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Razor Power Core E90 14/11/2017

Razor Sharp Speed Power Core E90

Razor Power Core E90 The Power Core E90 is a fantastic scooter that was bought for my daughter by her father as a gift. She absolutely loves this scooter and has not stopped using it since. With this scooter, you will get 80 minutes of ride time before it needs charging again so it can go quite a long way. We usually take it to the park and back. The hub motor gives a lot more efficient, low maintenance ride. It also boasts a steel frame which makes it lighter in weight and easier to ride. The maximum rider weight is 54kg with age range starting from 8. It is available in a green or pink colour. The product weighs 9.9kg, when the product it assembled, it measures, 32.5" L x 16" W x 36" H. It has a 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery and the charger is included with the product. It is important to note that there is some assembly required to set the product up. It goes without saying that your child should not use the scooter on public highways and only private property with the owner's consent. It is also recommended that the product is not used on pavements or roads, but we live on a housing estate where other children use their scooter's all the time so this is debatable. Nobody has ever complained about my daughter using her scooter and she is very careful. It is vital that your child wears the correct protective gear because there is a risk of injury if your child comes off this. Therefore, utmost care must be taken whilst driving the scooter and this might put some parent's off ...

Vivid Imaginations Nocto Light-Up Bat 11/11/2017

Vivid Imaginations Nocto Light-Up Daft As A Bat

Vivid Imaginations Nocto Light-Up Bat This fantastic toy bat is definitely worth the money I paid for it. Introducing Nocto the bat that has over 50 interactive features for your child to have fun with. Nocto has dynamic lights and sound effects, 6 moods and modes, different colours, expressions, sounds and movements. Is Nocto the bat worth buying? Read on to find out. Nocto is suitable for children who are 3 years or older and comes with 4 AA batteries that are included. Nocto lights up so if your child is afraid of the dark, then this toy is wonderful. He is a teenager and likes to do teenage stuff like hanging around, sleeping and listening to music. However, just like an average teenager, he can get quite moody. He has 6 different moods and modes, each one has lights associated to it, different expressions, sound effects and movements. Enemies need to be on their guard because Nocto will sound an alarm when he is in protection mode, when he detects strangers about. There are 4 interactive games and a frame that you can hang him upside down, wherever you may be. He is just great fun and you can have hours of fun playing the different games. Nocto is highly interactive and provides hours of fun and interest. Make sure you keep the instructions safe as he can be difficult to interpret without them. The flashing lights are very cool, but the box is in a different language which doesn't help. He also is a bit difficult to switch off. He didn't really do the flight mode like it said, but that is only a minor ...

Ideal Soggy Doggy 10/11/2017

Not So Ideal Soggy Doggy

Ideal Soggy Doggy Soggy Doggy is a fun game of shaking and bathing. It is so much fun trying not to make the dog shake, because if you do, you will have to go back to the start. You will have to make it round the dog basket in order to win the game. The dog likes to shake himself dry so you may get wet and if you do, you will have to start all over again. It is a game of anticipation and waiting for the dog to shake. The dog to this set is really cute and it is a fun game to play. It is very funny when you get splashed by the dog, but if you don't like to get wet, then maybe this isn't the right game for you. However, you don't get soaking wet, just a little bit and enough to be fun. It is a great game to learn turn taking as you have to wait for the other player to take their turn. There are some annoying aspects of this game and older children may get fed up of this game quickly as it is quite repetitive. The game has some problems with design and the water aspect, doesn't always work. It would make a good Christmas gift for younger children, but older one's would get bored quicklly. With Christmas just around the corner this is one of the toy's on offer, but it isn't as wonderful as it is cracked up to be. The instructions are easy to follow and understand. Although the game is about the dog getting wet, he doesn't get too wet. This might be good for those who don't like getting wet, but it may be a disappointment for some who enjoy getting wet. The dog does not splash a lot and compared ...

