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Rumble In The Bronx (DVD) 08/09/2004

When it comes to Kung FU Jackie is King

Rumble In The Bronx (DVD) Jackie Chan has taken a long long time to break into the western film market.... he made a few attempts in the early 80's with a cameo in Cannonball Run and in an early lead in a little known film called The Protector... not a classic as you may have guessed. Finally Chan has made it BIG in the US or A and the rest of the world.. and so now some of his earlier films are getting DVD releases... which is great for hardcore Chan fans! Rumble in the Bronx was releases in 1997 and is one of Jackies more entertaining films... it has everything a Jackie Chan film should, high kicking action, amazing stunts (all done by Jackie and usually hurting himself in the process!) and shoddy dubbing! The plot is based around Jackies Uncles shop. The Uncle is having trouble with local gangs and Jackie agrees to come over and help out at the store. Almost as soon as Jackie arrives in New York (actually filmed in Vancouver) all kinds of Kung fu Action ensues. Throw into the mix a girl just waiting to be saved from her life of crime, her disabled brother a diamond heist gone wrong oh and Jackie and you can guess what happens next. Although it faced the usual budget restrictions and a weak supporting cast (apart from his Uncle) and a bad script the film still shines thanks to Jackie Chan and his unquestionable charisma on screen. If you are looking for classic Jackie Chan then this is a good starting point... its new enough not to look dated and old enough to have Jackie at his ...

Rapid Fire (DVD) 08/09/2004

Brandon could have been Great!

Rapid Fire (DVD) Brandon Lee's life was tragically cut short while making the film The Crow. Injured on set by a chaotic set of circumtances cut short a career that could have superseeded his fathers, the great Bruce Lee. Rapid Fire was an earlier attempt to break into the main stream action genre. At the time of its release in 1992 it recieved average reviews as action films go. Brandon Lee did however receive a lot of praise from the majority of reviews saying he had a large amount of potential and with the benefit of being Bruce Lee's son and an excellent martial artist in his own right could go far. As films go this is medicore. The plot is thin, loosely based around a Guy (Brandon) who is typically in the wrong place at the wrong time. He eventually finds a friend in an under cover cop (Powers Booth bringing some acting into the mix) and finds love in the arms of a young lady who is also a... yes you guessed it.. also a cop! The films is nicely mixed up with some excellent set pieces showing that Brandon could mix it up with the best of the then current crop of action stars, but to his credit even with a dodgy script he was able to show he could act as too! The films FInale in a Drugs warehouse has all the usual cliche bits and bobs but does have a couple of excellent one on one fights with some mean dudes! Overall i would say unless you are a Brandon Lee fan give this a miss, but if you are curious to see something he did before the Crow then this is probably your ...

Matrix Revolutions, The 07/09/2004

Why do they ruin classics with sequals

Matrix Revolutions, The Well, where to start... Ok, the first Matrix film was arguably one of the most influencial films of the 90's it had a totally original idea and plot, intersting characters who you wanted to see succeed and ground breaking effects, overall an excellent piece of films making. A few years later someone comes up with the bright idea of making 2 sequals.... big mistake.. Matrix Reloaded was dull, the plot was over complicated and what people wanted was more of the actual matrix... not some sort of cross breeding of Mad Max and the Waltons. Then we were gifted with The Matrix Revolutions and that was just plain silly.... an even more confusing story line and not just from the babbling "lets be clever" script, but also the sheer bordom of having to wade though it all made it even worse. But there are a couple of positives that can be taken from it.. firstly... they wont make another one.. secondly some of the effects are truly astounding and show what kind of effects we can look forward to in the future! So Rent it if you must, dont buy will only regret it once you watch it. ...
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