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The Solitaire Mystery - Jostein Gaarder 29/05/2015

Favorite Book

The Solitaire Mystery - Jostein Gaarder I have read The Solitaire Mystery upon a request of a guy i liked. The first time we met he told me "I can hear the bells" and i didnt understand what he meant until i read that book. A mixture of fantasy and philosophy about the journey of a boy and his father looking for the mother, with an inside story of a man stuck on an island with a living card deck. A card deck in which are always drunk with a drink called Rainbow Fizz, which is in reality considered "short term pleasures in life" they drink it so much that it forbids them to think. It was the Joker that wouldnt let himself get stuck in this dilemma and became the smartest of them all. I dont want to spoil the book but the flow of events is interesting and worth reading. The joker was unique, the joker jingles when he walked. he made sounds whenever he moved. That was what that guy meant, he could hear the bells. i was his joker.

Everlast Leather Boxing Gloves 28/05/2015

My companion for more than a year

Everlast Leather Boxing Gloves Being a trainee at kickboxing, i have had the chance to try more than one brand of equipment. And in the end i have realized that for this type of sport specifically (i cannot judge for others) that Everlast has the best products. I have bought my gloves around two years ago, and they are perfect. They are not too thin to suck the heat of a punch and not too thick to not be able to control properly. The sizes are available in a lot. i have small hands so this was crucial to find gloves that are not in the kids category and will not slip out of my hands as well. They are washable so that is also important since kick boxers sweat a lot in their gloves. For long lasting products, these are relatively cheap. i was satisfied with the quality so much i decided to get my leg protectors from the same brand as well.

Jansport Trinity Rucksack 28/05/2015

nine years and counting

Jansport Trinity Rucksack I have first bought this backpack during my high school years. I was enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program so knowing that, my books were heavy. i used it for three years in high school, i used it for any weekend trips and i used to lend it to my sister for any of her trips. and it still looked brand new. Moreover, i have been using it for two years now for sports equipment (kickboxing gear) for three times a week, and still until now it looks new. it is sustainable for heavy products and doesnt tear easily (till now it doesnt have not one tear in it) The shoulder pads are comfortable and doesnt hurt the back, i think that is one of the most important things. it can also fit a lot of item, almost like a carry on bag.

Apple iPod classic MB562ZO/A 120 GB 7th Generation 28/05/2015

didnt last more than a year

Apple iPod classic MB562ZO/A 120 GB 7th Generation I bought an iPod classic 120 GB to indulge all my music library in one place just for music and nothing else. i wasnt interested in applications and anything else. The iPod classic was the most suitable choice; i ordered it while i was doing my exchange year in Germany through Amazon. The first thing i didnt like was that any song with foreign letters (Example; arabic letters) had the name blank -it didnt accept the letters. but that didnt bother me much. The battery durability was amazing, the iPod would last up to a week without recharging it, sometimes more, depending on how much i used it. Sound quality and ease of use was also excellent. The major problem was that a few weeks after my one year guarantee expired the iPod suddenly broke down, iTunes wasnt able to recognize it, it formatted itself and i wasnt able to even access it on iTunes, several weird errors occurred. i tried restoring it, it didnt work as well, till it reached a point where i wasnt even able to restore it. This was a bad experience as the iPod wasnt dropped or had any physical damage prior to this situation. i was very disappointed.

And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie 28/05/2015

Beautiful Book

And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie I have read And then there were none in one night. The book is a page turner, even though the first chapters are slow to read but that's only due to the description of the characters. once all the characters are explained and the story starts, it becomes hard to put the book down. It is a relatively short book so it is easy to finish in a couple of hours time. The twists in the book makes you think and each chapter you would have a different character as the murdered. The ending of the book is surprising and not cliche, that's what i loved the most about this book, you dont expect what is coming next. This is definitely a recommended book both for it's easiness and smooth reading and for the beautifully twisted plot.

Apple iPhone 6 16GB 28/05/2015

User friendly and sustainable

Apple iPhone 6 16GB I have bought iPhone 6 in October, and i must say i'm highly satisfied, the phone is durable and has a good battery life - i charge it once a day when the 3G is off. The phone fell multiple times and yet it is functioning perfectly. Camera is awesome (both front and basic) and the software is user friendly. i would highly recommend it. For a phone in which is in use for Eight months now, the battery life is still very durable, i ave bought the 16 GB memory, i require to transfer and delete videos from time to time, but i bet the larger memories dont have this problem. I have the gold edition and i must say that it's elite and fancy. The App store is full of free applications which enhances the phone's richness.
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