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Victoria Beauty Hyaluron Avocado Oil & Matrixyl Cream 22/09/2017

Victoria Beauty Hyaluron Avocado Oil & Matrixyl Cream Moisturiser

Victoria Beauty Hyaluron Avocado Oil & Matrixyl Cream My skin is really good, but it is better to keep it moisturized. I have never really had any major problems with my skin and have been fortunate in that way. If there is a problem with my skin it would be that it is a bit oily. Victoria Beauty Hyaluron Avocado Oil & Matrixyl Cream is better for dry skin because it conditions the skin and keeps it hydrated. I don't think I would buy this again as it wasn't wonderful. It was not as nourishing as I would have liked, also it was quite greasy. The smell is really nice and you can smell the avocado really strongly. The cost is very reasonable for Victoria Beauty Hyaluron Avocado Oil & Matrixyl Cream because more expensive creams have similar ingredients that they charge a lot of money for. My skin looks really good after using this. I also love the smoothness and softness to my skin. I use this as a night cream only and not a day cream because I don't know how many UVA properties it contains. It is also great to use as a base for make-up. Victoria Beauty Hyaluron Avocado Oil & Matrixyl Cream has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that make the skin smooth, supple and strong. Furthermore, it calms itchy skin, helps repair dry skin, heals chapped skin, hydrates, moisturises, protects from sunlight and guards against skin damage. Now, that's quite a lot of qualities that Victoria Beauty Hyaluron Avocado Oil & Matrixyl Cream has, The main way this cream works is to ease and add moisture. There is also beta carotene, ...

Huda Beauty Lip Contour 21/09/2017

Huda Beauty Lip Contour Colour That Lasts

Huda Beauty Lip Contour Huda Beauty Lip Contour is a multi-tasking liner that contains ingredients that help to hydrate the lips. Your lips feel very conditioned and soft when using this product. This product is great for defining lips, shape and give them with a lovely, velvet matte colour. This will also increase the appearance of lip volume and pigment with a colour that lasts for a long time. Huda Beauty Lip Contour has many different colours that can be chosen from. I like the fact that there are so many different colours to choose from. How To Use Pencil a line outside your natural lip line that will give the illusion that your lips look fuller. Then you just fill in for a long lasting, lip effect. Use a good mirror to help guide you with the application. The great thing about Huda Beauty Lip Contour is how it feels on the lips. It is really creamy and makes your lips feel lush. Your lips won't feel greasy either. The colour range is also good because there are a wide selection of colours to choose from; Bombshell is a nearly nude colour that is very subtle. Trophy Wife is a very intense pink, red colour. Cheerleader is a soft, red colour. Famous is a burgundy colour. Vixen is a dark brown colour. There are more colours, but this is to just name a few. The great thing about Huda Beauty Lip Contour is that they last on the lips, even after drinking coffee or tea they still stay. A lot of lip liners do not stay so well, but these do. Due to the waxy nature of the lip contour, it helps to ...

Beauty Gallery Pal Zileri Eau de Toilette 19/09/2017

Pal Zileri Eau de Toilette Masculine Beauty Gallery

Beauty Gallery Pal Zileri Eau de Toilette Pal Zileri is a well-known superior, Italian design. It showcases the Italian character with a modern twist. There is great attention to detail with this brand. Pal Zileri for men focuses on style and flare along with the scent that makes a man stand out. I bought this for my ex husband on his birthday and he loves it. However, it is not the reason why we split up because it smells really nice. There are notes of Sicilian lemon, Calabrian bergamot; middle notes include Lily of the Valley and Jasmine with a base of Indian sandalwood, Cedar, Tonka bean, Amber and Musks. This is a luxurious spray that gives a natural, warming scent. The smell is absolutely beautiful and relaxing. If you like Italian brands, then you will definitely want to try this one. The smell is sweet with a subtle citrus fragrance. I love the way the scent is packaged in a little silver jar and it looks classy. This is also a great scent for going to work because it's subtle and refreshing. The fragrance was released in 2002, but has now been discontinued. However, it is still possible to find in stores and usually at a reduced price. It has a distinct fragrance that stands out. Pal Zileri has a distinct fragrance that is very classy and sophisticated. It's a shame that it was discontinued but, it is possible to still purchase it. You can purchase it from places like; Fragrance Direct, Amazon, and The Eau de Toilette is displayed in a sophisticated bottle with beautiful ...

