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Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64GB 02/06/2011

Is it worth to buy a 64GB iPad?

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64GB I bought 64GB iPad for my Christmas present last year because I thought it would be a great present that I ever had and I heard people saying that iPad have changed people’s lives for good. The layout of the package was probably the best I ever seen in my life. When you remove the box, you will see a sleek-looking iPad with anti-static sticker to prevent any mark It is probably the beautiful gadget that I ever have seen. The other items are Apple Logo sticker, an usb-power cable and a very small instruction booklet. It was a typical of me trying to get it running quickly without reading the instruction first like every normal people do. I was a bit surprised that it showed a blank apart from Apple logo. It was not like turning the laptop computer on and waiting to see Window 7 to turn up on the screen. You need to hook the iPad up to any computer with a USB cable, and upload the Application software from iTunes to your tablet. I admit it made me feel a bit uncomfortable when it asked me for bank details because I did not realise I need to pay extra software applications or games which is another worrying. Why? I don’t want to get addicted to it spending fortunate on the software that I might not use them very much. On the positive note, it takes a few minutes to familiarise yourself with this amazing product. There is mind-blowing education software which can be great for young children, student and adult. The great thing about this product is that it is a portable which ...
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