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Maestro Music of Death Collector's Edition (PC) 10/07/2017

Music of Death: Music To My Ears.

Maestro Music of Death Collector's Edition (PC) Age rating: 7+ System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 Pentium or equivalent, 1.4 GHz or faster Hard Drive Space: 713MB Memory: 1024MB DirectX Version: 9 or higher Graphics: Any DirectX compatible video card Audio: Any DirectX compatible sound card Can be bought used for £4+ at The hidden object genre isn't my main go to for favourite games. I much prefer a proper puzzle and adventure like Monkey Island or Nancy Drew, but I don't mind playing this genre in short bursts. My reasons for picking up this game were: it looks gothic and it was suggested alongside the Phantom of the Opera hidden object game that I enjoyed a few years ago. Music of Death is certainly a beautiful game, but would it be a matter of style over substance? I am reviewing the collector's edition of Music of Death, which is a physical CD containing the main game, bonus game, downloadable sheet music, wallpapers and screensavers. It can also be downloaded from the Big Fish Games website. Synopsis The Maestro series, created by ERS Game Studios, who are also known for their Edgar Allan Poe Dark Tales series, so far comprises of four games. Each one centres around music, and its deadly power . . . In Music of Death, the first game in the series, you play as a detective arriving on the outskirts of Paris. He discovers that the place has been sealed off and soldiers now guard the entrance. Malevolent violin music can be heard across town, and whoever hears it suddenly grows old and ...

Nancy Drew: Danger by Design (PC) 09/05/2017

Danger by Design - Mystery and Fashion in France

Nancy Drew: Danger by Design (PC) Age rating: 10+ Can be bought new for around £8+ at System requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista 1 Ghz or greater Pentium or equivalent class CPU 128 MB of RAM 650 MB or more hard drive space 32MB DirectX compatible video card 16 bit DirectX compatible sound card 24X CD-ROM drive Danger by Design is a point and click adventure game released in 2006. Although it would be considered an old game, it worked perfectly fine on my Windows 10 computer, probably because the system requirements aren't too taxing. My very first foray into Nancy Drew was The Nancy Drew Files that were released in the 80s and 90s. Then I started playing the games in my early teens, as my mum knew they were educational. It never felt like a boring education game where the information was just listed, though. The mysteries were interesting, intriguing, and sometimes a little creepy (in a good way!) I loved the games, they have a special place in my childhood, but they did not stay there. I keep on going back to play the games, and I'm now in my twenties. They don't feel too simple or childish. I normally play them while researching something similar in theme or location for inspiration. I've probably played Danger by Design about five times now. So, what is it that keeps drawing me back? About the Series The Nancy Drew adventure game series began in the late 90s. Danger by Design is the fourteenth game and the company, Herinteractive, have released eighteen more games since. ...

Bioshock Infinite (PS3) 26/02/2017

Infinite: Bursting Out of the Water, Shooting Amongst the Clouds

Bioshock Infinite (PS3) Age rating: 18+ One Player Can be bought new or used for around £10+ at I loved the first two Bioshock games, so of course I wanted to play the third game. Infinite, with its new setting and changes in game play, is a bit of a divergence. Would I enjoy it and consider it another great addition to the series, or would it be too different from the earlier games? About the Series Infinite is the third game in the Bioshock series, a highly popular first person shooter with unique, twisty storylines set in alternate histories. There has also been a novel, art book and board game. Synopsis In 1912, Booker Dewitt is heavily in debt and the only way of clearing it is to do one thing: save a young woman from the city of Columbia. However, Columbia is a city high in the sky, above the rest of the country and what it calls 'Sodom'. There, Father Comstock rules all. He will lead the people to glory, all those who are the patriots. This is a place where the rich stay rich, the poor starve and segregation is still in place. The young woman, Elizabeth, is the lamb of the people, and someone has sent word that a false shepherd has come to steal her away. All the people of Columbia are ready to defend her, meaning Booker has to use all of his skills to get through. Game play 3.5/5 Bioshock is a first person shooter through the eyes of Booker Dewitt, a gun for hire sent to do whatever it takes to free Elizabeth from the sky-city Columbia. Basically, shoot everyone in ...

