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36 14/06/2008

Be opinionated - your opinions are Valued Opinions Valued Opinions - making money from the Internet Yes you can make money from the internet. Valued Opinions is one of many survey sites where your time and opinions equals money. Its simple to register, update your profile and simply wait for the email invitation to a survey. When you receive a survey to complete you will have to answer a few questions before you know if you are part of their target responses that they are looking for. Unfortunately, sometimes, you feel like you have answered a thousand questions before they tell you, oh sorry you are not the type of person we are looking for for this survey. However, when you are the right kind of person!.. you can spend 5 - 15 minutes completing their survey. Some surveys are very boring and go on and on, sometimes you get very interesting surveys to complete, where you might watch a video, ie a tv advert, or a film clip. As long as you answer honestly, you are helping mould products that are available for us to buy. Once you have completed your survey you will earn a pound or two, sometimes more. This can take some time to go into your account. Check your account often and once it reaches £10.00 you can swap your credit for vouchers. I tend to use Amazon vouchers, you get those instantly via email. You can also make money by referring friends. Keep your profile up to date and you will be sure to receive regular invites. ...

Haven Holidays 12/04/2005

Haven Holidays - Haven from what?!

Haven Holidays When we arrived at the holiday park, we were firstly disappointed by the attitude of the staff, with the one and only exception of an older lady on the main reception. The rest of the staff were either resting their heads on desks (in the swimming pool) or just looking generally miserable. Even so, this in itself we could have lived with. We got the keys to our van and as soon as we opened the door we were shocked at the awful smell of stale cigarettes that came out. On further inspection there was food crumbs on the floor and the sides, hairs on the bathroom floor, sticky and dirty floor in the kitchen area, bits all over the mattresses, which were lumpy and disgusting, a 3mm gap in the childrens bedroom window (as it was snowing this weekend, this was most unwelcome), dirty ashtrays, rusting fireplace and battered furnishings and the entire place had not been polished for goodness knows how long. I think we could have coped with the battered furnishings, because we were in a 3 star caravan and not expecting the height of luxury, but there was no way we could cope with the dirt and the smell, for that there is no excuse. The next day my family and I booked into a hotel, a family room which cost us £90. This is an added expense we did not need but felt we could not have stayed in the van another night, that day we went home early, bitterly disappointed that our break that we had looked forward to for many months had been totally ruined. We regret not complaining at ... 16/11/2003

QUACK QUACK QUACK I love Loquax. Firstly for their devil duck smilie. It's ACE! Anyway to the point. Loquax is a competition portal. You don't need to register, but if you do there are a couple of benefits, i.e. the site can track all the competitions you have entered for you. ♣I'M NEW As a new user you would browse the site and see that there are many many options. Options for New Competitions (competitions just put out that day). Closing Today - all competitions that close that day. They have a section for "Our Competitions", where Loquax run their own, generally winning DVD's and T Shirts. They have Most Wanted section giving you details of all the most wanted prizes on the net. When you choose a category to go into, a list will appear. You can choose from this list which (if not all!) you are going to click on as the details of the prize are given at this point. Down the side of the home page Loquax also break everything down into categories. They have a category for Home, Cash, Cars, Kids, etc etc. They have also help menus, search options and "other competitions". By "other competitions" I mean that the majority of the comps on their site on internet based. This mean you would click the link they provide to a competition site and enter via the net - possibly answering questions (which you can always find the answer to one way or another), or doing a tie breaker (answer this in so many words type of thing) or simply a prize draw - just leaving your ...

