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About me: ****** THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR **E** RATINGS. ******

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benhc1234 Feedback always appreciated and exceptional ratings if earned. Thanks for all lovely feedback so far :).
miloh No need to thank me for well earned "E"s,but thank you for mine.
NotMyToothbrush Been away for a while - working on my latest review for the Toshiba A660-11M. Good to be back!
koshkha Is it me or is it really quiet around here?
mi_wa We're legally crippled, it's the death of love.
Kukana Living in Cyprus with husband, one of our sons, two cats and around 3,000 books. Hadn't realised quite how long I'd been away... 19/01/14
angelboouk123 Lol :)
kimwright Had a quiet couple of weeks! Very Very busy! Am back now and will be busy on here for a couple of months, getting ready for Christmas! :D
Randal1 No information
Brayn No information
ryanando Thanks for the rates :-) very much appreciated!
doriee.jay Had a little break from writing for a while but now I'm back :)
pgn0 "I always thought something was fundamentally wrong with the universe." - Arthur Dent, on discovering one of the questions to the Ultimate Answer: "What do you get if you multiply six by nine?".
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