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Sky-High Bridge Jump Train 06/11/2017

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Sky-High To The Sky And Beyond

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Sky-High Bridge Jump Train My son absolutely loves Thomas The Tank Engine so this set was ideal for him. He can allow Thomas to go under the bridge and then up the spiral track. As Thomas completes the track, Harold lifts him to the top of the ramp where Thomas lands carefully continuing his journey along the rails. As my son tips the hopper, the barrel drops onto the track and Thomas pushes it in the cargo area. Harold can be attached from the track which is a good idea because he can be played with as a separate piece. My son absolutely loves the track which was bought for his birthday in October. He is a massive Thomas The Tank fan and can even sing the theme tune considering he doesn't speak, this is a major accomplishment. The dimensions of this set are: 92x 266x 71cm. The contents include a Thomas and Friends Track Master Motorized Railway Sky High Bridge Jump, Batteries Required: 2 AAA batteries (not included). I thought the batteries would be included because some toys that are not as expensive include the batteries, but I suppose you can't have everything! However, I do not have many complaints with this toy because it is fantastic. Your child will be able to observe Thomas completing his wonderful master piece stunt. It takes Thomas off the track and through the air, in a speedy, thrilling and motorised action ramp. Thomas takes on the tall, spiral stunt with Harold the helicopter, your child will enjoy the thrill. It is wonderful to watch the train take the jump and land again. It is a ...

Lego Juniors 10740 Fire Patrol Suitcase 04/11/2017

Lego Juniors Fire To The Rescue Patrol Suitcase

Lego Juniors 10740 Fire Patrol Suitcase I love Lego it is such a wonderful invention so when I saw this little set, I had to buy it for my son. Immerse your child in a world of firefighting fun. Help the firefighter's to get to the cherry picker roof, putting out the fire with the extinguishers. There is something new around each corner with this wonderful suitcase play-set. My son loves carrying the case along with him and the Lego contents inside. It is perfectly safe so the pieces won't fall out whilst carrying it along. The Lego set is suitable for children of 4 or over. It is an excellent gift for children that love Lego or anything to do with firefighting. Some children who are older may even be able to build this set without the instruction booklet as it is quite easy. It adds a whole new level of fun, building this set without the instructions because it is more inventive. However, for younger children they will probably need to use the instruction booklet. This set is excellent for children who will have fun building and re-building it. It is perfect for children who enjoy a bit more detail, yet still easy to build following the instructions. The instruction booklet is easy to follow with pictures. The instruction booklet is numbered with illustrations of the Lego pieces. Children will love the different illustrations that are bright and colourful. They display firefighting heroes rushing to the rescue to put the fire out. There are illustrations showing how to put the mini figures together and how many ...

VTech Toot-Toot Splash Bath Island 03/11/2017

VTech Toot-Toot Splash Bash And Crash Bath Island

VTech Toot-Toot Splash Bath Island VTech Toot-Toot Splash Bath Island is an interactive, floating set that comes with a SplashPoint Turtle. The turtle comes with many entertaining phrases, sound effects, it sings 4 songs that my son loves singing along to and 10 melodies. The island has a SplashPoint recognition point that will respond when your child puts the turtle on it. There are manipulative features such as; the twisting beach umbrella, fun launcher, stacking cup lighthouse and water wheel. So the toy has lots of potential, but is it really all that it is cracked up to be? Read on to find out more. There are other separate boats and animals that can be bought to add to the collection. Splash-time has wonderful learning features that will help your child. When buying other items for the set make sure to buy Toot-Toot Splash boats and animals or they won't work otherwise. The turtle has a light-up button on its face that your child will press to trigger the phrases, sound effects, songs and melodies. All of these features will help your child to be imaginative and role-play with the different activities. In this sense, it is good for encouraging your child, but there are some rather big problems with this toy as well. The turtle does not work wonderfully out of the water, but it works well in the water. It definitely makes good sounds and music which my son loves. There are a few problems with it and the on/off switch has stuck a few times. It is good for older siblings to play with younger ones and help ...

