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Syndol Pain Relief 10/03/2010

If I jump up and down I will rattle!

Syndol Pain Relief I suffer from migraines and most over the counter tablets don't even hit the spot which is why I normally get my prescription of co-codamol from the doctors, or the next best thing Syndol! **ABOUT SYNDOL** Syndol is a "Locally Owned Brand" and is part of the SSL Group of companies with a licence from Aventis Pharma Limited. SSL International plc was created as a result of two back-to-back mergers: Seton Healthcare plc and Scholl plc in July 1998 forming Seton Scholl Healthcare plc; and London International Group plc in May 1999. They also now own Durex (formerly the London Rubber Company). **ABOUT THE PRODUCT** Syndol is specially forumulated to bring fast effective relief from pain especially the pain associated with tension and migraine. It contains 450mg of paracetamol, 10mg of codeine and 30mg caffeine (the active ingridients) with 5mg doxylamine succinate to relax muscular tension. Doxylamine is a type of medicine called a sedating antihistamine. It is included in this medicine not so much for its antihistamine effect, as for its sedative effect. Doxylamine is known as a sedating antihistamine because it enters the brain, where it causes drowsiness this is to aide restful sleep. As with all these type of products you must not exceed 8 tables per day and should not be taken over long periods. These tablets may also cause drowsiness. They are designed to be taken over a short period of time, ideally 3 days after which time you should seek ... 04/03/2010

I'm all of a Twitter! People would say that I'm a bit of a Twitter/Facebook addict. I'm on both of these sites more or less 24 hours a day (Facebook especially!). But its only been the last few months that I've really become addicted to Twitter. It was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams and was known as the "SMS of the Internet" and is a free social networking and micro blogging site. Users can receive messages via a number of portals, including Twitter's website, applications on mobile phones and SMS messages (for a small fee charged by the mobile phone provider) and has (according to internet blogs) around 5m users worldwide. The web based Twitter site is very easy to navigate around. On registering for a Twitter account you are taken to your "Home" page where you will see your "Timeline" of people that you will eventually "Follow". If you know of people that are already on Twitter you can do a simple search for them. Twitter on mobile phones can be slightly different as each application for each make and model of phone is different. I currently use an application called "Swift" which is a Twitter client for the HTC Hero and is more or less like the web based one. But there are numerous applications i.e. for the iPhone for one and even for the HTC it has its own app that comes with the phone called "Peep", but they are all much the same. Sending a "Tweet" yourself is very straightforward. You just type what you want to say. If you are aiming a specific ...

Betterware Doktor Power 20/07/2009

Does exactly what it says on the pot!

Betterware Doktor Power Doktor Power is now also made and sold by JML who are a London based family run business with over 40 years in the trade. Doktor Power is environmentally friendly and cleans nearly everything in your home. Its distinctive green pot boasts a white paste inside and when mixed with water using the innovative two sided sponge it comes with brings everything up cleaner from sports shoes to BBQs. Using the sponge directs more power to where its needed and does not drip and used in conjunction with the Doktor Power Cloths works even better. Doktor Power's packing is 100% recycleable and non-toxic. Its also bleach and phosphate free and is condensed to last longer. You do find that you need to rinse off the cream quite throughly with the cloths as it can leave a residue but otherwise I've never known a product that can be used anywhere or on anything. I've had a pot of this for about 3 months and its nearly come to the end of its life time, but I'd definately buy this again. From the JML website it retails for around £4.99 and is also available to buy in Asda, Tesco etc. I would definately recommend this product to anyone as it requires the minimal of hassle to clean! ...

OPI Drip Dry 17/07/2009

Does exactly what it says on the bottle!

OPI Drip Dry I originally got a bottle of this for Christmas and on using things like this in the past wasn't going to hold my breath that it was going to work. On first using it I found it to be very greasy, but within 5 minutes the greasyness had gone and my nail varnish was bone dry! I'm on my second bottle and for the price found it very reasonable. OPI was founded in 1981 by President & CEO George Schaeffer, who immigrated to the U.S. as a child from post-World War II Eastern Europe. OPI continues to be family-owned, with Schaeffer and Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Executive VP & Artistic Director, at the helm, and has grown to become the world leader in professional nail care. No more known for being shown on QVC (Sky satellite channnel) and being used in nail salons everywhere, the selection of colours is amazing. It comes with a screw top and a pipette used to place the liquid onto the wet varnish. It takes around 5 minutes for it to become dry to the touch and around 10 minutes for it to be bone dry. Retails in Boots the Chemist for around £13 its well worth it! ...