Silent Hill: Downpour (PS3 ) 02/02/2017

Downpour: A Spark of Brilliance... And Then Comes The Rain

Silent Hill: Downpour (PS3 ) Age rating: 15+ Can be bought new or used for £13+ at 1 Player I probably say this at the start of every Silent Hill review I write, but I am a massive fan of the series. Since the series left Team Silent's hands (the original group who created the first four games), it has switched from Climax Studios (Shattered Memories and Origins), Double Helix Games (Homecoming) and this title, Downpour, was designed by Vatra Games. While the original four games are amongst my favourite, I have enjoyed most of the sequels. Would Downpour join these, or would it be a pale imitation of better games -- a murky puddle? (I will try to refrain from too many watery puns). Downpour was released on PS3 and Xbox 360. There are no major differences between the two, although the Xbox version does not lag as much. About the Series After a cult sacrifice went wrong, the town of Silent Hill now lures and traps any who stumble across it. It uses their guilt and fears, dragging them through to the monster infested Otherworld. Since the first game on PS1, there has been spin off games, comics and movies. There's no need to play the earlier games to understand Downpour's storyline. Synopsis Convict Murphy is being transported to a different prison when the bus crashes. He awakens alone. As he tries to escape before the police catch him, he discovers that the town is transforming into something strange and dangerous, something which knows about his past misdeeds. Game Play ...

Bayonetta (PS3) 02/01/2017

Bayonetta: Quick, Sassy and Magical

Bayonetta (PS3) Age rating: 15+ 1 Player Can be bought new or used for around £5+ on I was first introduced to Bayonetta when I played a demo that came with Playstation magazine. I loved the zany characters, fast action and energetic soundtrack, so I decided to get the full game. It absolutely lived up to my expectations, and the main character and game play were brilliant. Synopsis Bayonetta is the last of the Umbra witches, but her memory is gone. All she knows is that she can summon demons, angels want to kill her, and she is looking for the mysterious 'eyes of the world'. With her powers, she can switch between the different realms, Inferno, Paradiso and Purgatorio, and fight her way to the truth. Heaven and Hell battle against one another, with humanity caught in the centre. The game is also available on Xbox 360 and Wii U. An anime movie was released as well as soundtrack CDs, manga and art books. Game play Bayonetta is a third person action game with a mix of hack and slash, platforming and arcade. The witch travels between the different realms in search of her lost memories, but she will find her way blocked by angelic barriers. Her only way of breaking them down is to beat seven shades out of heaven's finest. The levels are broken up into chapters and verses. The verses are the battles between Bayonetta and the angels. Depending on speed, combos and damage taken, each verse is awarded with a bronze medal up to pure platinum. At the end of each chapter, the ...

Little King's Story (Wii) 30/10/2016

Little King's Story: Sugary Sweet Kooky

Little King's Story (Wii) Age rating: 7+ 1 Player Can be bought used for around £5 at When I first saw this game, I knew nothing about Little King's Story. I found it for £2.50 in a second hand game shop so I thought I would try it out. The bright, cutesy graphics and age rating made me think it was a simple children's game, and that I would finish it in a day. How wrong I was... When the intro scene played, showing a mass of puppets beating one another up alongside a rather manic version of Ravel's Bolero, I did wonder what exactly I had stumbled across. Synopsis Little King's Story begins with a timid boy who has no friends. One day he discovers a golden crown in the forest and, when he puts it on, all the animals and people he meets want to obey him. Suddenly, the little King is no longer lonely, but now has an entire kingdom to protect and govern! Game Play (4/5) Now that the King is able to command, it is time to build up his kingdom. The game starts off with the King in a shack with his royal advisors, alongside a handful of 'carefree adults' to boss about. His advisors will explain what to do as well as give targets for him to meet. Little King's Story is a mix of RPG, management sim and real time strategy. Most of the surrounding area is woodland and fields, with large childish things scattered around, such as building blocks, to give it a dreamy look from a child's imagination. The aim is to expand the kingdom and explore the strange land the King has found himself ...