Shopkins Tall Mall 30/10/2017

Shopkins Tall To Small Mall With A Food Hall

Shopkins Tall Mall Shopkins are very cute, lot's of fun, adorable, tiny characters that live in their own, large shopping world. There are over 140 Shopkins available per series and they can be discovered in beautiful shopping baskets, bags and crates. Keep your eyes peeled for the for the special finish, hard to find characters which are very collectible. Your child will be able to collect all of the play sets that allow your child to interact with the movable features. The great joy of these sets is that they are so collectible that your child will have endless fun. Fabulously creative with hours of imaginative play that just never stops. Once you start the collection, you cannot stop. Enjoy a shopping spree at the Shopkins Tall Mall. With so much fabulous fun to be had, your child will be entertained for hours. Watch their faces light up as they have fun playing with the different characters in various scenarios. Your child can play on their own, with a sibling or with a friend. Your child will enjoy the different aspects of play and display with the Shopkins Tall Mall. There are many levels that can be used for displaying Shopkins characters, storing them and playing with them. There is even an elevator and slide fitted for extra pleasure. For each Shopkins Tall Mall that you buy you will also get 4 exclusive characters and 2 bags. Children who are aged between 5 and upwards will love this playset. There are many different characters that you can buy and add to this. If your child collects ...

Zapf Baby Born Interactive Sister 29/10/2017

Zapf Baby Born Sweet And Adorable Interactive Sister

Zapf Baby Born Interactive Sister Baby Born always wanted a sister who she could interact with. Well, that's just what Baby Born interactive sister is, she is there to play, cuddle, talk and share clothes with. She has beautiful, long hair that can be brushed and styled into many different designs. This doll comes with a brush, 3 hair slides and 2 bobbles so you can put her hair in bunches. Your child will have fun creating different styles for her. My children enjoy putting her hair into bunches. Whilst she is a bit older than Baby born, she is the same height and size. Therefore, it is easy for them to borrow one another's clothes. Your child will be able to swap her stylish shirt with LOVE design, the leggings and trendy trainers with Baby Born, immediately. Getting the sister dressed in different clothes is part of the fun of owning this doll. It is really good that she can stand unaided so you can see the dress she is wearing. Baby Born's Sister's joints are very bendable because she loves working out at the gym. She also brings her gym bottle with her from the gym. She enjoys going swimming with her sister, too. There is so much that your child can do with this doll and it provides hours of fun. Zapf Baby Born Interactive Sister comes with a beautiful outfit, scrunchies, comb and brush. She is 43cm tall, with adorable long hair. Zapf Baby Born sister doll is suitable for children aged 3 years plus. She has 6 features and 10 accessories. She can bend her knees, drink water, is able to be put in the ...

Lego Disney 41148 Elsa's Magical Ice Palace 25/10/2017

Lego Disney Elsa's Magical Imaginative Play Ice Palace

Lego Disney 41148 Elsa's Magical Ice Palace Lego Disney Elsa's Magical Ice Palace was something I bought for my 11 year old daughter as a gift because she loves playing with Lego. Lego is something that has stood the test of time and will probably never go out of fashion. At a price of £64.99 it is quite expensive, but you get what you pay for with Lego and it is worth the money. The added cost is also probably due to the Disney brand name which you are going to pay more for. If your child loves "Frozen" then the chances are that they are going to love this. Treat them as they will have something they can play with for hours at a time. Your child will build a wonderful and glittering Ice Palace for Elsa whilst reliving the memories of the film. There is also the features of the sliding bridge and moving staircase. I really love the fact that there is so much intricate detail on the inside and outside of this Ice Palace. If your child is still into imaginative play then they will love inventing stories with the characters. You will receive Elsa and Anna mini dolls as well as Marshmallow, Olaf and 4 Snowgies. Simply special in so many ways, it is something your child will treasure and play with till they get older. It fascinates me how Lego works and how little bricks when put into place can make something so magical. The Elsa doll has her own fabric cape which is a lovely touch. Truthfully, it is worth everything I paid for and more. The Ice Palace has lovely large entrance doors, with a sliding bridge, table and ...