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB 17/07/2009

Apple or Raspberry?!

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB I've had my iPhone for a while now and thought it about time to give my review of what I think of it. I have the bog standard 3G iPhone and not the 3GS but they both do more or less the same although the 3GS does have a few more surprises. The iPhone is three devices in one, in a nutshell, a phone, an iPod and internet in one. The iPhone 3G has a 2 megapixel camera with photo geotagging, copy and paste facility, the display is 480 x 320 and is multi touch. Supports assisted GPS and Wi-Fi, has a built in iPod. Talk time is around 5 hours on 3G and 10 hours on 2G with a standby time of 300 hours. My experience with using the iPhone is a bit mixed. I'm a great user of predictive text so the QWERTY keyboard for me makes texting and sending emails easier. The iPhone supports Googlemail, Yahoo Mail and AOL mail as well as Mail Exchange so you can pick up your messages on the go. The phone comes standard with Google Maps, YouTube, Weather, iTunes and App Store so you can download and listen to songs and applications on the go. One of the main gripes with iPhones at the moment is the battery life to the fact that the software update can deteriorate the battery life. This apparently is being fixed in a patch soon to be released via iTunes. Overall my experience with the iPhone is one of finding something different everyday on there. I would recommend it to anyone. Its available on O2 Pay as you Go for £342 for 3G and £442 for 3GS (8GB and 16 GB ...

Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot 03/01/2008

Unwrap the candybar

Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot The Sony Ericsson K800i Cybershot is what I'd call a camera with phone capabilities! Literally. **OVERVIEW** The K800i Cybershot is a "candybar" mobile with an easy layout keypad. Above the screen, either side of the earpiece there is two buttons. This can be very helpful in viewing your photos, but they are also used as function keys when the camera is being used. The top one is used for different scenes whereas the bottom one is used for normal photo taking, BestPic, panorama and frames. The camera also uses a Xenon flash with red eye reduction facility and is 3.2 mega pixels giving crystal clear photos. The phone interface is the same as any other Sony laid out in a grid of 6 icons by 6 icons with the usual games, internet, messaging to name but a few. Text messages are very easy to compose and send. You can use the T9 predictive text function or just the normal text input. You have the option to include sounds and pictures within a message which then gets converted into a multimedia message. It has the capabilty of handing email and boasts Bluetooth as well. The battery life is very good at about 4-5 days standby. In the box you get the phone, headphones, carry strap and SonyDisc2Phone an application allowing you to download/upload ringtones, pictures etc. Reception on the phone is very clear with no interference. It doesn't come with a memory card but it supports Memory Stick Micro (M2). **PRICE AND NETWORKS** I know that its ...

Barclaycard 03/01/2008

Well done Barclays

Barclaycard I've been with Barclaycard for about 4 months now and have had an excellent service from them. From the first day I had the card I signed up online to view my statement. This service is very easy to use and I was viewing the statement within a few minutes of signing up. The website layout is very easy to use and navigate. The telephone service that Barclaycard operate is also very good. A clear, concise automated service is used and you have the option to speak to a customer service agent. When you are answered by a customer service agent they are very through and will endeavour to answer any questions you have. The security that they use to identify a customer is excellent. I can't fault Barclaycard. They offer excellent APR for different individuals and we got ours as a result of being a discharged bankrupt. Although our interest rate is quite high, we were given a very good card limit to start with, better than the one we have with our other credit card company. Overall very good customer service and very good service overall. ...

His Dark Material I: Northern Lights - Philip Pullman 03/01/2008

Northern Gem

His Dark Material I: Northern Lights - Philip Pullman I've heard over the years about the triology of Philip Pullman's books known as "His Dark Materials" so last month I thought I'd start to read the first book in this triology "Northern Lights". I was immediately hooked. The star of the books is a 12 year old girl called Lyra Belacqua and her daemon, Pantalimon, who we find in the first book living in Jordan College in Oxford, but not our Oxford, a place named Oxford in a parallel world. She's looked after by the staff and her "Uncle" Asriel. All beings in Lyra's world have daemons who form part of thei own "soul" so when they feel pain so does the daemon. Daemon's are not allowed to touch other beings. Also if a daemon is parted from its owner the owner or the daemon will most certainly die. The book follows Lyra as she sets off across parallel words in search of her Uncle Asriel and meets numerous other people and animals along the way within the other two books as well. In this first book (which is now a major film entitled "The Golden Compass"), she makes her way across the vast snow fields to follow her Uncle in doing so she meets an army of armoured bears lead by Iorek Bryanson wanting to defend Svalbard, an aeronaut called Lee Scoresby and a cavern of witches lead by Serefina Pekkala. A very intense story leaving you wanting more at the end. The second book is called the Subtle Knife where Lyra meets Will and it follows their adventures into the third and final book entitled The Amber Spyglass. I loved ...