Weight Watchers 13/08/2003

Where theres a will theres weight watchers

Weight Watchers I joined Weight Watchers On Line in January 2003, as I wanted to lose some weight before my holiday in July. Firstly I found the site easily enough and secondly, decided to join on line and registered. It was very simple to register. I paid by direct debit, which is 9.95 a month and a joining fee of £30.00. You may think that is a lot, but you have access to a wide range of information and it is cheaper than going physically to the classes at around £5.00 a week. So you register and get a log in and password, bringing up your own home page. **Home Page** Firstly you will need to record your weight. This is your start weight. You are then advised to weigh yourself ONLY once a week thereafter. On the same day each week you need to go back to the weigh in page and put in your new, hopefully reduced weight! You are also given your points (that is the amount of pointed food or drink) that you are allowed a day. As you lose (or gain) weight you will see a graph reflecting the changes, which can be very encouraging - or daunting! **On Line Tracker** On a daily basis, instead of writing on paper, you literally type into your tracker what you have eaten. The best bit about this is that you can work out the points for absolutely everything on their on line calculator. At the end of the day, the tracker will calculate how many points you have eaten or drunk and tell you if you have any left to carry over. You are only allowed to save a few points up ...

GHD Salon Styler - Hair Straightener 23/06/2003

CIAO to Crystal Tips

GHD Salon Styler - Hair Straightener You may be too young to know about Crystal and Alistair and if you are I'm sorry, but you don't wanna know! ~~~~~GHD Ceramic hair straighteners~~~~~~ I took my candy floss tipster style hair to the hairdressers one day. When they had cut my hair I explained I liked it to be "made" straight. This process usually involves some cheap cruddy straightening irons and lots of serum. But not any more!! ♠ WHAT ARE THEY THEN THESE STRAIGHTENER THINGIES Well, I have had a couple of "cheaper" pairs from Argos. Naming no names. But basically, they are plug in hair "tongs" which are flat, like irons. They are used to straighten and smooth long hair. ♠ WHATS SO GOOD ABOUT GHD THEN EH? Well there is a lot of technical information which I though must be codswallop when I first heard about it, but now, I don't know maybe its true! The GHD straighteners heat to 210 degrees, within 6 seconds. Cheaper straighteners need to be put on at least a week before use. Stick in plug and stick on head all in a couple of minutes. ♣Back to technical bit: "With its fast heating ceramic element, the ghd hairstyling iron creates a negative ion charge that seals in moisture, natural oils and hair colour for total hair protection." Apparently. Now you would think your hair would dry out using these, as they certainly do using other ones. Well it actually seems to make your hair softer, honestly! You can buy a spray oil to coat your hair with before ironing which is ...

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (PC) 18/06/2003

Puke Free Coasters

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (PC) Well you don't, but your customers do, everywhere! Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. Not having owned Roller Coaster 1 - GASP - I know, I missed out there, I did not really know what to expect with this game. ♠BORING BIT •Win 98/ME/2000/XP •64 MB RAM •120 MB free •Installation - easy step by step instructions. ♠BEGIN TUTORIAL - recommended. You can speed through the tutorial windows if they get a little too simplistic! ♣MANAGEMENT The management box consists of Park Information - which tells you how much you are charging to get in, how many visitors you have had. You also find in here your staff levels, hiring and firing, and the guest box, how many, how happy, how ill, that kind of thing. Finances - here you can check out your finances, and even borrow a certain amount of money. ♥BUILDING/GAME You can build your own park in your own way or you can choose scenarios. Scenarios - there are many to choose from and I have only completed 2 so far. (See I cant spend all my time on here can I!) There are many different parks with different goals, for instance, improve a park and achieve a customer rating/attendance, or a certain amount of money before a goal date. You can set research to normal or extra funding, and this will give you different shops and games eventually all of which are available for you to buy, providing you have the money. Basically, you are able to place shops, scenary and rides where you like. ...

