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I have been married to John for 36 years. We have 3 children and 4 grandchildren,. Thank you for reading my opinions and I will try and read yours

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Calgary (Canada) 31/10/2012

Calgary and the magnificent Rockies

Calgary (Canada) Calgary is in Alberta, just short of a 9 hour flight from London. If you are visiting Calgary and want to see the Rocky mountains then hiring a car is a must. The rates are quite reasonable though and as the airport is about a half hour drive from downtown Calgary it also simplifies things. I would also recommend renting a Sat. Nav, or GPS as they call it as the road system can be a bit confusing when you first start driving in Canada, what with them driving on the Right and the car will be a left hand drive car. There is quite a lot to see and do in C algary itself with the tower which is well worth a visit and the view from the top of it is wonderful with the Rockies stretching out. If you are a shopaholic then you are spoilt for choice as there are quite a few Malls of which The Chinock centre is the largest. This is on McCloud trail and really is a case of you cannot miss it plus free parking. If you do visit this mall you need to set aside a whole day to see it all. No visit to Alberta is complete without visiting the Rocky mountains because I can only describe them as awesome. One thing I would recommend is keep the fuel tank as full as possible because the petrol (gas) stations are few and far between. Some are about 100 miles apart. It is also very hard to tell what to wear as Alberta is a bit odd as the temperature can change dramaticlly in just a few minutes. We went to Lake Louise (another must see) and when we got there it was quite pleasant but then in about ...

Calgary Tower, Calgary 21/09/2012

Way up in the sky

Calgary Tower, Calgary If you go to Calgary, Canada one of the must dos is to go up Calgary Tower. This will cost you around £20 but well worth it. The first thing that strikes you is that it is in the middle of the town so you dont have to take extra transport to go to visit it. It is 525 feet high. On entering the tower you are ushered into a lift which takes only a few minutes to reach the top. The view from here is amazing. It is a 360 degree panoramic view of Calgary, the prairies and the Rocky Mountains. We were lucky that we went on such a clear day to see all this. There is a glass floor that you can if not too nervous stand on and look down onto the town below A good birds eye view. . When looking up to the tower this glass floor can be spotted so you can easily tell where you were standing. All the way around they have notes telling you what views you can see from certain points. There is a revolving restaurant but this was not open when we went but we did notice by the prices that it was quite expensive. There is a small gift shop at the top of the tower and a larger one at the bottom which is reasonably priced. You are under no time limit and can stay up the tower as long as you wish and take as many photographs as you wish. ...

Calgary, Canada (YYC) 20/09/2012

Gateway to Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada (YYC) The first thing you notice when arriving at Calgary Airport (YYC) is the guides or helpers all dressed as cowboy/cowgirls with hats on and you cant help smiling and thinking "yes I am in Canada". Calgary is the fourth biggest air terminal in Canada and although a lot of renovations and expansion was done in 2003 it has not stood still and they are still improving and doing work to it. It is one terminal which makes it so easy to find your way around and with many signs to follow I doubt anyone loses their way. Downtown Calgary where a lot of hotels are is about 12 miles away. We booked a car for the week and the signs took us straight to the car hire area which is just across the road from the terminal. If you have hired a car leaving the airport is quite easy as it is well sign posted which is what you want especially if you are not used to driving on the right and driving a left hand drive car. The duty free shop is a lot different from Heathrow or Gatwick as it is not just in one allocated area. You will find it when you head towards gates 23 and 24 and it is quite small and the cigarettes are not on display although the drinks and perfume is. You have to ask for cigarettes and they do not carry a big supply. All duty free is taken straight through to where you board the plane and you pick it up there. All in all a very easy Airport to find your way around. Thank you for reading ...

Ritz the Original Snack Cracker 03/01/2012

Ritz crackers should come out not just for Christmas

Ritz the Original Snack Cracker It is a tradition for us to always buy Ritz Crackers for Christmas, although I do admit we buy them at other times of the year as well as the other year we had that "why is it only Christmas time we buy these when we all love them" thought. On the shelf the box is easily recognised by it being Red with pictures of the biscuits all over it. The box itself is 16.5cm high x 13.5cm wide and 5.8cm deep and has Ritz written in the middle of it so you cant really miss it. They are made by Nabisco. Each 25g serving contains 123 calories, 1.79g sugar, 6.5g fat, 3.1g saturates and 0.8g salt all of which is quite high. The biscuits are about 4.5cm round. You dont even have to like cheese to like these crackers. They do melt in the mouth and are a bit crumbly but very moreish. The cost does vary depending on where you get them of course We got them for 85p and well worth it These biscuits are very versatile and can be ate on their own or with many other things. Personally I love them with a big dollop of butter on, not a very healthy option but oh so wickedly tastey! You can put cheese on as a topping, or how about putting the cheese on with pickles. You can also put mayo on with a slice of cucumber in fact let your mind go there are not many things these biscuits do not tast good with. If you are having a few friends round put some out and watch the pile go down and no matter what time of day you can eat a Ritz cracker. ...