Apple iPod Nano video 4GB Third Generation 02/01/2008

Small but big

Apple iPod Nano video 4GB Third Generation The Ipod Nano 4GB Third Generation comes in just one colour unfortunately, the 8GB comes in black, green, red and blue. With prices starting at £99 for the 4GB one this a gadget to suit most people's pocket. I opted for the 4GB one. Made from anodised aluminium top and polished stainless steel back and is 6.4mm thick, and very lightweight at 49.2 grammes **TECHNICAL STUFF** The display is 2 inch (diagonal) with 320 x 240 mega pixel resolution. Holds up to 1,000 to 2,000 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format2 Holds up to 3,500 to 7,000 iPod nano-viewable photos3 Holds up to 4 hours (4GB) or up to 8 hours (8GB) of video4 Stores data via USB flash drive **WHATS IN THE BOX** iPod nano Earphones USB 2.0 cable Dock adaptor Quick Start guide So far I love it, its very easy to use and the sound quality is excellent. ...

LG Chocolate KG800 21/09/2007

Take a piece of chocolate

LG Chocolate KG800 The LG KG800 also known as the "LG Chocolate" is by far one of the best value phones on the market. At first glance its sleek design is easy on the eye. The Chocolate is a slider phone, and when opened it reveals a "touch sensitive" keypad. With 256,000 colour, TFT type, 176x220 size screen its very clear and concise. It boasts an MP3 playback to a multi-megapixel camera and high resolution LCD screen. Weighing 83 grams and having up to 200 hrs standby time this is a phone to have. Obviously if you use the MP3 player and the phone a lot this standby time is reduced, I find that during the week because I use the MP3 player on my journey to and from work the battery tends to last around 2/3 days with it then being charged overnight. Texting on the LG Chocolate is very easy and clear to read. I have it on the Orange network pay as you go which retails at around £70.00. It has come down in price since its first launch when it retailed for around £119.00. It is also available (still) on T-Mobile. There is a calendar and alarm feature, but unfortunately for the alarm to work you have to leave the phone switched on, where most other phones you can switch off and it comes on when it reaches the alarm time. It is tri-band and Bluetooth enabled. In the box you get the phone, velvet pouch, screen cleaner, charger, USB cable and manuals. Overall a nice, easy to use phone. ...

Bath Power 21/09/2007

Cleaning days are a thing of the past!

Bath Power Being a busy working mum of two I am often on the look out for something that will cut down my housekeeping time in the bathroom. I've tried numerous products but this product beats the rest! Containing no chlorine, ammonia or phosphates, it is safe for bio-cycles and septic tanks. (Not tested on animals). Just a few squirts onto the surface, leave for 30-60 seconds and wipe off, no (or not much) scrubbing needed. For use on all surfaces such as fiberglass, taps, toilets, shower screens, baths, stainless steel, tiles, metal surfaces and chrome. On shower screens its excellent for getting off water marks without the needs for scrubbing and with its pleasant smelling aroma you can't go wrong. It brings chrome taps up to a sparkling finish. It is based on a mild, natural plant acid, combined with a rich surfactant system. The company was started in Australia and quickly spread to New Zealand where it has taken the country by storm as it has done over here. Its available in most high street supermarkets priced at around £3.80. You may think its quite expensive, but is well worth the money. I'll be trying out the Kitchen Power next. See their website at for further details ...

Nokia 6020 02/02/2007

Good Old Nokia!

