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Advent Milano 04/01/2010

Advent Milano Netbook - Wonderful in my opinion :)

Advent Milano I got this Netbook as a Christmas present and love it! I knew the price because i checked it online and it is very good value for money at only £219.99 from PC world! (( It is just like a smaller version of any laptop which means it is easily stored and is very portable. I think it looks very stylish and is quite thin with a funky pattern on the back! I found the Set-up very easy and quick and i even got to choose my own cute name for my netbook! It comes with Windows XP, which is very handy if you are planning to do homework on this netbook like me! It has wireless internet which is very easy to set up if you have a wireless router already working at home like me! When i use the internet it runs fairly fast, and when i delete the cookies and search history it keeps it running smoothly. Mine also came with Norton internet security, which is very helpful at keeping away hose nasty viruses from my netbook! Iv'e never had any major break-down problems with the features on my netbook and it runs quickly about 80% of the time for me! I find that it is good for playing music on and storing multi-media files on but because the memory is quite low (1024MB DDR2 RAM and 160GB hard drive) it wont store as much as i would like! The screen in my opinion is a good size (10.2 inches) and the keyboard is easy to type on, but unfortunately it doesn't come with a number pad to the right like on a computer. I love using the built in webcam to ...

Babyliss Portability Cordless Ceramic Thermacell Hair Straighteners 02/01/2010


Babyliss Portability Cordless Ceramic Thermacell Hair Straighteners I have been wanting these cordless straighteners for a long time now and i finally for them for for my birthday along with two gas cells! I use them when i am out and even in the house because they are so good! They heat up to a very high heat of 215 degrees and when they are fully heated they are simply perfect! I have quite frizzy hair and it flicks and curls but these make my hair poker straight, just the way i like it! I like to try lots of different things with my hair so when i use them to curl my hair it is extremely easy and does loose or tight curls. I have rather short hair at one side and at the back and because the plates are quite small it is very easy and effective when straightening shorter hair, as well as long hair! The effects of the straighteners last a the whole day when the weather is calm, but if the weather is windy or rainy then it is very helpful that they are portable because the effects wear off! They get turned on by pushing in a button that releases the gas and then when you pull down on another button it spark and a flame is lit to heat the ceramic plates. It takes about 5-8 mins to reach its full heat but it still works wonders even when it isn't fully heated. The protective heat cover gets quite hot so i recommend not putting them straight away once finished with them and leave them to cool for a couple of mins. The protective cover is also very helpful because it stops the button from getting pushed on and letting the gas out. The gas cells ...

Superdrug Colour Effects Wash In Wash Out 02/01/2010


Superdrug Colour Effects Wash In Wash Out My hair is naturally a dark brown, but i've had so many blonde highlights put in it, it is officially blonde. I wanted to see if i wanted to go brunette again, so i decided i would buy a wash in wash out dye. I used the colouring before, but only when i had brown hair to put a tint of red in it and it worked well! So i headed down to superdrug and bought two of the dark brown colour, and then two if the light blonde, just in case the colour didnt lighten properly again. When i got home i noticed the bottle said do not use on bleached hair. I ignored it... BIG MISTAKE! I used the full bottle on my hair (i have quite short hair so it was alot!) hoping it would make the colour more effective. I left it for about ten-fifteen mins, and i looked in the mirror and noticed it looked a bit red. So i rinsed my hair and then dried it. My hair was PINK/RED!!!! No where near the colour it showed on the bottle! Even though i loved the colour on me, and i suited it, it was no where near the colour i wanted. Then the next day (today) i washed my hair a billion times to get the dye out. When i eventually used up all the hot water i went to dry my hair. This time, it was PINK! A light pinky blondish gingerish colour, but more pink!! I LOVE THE COLOUR! Even though nothing turned out the way i wanted i still loved the colour. I might just buy it again to make the same mistake again! If your not daring with your hair i recommend you do not buy this product because it will just end up a bizzare ...
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