CN Tower, Toronto 06/10/2011

A Tower well worth going uppppp

CN Tower, Toronto If you are thinking of going to Toronto one sight that is a must to visit is the CN Tower. It is near Downtown Toronto. You do not need a map to find it as just look skyward and you will see it. It is between the Skydome and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. You may have to walk around the Convention Centre though as we have just come back from a visit and they were building a new aquarium there. Like a lot of towers you can pay to go up to to top of this one. Because there are many sections to the tower there are different prices all according to what you want to do and see. The cost of the whole package is around £20 which for what you do and see this is a real bargain. Observation plus about £18, Observation around £17 and around £7 for the rest each. The tower was the Worlds tallest building until they built one in Dubai. It is 1,815 feet high. There are 6 lifts. Mostly these are manned so you dont go in them on your own. The speed of these lifts is 20 feet a second. The whole tower took 3 years 4 months to build. Look out From here you look out and you are well above the skyscappers and can see not only a wonderful panoramic view but when it is a clear day you will see the mist from Niagra Falls. Walk all the way round this area and the view is amazing. We watched a long train which took 10 minutes to go under a bridge so you can tell how long it was. You can also watch the planes taking off from the city airport and also see all the islands. You can ... 30/09/2011

SKYPE family and friends for free We had heard a lot about Skype but like a lot of people did nothing about it until a couple of months ago and now I so wish that we had done it when we first heard about it. If you have never heard of Skype or used it you could be a little bit suspicious as well it is Free and is there such a thing as having anything Free. Yes this is Free and Great. Skype is an internet phone programme and you dont need anything added to it unless of course you want to. To get Skype you type in Skype on any search engine and it will come up with the Skype site. From here you just download the programme. Depending on the speed of your computer it is really a case of seconds or a couple of minutes. You then just set up your account with your email and your namewhich doesnt have to be the one on your birth certificate! Once you have done that you are ready to call but of course you need someone to call so it is good to get a friend that you telephone or family. Then instead of using the land line for a chat you just look to see if they are on line which is easy to tell as when you go on skype you will see their name with a tick by it if they are free to call. Press call, wait for them to reply and then chat away free as long as you want. That is one way to use Skype. Another which I find great is to do a video call. This is great because you can see each other as well. To use this you will both need a webcam which you can get a good one between £14 and £20 and believe me ...

Toronto, Canada (YYZ) 23/09/2011

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Toronto, Canada (YYZ) On arriving in Toronto for a holiday we landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Dont worry if you are told you will arrive at Lester B Pearson or YYZ as this is all names for the same airport. The important thing is that it is 18 miles from here to Toronto We arrived on Air Canada so arrived at Terminal 1. To get from the plane to the terminal is quite fast as you have the slow moving escalator or the fast one which most of us went on and we were soon getting ready to show our passports. Here dont be surprised if you are asked a lot of questions, a lot more than we ever have been asked before. These questions were of the why come here, how long, what are you going to do here etc. and the very last question of all was have you ever been in trouble with the police. Luckily we hadnt so I dont know what the outcome would have been if we had been even for a minor misdemeaner. They are very fussy who they do let in to Canada as the people before us didnt get in for some reason. Claiming our luggage was simple. You look on the wall to find your flight number and beside it will be a number where you go to claim your luggage. A good idea to find your bag amongst all the others going around is to tie something that you can easily recognise to the handles of your luggage. We had some plastic from a carrier bag which made our cases easy to pick out! After we picked up our luggage though we went straight through no bother to get our taxi. On the way home we had ...

Air Canada - ACA 19/09/2011

Air Canada, good to fly with but eating is a different thing

Air Canada - ACA On deciding to go to Canada for a holiday, the next step was to decide on which Airline to go over with. After much comparing Air Canada was the airline which suited our needs best and seemed to give us the best deals all round, and also had the days and times of flight travel that suited us. It was very easy to book on line even choosing which seats we wanted to sit in. When booked, they will email you an e ticket which when you arrive at the Airport you just show at the Air Canada desk. When it comes to check in the luggage they are very strict on the weight of your luggage. if you are 1 oz over the weight, they will charge you although they will allow you to take something out if you can and put in your hand luggage if you have the room, or if travelling together equal it out between you. They will also encourage you to fill in the Advanced Passenger Information. This is a must as if you do not fill in this form then you will not be able to get into Canada. Air Canada flew us out on a Boing 777. After hearing all about the shortage of leg room on some planes we found that Air Canada had plenty of leg room. They are very well organised and call you onto the plane in a good order - people with walking difficulties go first, then people with children then the rest are called by the number of seat rows. We were on the plane for over 7 hours so in that time we had 2 meals. The first was either chicken or pasta with a drink, bread and c ake. We ...

