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Poetry 06/02/2005


Poetry Have to put pen to paper Oh, where should I start I know, at the beginning Cos it comes from my heart. I've a passion for writing ink I have nothing to lose To sit down and try to think Of which words I will choose. I'm off on a bender My thoughts in full flow My pen is quite slender And my ink is aglow. The paper is burning And the words come quite fast The cogs are now churning How long will it last? As the letters and words jump away from my hand They fly like little birds to the paper where they land. My thoughts are now gone And my mind is all hazy Another poem is done I really am crazy! Maybe the next one will be a little bit better - not done this sort of thing before - but I thought if I put them on paper then it might go away before it's even started.

King of Shaves Woman BLU Shaving Gel 18/10/2004

As Smooth As A Baby's Bottom

King of Shaves Woman BLU Shaving Gel After many years of using different hair removal creams and gels. I'd find myself suffering the following day with the stinging effects of the day before. I was tempted to try the King Of Shaves Woman - BLU Shaving Gel - afterall what had I got to lose apart from my hair and I'd lost much more in the past!!! Well I took my razor and my gel into the bathroom and opened the tube and squirted a small amount of the gel into the palm of my hand and started to rub it onto my skin - mmm this smells nice I thought - not chemical like many others - not too foamy either - at least you can see where you're heading with the razor, and where you've been. When I had finished I waited and waited for the stinging to start - but nothing - I felt clean and my skin was smooth and soft and felt refreshed and my skin didn't feel clammy like it usually did when using other hair removal gels. King of Shaves is the best hair removal gel I have ever used. Now I have discovered this there is no going back. ...

Protaras (Cyprus) 18/10/2004

Hotel Papantonia, Protaras, Cyprus

Protaras (Cyprus) I didn't know quite where to place this review for this hotel so I thought this was as good a place as any. With a possibility of a larger audience to read. What we booked with First Choice was a Fourteen Night All Inclusive Package at the Hotel Papantonia, Protaras, Cyprus in October 2004. The cost was £679 each for two adults and one free child place - if we flew out from Stansted but we couldn't have a free child place if we flew from Gatwick. Oh well, Stansted is handy only just up the road - willing to try something different - afterall a plane is a plane doesn't matter which airport you fly from. This was our first visit to Cyprus as a family unit. We flew into Larnaca from Stansted with Thomas Cook at 09.20am arriving in Cyprus during the heat of the day and boy was it hot, a cool 31 degrees when you consider the UK was a cloudy day with a temperature barely just touching 15 degrees. As for the inflight entertainment they do provide it but you have to pay £2.75 for the pleasure of purchasing dodgy headsets but then when you have a two year old to entertain throughout the four hour flight - it is much better to provide your own entertainment. Our Airport transfer time was much less than stated in the brochure. We arrived at the hotel just after 5.00pm where we were presented with our room keys and our all inclusive wristbands. The Papantonia is one of Protaras' better kept secrets and is well worth the three star rating. Our Studio for the duration ...

Alberto Vo5 Colour Mousse 05/07/2004

Refreshes Hairs Other Dyes Cannot Reach!!!

Alberto Vo5 Colour Mousse I purchased a can of Alberto VO5 Colour Mousse in a vibrant shade of Copper Flame - My usual colour is dark blonde - in plain english - I am a mouse! But this mouse was looking a bit tired and over the past couple of years has acquired a light sprinkling of grey. I have a "HOT" date in the offing and had been toying with the idea of dying my hair a vibrant red - but chickened out just in case I ended up looking like Worzel Gummidge on a good day!!! So I took the plunge and paid 99p for a can of colour mousse from Savers - a product that you apply to your hair after shampooing but leave it on and style as normal - no rinsing - simple!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ On the tin it states the following: Enhance the colour of your hair without committment , special conditioners, softeners and shine have been added to the product. Depending upon the porosity of your hair the colour should last up to 5 washes. Adds new tones to your natural colour Leaves your hair in great condition Adds Depth and vibrant shine Refreshes previously coloured hair Up to 8 treatments per can No peroxide or ammonia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ It was so quick and so simple to use - you are provided with a set of easy to follow instructions and a pair of plastic gloves to stop the dye from giving your hands a faked tan look. So I washed my hair as normal and towel dried it ready to receive the mousse. You can either squeeze a small amount from the tin onto your hand and rub this in to ...

Daz Washing Liquid 29/06/2004

Daz - Best Ever Cleaning Liquid

Daz Washing Liquid My Mother-In-Law swears by Daz, but she has always used the powder format - and in recent years has always gone on about how many purposes it was useful for - not just the washing! How did I come to buy Daz Washing Liquid in the first place, well, it all started one Sunday lunchtime way back in November. I was washing some bed sheets and was using another brand name in powder format, we had a Sunday lunchtime dinner date with all the family so I left the washing machine on and happily went off to lunch with the family and we did have a jolly old time until we walked back into the house afterwards, sorry that should say paddled. We discovered there was a blockage in one of the pipes which had been caused by a massive build-up of powder waste which had not dissolved in the washing cycles over a matter of months. So, when the water couldn't get out of the pipe it back-flowed on itself and shot back into the kitchen and dining room - a really soggy mess. I decided from then on to use the liquid format of that same washing product with which I was quite happy to use. I ordered my shopping over the internet as usual and when it was delivered I found that they had substituted my usual washing liquid with a bottle of Daz Washing Liquid instead, so really from that moment on I have never looked back. Daz Washing Liquid comes in a white bottle with a clear strip down one side so that you can visibly see how much is left in the bottle and an easy grip handle on the other side. ...
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