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Tesco Kitchen Cleaner Plus Bleach Spray 19/10/2011

Tesco Kitchen Cleaner + Bleach Cleans Well but Smells God Awful

Tesco Kitchen Cleaner Plus Bleach Spray Priced at £1.12 for 500ml this product is priced at what people may think is good but the product falls short in some aspects. The positives are that it does remove stubborn stains and splashes from cooking quite easily. Also you only require a small amount so a little goes a long way. However it leaves a residue on any polished surfaces. The main thing however which really does stand out with this product is its god awful smell. I can only liken it to swimming baths but with a sickly odour added in - I guess that is down to the bleach in the product - but believe me, it is a horrible smell for a kitchen to have. In my honestl opinion it would be worthwhile just paying a bit more or shopping around for a good brand with a nicer smell. Currently Mr Muscle Kitchen spray is on offer at Tesco's for £1.00 per bottle and I would buy that any day over this product. ...

Dualit 2 Slice Lite Toaster Gloss Cream 19/10/2011

Dualit Cream Toaster is Quality with a Retro Look

Dualit 2 Slice Lite Toaster Gloss Cream I purchased this Almond / Cream coloured toaster recently and I must say it is lovely colour. Should you have a wooden worktop or a wood looking worktop then it will look really classy and Retro. Great for a Country Kitchen or a Kitchen with a Retro look. Brilliant if you have any natural materials in your kitchen as the colour blends really well with it. The first thing you notice about this toaster is the weight. It does not feel like a flimsy toaster - it has some weight to it, although at the other end of the scale it is not too heavy to handle. It feels really sturdy and is well constructed. Like many other toasters it has a time set dial for how long the bread is in there. It also has buttons for Frozen Bread and for Bagels. Unlike some other makes, this product toasts the bread perfectly evenly, making the toast nice and crispy all over. There is a saying that you get what you pay for. Priced around £50-£60 this is worth every penny for something that will last. I would really recommend this product to anyone who wanted a really good quality toaster.

Dualit 72402 19/10/2011

Dualit Kettle - Almond Colour

Dualit 72402 Although the price for this kettle is a little more retailing at around £60-£70 it is well worth it. This almond / cream colour I found is really attractive for that retro look or perhaps like me you want to go for a cottage kitchen look. It also looks really nice and classy if you have a wooden or wood looking worktop. The Lid is easy to open - it is held on by hinges so you just pull it upwards and back to open. One thing that I found immediately noticeable and different from other kettles, is that the lid is really sturdy and has some weight to it. Like the lid, the kettle itself is sturdy and it really does feel like a great quality kettle, with plenty of room on the handle to hold it and a visable panel, so you can see the water level. I really would give this product a 10 out of 10 and would recommend it to you.

BBC 1 - Merlin 13/10/2011

BBC Merlin - Series 4 Part 2 The Darkest Hour

BBC 1 - Merlin This new season called Merlin "The Darkest Hour" kicks off with enough royalty, evil forces witches and ghosts to give Shakespeare a run for his money. In my opinion Merlin - The Darkest Hour is well worth a watch.The visual effects are great and it is good family entertainment. Ok the words may not be as poetic as Shakespeare but the plot is tense and each episode leaves its viewers on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next installment. With King Uther Pendragon (played by Anthony Head) still reeling from the betrayal by Morgana., Arthur and Merlin have their work cut out when Morgana, (brilliantly played by Katie MacGrath) and Morguse wrenched open the gates of The Other World and let out all manner of evil forces. Will the brilliant duo of Arthur and Merlin win the day? It certainly has me waiting on the edge of my seat. I would also recommend going to the BBC Website called Merlin for detail concerning the 2011 characters and reviewa of the characters in previous series plus gamss for Merlin fans. ...
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