Cadbury Roses 11/04/2011

Roses something in the box for everyone

Cadbury Roses As roses have been about for 73 odd years I am sure there is hardly anyone out there that does not know and recognise these boxes of chocolates. At the price of around £3.20 varying of course by where you buy them they make good gifts for everyone for all the birthdays, anniversaries etc and then are cheap enough to give as simple thank you presents or just to cheer anyone up. The chocoate inside the box is wrapped individually. There are 10 different flavour chocolates for you to taste so there is bound to be something there in the box that you like. The 10 flavours - not in any particular order of preference as my favourite changes with every box that I receive! Blue wrapper is Caramel lovely and chewy orangy wrapper = Orange Creme this is tangy and you can definately taste the orange coming through round purple wrapper is the hazel whirl eat the chocoate to get to the nut long purple hazel in caramel this is one of my favourites as you have the caramel and the nut yellow wrapper golden barrel lovely and soft green wrapper is the caramel velvet blue wrapper which I think is a favourite of all children 2 squares of cadburys dairy milk orangy yellow wrapper brazilian darkness love the nut and pleased that the chocolate is not too dark pink wrapper strawberry dream love this one a good taste of strawberry yellow wrapper this one I am not so keen on it is country fudge and nice if you like fudge. The net weight of this box is 388g net and ...

Nouvelle Recycled Toilet Tissues 02/04/2011

Nouvelle toilet roll has the soft touch

Nouvelle Recycled Toilet Tissues In a hurry and just grabbing the first and nearest toilet roll is not always the best way to shop but sometimes good comes out of it as it meant swopping my usual toilet roll for mouvelle soft. Yes the toilet roll I grabbed was nouvelle soft. The look It comes in a pack of 4 wrapped in celephane, and dark blue in colour with a big white flower on the front. The toilet paper itself is white. The paper The first thing that you notice is that you go through the whole roll without the tear off getting disorientated, you know the perforation marks dont line up. I hate it when toilet rolls do this so that is definately a good thing in its favour. It is 2 ply. 207 sheets on average per roll 25.8m roll length and to go just one further it has a total area of 10.6m on average but I havent checked that out! It has an embossed couple of leaves on each sheet. It is made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable even the packaging. And lastly the thing that I think matters the most is that it is soft. On the packet they tell you how they do get it soft by selecting high quality recycled paper for the mill. They take out the rough and put in the smooth. It goes through a cleaning process where they remove the plastic and staples and as they put it all the other things people leave behind. It is then drained of excess water, dried and wound to make the toilet roll. As it is so soft and it is also quite strong it can stand up to all the other things ...

Sapphire RADEON HD 5770 - Graphics adapter - Radeon HD 5770 - PCI Express 2.1 x16 - 1 GB GDDR5 - Digital Visual Interface (DVI), HDMI, DisplayPort ( HDCP ) - lite retail 01/04/2011

ATI Radeon HD5770

Sapphire RADEON HD 5770 - Graphics adapter - Radeon HD 5770 - PCI Express 2.1 x16 - 1 GB GDDR5 - Digital Visual Interface (DVI), HDMI, DisplayPort ( HDCP ) - lite retail I recently bought this card to put into my new (homebuilt) computer, One reason I chose this was that I wanted a good card for games and bd movies. I wasnt expecting any great performance from it but was astounded at how good it is and absolutely great for games and so clear for movies. It is PC1 express 2.1 card with I Gb of memory and it can be overclocked using the bundled software which basically means you can make it run even faster than it is designed to without doing any harm to it as the software to do it is supplied. It supports a maximum DV1 resoluition of 2560 x 1600 or 2048 x 1536 if using a CRT monitor. It has the following I/O connectors and HDMI, dual link DVI-I, D.sub and single link DVI via HDMI to DVI adaptor. It also comes with a crossfire cable to link 2 graphics cards but with the performance of this card I cannot really see that being a necessity. One (or two) words of warning. This is a bit of a beast of a card at 11 and a half inches long so make sure it will fit your computer before buying as a lot of computer cases will not take this length. Also if you have got less than a 500W power supply you will either have to buy a new one or forget it as it is very power hungry. The upside is that it will cope with all the latest games with ease and if you have got a BD drive you can watch them in beautiful hd on your computer. Needless to say all in all I highly recommend this graphics card. ...