5 Best Holiday Memories 18/06/2003

A piece of Heaven in Netherlands

5 Best Holiday Memories My husband was made redundant last year. Having received a decent redundancy package we decided to treat ourselves AND THE CHILDREN to our wonderful birthday break. I say AND THE CHILDREN and BIRTHDAY BREAK because: Well, I have a 13 year old, a 4 year old daughter and two step children. They are aged 13 and 15 and belong to hubby. Birthdays - because the week we chose to have a break in was when his 15 year was having her birthday and my 13 year old kevin the teenager was having his birthday. Life when all of the children are at our house, is incredibly stressful, although we are very young in attitude and tolerance, we regularly fnd ourselves in a difficult situation. So the lure of peace and calm in Centerparcs was pulling us but we were aware that it could all go horribly wrong. Anyway, we decided to go to Centerparcs, always wanted to go there and found it to be too expensive before. So about three months before planned trip, i.e. January looking to go in April, we looked on line The site itself is brilliant. The home page looks so welcoming with a slideshow at the top to flick through some beautiful images of forests and lakes. On the right of this page is a choice of countries. You can choose England, Denmark, Belgium, France or Holland. On the left of this page are your prices, the types of property available, facilities available and just about everything you need to know about Centerparcs. Well we wanted to go to one in ...

BBC2: Malcolm In The Middle 10/06/2003

Francis - if only I was 20 years younger

BBC2: Malcolm In The Middle We first noticed this brilliant programme on BBC2 last year, as it came after The Simpsons. Willing to give things a try before condemning them to the pits of hell, we watched. And laughed and laughed. This truly is the funniest programme on television. Hooraah - season 2 is underway Thursday night. M U M Malcolm in the Middle is an all american family - on the outside! There is Lois, Mum. She is God, the one to be Feared and Obeyed at all costs. She is also known as Lois. Lois is a no nonsense GET TO YOUR ROOM screetcher, an excellent actress and brilliant comedian, she plays this roll to perfection. Lois works in a shop with an overbearing obsessed admirer. D A D Hal, otherwise known as roll over and do as you're told HAL. Anything for a peaceful life. If you watched season one though, or are about to on DVD, then you will discover Hals hidden skating talent, which he tries to teach to Malcolm. This episode is one of the funniest in the whole season. I'll let you watch, but if you don't remember the 80's it may not strike a cord with you. F R A N C I S The oldest son. Doing time in a detention centre for a whole catalogue of misdemeanours, for which there was always a logical reason. Apart from being drop dead gorgeous, he too is incredibly funny. Although the hard nut at the centre, he lives in fear of his mothers wrath. M A L C O L M The gifted one. He is the "odd one out" in the family. He desperately wants to be normal. R E E S ...

All About Me 04/06/2003

Car trashing white trash talks to CIAO

All About Me I don’t spose anyone will read, but its fun so I’m going to do it anyway. 01. What time is it? 19:37 GMT 02. Name: Jo. 03. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: 34 and I still feel 15. 04. Hair colour: blonde with pink streaks 05. Tattoos: Two. In a rock chick stylee. 06. How much do you love your job on a scale of 0-5: 0 on a Monday and 5 on a Friday 07. Favourite colour: Purple 08. Home County: Bedfordshire 09. Current Relationship Status Married, mum to two and step mum to two aliens 10. Favourite food: Pasta, Chinese 11. Been to Africa? No 12. Been to Camden? Yes 13. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? Yes, was men in the past but now its my kids! 14. Been in a car accident? I have written 5 cars off, does that count lol? First one I had just passed my test at 17 and turned it over in a ditch and the rest well it was always someone elses fault!! Im a good driver really, my dream was to be a rally driver but I guess Im too old now. 15. Croutons or bacon bits? Neither YUK. 16. Sprite or 7UP? Double YUK 17: Favourite Movie: Done this already – Grease 18. Favourite Holiday: Well Malta as a fave holiday place, but we have just been to Centreparcs in Holland and that was fantastic. I’d do an op but there’s no option. I spose there would be on a holiday review site though wouldn’t there, waffle waffle waffle… 19. Favourite day of the week: None really they ...

