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Torbay (England) 22/06/2003

Come on down to Sunny(ish) Torbay

Torbay (England) Torbay (aka the English riviera)is a bay made up of 3 towns; Torquay, Paignton and Brixham with populations of 60000, 40000 and 20000 respectively. If you visit in the summer Torbay is a particularly sunny destination however it experiences alot of rain and wind as it is on the coast. The coastline in Torbay is particularly scenic with some great jumping cliffs in torquay, while the best beaches are probably in Paignton such as Preston,Paignton and Goodrington beach where there are also greens by each beach. Quaywest which is next to goodrington beach makes a great day out with Britains largest waterslides, go karts, arcades, donuts(...mmm), an excellent restaurant/pub (inn on the quay) and the beach. Paignton is home to one of the best Zoo's in the country (which featured in the BBC series - zookeepers), its a fantastic zoo with all the animals you could want. Torquays cultural sites include Torre abbey, The Palace Theatre and Babbacombe model village. If you want to look at a more old fashioned and historical area, check out brixham which has World War II bunkers overlooking the coastline in preparation for any NAZI invasion. Brixham little harbour holds a replica of the Golden Hind (of Sir Francis Drake). In the general area around Torbay you can also have excellent family days out at River Dart country park and Woodlands fun park. All along Torbays seafront you can find some excellent fish and chips. There are plenty of old pubs and a wide selction ...

Marrakech (Morocco) 22/06/2003

Marvellous Marrakech

Marrakech (Morocco) Marrakech is the second biggest city in Morrocco, it is a predominantly Arabic speaking country, although most people in the city can speak French (from its days as a french colony) and many citizens people can also speak basic English. The country is also moderately muslim and a good introduction to the muslim way of life, whilst still being very welcoming and enthusiastic to foreigners ('so just like us in Britain then'). The climate (don't forget it's from someone living in Britain) is constantly hot and at times can be irritating with the flies and make sleep difficult, but a swim or a shower at the hotel should sort that out. If you live in the western world and you want too visit a totally different culture then this city is a good introduction to the moderate arabic world. In the major hotels there is an excellent variety of cuisine and you must try the native Moroccon tea. To experience moroccon food try the big bowl of Paella between a table. Whilst on the trip make sure you experience riding a camel. In the city you can really experience the culture, with ancient castles (AKA Kasbahs) and for the market place think Aladin (the film) with many stalls selling all kind of exotic fruits and foods. You can even go to the snake charmers and have a snake around your neck if thats your thing. Apart from witnessing some poverty its not as bad as most other African nations and overall it is a very welcoming city with plenty of cultural sites to visit. ...

Final Fantasy X (PS2) 22/06/2003

Continues to be the benchmark

Final Fantasy X (PS2) This installment of Final Fantasy keeps the same structure of Final Fantasy that veterans will no and love as well as adding in the latest technology in beautiful graphics and cut scenes and wonderful story. This story continues the long line of Final Fantsies to include the brilliantly scripted storyline which when playing the game takes you into the fantasy world that your playing keeping you gripped to the controller. If there is one criticism its that if you are having to many fights you can be parted from the storyline and get bored of the game for a short while, but there is so much to do in this game that you will not stay off it for long. In conclusion this game continues to be as revolutionary in gaming as previous installments and has a beautiful story that will stick in your mind for years to come. WARNING: FINAL FANTASY CAN MAKE YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT LIFE AND PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTIONS.(if your a real thinker) The story is about a young blitzball star, Tidus, who you first see when his city is destroyed by sin who is a creature responsible for the spiral of death in Spira (their world). He awakes to find himself on Besaid Island in a world he's never seen (spira) where he is found and when he first meets his companions for the rest of the story. It begins a story of intrigue and romance in which he and his companions battle to take vengeance on sin and finally put an end to the spiral of death. P.S. As much as this is a great innovative game, its not ...
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