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 pour Elle Natural Eau de Toilette 24/10/2017

Lacoste Eau De Shampoo

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 pour Elle Natural Eau de Toilette When I think of Lacoste a picture of polo shirts come into my mind and I imagine women playing tennis on the court. Now Lacoste has ventured out and introduced more to the brand than just the game of tennis. Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 pour Elle is a new fragrance that en-captures the sophistication of femininity. This fragrance is subtle, but it has a flowery scent with woody undertones. It is a bit like the smell of shampoo, but that's ok if you want to smell clean. You can buy this fragrance quite cheaply, but it is still a highly effective scent. I like the scent, but I do not love it. It is refreshing and perfect after a gym workout. The bottle looks really nice and it is reminisce of holidays to tropical places. It is natural and invigorating. Top notes: Pineapple, Raspberries Heart notes: Wild Rose, Orris, Jasmine Base notes: Sandalwood, Ambrox, Cream Coconut It is a light smell that is clean and crisp. Carefully selected ingredients have been used to provide a high quality scent at a low cost price. Perfect for a treat or Christmas gift for those that love Lacoste. It can be worn for any occasion and with Christmas coming up, you can wear it to that Christmas party you may be going to. However, if you want something a bit more luxurious, then this is probably not your best bet. Tantalize your smell with the fresh scent of flowers combined with wood. The great thing with this perfume is that you only need a couple of sprays and it will last for a good number of ...

Fitbit Alta HR 06/10/2017

Fitbit Alta HR Are You A Fitbit?

Fitbit Alta HR I'd always wanted to have a Fitbit Alta HR so when someone bought this for me as a gift I was really delighted. I am on Slimming World and so any extra exercise is always advised especially to get Body Magic. The more exercise I do, the more weight I lose. The Fitbit Alta HR measures how many steps you do each day, the distance you walk, the calories that you have burnt and the active minutes. Furthermore, it has smart-track auto exercise recognition. You can change the bands so you can customise your watch. The great thing is it has a long battery life so you don't have to worry about the battery running out. There is no need to wear chest straps because it has PurePulse continuous heart rate. There is also auto-sleep tracking and a silent alarm for your convenience. There are also call, text and calendar alerts. In addition, it has IOS, Android, Windows, Mac and PC. It is also water resistant.There are many different features and I enjoy what this watch can do. On the Fitbit Alta HR app and dashboard you can see charts and graphs, select a sleep schedule, contact friends, log your diet, weight and more and earn badges. I find that earning badges gives you more of an incentive to lose weight and get fit, Everyone has a different route to health and fitness, but Fitbit Alta HR really helps to keep you in track. This slim, attractive wristband tracks calories as you burn them and keeps track of your exercise intensity. Furthermore, you will gain credit for exercising and ...

Beauty Box Riva Bella Pink Cosmetics&Make up Trolley 05/10/2017

Make Up With Beauty Box: Riva Bella - Riva Bellissimo!

Beauty Box Riva Bella Pink Cosmetics&Make up Trolley The Riva Bella is an extremely trendy and stylish trolley type case, it is ideal for make-up professionals and stylists. It is a 3 - piece aluminium case with extra room for make-up, cosmetics and hair styling tools. The great aspect is that you can store everything in one place so it is all together. Imagine never losing any of your cosmetic items again. The trolley is sturdy and very durable, it has strong wheels and hinges. I have dropped the case a few times on the floor and it hasn't damaged it, so it is very robust. I love the fact that it has wheels because I find it a lot easier to carry around with me and can even take it when I am travelling. The trolley was designed in the U.K, is easy to carry and light, it also has a detachable handle. I like the fact it has a detachable handle because you can take the handle off and use on your dressing table without it looking out of place. The fact that it is light to carry means you can put bulkier items in it without it getting too heavy, Each compartment has a soft lining to protect your items. Dividers allow you to arrange your trolley so it is suitable for your needs. It has a depth that is big enough to fit tall bottles, towels and hair styling products like; hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongues. The upper tray compartments pull out to enable smaller items to be placed safely. It is an ideal tray for vacations and for professional stylists. Each of the compartments can be used on their own, the upper section ...

