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Melisani Cave, Kefalonia 11/03/2007

Melassani Lake - sapphire blue waters

Melisani Cave, Kefalonia We parked our hire car in the dusty carpark of the Melisani Lake. It feels rather odd - as you step out you can see a cafe bar, shop, swimming pool, public toilets (very clean) sunbeds and apartments but no lake. The you see the red-carpeted entrance down into a cave (we looked at each other dubiously.) As you walk down the slope you enter a very tacky gift shop - 'authentic' greek plates, sea-shell creatures, statues of Dionnisus and his enornmous..well lets just say he must be a fertility symbol! Through the gift shop and down another carpeted slope you can just glimpse the opening of a cave, with glittering water at the edge. It gets cooler as you approach the water. As you reach it you see the boats waiting to take you around, manned by Greek oarsmen, each boat can hold about 8 people, we were at the end of the season so there was just 4 of us on the lake. The first thing that attracts you is the absolute clarity of the very sapphire blue water - it really is stunning to look at. Our oarsman was friendly, chatty and cheeky - ''Step into my love boat Mrs.'' (We were 2 couples). The row around the lake in the underground cave was just wonderful. The lake remained undiscovered until the earth quake of 1953 when the roof of the cave collapesd to reveal the crystal waters below (The water is from one of the bays and travels underground for some way before reaching the lake) It is ice cold and sparlkles with every glint of sunlight. The view upwards is as ...

Olympus FE-170 11/03/2007

Lots of features for a good price!

Olympus FE-170 We were worried about dipping our toe into the world of digital cameras as we knew so little about them - even searching the net made us more confused! The plan was to spend under £100 on the best we could get for our money. The Olympus FE-170 cost us £89 from Tesco - we probably could have got it cheaper on the net, but being novices wanted to have the option of asking questions and the chance to take it back if we had problems. We did know we wanted something with over 5.0m pixels (the FE-170 has 6.0m) and that we wanted to be able to use a memory card with our printer (It uses and XD card). The FE-170 also has 3x optical zoom which still means that the picture quality is good even when you zoom in - and boy does it zoom! (The quality of the portrait close-ups are good but particularly unfogiving of wrinkles!) The large screen at the back makes it easy to check the quality of the photo you have taken (even when I am not wearing my specs!) Lovely sharp colours and high definition - there is rarely a need to use the flash, even indoors. The anti red-eye function works very well and comes in particularly useful when I am photographing the cat - it stops him from closing his eyes with the brief 'pre-flash'! The functions are many, but not all useful (I have no idea why I would use the auction function which takes 3 simultaneous pictures) but there is a function for photographing documents (good for the budding Special Agent), photographing things through glass (take a ...

Daewoo Matiz 09/03/2007

Wizzy, zippy and zany!

Daewoo Matiz When I decided to scrap yet another 2.0L monster car I thought I would look for something more eco-friendly and eco-nomical! I was attracted to Mitzy Matiz because of her cute grin and smiling eyes (every day I am greeted by her cheerful disposition!) I was worried about the interior size and made my husband get in the back to see - he's 6'3'' and there is plenty of headroom! I travel 25 miles to and from work on country lanes and she sticks to the winding roads like...well, glue! Even though she is only a 1.0L the hills are no problem (as long as you prepare for them in advance!) On a £25 tank of unleaded (85.9p per litre) I can get up to 270 miles from her be fore having to re-fill. Very ergonomic inside with all the 'cock-pit' controls in easy reach and a smashing Blauplunkt Stereo and the radio works even in the multi storey carpark with a shredded aerial (sorry Mitzy - took her through a rotary car wash - never again - always lovingly care for her by hand now!) Comfy interior, can feel a bit blown about on a very windy day and once all 4 wheels left the road because I hit a hump back bridge too fast - now that was exciting! She is poly-silver with blue and grey upholstry and I have customised her doors, bonnet and boot with big blue flowers. She is a dinky, quirky pet who raises a smile from almost everyone! ...
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