Harvester Restaurants 19/09/2010

Harvester where something is free

Harvester Restaurants Wanting to go for a cheapish but not Mcdonalds meal with all the family we thought that we would try out the new Harvester that had just opened in Swindon. The first thing you notice is that there is plenty of parking for free. On entering the Harvester they ask how many of you are in the party and there being 8 plus 2 young children in ours that didnt make any difference to them anymore than us saying just the two of us. They will then lead you to a table. If they are very busy they will take your name and call you when the table is ready. You can go and sit in another part and have a drink while waiting. They will tell you roughly how long the wait will be. It is waitress table service. They give you plenty of time to order and dont rush you. While you are waiting for your meal to come you can go up to the salad bar. This is free, you can eat as much as you like and go up for refill as much as you want. The salad bar has everything from carrots, peas, cucumber, coleslaw, sweetcorn, tomatoes well I could go on but they had most salad goodies that you can think of. Also with the salad bar was freshly cooked bread rolls. These were absolutely delicious and you have to be careful that you dont eat too many of them so that you are too full for the main course. The menu is done good. You can have a starter, and then choose your main meal. These are from £5.95 to about £11.95 and can be either healthy eating, vegetarian or steaks. They then have a list of sauces, sides and ... 22/08/2010

Buy or Sell you win Most people world wide I think have heard of ebay even if they haven't used it. On ebay you can find to buy almost anything that you can think of and that goes for selling too no matter how big or small, how little it costs or how expensive it is. To start using ebay you must first sign on to the site, although you can browse it without being a member if that is all you want to do. Signing on to the site is as simple as it comes with just giving a few details of yourself. Here I would suggest that you also sign up to paypal so that you can pay for, and receive payment for the items you buy and sell without any hassle as with paypal you are protected. Once you have signed up to ebay as a buyer you just look for any item that you wish to purchase. You can look by categories or refine your search by subject and style. Once you have found what you were looking for you will see such details as a description of the item, how long a time the auction has to go before it ends, the price the item costs at the moment you are looking at it and the buyer and where they live. You will also see the postage price that is added on top of the purchase price. To bid for the item could not be easier. You will first see time left so that you know you still can bid. You then put an amount in the bid area. To help you it will show a price to bid and of course you can bid more than that price if you so wish. Then press place bid. You will then get an email saying congratulations you are ...

Currys (Shop) 20/08/2010

Bargains to be had in Currys

Currys (Shop) Looking for something to hold a portable dvd player to the back of a front seat headrest we decided to have a look in Currys even though we dont usually like currys we still went there. As usual a couple of the staff came up and asked if they could help as soon as we stepped inside the door. We could not find, nor did they have what we were looking for but we saw a digital camera, half price that we decided to buy as this was cheap. A sales assistant came and found the camera out for us and mentioned that we would also need a memory card with it. A 4bit was only £4 more than the 2bit she pointed out so we also bought that. We then followed the assistant to the tills. I must admit that I thought here goes shes going to start on the sales patter of paying such and such for an extended guarantee. She did. Ah but when we said no she went to her computer and said that if she typed in a code and got the memory £10 off would we then pay the £1.98 to have a three year guarantee where the camera would be exchanged straightaway if dropped or damaged etc. We could not get the £10 off on its own. This guarantee which is for 3 years usually costs £12.00. The guarantee is if the camera breaks down even if it is due to my own mishap, I just return the product to the store together with the document and they will just check the fault and will then replace it on the spot. The guarantee will then continue to the end of th 3 years. This does not matter whether it ...

Sweetex Tablet Dispenser 20/08/2010

Swop over and try it

Sweetex Tablet Dispenser After a visit to the doctors and being told that he was on the verge of being diabetic (0.1 on the scale) my husband was told to cut down on sugar and that might do the trick. My husband said he would cut out sugar at the weekend and take sweeteners then. The next day I went and bought some Sweetex sweeteners and put two in every cup of his coffee. Come the weekend when he was going to start having sweeteners I had to confess that he had been having them in his coffee for 3 days! So what did he think of it? just that I might have changed the coffee or put in a different amount than I usually do but he was okay with the taste. Sweetex are calorie free so good if you want to diet. They are sodium saccharin based table-top sweeteners. The dispenser is very neat and can fit in your pocket or handbag. To use them you just press down the green top to dispense of the tablets. Each one represents one teaspoon of sugar. I found though that it is best to put them into the cup before the water for coffee or tea and then stir. I found that if you made the tea or coffee and then put them in they did seem to fizz a bit and looked a bit unsightly on the top of your drink. Of course your drink tastes a bit different but you do soon get used to taking them as they are not quite as sweet as sugar but passable. My husband did go back to the doctors months later and wasn't on the scale that time. I must admit that I didn't think I would get him to take sweeteners but now ...
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