Nokia 6020 Nokia never seem to upset people with their phones, and this is no exception. The 6020 is a typical "candybar" design, both small and lightweight at a mere 90g and with a 65,536 colour screen what more do you want. I bought the 6020 on Orange pay as you got for £54.95 which is a very reasonable price for a Nokia of this calibre. It boasts an integrated VGA camera and the ability to record video up to 50 seconds long. Unfortunately there is no zoom on the camera but the quality of the photos is very good. It also boasts tri-band on five continents with automatic switching between bands. The 6020 also has the ability for email and chat which is an added bonus as you can read and respond to your email messages (POP3 supported) whilst on the move. The boring stuff: ** Tech Specs ** Integrated VGA camera Camcorder for clips up to 50 seconds xHTML browsing over EDGE and GPRS Java™ downloading Dedicated Push to Talk button Sync ML for remote data synchronization 65,536-colour screen Instant messaging with Presence enhanced contacts Multimedia messaging Email and Chat Access : email accounts whether work or personal; supports POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP - TCP/IP-based protocols Customizable colour themes (plus downloadable ones) Tri-band coverage on five continents Automatic switching between bands Weight : 90 g Dimensions: 106 mm x 44 mm x 20 mm, 73 cc Large, high-resolution colour display Up to 65,536 ... 21/12/2006

Will you swap with me? began life in 2002 and has a massive following. The site has 2 main categories "Swapz" and "Wantedz" which are self explanatory. Split then into different categories within each ranging from Antiques to Toys and Games. A lot of swaps done on this website are mobile phones. By clicking on the "Swapz" link it takes you to the category list and beside each category (in brackets) is the number of swaps listed in that category. For instance today in Swapz category "Mobile and Home Phones" there are 1814 swaps available from Sim free phones to contract phones, accessories etc. **Registration** To carry out a swap on the site you need to first register of course with all your details, i.e. your address, telephone number and a username and password. Once you are registered you can then start posting your "Swapz" or "Wantedz" on the site. **Posting a Swap** This is very easy and straightforward. Once registered you have your own member area on the left hand side of the screen. By clicking on the "My Swapz" link it will then take you to a number of screens which are self explanatory where you fill out the description etc. and add photos if you wish for your swap. This is then posted "live" onto the site. **Receiving Swapz Mail & Swapz Proposals** If a person sees your swap, wants to swap with you they can then either ask you a question via the site or propose their swap with you. You then have the option to "accept" or "reject" the ...

Brent Cross, London 18/12/2006

X marks the spot

Brent Cross, London The last time I went to Brent Cross they were rebuilding the back bit by John Lewis and that was some time ago and they still have not got the parking right! There are three levels, Lower Mall, Upper Mall and Level 3. *~*LOWER MALL*~* Houses some of the major department stores, Boots, Fenwick, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, H&M, Waitrose and WH Smith. Fenwick, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer have shop parts on the upper level as well so you can go in on one level and come out on another. There are toilets and entrances to the carparks on most floors. The walkways are wide enough so that even when its crowded you can walk with ease from shop to shop. Situated at each end of this mall there are coffee shops, at the Fenwick end is Costa Coffee and at the John Lewis end is Starbucks. *~*UPPER MALL*~* On this level you'll find Sunglass Hut, Tie Rack and Accessorise to name but a few shops as well as Claires Accessories, Monsoon Kids, and Russell & Bromley Kids. *~* LEVEL 3*~* These are management offices. *~*GETTING THERE*~* Getting to Brent Cross couldn't be easier whether by tube or car, rail or bus its very easy. ~~BY CAR~~ Situated close to several major routes including the M1, M25, A41, M5 and the A406 North Circular Road. ~~BY TUBE~~ The easiest station to alight from is Hendon Central. From all you do is walk down Hendon Way to the lights, turn left by the bank and follow the signs through the footpath to the centre. You can alight ...

John Lewis (Department Stores) 18/12/2006

Where to look first.

John Lewis (Department Stores) We went to the John Lewis branch in Brent Cross on Saturday (what I hear you cry! the last weekend before Christmas, yes, must need our heads tested!) and even though it was the last weekend before Christmas didn't seem very crowded at all. Set over 2 floors we entered the shop in the glass, homeware and lighting department looking for a Christmas present for my mother-in-law. This department was set out whereby all items could be looked at with ease. There were plenty of shop assistants milling around the floor, tidying displays and helping out customers. We found what we wanted to buy (a Royal Douton vase designed by Zandra Rhodes) and sought to find a shop assistant who was only too pleased to help out. Behind the homewares department is the materials. John Lewis is known for its vast material department in all their stores. On the upper floor there was the mens, womenswear and childrenswear departments, along with a restaurant called "The Place to Eat". John Lewis' motto is "Never Knowingly Undersold" and they certainly are not. Maybe some of their items that they sell are a little pricey I found that the majority of homewares especially are very reasonably priced. This vase that we purchased was £34 which I think is very reasonable for something as well known as Royal Doulton designed by a famous designer. There are tills in every department and you never normally have to wait longer than average 3-5 minutes to be served to pay. The shop assistants are ...
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