zip up on the side of the interior of the bag, which is more commonly known as my make up bag! I feel much more reassured if I know I've got my lip gloss, my pressed powder, my blusher and my eye liner in this little trusty compartment! There's also a Sure roll on deodorant and a bottle of Armani Gold perfume - delicious! The only thing I'm missing is a big mirror really and then I could practically live out of my bag! My most prized possession in the main compartment is certainly my hair brush, I can't leave the house without it (well I could but I'd probably end up having a nervous breakdown as soon as my hair went a little bit puffy)! It's not the smallest in size really, it's a light brown, wooden, paddle brush from Boots but as my hair is quite thick it does the job! Along with my hairbrush I have my rather oversized but truly loved LV purse (and yes it is genuine, had to ... 12/07/2005

Not Very Quick But Quite Wise! Being a student money's always an issue, more of a negative issue in my case! As such I'm always on the lookout to make money (legally of course) and that's how I came across QuickWise! ** What is it? ** Quickwise is a little similar to Ciao in that it works on behalf of companies to find out what we, the public, think about certain issues and the opinions we have on various products. Companies and professionals pay Quickwise to find out our thoughts and they carry out this research in the way of surveys (all sounds a little Ciao like doesn't it?!). And in return we get a reward, a financial reward! Once they've collected the data their job is to interpret it and to feed back to the company. Quickwise is a relatively new version of these survey sites that seem to be becoming increasingly popular online. It was launched back in 2000 and since then has grown in popularity and trust. ** How do I join? ** It's simple to join Quickwise, merely visit their website at and on the left hand side click "Join the Panal." The beauty of joining is that you'll receive £3 just for signing up (you can't argue with that, can you!). In order to join there are a few things that must apply to you: - ~ You must be over 16 ~ You must be living in the UK ~ You must have a mobile phone ~ You must have internet access The latter 2 are necessary for you to receive alerts of new surveys while the former 2 are regulations imposed by most marketing ...

Per Una Pressed Powder 07/07/2005

Shine Free Face!

Per Una Pressed Powder While I'm waiting for Ciao (the lazy buggers they are!) to process all my new suggestions for reviews from my holiday (you'll soon be sick of hearing about it!) I decided to do a make up review as it's been a while! And of course... make up is a girl's best friend! The Per Una range can be found at Marks and Spencers and is closely linked with their clothing range. It's one of many of the recent lines that is designed by Marks and Spencers but in my opinion it's the most reasonably priced one and the most modern too! The range boasts basic make up items just as foundation and powders as well as offering mascaras, blushers, lipsticks, etc. too. Prices start at around £6 and go up to £12 so they're quite in line with the rest of the make up market at present. The Pressed Powder is one thing that I will never leave the house without, most people can't last without their lipstick but for me it's eye liner and my trusted pressed powder which will always find it's way into my handbag! ** The Product ** It comes in an attractive circular, thick metal container which is reflective like a mirror - not always best for looking in UNTIL you've applied the pressed powder I've found! There's 3 little silver hearts indented into the top of the container and on the bottom there's a sticker with the basic product information. Inititally the container does come in a silver, cardboard box although I tend to through this away as find it's more of a hindrance to store it in this. ...

Recipes for Snacks 23/06/2005

Mars Bar Biscuit!

Recipes for Snacks Now no girl likes chocolate more than me and what would be better for a chocolate lover than a cake where you get double helpings of chocolate - not only mars bars but milk chocolate too! And that's the beauty of Mars Bar cake... above average amounts of chocolate! Now just to clarify, it's not strictly a cake as my definition of cake is typically something containing sponge or of a similar texture of sponge so perhaps Mars Bar biscuit would be more appropriate although it don't sound quite as tempting does it! And believe me, Mars Bar cake is certainly tempting! Time to Make - about 15 minutes of actual cooking, about 1 and a half hours waiting for things to cool down so not ideal if you're looking to rustle up something in 10 minutes! Difficulty - the receipe I use is pretty easy to follow, I'm hopeless in the kitchen and I can manage it, my 12 year old cousin has also made it before with no problems. * Ingredients * 6 Mars Bars 1 250g block of Milk Chocolate Quarter of a normal sized box of Rice Krispies (4 cups) 100g Margarine (Don't think of the calories!) * Method * 1. Chop the mars bars up into small pieces, (as a rough estimate approx. 6 pieces per bar) and place in a large oven proof dish. 2. Add the margarine to the mars bars and place in the oven/microwave until melted (the margarine and mars bars will not blend so do not worry if the margarine appears to sit on top of the mars bars). 3. Without letting it cool too much, mix in the ...