Restaurant Empire (PC) 04/06/2003

My restaurant is better than your restaurant

Restaurant Empire (PC) Any tycoon pc games and, well you may have noticed, I am there. This one was no exception. Apparently, it is the worlds first 3D restaurant sim. As with most of these game types, there are scenarios or freeplay. I always prefer the scenarios - it makes it feel like I'm almost doing something worthwhile!! I did say almost. Starting with some cash and an empty restaurant, your aim is to design the restaurant, menus, recipies and even your staff, ultimately outdoing the competition. R E Q U I R E M E N T S Win 98, ME 2000, XP. 500 mhz 128 mb RAM 700 mb hard drive I bought this game from GAME (get reward points you see) and it cost 29.99. I should have waiting until it got cheaper, but I just couldn't, could I. Tut. I N S T A L L A T I O N Easy peasey, stick in and do exactly what it says on the screen, very quick too. S T A R T I N G There is a tutorial, essential in my opinion, which does a basic scenario to get you used to the controls. Once completed you move on to the next scenario. In your restaurant you can have another floor, change the decor completely, change the tables - like the Sims you can choose a more expensive table for extra comfort, and therefore increase customer satisfaction. You can also click on tables and choose lighting or flowers for the table. You can install a dumb waiter to help the waiters serve more quickly and if your staff are not up to scratch, then you can fire and re-hire (wish we could do at that our ...

Everything that starts with Y ... 03/06/2003


Everything that starts with Y ... I’m sure no-body wants to know about me, but here it is anyway. HAVE YOU EVER Been so drunk you blacked out? Not quite blacked out, blacked out my eyes maybe by falling over. Been hurt emotionally? Yes, lots in the past. Have now learnt that nice blokes really are the best!! Took a lot of bastards to learn that one though. Kept a secret? Well I used to be able to but I seem to be turning into a right old gossip at work, is it my age do you think? Had an imaginary friend? No Had a crush on a teacher? Yes just one – my maths teacher, corrr! Sorry I cannot remember his name, I went to Sandy Upper and it was 1985 and he was blonde. Hi sir if you’re reading! Ever thought an animated character was hot? Well I spose a bloke would say Betty Boo, cos I think she is, but I don’t because Im straight, if you know what I mean and I guess Jessica Rabbit a bit horny too if you like that sort of thing hehe. Had a New Kids on the Block tape? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW and any other shock horror expressions I can think of. Been on stage? Yes lots, used to do lots of comedy routines and even, at school, re-wrote a comedy Cinderella and staged it for the school. I was the fairy godmother in case you want to know. Cut your own hair? Yes! Once in the 80’s I desperately wanted to look a bit phil oakey ish. I had a wedge cut and with a mega long fringe and the other side sort of flicked behind my ear, in an 80’s stylee – if you’re my age you ... 02/06/2003

Go wild in the amazon I had heard about Amazon a couple of years ago, when I first started using the net. I knew you could buy pc games, videos, dvds etc and used it to send gift vochers to a 16 year old nephew. Over the last couple of years I have bought PC games, books and cd's from this site. It is only just recently, however, that I have discovered there is a lot more to Amazon than meets the eye. Firstly, it creates your own page. It stores everything you have ever bought and even recommends similar items you might want. This is very handy if you did not realise a new cd/game/book was coming out, for example. But the bestest bit I have just discovered - thanks to a CIAO member is that you can SELL too!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I was just contemplating another horrendous smelly outing to the carboot - sorry to offend but OMG AAAAAAAAAAHHH. Just to digress slightly - me and hubby used to frequent car boots with an obsession, looking for Eddie Izzard vids we hadnt got and horror books we had yet to discover and all was well. We then took to "doing" car boots ourselves in that we would squash the kids in flat in the car and pile all our crap on top of them. We would make some money, nothing spectacular but the thing that really got to us, was the "people", eeeewwww, people who would crawl all over the boot of the car while we were still unloading. Im sorry if I offend but that is just so WRONG! Hello!!! Anyway back to the point. Just as we were contemplating another session of ...

