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Marks and Spencer 15/02/2016

To Basic

Marks and Spencer The staff are very friendly iin m&s and they have a selection of different stuff unfortunetly m&s dosent stock stuff it should such as other brands or electronical devices. It has lingerie,watches,womens clothes ranging from dresses to scarfes and mens clothes ranging from suits to boxers. In my opinion most of there clothes are more for older people rather than under 30 this where it is a problem for me as i find it hard to find stuff to suit me. The childrens selection is very nice though going up to age 14 in girls and boys. The quality of the stock is very good if you are on a budget and still want something that will last without paying hundreds for designer brands such as prada or louis vuiton. The returns policy is very good they have a designated areas for returns and exchanges so the ques go dow much quicker than in other stores. The food hall consists of luxury food however need to add a few more big brands such as birds eye or Mccain so people can do there weekly shop there. Some of the time i stop for a drink and maybe a bacon barm which are priced at £2.95 however different stores may vary. There is a selection of sandwiches from there food hall as well as there own healthy smoothies such as kale and cucumber if you want a healthier option rather than a fizzy drink such a coke which they also stock. The coffee is reasonably good but at £2.30 i would rather go somewhere else. The surrounding are a bit like a school canteen with plastic chairs,they could ...

John Lewis (Shop) 15/02/2016

Something for Everyone

John Lewis (Shop) John lewis is a great department store in my opinion better than selfridges as it has cheaper brands aswell as more hign end brands. Brands range from Michael Kors to Barbour with a variety of different products. Some products include: Jackets Dresses Suits Luggage Bags Handbags Sunglasses Watches and much more If you go for the day then theres stuff to treat the kids to aswell theres also a toy section and even a baby section where you can buy stuff ready for the newborn such as prams and little outfits. There is also a cafe which does lovley cakes as £3.50 each (my personal favourite is the chocolate orange) and drinks which cost on average £2.50 each i think this is a bit pricey considering the coffee isnt anything to write home about about.The sandwiches are about £6 and really arn't very nice so for us thats a no go. There is a selection of Gluten free cakes however i think they have stopped doing the plain chocolate one making the carrot cake the ony option.The other cakes include Gingerbread and latte cake and a chocolate and orange cake which tastes very simillar to jaffa cakes! There is a selection of herbal teas aswell as ordinary english breakfast teas. If you fancy treating yourself to some new perfume/aftershave then theres a section dedicated to fragrance with brands such as chanel,jimmy choo and calvin klien. If you want some makeup then there is a selection of beauty specialists from clinique to bobbi brown. There is an all year round sunglasses ...

Charlotte Crosby's 3 Minute Belly Blitz (DVD) 15/02/2016

i love it

Charlotte Crosby's 3 Minute Belly Blitz (DVD) i got this cheaper of ebay at only £8.00!!! I like charlotte however she wasnt actually featured that much! it was mainly her trainers which could be a good thing as they know what they are talking about. This Hurts! after you have done the whole workout be prepared to ache as it is deffinelty challenging however this proves it must be working.To keep on track i reccomend you do this at least 4 times a week to get the best benefits. Dont be fooled when it says 3 minutes! it 3 minutesper workout yet there are 12 workouts meaning you are actually spending 36 minutes excluding the warm up and warm down. Instead i think you are just as good as putting some trainers on and going on a run for an hour a few nights a week. This can not always be easy with kids so if you have a busy schedule or need to be in for kids then this is perfect for you as long as you have willing and determination. If you buy i and use it every so often dont be expecting to see much results as it just wont happen. This should be used with a healthy diet and not do this then live of takeaways otherwise it defeats the object. With detemination and willing this will work for you it has for me. You also need to pay extra for weighted gloves which makes it more expensive.

Zizzi, St. Albans 15/02/2016

Nice and light

Zizzi, St. Albans Persoanlly i think £10 for a pizza is rather expensive but its about average. The actual restraunt is very nice and clean with big windows letting lots of light in in the daytime so your not sat in the dark. The tables were all cleaned quickly after customers left to avoid an untidy look. I thought this was good as you wernt sitting around empty plates and glasses. The restraunt is very family friendly and all the staff are welcoming to all children providing pencil crayons and paper to children to keep them entertained whilst waiting fo the food. The staff on the whole were very friendly and welcoming they talked us through the gluten free options which was handy as my sister is celiac. The service was just the right amount of time. I ate the prawn pizza with extra chicken which was lovely and i highly reccomend it as you cant get it anywhere else. We will be back as i was impressed with the service and the food quality. Just some of the pricing Skinny pizzas £10 each pasta about £9 extras £1.20 for meat or 80p for veggie Calzones £11.95

Costa Coffee Bar 15/02/2016

Great option choices

Costa Coffee Bar My favourite part of Costa is not only the great service but the variety of drink options especially in the summer from creamy coolers to speciality hot chocolates. Every time I go in to a costa coffee I am always greeted with a smile and a friendly face. The staff are always very professional and the drinks are very tasty. My personal favourite has to be the mint choc chip creamy cooler as it is very tasty and tasted like melted mint choc chip ice cream. My least favourite creamy cooler has to be the mango creamy cooler , this is purely a personal opinion as I don't like solero ice creams and they taste like solero ice creams melted but it's very sweet and dosent appeal to my taste. Price- Going out for a drink isnt cheap when comparing it to how much it would cost you at home but its worth it. Speciality drinks (creamy coolers,speciality hot chocolates) are nomally start from £3.20 going out to about £3.50 for a large normally. The muffins are good value for money as they taste good and are only about £1.80

Birds Eye Fish Fingers 15/02/2016


Birds Eye Fish Fingers i absloutley love these fish fingers. I have tried some other brands in the past and they might be a bit cheaper but you cant beat the taste. They are great for a quick tea for the kids or a quick lunch on a wrap or i like them on a bagel. They taste great with regaee sauce adding more flavour. Perfect for all ages from 1 to 91 everyone will love the crumbly outside and a soft inside of tasty and fish. Fish also has many health benefits such as memory. For approxamtiley £3 you can have 12 fish fingers which could serve a family of four for 75p each!!!! Perfect for a casual snack or a tasty tea. You just cant go wrong with them and they are my favourite tea.

Sweetex Tablet Dispenser 15/02/2016

Cant go wrong

Sweetex Tablet Dispenser This product is great for the price and for the amount you get howvever unfortunetly you need to use more than usual. Normally i would use one or two tablets however i need to use about 3 with these. Obviously this depends on the size of the cup however my cups are only average size.In my opinion if you like your tea milky then these dont make it taste very nice they work best with strong tea i think this must have something to do with the milk. Honestly if this wasnt cheaper than other brands i imagine i would buy an other brand but for this price i get these as they still taste petty good but are less strong than other brands. I would recomend this if you like strong tea and i like strong and weak tea.
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