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My worst car rental experience On 28th January 2014, I contracted to rent a car from Firefly Car Rental in Rome through Holiday Autos, for 18 days from the 13th to the 31st of May 2014. In the past I have used Holiday Autos and always found them competitive and the cars of a high standard. Firefly is way off the airport and the car they supplied was high mileage (85,000 kms,)and in poor condition. On the 27th of May, the car stalled and wouldn’t re-start, we were immobile in a restricted area. I phoned the “road assistance” number given on the rental agreement and they said they would send help. While we were waiting, the police arrived and insisted we must leave, as we were blocking an area used for parking busses, which were due to arrive. The police started the car with jump leads and told us to leave the area without stopping, as the car wouldn’t re-start. So we drove back to our accommodation. On the way I phoned the road assistance to explain what had happened and that I would phone again later. It was late when we arrived back, so I phoned them the next morning. They said they would send help. I expected them to bring a replacement car, but a man came alone in a low loader. He took the car away, saying he could not help with a replacement car and that we must talk to Firefly. That started a series of calls to Firefly and Road Assistance, each one insisting it was the responsibility of the other party. Finally Firefly admitted they had to replace the car. First they said that there was a car ...
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