The Sims: Superstar Expansion Pack (PC) 28/05/2003

Superstar bum sticks to chair at PC

The Sims: Superstar Expansion Pack (PC) Hello, My names Jo and I am a pc'holic. There I said it. Yes, I pre-ordered Sims Superstar and received it via the mail from GAME the day after it was released. It cost me £19.99. In order to own this game you need to have installed on your PC "The Sims". cough I have all of them cough You will need win 95/98/2000 or XP and 450mhz processor and 128mb ram of memory. You do? Then you can begin. I N S T A L L A T I O N ******* Couldn't be easier. Insert disk 1 follow simple instructions, takes only a couple of minutes, at prompt - insert disc 2, again only a couple of mins and off you go. T H E G A M E Now, if you have Hot Date or Vacation, you will know that when you call a cab to go "downtown" or on "vacation" (fellow simites will know what I'm on about!!), the graphics are rather slow when you arrive. IT was seriously annoying. With Superstar there is no such problem. The speed of the game is just as fast as in the neighbourhood section of the game. There is also no long wait for the taxi to reach its destination. To begin the game, once you have chosen a character and a house (choosing the gold toilet of course for your bathroom - ooh oooh and a BUTLER!! COOL), anyway.. when you have chosen the first thing you must do is sign up to an agent - you will be able to do this when the morning paper arrives. Once done, you can visit studio town, where you can mingle with the stars, get autographs, creep, fawn all that stuff, most are obliging but don't ... 25/05/2003

Jobs Jobs everywhere or is there I am currently employed full time and on the look out for a new challenge. I decided last week to begin my hunt for a new job, which began with the weekly job paper. When there was nothing in here I fancied, I realised it would be another whole week of putting up with a snidy lazy boss, before I could get that flutter of excitement which rises up when I open the job pages in anticipation of escape. So, to the internet I went. Okay, I have heard of Fish 4 Jobs and I know our local paper puts their jobs in Fish too. So off we go. There is a search facility, where you can put how many miles you would like them to search from either a location, or a postcode. Well I asked them to search for 15 miles around Leicester. Derby ? Hello? I know my geography was not quite as good as Mrs Rankin would have liked but.. come on. Anyhow, once I entered my search criteria, secretarial/pa, any type of business I get three or four pages of fairly relevant jobs. (Well the ones in Leics were relevant, Derby- well not too sure about those!!). I even clicked on two appealing jobs - both in High Schools, Secretary - yep sounds okay so far, double click again for more info, hang on, they dont want a Secretary, they want a Headmistress - ok, yep I could do that, bend over.... Okay, I was not too impressed with their mismatch, but how annoying was it to find that the second appealing one was once again, a teachers post, not administrative at all! What is going on! I even emailed Fish to ask ...

The Others (DVD) 25/05/2003

Watch out for the others

The Others (DVD) Obviously, if you are reading this, you have not seen the film and therefore I cannot give away the ending and WOW, what an ending. Horror films of late have been disappointing to say the least, they are usually too gory, too silly, too oh so not scarey or just too crap. And so we sat, after a trawl around Blockbuster to see what we could we could watch that evening. With a sigh, we settled on The Others, "it'll do", being our collective response. This response because on reading the back - well for a start you've a hollywood actress who I dont particularly rate - Nicole Kidman - well - didn't particularly rate - until I saw the film. Then there is the blurb that tells you you are going to be shocked and scared and yeah yeah yeah we've heard it all before. Now, I am a 34 year old woman with two children and 2 step children (they are scarey believe me) and am therefore not easily scared. So it was a surprise to me and my family when I screamed not once, not twice but THREE Times!! I jumped out of my skin. When I had composed myself and flicked my hair back into place, with a look that said "ha, I was only kidding", errm okay then, I carried on watching the film. Ok to the film. There are just 7 main characters in this film. The very must be loaded lady of the house, although she does seem rather out of place in that house I must say, and two well to do children. The children cannot face day light due to a condition that they were born with, this is quite relevant ...
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