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Tesco Direct 27/11/2007

Tesco Jersey

Tesco Direct In 2006 I decided to order media from Tesco Jersey for my daughters Christmas presents. I was well aware that the prices were extremely competetive so I searched for the items I required. After locating them on the website I then checked for availability. It said "Normally despatched within 1 working day" but in brackets (what does this mean). I clicked on the brackets to find that it means products are IN STOCK and will be despatched within 1 working day. Excellent says I and placed my order. The order process was very straight forward and I received a confirmation email within seconds. What could possibly go wrong. EVERYTHING. 3 days later and no delivery. Then I receive and email saying there was a problem with my deilivery as the items were awaiting stock. Strange considering the website said they were in stock when I ordered them. The email said they would be in stock in 3 days. 3 days later and the same email arrived saying stock would arrive in 3 days. Guess what, 3 days later same email. Contacted customer services and the reply was "Sorry, but I hope you continue to shop with Tesco in the future. Eventually part of my order arrived in time for Christmas but the rest of the order would not be on time so I was asked if I wish to cancel it. I cancelled the rest of the order and purchased it elswhere for a slightly higher price. On 16 January my cancelled order arrived in the post. I then had to go through the procedure of returning it and asking for my money back. ...

Infiniti DVD-R Professional 16X 01/10/2007

No coasters

Infiniti DVD-R Professional 16X Infiniti DVD-R Professional Speed:- 16X. Colour:- White top with three lines for text. Printable:- No Quantity:- Spindle of 50 Capacity:- 4.7 GB Format:- DVD-R Price:- £7.99 VAT free I have used approximately 200+ of these discs for recording my home videos and I have not had to use any of them as coasters. Having used alternative discs with a failure rate of 10 - 50% these discs are fantastic. I have used them on my PC for viewing and recording and I also have a JVC DVD recorder and a Panasonic DVD player both of which accept these discs without any problems. There are three lines on the top of the disc for information but I you can write anywhere on the topside of the disc. Excellent price for an excellent disc. Purchased from 7day ...

Breville TT24 16/04/2007

Sci-Fi toast

Breville TT24 This toaster is large, about a foot square and approx 10" high. The lead is fairly short but don't let that put you off. It looks like a digital radio with it's blue, green and red lights. Pop the bread in, up to 4 slices, 2 + 2, fresh or frozen. Select browning 1 - 9. I use 6 or 7 most of the time. Press start button, (also press frozen button if using frozen bread). Stand back and watch the show. Bread lowers automatically into the toaster and the 5 red lights come on. As it is toasting the red lights extinguish one by one until the toast is done. There is an audible beeping, not too loud, and the toast is automatically raised back up. Brilliant. If you forget the toast then there is also a warm button to reheat if required. Toasting can be cancelled at any time by touch of the start button. A rack on the rear of the machine can be placed on top for warming buns or croisants etc.. Two easy clean crumb trays at the front. Cost me 50 quid, a bargain. This section has been added. I am now on the third one of these toasters as the others have all failed. This one has also failed and the problem always seems to be the lower and lift motor on the right hand side. I have now returned all of them and I am in the process of getting a refund for the last one. Not recommended. ...
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