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since 25/11/2001


Wroclaw (Poland) 30/04/2008

Velcome to Vrotswav

Dhoula Hostel, Prague 09/11/2007

A bird's eye view across the rooftops of Prague.

Granada (Spain) 08/11/2007

A world away from the Costa Del Sol

Tyrella Hotel, Margate 30/10/2007

The worst hotel in the UK? Possibly.

Marhaba Tour Khalef, Sousse 30/10/2007

Hot spot for temptresses hunting Tunisan toy boys

Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina) 30/10/2007

Welcome back to Sarajevo

General: Bosnia-Herzegovina 30/10/2007

The forgotten corner of Europe

Dubrovnik (Croatia) 30/10/2007

Glittering Jewel of the Balkans

Las Vegas 30/10/2007

Why Vegas Sucks

Tijuana (Mexico) 30/10/2007

Tequila and table dancing in Tijuana, Mexico

Israel: General 30/10/2007

Guns, Sea, Sand and Shabbat

Journalism 14/05/2006

Rat-like cunning and a little literary ability

Everything that starts with G ... 26/04/2006

Why I love my scooter

CCUSA (Camp Counselors USA) 07/02/2006


Everything from 0-9 13/03/2005

I'm the woman behind 888

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