Crabtree&Evelyn Jojoba Oil Triple Milled Shell Soap 19/09/2017

Crabtree&Evelyn Jojoba Oil Triple Soapy Goodness

Crabtree&Evelyn Jojoba Oil Triple Milled Shell Soap Crabtree and Evelyn Jojoba oil triple milled shell soap have a beautifully moisturizing combination of Shea butter and golden jojoba oil. You get 3 soaps per packet which cost around £15 depending where you buy them from. However, they are worth paying more for because they do provide luxury. Furthermore, they are better than other soaps because they last longer and provide better value for money. So if you want to treat yourself or a loved one then you should buy these soaps. Crabtree&Evelyn Jojoba Oil Triple Milled Shell Soap have a lovely, creamy lather and are fantastic for using in the bath. They are skin conditioning and also moisturizing for the body. The scent of the soap is lovely and has a combination of jojoba oil and Shea butter. The scent is not over powering and leaves you feeling refreshed. I love the lather that you get with these because you don't have to use a lot of soap to get a nice, thick lather. If you use a bath puff then you will find that the soap goes even further. I've used Crabtree&Evelyn Jojoba Oil Triple Milled Shell Soap for many years and find them beautiful. The scent is lovely and fresh, not too feminine so it can be used by men. Another thing I love with this soap is the shell shape of them and they fit well in a soap dish. The soap is gentle on the skin and does not dry out your skin. As soon as I walk in the bathroom, I can smell the lovely, fresh smell. The soaps not only look aesthetically pleasing but, they are fantastic quality too. ...

Imperial Leather Refreshing Shower Gel 18/09/2017

Looking And Smelling Good Imperial Leather Refreshing Shower Gel

Imperial Leather Refreshing Shower Gel I know there are mixed reviews on Imperial Leather, but I've always liked their products. At one time, there were only a few products that this brand manufactured, but now they have a wide selection. I used to see Imperial Leather as a brand that manufactured soap mainly for men, but they seem to have changed their brand now and include a lot more products. I never used to like the brand Imperial Leather and saw them as a cheap, men's only, soap brand. However, over the years they have added more products to their collection and got more creative. I love some of the products, especially the banana, marshmallow and Imperial Leather refreshing shower gel. I have tried several shower gels from Imperial Leather now and this is one of the ones I've tried. The Begamot and Thyme shower gel is a really refreshing scent and smells delicious. Make yourself feel nice and refreshed with Bergamot and Thyme blend of shower gel. It is an exceptionally nice treat that I use when I have a bath and I feel very relaxed after using it. Imperial Leather is skin friendly and suitable for the entire family. All of Imperial Leather brands have been dermatologically tested so that they are safe enough for your skin. The special luxury formula is what makes Imperial Leather later so rich, creamy and thick. The good thing is that you only need to use a little bit because it goes a long way. I always enjoy having a bath with Imperial Leather because it goes onto your skin so well and smoothly. It ...

Scitec Mega Daily One Plus 16/09/2017

Scitec Mega Daily One Plus A Great Combined Vitamin

Scitec Mega Daily One Plus Mega Daily One Plus is a special formula that has advanced multi-vitamin and mineral formula with 25 ingredients. It has a high dose of Vitamin B and C, as well as important ingredients. To help the immune and nervous systems there is Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc. These vitamins are especially good for when you go to the gym to help your body recover. The vitamin B2 helps with normal vision and red blood cells. Folate helps with amino acid synthesis. Scitec Nutrition Mega Daily One Plus combines 25 key ingredients into a single tablet that will help your health and well-being. The tablet has antioxidants that help protect the organism's cells. Furthermore, it increases the absorption and metabolism of nutrients that improve energy production. In addition, attention span and response to stimuli will be improved. The great thing I love about Mega Daily One Plus is that they decrease the amount of tiredness and fatigue I have so I feel more alive. I often feel tired because I have fibromyalgia so these tablets really work. I have used these for going to the gym and the following day I've not been as tired or achy as I usually am. I've also noticed a change in my mood, for the better. When you do intense exercise it can interfere with your immune system, but the good thing with Scitec Mega Daily One Plus is that they help your immune system fight against illnesses. You will also benefit from 240% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D3. Zinc is also great to take ...

Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Mask 14/09/2017

Farewell Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Mask

Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Mask The review I am about to write is about a product that has now been discontinued. However, it is still possible to buy this if you don't mind paying the extortionate prices for a product that has been discontinued. It is sad that this product has been discontinued as I used to love using it and I will still write a review about it. Every so often, I am lucky enough to find a stockist that still sells it, but if you do look around and find this product, make sure you buy it quickly or it will get sold out. It is an extremely popular product and I don't know why they decided to discontinue it. My hair was a complete mess until a few years ago when I finally decided to go back to my natural colour. I was pink before and it made my hair go really dry because I had to dye it on a fortnightly basis to retain the colour without it fading. Redken Real Control Intense Renewal is a complete ultra-rich deep conditioner that intensely conditions and moisturizes your hair to leave it much more manageable. My hair now feels a lot healthier and it has a shine about it. Therefore, it really helps to bring back the condition of your hair and make it look renewed. A total contrast to how my hair did look when I was dyeing it every fortnight! Not only does Redken Real Control Intense Renewal improve the condition of your hair, it also acts to detangle the hair so it is easier to brush. Furthermore, breakage is lessened, so the hair looks strengthened. Redken Real Control Intense Renewal makes ...

VTech Alpha-Gator 14/09/2017

VTech Fun Learning Alpha-Gator

VTech Alpha-Gator The Vtech Alpha-Gator Learning Toy is a great toy to teach your child about letters. The sentence game teaches your child about alliteration with fun phrases. There is also a quiz game that helps to encourage learning. The Vtech Alpha-Gator Learning Toy is great for helping with language and makes it fun for your child. The Vtech Alpha-Gator Learning Toy will help develop language, exploration, motor skills and independent play. The toy needs 3 x AA batteries which are included. It is suitable for children who are 2 years and above. The toy retails at around £14.89 from Amazon, but it is more expensive in shops. However, there are other shops that sell this toy like Ebay, Debenhams and Tesco. Your child will turn the alligators tail to choose one of the five games and start exploring the alphabet, letters and learning animal facts. Your child will listen to daft sentences with similar words, along with 26 tunes and recap on what they have already learnt. Alpha-Gator has 26 brightly coloured letter buttons, turning tail mode selector, song button and your child can pull it along with the cord that activates a motion sensor so it will play a fun song and different phrases. It is good how there are different things that your child can do with this toy and it makes for hours of entertainment. The alligator arrived well packaged and is good quality. This alligator is very sturdy and is made well for Vtech as they have been a disappointment in the past. My son who has autism ...

La Fontana, Blackpool 12/09/2017

La Fontana, Blackpool Laugh With The Waiters

La Fontana, Blackpool La Fontana is one of the first places I courted in Blackpool. I have been several times over the years and absolutely love the place. It is so beautiful inside and really makes you believe that you are in an Italian venue. It is set with Italian scenery as though you can imagine you are on holiday there. It is an ideal dating venue since it is so romantic and everything about this restaurant is special. La Fontana is one of the longest established family restaurants in Blackpool and has been for over 25 years. La Fontana is run by Franco and Samantha, as well as their head chef called Tony. The staff are amazing and when you first enter the restaurant, they are there to greet you. The food they serve is the best I have ever tasted in an Italian restaurant and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to go there. La Fontana have won awards including; Taste Lancashire Quality Assured award win which makes them the only Italian restaurant in Blackpool to be accredited by Visit Britain. Furthermore, La Fontana won Blackpool Tourism Awards 'Restaurant of the Year'. I am not surprised they have won awards because they certainly deserve them. La Fontana is set in a courtyard underneath a twinkling night sky with the fountain that La Fontana is named after. The setting feels real once you dine in the venue and you can imagine that you have stepped into the heart of Italy. Each dish is prepared freshly with top quality ingredients and produce that is genuinely imported from Italy. ...