The Hobbit (PS2) 13/09/2016

The Hobbit: A Decent Platformer With Charm

The Hobbit (PS2) Age rating: 7+ Can be bought used for around £2.50 on Most will know about The Hobbit from the recent trilogy or the actual book written by J. R. R. Tolkien, but might not have heard of the video game. This was released around the time of the Lord of the Rings films. There have been other games based on The Hobbit, such as the text adventure game from the 80’s and the more recent Lego Hobbit game, but this is an adventure/platforming take. Rewatching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey made me want to play a Hobbit game, and I remembered playing this version as a child, so out it came and into my PS2 it went. This is a PS2 port of the Gamecube version. It is also available on PC, Xbox and GameBoy Advance. Synopsis Bilbo Baggins is a Hobbit, a species known for leading simple, rustic lives with absolutely no adventures. However, the wizard Gandalf the Grey introduces him to thirteen dwarves off to reclaim their homeland from the dragon Smaug, and they need someone small and quiet to be their burglar. Suddenly, Bilbo finds himself on an unexpected journey discovering just how brave Hobbits really are. Game play (4/5) This third person adventure game has a fun training level set in the Shire at the beginning, with Bilbo getting supplies for the dwarves. Exploring the Shire is a fun way of introducing the player to the game mechanics, with one quest involving Bilbo sneaking through a garden maze to pinch berries, while the farmer storms about, as practice ...

Resident Evil (PlayStation) 02/09/2016

Resident Evil: The Shambling Horror of the Undead

Resident Evil (PlayStation) Age rating: 15+ Can be found for around £10+ on My introduction to the Resident Evil series was via the spin-off Code: Veronica X. I loved this game, and so I wanted to play the first game and enjoy this survival horror classic. About the Series Resident Evil was first released in 1996. It is also known as BioHazard in Japan. Although the hammy, B-movie style is often joked about, the series became immensely popular due to its tense survival horror game play. It has spawned several sequels, spin-offs, a film series, novels and comics. The first Resident Evil has been ported and remade for the DS, Gamecube, PC and Sega Saturn. Synopsis There has been a spate of strange, gruesome killings, and it appears the victims were eaten... Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are part of a special police task force, which has been sent to search for another team that has gone missing. Strange creatures attack them, and they are forced to find shelter in a mansion in the middle of the woods. However, what they find in there proves to be far more deadly... Game Play (4/5) Players can choose to play as either Chris or Jill. The two characters have to explore the same mansion, and solve the same puzzles, but their contrasting skills have them going through the building differently, alongside new cutscenes. I ended up going through Chris’ game first, and then Jill’s. While Chris is bulkier and able to withstand more attacks, Jill is able to use a lockpick, shoot ...

Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to DANGER! (PC) 09/07/2016

Resorting to Danger: A Casual Mystery Adventure

Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to DANGER! (PC) Age rating: 7+ Can be found on for around £4+ Computer specifications: Operating system: Windows XP (Service Pack 2)/ Vista / Windows 7 CPU Type and Speed: 1GHz Pentium or equivalent Hard Drive Space: 300MB Memory: 512MB Graphics: Any 32MB DirectX 9 compatible adaptor Audio: Any sound card As I really enjoyed the first game in the Dossier series, I thought I would try Resorting to Danger and see if I would have as much fun playing this. About the Series The Dossier series is a hidden object/mini-game spin off to Herinteractive's adventure game series. Their Nancy Drew games are based on the children's mystery series written by Carolyn Keene about a peppy teen sleuth. Synopsis Nancy Drew has been hired to investigate a spate of bomb threats in Redondo, a spa that is visited by the rich and famous. The bombs might not kill, instead blasting out pie filling or cockroaches, but the mess and interruptions could ruin the business. By posing as a general assistant, Nancy must deal with rude, spoilt guests as she hunts down the bombs. Gameplay (4/5) Most hidden object style games show a cluttered scene and a checklist, where the player has to find everything listed to progress. Dossier has a different take on the genre. There are still objects to find, but when you click on them, the objects do not disappear. Instead, they are highlighted. Each object needs to be paired with another object to complete a task, such as rubbish combined with a trash can so ...

