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since 28/01/2003


Honda NSR125 28/05/2003

Brilliant learner legal bike.

Honda NSR125 A fast, but legal learner sports bike is in the minds of young ambitious riders. Yet this might seem impossible, Honda have come to the rescue yet again with another fabulously built, desirable, practical and reliable bike. Honda are famous for building high performance but reliable engines, and the Honda NSR125R is no exception. This little beast can reach excess speeds of 100mph. Thats faster than a 17-year olds 1.2 Nova! So if you are thinkin of buying a Sports 125, don't sit their reading reviews, contact your local Honda dealer and tell them you would a HONDA NSR125R! Engine - The Japanesse, water cooled, single cyclinder, 2-stroke engine can pump out upto 27bhp, moving it from 0-60 in just under 6 seconds. Though acceleration is remarkable, it lakes mid-range talk, moving from 30-60 in top gear can take a very long time. This can be vital for open roads and motorway riding. Chassis - The aluminumn chassis, very similar to its bigger brother, the CBR600F Sport produces remarkable handling around town, the countryside and even on the track. Though the chassis is made of aluminumn, the bike is still heavy for most peoples liking at 132kg - dry weight. Suspension - Unlike most 125's, the NSR125R uses a swing arm system, hence has a fully adjustable rear shock, being able to absorb most bumps on both the track and on the road. The front 35mm telescopic fork, can again absord alot of bumps, yet could have been inverted and set up softer. Brakes - Front brakes ...

Ford Sierra Cosworth 01/02/2003

You either have speed or petrol, take your pick.

Ford Sierra Cosworth I don't actually own a Sierra, my brother owns a Sierra Cosworth 'E' reg, however when he first told me about this monster machine i didn't believe him about half of the stats untill he took me for a ride. I was over whelmingly inpressed. 0-60 5.5 seconds was appsolutly accerlerating especaily with the passenger window down. The interior is very basic but quite advanced for its time (1988). This beast gets up to 145mph standard, this is before you make any mods to the engine such as my brother. He thought 145+ mph wasn't enough so he decided to add a turbo followed by NOS, (nitrogen turbo). He not noly modified the engine he also modified car in general by stripping all heavy parts and adding 3 more exhausts, tinted windows and finaly a computer screen in the dash to tell him the engine condition. Although it cost alot, he and i thought it was dam worth it. This baby flies at 345bhp after mods, 215 tyres. How ever at this time power steering was unavailable so you need quite strong arms to get round some of those tight corners at such high speeds so your best bet is to add power steering. A major disadvantage of the cosworth is the mpg. Driving it normaly you are lucky if you get 25 mpg. Very BAD! The brakes and handling on this beast are unbelievably poor and handeles like a bus full of 500 pound people! The biggest disadvantage of a car like this is the insurance, good luck if your under the age of 25! Any more information just give me a shout. P.S. I don't ...

Alton Towers 30/01/2003

Best theme park in Europe.

Alton Towers I go to Alton Towers every year and haven't once left the theme park unhappy. It is great for all the family but to get the best out of the park you would have to stay a weekend due the huge amount of things to do and see. However the best times to go are during school day (usually round about easter time) as there fewer people then than in the summer holidays. All the rides in thr park will push you to the limit such as dropping 60 ft verically downwards at 4.5g or danggling your legs for 90 seconds at 60 mph or even better still feel like ur superman as ur travelling comfortably on ur back at 60 mph. The park is located approx 20 miles of the M1 and is quite easy to find, but a pain to get as you have no choice but to scale endless amounts of hills. Once arriving their it will take about an hour to get into the actual park due to traffic cues, monorail cues and by the tickets but once in the park it is a beutiful sight. The atmosphere is brilliant thousands of people laughing, cheering. All the brilliant rides are spaced out throughout the park in different zones so it does take a bit of time getting from one place to another but the chair lift is very helpful and a bit of a laugh sometimes. The rides at this breath taking theme park vary from vertical rollercosters to little tea cups, from tripple loop rollercoasters to swans on the fantastic lake. This park has to be seen to be beleived. I recommend tihs park for all ages including the 60+ due to the fantastic ...

