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Apple iPhone 3G 16GB 17/10/2011

I love my iphone, but it freezes easily

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB I have had an iphone 3G for about 1 year now. I love my iphone and everthing I can do on it, but I have a lot of problems with it freezing. Mainly when I try to check my email or get online, but once it a while it will happen while I am trying to text or call. I have also recently discovered that a lot of the apps no I can not download because they are made for the iphone 4. What about the people that still have the iphone 3G? Other than these few problems I do love it! I like having email, internet, weather, music, and calls and text in one device. I also like the games and movies for when I have to travel for a couple of hours. My favorite app is the pandora app, I am hoping it stays on the iphone. I will stick with the iphone as long as I can.
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