Chrono Trigger (Nintendo DS) 01/07/2016

Chrono Trigger: Experiencing a Classic for the First Time

Chrono Trigger (Nintendo DS) Age Rating: 12+ Can be bought new or used for £20+ on Chrono Trigger was originally a SNES game in 1995, which was a massive success with a huge following. It was also released on PS1 in 1999. However, Chrono Trigger was only available in the US and Japan, so UK gamers had to import the game. The DS remaster meant it was more readily available, which is how I got my hands on the game, and it includes a few extras. Synopsis Chrono Trigger is a story that spans across the ages, from the prehistoric era to a bleak, dystopian future. A young man called Crono finds himself transported through time when an old evil threatens to destroy his world, and his actions in the past can affect his present. Along the way, he encounters friends to help him in his quest: Marle, a tomboy princess, inventress Lucca, cavewoman Ayla, disgraced amphibian swordsman Frog and mechanical Robo. Differences Between the Original and the Remaster The differences between the original and DS remaster is that the DS edition has all of the bonus content that came out with the PS1 version as well as extra dungeons, sidequests, enemies, Arena of the Ages and a new ending. It also includes a more polished Japanese to English translation compared to the original, which was considered a rush job due to time constraints. Gameplay (4/5) Chrono Trigger is a classic third person RPG. You play as Crono and his friends as they travel through time to stop the threat of the world destroyer Lavos. ...

Higurashi When They Cry - Ryukishi07 08/06/2016

Cotton Drifting Arc V1: Romantic Horror

Higurashi When They Cry - Ryukishi07 Age rating: 16+ Around 200 pages. Read in the Japanese right to left way. Can be bought used for £5+ on About the Series Higurashi When They Cry (also known as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) first began life as a sound novel by Ryukishi07. A sound novel is a video game presented as an interactive story, with audio, images and text to tell it. Higurashi is most known for its style of horror, with a cutesy art style and comedic moments as a harsh, disturbing juxtaposition to the sometimes gruesome horror scenes. In the overall story, Keiichi has recently moved to quiet, serene Hinamizawa village and made fast friends with a group of girls. There is the easily flustered Rena, who loves anything cute, bossy tomboy Mion, cheeky Satoko and kind hearted Rika. Keiichi loves his life here and hopes the summer fun never ends. However, tragedy looms when the arrival of a festival also brings a deadly curse that affects his friends. Each year, the local deity Oyashiro-sama kills one person and demons away another... The main mystery and curse is what really interested me. Who is behind the curse? Is it humans or Oyashiro-sama himself? There is lots of intrigue and hints, which lets the reader piece together the clues. The manga adaptation used to appear monthly in Yen+ magazine. As well as the manga, Higurashi's popularity has led to the release of an anime, drama CDs, spin off video games, live action films and most recently a TV series. The best way to get into ...

BioShock (PS3) 29/05/2016

Bioshock: The Ruins of Rapture

BioShock (PS3) Age rating: 18+ 1 Player Can be bought new or used for £7+ on I initially disregarded Bioshock when I first heard about the game. I haven't played many shooters and I'm not a fan of most of the popular shooter titles. However, the cover did catch my interest. Amazingly, considering the game has been out for several years, I managed to avoid reading any spoilers regarding the plotline. So, when I first started up the game, I hardly knew anything about Bioshock. Would I be pleasantly surprised? Synopsis Set in the 1960s, Jack's plane crashes in the middle of the ocean. However, instead of a watery grave, he discovers an underwater city called Rapture. Rapture was built by Andrew Ryan for men and women who did not want to be dictated to by the government or God. It was a place of scientific innovation, where morality did not get in the way. 'Was', not 'is'. Rapture is now a wasteland, with spliced mutations that have been driven insane through tampering with their DNA. Jack's only comfort in this desolation is Atlas, a citizen of Rapture who isn't a splicer and is desperate to save his trapped family. He helps guide Jack via the radios, leading him through the devastation to Andrew Ryan and possible escape. While surviving the horrors that now live there, Jack will discover what befell the city that was once believed to be paradise. About the Series Bioshock is considered the spiritual successor to the System Shock series, as several of the designers ...

Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3) 04/05/2016

Homecoming: Returning to Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3) Age rating: 18+ 1 Player Can be bought new or used for around £9 on I am a huge fan of the Silent Hill series. It is spooky, atmospheric and normally has a dark, twisted storyline. Therefore, it's no surprise that I got Homecoming now that I have a PS3. Japanese based Team Silent created the earlier games, from 1 to 4. Homecoming was created by Double Helix, a US company. Would they be able to conjure up the unsettling, psychological horror that Silent Hill is famous for? About the Series The games are normally set in the fictional town of Silent Hill, where a cult tried to bring their God to life and failed, unleashing the horror. The town lures the lost and guilty to it, reflecting their inner selves through its monsters and locations. There are three different dimensions: the normal world, fog world, which begins to show the strangeness, and the final plane, known as rust world. Rust world is a foreboding place of twisted metal, with everything the colour of rust. When the surroundings change to this, the normal world flakes away to reveal the decay underneath. The series' popularity has spawned films, comics, spin off games, an arcade shoot 'em up and countless figurines, soundtrack releases and other merchandise. Homecoming is the sixth game in the series. You don't need to have played the earlier games, as this is a standalone story, but it's probably best to know about the Silent Hill mythos or else some references are going to be confusing. ...

Ghosthunter (PS2) 03/04/2016

Ghosthunter: It Started Out Scary...

Ghosthunter (PS2) Age rating: 12+ One player Can be bought for around £3 on and £4 on eBay. Recently, I posted up a review for PS2 game Primal, a fun dark fantasy created by SCEE Cambridge. At the end of Primal, there was a 'coming soon' clip for their next game, which was Ghosthunter. Interested, I sought out the game and was pleased to see it was a survival horror, a genre I love. I've played almost every horror game on the PS2, so I was looking forward to trying this. Would it be able to scare me, after all the horror games I've played? Synopsis Detective Lazarus Jones has gone with his partner, Steele, to an abandoned school. The demolition crew refuse to go near the place, as they've been hearing and seeing strange things. They think the place is haunted. Years ago, a professor murdered ten students and mysteriously vanished. Steele and Jones just think it's pranksters, but when Lazarus discovers something in the basement it turns out to be otherworldly. He accidentally unleashes a deadly array of trapped ghosts, and one kidnaps Steele! With the help of a super computer left behind by the professor and a friendly spirit, Lazarus must hunt down the ghosts he unwittingly freed. Gameplay (3/5) Ghosthunter is a third person survival horror/action game. You play as Lazarus as he goes through a variety of haunted locations, solving environmental puzzles and capturing ghosts. He will have to explore the abandoned school, a swamp overrun with gator monsters, a ghost ship, ...

Primal (PS2) 16/03/2016

Primal: Unleash Your Dark Side (And get a gargoyle sidekick too)

Primal (PS2) Age rating: 15+ One player Can be bought new or used for £3+ at I had only recently heard about Primal after it appeared on a suggestions page from my past PS2 game purchases. The cover interested me, so I decided to get this. I discovered a hidden gem with a great storyline, voice acting and locations once I looked past the clunky combat and slow pace! Synopsis In Primal, chaos and order are normally balanced or else the different realms would be thrown into jeopardy. However, the personification of chaos, Abbadon, has been trying to steal more power for himself. Jen appears to be your average human, but after she and her boyfriend are attacked by a demon she discovers her true heritage. The demon kidnaps her boyfriend and leaves her comatose in hospital. A gargoyle, Scree, releases Jen's soul. He takes her to another dimension and unlocks her demonic powers. While searching for her boyfriend, Jen must team up with Scree and restore order. Game Play Primal is a third person action/adventure. The player controls either Jen or Scree, depending on the situation. When one character isn't being controlled, they will follow the other. Jen's power is that she can mimic each demon form that can be found in the four worlds, discovering new and deadlier attacks. She must explore each fantasy world and defeat the damaging influence put there by Abbadon, dealing with enemies and environmental puzzles. The game is very slow to start and get to the fun. It took ...
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