Chi 100% Pure Coconut Water 28/09/2017

Chi-ll out 100% Pure Coconut Water

Chi 100% Pure Coconut Water Chi helps to restore your natural balance whilst being completely organic and natural. It helps to keep you re-hydrated and in top condition. There are different flavours of this water also including; pineapple, tropical and mango. It is worth tasting the different flavours to see which one you prefer. Coconut water is far better at hydrating than water and is also full of electrolytes. The great thing about coconut water is that it helps to stabilize the metabolism. Energy levels will be restored since it contains double the potassium of a banana or sports drink. Furthermore, for every packet sold, a percentage is donated to the charity, 'One Seed One Life' (supporting orphanages in Thailand) It is great that the company help charity as well as providing an excellent drink. The flavour of this beverage is quite heavy on the coconut compared to other brands. However, it is quite a nice taste and not nasty in any way. As long as you like the taste of coconut, you will find it very refreshing. Coconut water is quite a bit weaker than coconut juice so if you are used to this, then just be aware. Once you get used to the unusual taste, you will probably enjoy it. Coconut water is not as sweet and tastes more natural. Some brands of coconut water can taste too sweet, but Chi have the blend just right. This product is incredibly fresh, there is no sweet aftertaste, no irritating bits, just pure 100 % coconut water. It can help with reducing high blood pressure too. Chi is one of ...

Fireman Sam Trike 26/09/2017

Trike For Little Fireman Sam Lovers Everywhere

Fireman Sam Trike As many of you are aware that follow my reviews; my son has severe autism and special needs. He does not talk much and absolutely loves Fireman Sam. My son is 7 years old, but this trike is perfect for him because it is safer than a bike. It is perfect for children that want to progress onto using a bike afterwards. It is wonderful for little Fireman Sam lovers everywhere! If you have a child that loves Fireman Sam and is between 2 and 3 then they will love this trike. This trike is suitable for girls or boys. It is very robust so even with knocks and the occasional toppling over, it will last. The wheels are very chunky which makes it more stable. My son absolutely loves playing out on this and has had a lot of fun with it. We have had it for a number of years now and it is difficult to find it selling in stores now. A trike is different to a bike in that it has 3 wheels and stabilizers. The perfect next step after a trike is a bike so if you want to prepare your child then this is ideal. This is a colourful bike with red and yellow that is known for Fireman Sam. It also has a plaque at the front of the bike with Fireman Sam on it. There is also a bucket on the back for placing toys or anything that your child would like to put in it. My son loves putting his toys in it and riding along carrying them! He has had lot's of fun putting his toys in and out of the basket. Also, if we take him to the shops in it, he can put his crisps in the bucket. There is also a handle that ...

Sex in the Shower Vibrating Massage Soap 25/09/2017

Sex in the Shower Vibrating Massage Soap My First X-Rated Review

Sex in the Shower Vibrating Massage Soap So I thought I'd write about something different for a change. Something that I have never written about and something that indulges my naughty side somewhat. I've never written a sex toy review on Ciao so I thought I'd challenge myself to write one. So if you are at all prudish, maybe you should close this review and read someone else's that isn't about sex. If on the other-hand, you like to read something a little bit steamy, I invite you to carry on reading. I should also point out at this stage, that if you are under the age of 18 then you should not be reading this! This is strictly for over 18's! Sex in the Shower Vibrating Massage Soap The soap is discreet looking with a waterproof vibrator that only has one speed. It provides an all over, sensual massage with bumps on the soap. It is perfect if you travel a lot as it's small size will fit nicely in your bag. It is a good size because it isn't too big but, maybe the soap could have done with being bigger as it does run out very quickly. In this respect, it is very expensive to buy for about £20 and the vibrator is not the best one that you can buy with your money. However, the fact it is waterproof is useful, especially if you like making love in the shower or bath! Sex in the shower by sportsheets have a whole range of products from dildo's to soap and other sex toys. They do tend to be on the pricey side compared to other sex brands. You will find this brand selling at places like Love Honey, Amazon, Ebay and ...
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