Gran Turismo Concept: 2002 Tokyo-Geneva (PS2) 30/01/2003

Dodges, Mini's, POD's, all concepts.

Gran Turismo Concept: 2002 Tokyo-Geneva (PS2) Hello there, I have almost completed this fantastic game but just have a few more races to do. GT Concept is very unlike GT3 in respect to completion. As in GT3 you race to earn money, prgressing on too winning and purchasing new superb cars, however in GT Concept you race to achieve cars not money. GT3 is basically GT3 in arcade mode, however their are different cars here, most of them never heard of as of course they are 'Concept Cars'. They have the same tracks as on GT3 with a bonus track called Autumn Ring, quite an interesting track actually. In GT Concept you are unable to buy and modify cars. When playing this game, you basically chose a car, choose a track and away you go except you are first aquired to get a license which isn't particulary hard, get bronze on each license and you then recieve a car and can race on that track. If you get gold in the license centre then you aquire a bonus car. Even better still when completing all bronze and gold licenses you get a 'POD' race which is basically racing 6 electric powered cars making the 'Smart' car look big which barely get upto 70mph around a course with two harpins, jumps and a place when you have to put your hand brake on, then take it off and somehow get a boost! Strang or what! Anyway the gameplay is identical to the original GT3 and to get the best out of the game should at least play GT3. If you have any quiries or would like any tips just give me a shout and il be more than willing to help. P.S. You ...

SSX Tricky (PS2) 29/01/2003

Snow, ice, trees, jumps, do it all in a second.

SSX Tricky (PS2) There is not much to be said about this game except its the most funniest game ive ever played in my life. I don't actually own the game, my brother does, but i still cant keep my hands off the orange box. Their are various amounts of tracks, board designs and highly hillarious characters. The more you complete on the game, the more character you get, more levels and more points to upgrade the charcter of your choice. You receive points by winning races against the computer and the more tricks you do, the more points you will be rewarded. I recomend this to everyone except people with a heart condition due to highly hillarious gameplay. It has to be the funniest game ive played, the controls are easy to learn and is a very addictive game to play. Its is most funniest in multiplayer mode as the characters make jestures at each other and come up with the most stupidest but funniest comments i have ever heard in my life! You dont need to play it that often to get the most out of it as you can jump immediatly into the game1 Play this and you WILL die a happy person!

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (PS2) 29/01/2003

Get straped in. This is a long and exciting game.

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (PS2) I brought Gran Turismo 3 a few years back now and have completed 91% of the game. The reason why i havent completed the last 9% is because out of the hundreds of hours i have spent on it i still just don't have the skill required to complete the last few percent. Almost all the cars you have dreamed of are here in this game with the exception of Ferrari's and lamourgini's. There are too main game modes to play the game: arcade mode and gran turismo mode. Arcade Mode: In this mode you can jump straight into the game and race some of the best cars in the world on a variety of circuits. However in this mode, when you win the race you will receive not money, cars or trophies. Gran Turismo Mode: This is where the fun really begins as you begin your long trek of this fantastic game. You basically start off with 20,000 credits, barely enough to buy yourself a 130bhp Crysler PT Crusier. When first playing this part of the game you will end up frustrated but the best way to overcome this is contantly race the very first race over and over again so you get extra cash and purchase a nice fast such as a Mazda RX-7 and tune it up. The Gran Turismo Mode is seperated into various sections: My Home: Here you can store up to 200 cars (their are only 150 cars in the entire game), save the game and check your game status. Car Dealer: Here you can purchase some of the fastest but expensive cars in the world from Ford Focus's to Dodge Viper's, from Shelby Cobra's to Pagani ...
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