Blackpool Model Village 12/09/2017

Blackpool Model Village A Secret Garden Escape

Blackpool Model Village Blackpool Model Village is situated near Stanley Park and is opposite The Village Hotel. Blackpool Model Village has won awards and was first established in 1972. You pay for entry when you first walk in and entrance fees change during the winter and summer months. During winter, model village will use reduced prices: adults - £4.95 children (3 to 16 years) - £3.75, children aged 2 and under - free senior citizens / students / disabled concessions - £3.95 family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) - £14.95 family ticket (2 adults + 3 children) - £16.95 During the summer the fees are as follows; Adult Ticket £6.95 Concession £5.95 (2 Adults + 2 Children) £22.95 (2 Adults + 3 Children) £25.95 Children aged 3-15 years £5.75 Children Under 2 Free Is it worth the price? If you have never visited before, then, yes. Before the Blackpool Model Village had been revamped it was not good at all. If you had visited once then you probably wouldn't have wanted to go again. Once you had seen it, it was just not worth going again because there was really not that much to see and it could get pretty boring, However, it is definitely worth a visit now, but I don't think young children would appreciate it. Younger children want to do something more exciting. However, it is worth going to have a look at, if you have never been before. I've always thought that they could do more to it and build more miniature houses and I am pleased that they revamped it, making it more modern. There are ...

Brookite Kite Phantom 11/09/2017

Brookite Kite Phantom Not A Great Flyer

Brookite Kite Phantom When we went to the St Annes Kite festival a few weeks ago, we fell in love with kites and the Brookite Kite Phantom was the one we bought. It is not the greatest kite and is very unstable. However, it is possible to fly with perseverance. There are a lot less expensive stunt kites that perform much better so this was quite disappointing. Kite flying is a fantastic hobby that allows you to get outdoors and experience mother nature. During the St Annes kite flying festival the sky was lit up with kites of many colours and some of the kites were even glow in the dark. It was lovely to walk along the beach and see the kites all flying. However, it made me realise that you do need a good, strong kite to experience the joy of flying one. You should not need a strong gust of wind to fly a kite, a gentle one will do just as good, but only if you have a good kite. This kite caused too many problems and my daughter was not enjoying herself at all. A good kite will allow you to bob and weave through the air whilst trying the odd trick. It is also relaxing to fly a kite if you have the right one. The enjoyment of flying a kite is better if you have a group or a festival has a lot of appeal. So after picking your kite it needs to be the right one for the wind conditions. You also need to choose the correct day so that you have a gentle breeze, but not a gale. The Brookite Kite Phantom needs to be facing you when you have your back against the wind. If you have a friend that can help ...

VTech Bathtime Bubbles Whale 09/09/2017

VTech Bathtime No Bubbles Whale A Definite, No, No

VTech Bathtime Bubbles Whale My son has autism and he loves toys that make different sounds, lights and noises so he loved the VTech Bathtime Bubbles Whale. This toy is really sweet and friendly and provides fun whilst your child is having a bath. The whale will blow bubbles as your child listens to the music and sounds. On first sight this product looks excellent and is a great toy for children with special needs or indeed, any child. If you have problems getting your youngster to have a bath this looks like the toy to encourage them. At least, that's what I thought and why I thought I'd purchase it. When I received it, it was a whole different story which I will come to, later in this review. There are features of this toy that should make it stand out and it is fun to watch the toy light up and make different noises, but there are a lot of improvements that could be made especially for the price of the toy. The toy retails for around £21 and can be bought from Tesco, Smyths, Amazon, EBay, ToysRus and most other toy shops. According to the manufacturer; the toy is fully waterproof and needs 4 x AA batteries which are included. The age range is about 1 year to 4 years, but my son is 7 and loved it at first.The toy has bubble blowing technology and the bubbles are released at the same time as the music and sounds. There are five, sea animal buttons that teach the child about animal names, colours and instruments. There is a light up mouth that uses voice, music and sound responses. There are also a ...