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel 16/06/2005

Blast Away Those Spots!

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel Dermalogica were an absolute heaven send during my former teenage years where I went through the classic acne phases of "growing up." Luckily I didn't have the classic spot infested years that most people get around the ages of 13 up to 16, I was relatively spot free for those years and as such the envy of all my friends! However when I was 18, that cursed summer, I awoke one morning around May time to discover a fair sized spot on my forehead. Over the next month or so I was never without a spot, I tended to have about 2 on my face at a time but they weren't just any spots - they were big white headed ones, the worst of the worse! After visiting the doctor (for an emergency appt of course, I was 18 and it was the summer!) he suggested some anti bacterial wash for a week to calm my skin down and also recommended the Dermalogica range to me. ~ The Brand ~ Dermalogica are a renowned skin care company and were founded in 1986 in Los Angeles - where would there be more demand for perfect skin than LA! Their products were different to other products already available on the market in that they refused to use artificial colours and synthetic fragrancing which were favoured by the majority of products. Their products are now recognised by their simple, no nonsense packaging and their lack of "perfume" too! ~ Special Cleaning Gel ~ This is one of the first products I tried from the Dermalogica range and it's been the one I've stuck to over the past 2 years! The gel ...

Everything that starts with R ... 15/06/2005

Random Challenge!

Everything that starts with R ... I stole these questions from the lovely Pmshack99 - who in turn stole them from an unknown member! But as I'm stuck in a temping job I might as well bore the rest of you with my answers! 1. What's on your duvet cover? As I've just come home from Uni all my normal duvet covers are in the wash but I've got a bright yellow and white check one on at the moment - to match my lemon walls! I'm a very sunny person, love waking up on a warm morning (well the 5 we seem to get a year in the UK) with my yellow-ish room! 2. What is in the glove compartment of your car? Don't even go there, everything seems to get shoved in there when I'm having a rush tidying session! At the minute (from memory) there's some sweet wrappers, my boyfriend's hat that he left there ages ago, a few CDs and the ever necessary tampons! 3. What is the background to your computer screen? This one at work is really boring and blue - intent to bore me even more! At home there's a picture of Ben Affleck on it as he's a real stunner and on my lap top screen there's a recent photo of me and my 3 best friends at Uni when we went out for a meal to celebrate finding a house for September! 4. What was the last thing you sung? Hmmm... I tend to sing quite a lot and so don't always remember, on my way to work they were playing an old Take That number (who I used to love) and a bit of Natasha Bedingfield so no doubt I joined in, in my own tuneless way of course! 5. When was the last time you did a ...

No Angels 10/06/2005

Bed Side Angels... It's a Myth!

No Angels "Brilliant, Vibrant and Witty." These are the three words used by the Daily Express Newspaper to describe the TV series "No Angels" which is fast becoming one of the most popular shows on Channel 4 and has already finished its second series. The first ever episode was shown on Channel 4 in March 2004 and received over 12,000 viewings, which is quite high for a first ever showing. The second series started in March 2005 and has already finished having done just as well in the popularity stakes as its predecessor. ~ Plot ~ No Angels follows the lives of three nurses and one health care assistant working within the NHS in a Leeds hospital - both in and out of the hospital setting, facing life, death and lunacy in one comical mixture. And yes, a vomit-covered apron can be a successful man magnet as proven by this programme! The show follows the four girls juggling their day to day lives both within the hospital and in the much more social setting of their off-duty pub! When you mix all this with living together it can make for stressful, yet entertaining, times! ~ Characters ~ * Anji * Sunetra Sarker stars as Anji and has previously appeared in other TV shows including the very appropriate position of a nurse in the soap Brookside as well as featuring in Doctors, Emmerdale and London Bridge. In the show Anji plays the healthcare assistant and the baby of the group, she's a typical Liverpudlian in that she'll always speak her mind. Her Asian background ...
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