Hasbro Monopoly Ultimate Banking 09/09/2017

I'm Not A Monopoly Ultimate Banking Cheat Anymore

Hasbro Monopoly Ultimate Banking Monopoly Ultimate Banking is a game I love with all of my heart and which I can boastfully say, I am pretty good at. There are many types of Monopoly available to buy or play as a board game or on a games console, this is just one of the many. I have a collection of board games and a Monopoly on the XBox which I love. I have had hours of fun with Hasbro Monopoly Ultimate Banking and with my friends and family. I have to ashamedly admit that I cheat quite a bit in Monopoly, but only with fun in mind and I make it so obvious when I have cheated. I just think it is funny and we usually start howling with laughter due to me stealing the money. It is only a game and I have actually found it impossible to cheat with Hasbro Monopoly Ultimate Banking. I think that is part of the reason why Monopoly have made this version of the game. Monopoly Ultimate Banking is priced between £21.99 to £32.99 from Smyths, Amazon, Argos, Ebay, Very and other retailers. You will also need a pack of 3 x AAA batteries. I think this game gives good value for money since it is high quality and very durable. The game is for two to four players and is a fast paced, exciting version of the game. Property values go up and down in this version of the game. Contents of the game include; A game board, an Ultimate Banking unit, 4 plastic tokens, 22 houses, 49 cards [4 Bank, 22 Title Deed, 23 Event], 2 dice, and game guide. This version of the game is very modern and features touch technology. Players can ...

VTech Little Love Learn to Walk Doll 02/09/2017

VTech Little Love Wants Her Dummy

VTech Little Love Learn to Walk Doll My son who is 7 and has severe special needs absolutely loves dolls and I don't care if some people think that only girls should play with dolls. Indeed, my son loves playing with dolls and if that makes him happy, then I am pleased for him. So I bought the VTech Little Love Learn to Walk Doll for my son and he loves it and has not stopped playing with it since I bought it a few months ago. The VTech Little Love Learn to Walk Doll is priced at around £69.95 with free delivery in most stores. You can buy this doll from Amazon, Toysrus, Tesco and Asda, to name a few. It can be bought online or offline at a variety of stores and it is worthwhile looking at a few stores to compare the price of the doll. Little Love interacts with the child through 10 activities and learns to walk and crawl. The doll is slightly complicated to use for my little boy, but with help he has been enjoying playing with it. You simply need to clap your hands or cheer to encourage her to crawl and walk. You can hold your baby's hand and listen to the sounds that she makes and also music. Your little one will nurture the baby and complete tasks for her such as; giving her the dummy or bottle. There are also several phrases that she will come out with. The doll requires 6 AA batteries which is quite a lot but, they last for quite some time if you get the expensive batteries like Duracell. The doll provides hours of play as there are different things that you can get the doll to do. The box contains: 1 x ...

Ambi Pur Plug-In Refill Wild White Rose 30/08/2017

The Smell Of Summer With Ambi Pur Plug-In Refill Wild White Rose

Ambi Pur Plug-In Refill Wild White Rose I am a single mother to a daughter of 11 and son who is 7 as well as 2 dogs. As any mother knows children and dog's bring their own smells into the house and it is a good idea to have an effective air freshener. Ambi Pur Plug-In Refill Wild White Rose has not let me down yet. There are many reasons why people get odors in their home and this could be due to many things: Damp and moldy environments, problems with drainage, smelly shoes, odors from cooking such as; garlic, fish and eggs. I would say that Ambi Pur Plug-In Refill Wild White Rose gets rid of even stubborn odors quickly and easily. It takes about an hour to work properly, but then when it starts working you have a constant supply of beautiful aroma. Everyone likes their home to smell good and not have any bad odors that's why I bought Ambi Pur Plug-In Refill Wild White Rose. There are many plug in air fresheners available to buy, but not all are as good as Ambi Pur. This is one of the top products when it comes to an air freshener, but it is not the cheapest one and that is for a good reason; it offers high quality and makes your home smell delightful. When I bought Ambi Pur Plug-In Refill Wild White Rose, I plugged it into the hall and set it to the lowest setting; there is a fragrant smell of white roses that is not over powering, but subtle. The scent is not intrusive and does not smell like your average air freshener. I have found other air fresheners have a funky smell and although some smell nice, they ...
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