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Motorola V3 12/07/2006


Motorola V3 After a long hiatus I'm back and while I was away I updated to the Motorola V3 RAZR. Having owned this phone for over 16 months and having put it through some heavy and torturous use I feel its time the Motorola V3 RAZR was given the MotoAthan treatment. This phone is/was arguably the 'it' phone of recent times. The RAZR will be remembered with nostalgia because of its form factor, its profile and its looks. It has become the benchmark upon which many fashion phones are compared and has inspired several imitations (cough Samsung) and a trend towards thin mobiles (well at least by Samsung and Motorola). Review: I warn you that it's a long read. --- STYLE --- If I could describe it in one sentence it would be, 'Style over function'. If you are a RAZR user you must deal with the reality that you're superficial and go for looks over brains. I have come to terms with this fact. Admittedly, my first glance at the RAZR left me a little unimpressed. Seeing the phone in photos and then seeing it up close is what made me change my mind. The first thing I noticed was the odd looking bulge at the bottom of the phone where the speaker/microphone is located. This section of the RAZR is what I have coined the 'under-bite'. As odd as this 'under-bite' looked initially, I couldn't imagine the RAZR without it. It has become a unique aspect of the phone. You either hate it or you love it. I now love it because no other phone has this. Looking at other slim clamshell phones on ...

Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS) 30/11/2005

Mario Kart Goes Global

Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS) Update: After some feedback I have decided to simplify the review. It will cater for the non-techheads since I will be removing alot of the technical stuff out of the body of the review. The intricate details will be moved to the end of the review, (i.e Appendix) In 1992 the world changed as we know it! In case we forgot why that year was so significant Nintendo decided to remind us why with the release of the 5th Mario Kart game. Many companies have unsuccessfully tried to mimic the success of Mario Kart, we've had Wacky Racers and Crash racing just to name a few knock-offs. Its been 13 years since Super Mario Kart graced the Super Nintendo and became a timeless classic. So how can Mario Kart DS possibly compete with such brilliance? Mario Kart DS (MKDS) is easily the best of all of these. I can say this because I own all five of them and finished them all. Mario Kart DS is brings us back to the Mario Kart basics with fresh new graphics and an array of new features. What makes the Nintendo Dual Screen's rendition the best? --- 32 Racing Tracks --- The great thing about MKDS is that it comes with 32 playable tracks. Of these 16 are new to the game while the 16 are classic tracks from the 4 previous versions of the Mario Kart franchise. In my opinion the two classic tracks that are missing are Wario Stadium from SK64 and Kooper Beach from SK64. Otherwise Nintendo have made fantastic choices. The great thing about this mix of old and new is that you get to ...

Nintendo DS 07/03/2005

Touching IS good!

Nintendo DS Recently I decided to finally delve into the portable gaming market. I could choose between the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) and the Nintendo DS (NDS). Lets just say there’s a lot of touching going on... --- Enter the Nintendo DS --- NDS stands for Nintendo Dual Screen (apparently also standing for Developer's System - due to the relative ease of developing software for it). The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's next generation portable gaming system which is their third tier console. This means that Nintendo now produces the Gamecube, the Gameboy Advance/SP and the NDS. Ignorance runs rampant in today's media and the majority have slated the DS as the successor of the Gameboy Advance SP despite the fact that Nintendo has repeatedly said that this is not the case. Gameboy "Evolution" will be the successor to the GBA SP, released later down the track. FEATURES --- Dual Screen --- The DS has two screens. The top screen is the gaming screen, and the bottom screen is the touch sensitive one. Depending on the game the screens will have different functions. Example: Super Mario DS 64: Top screen is for game play Bottom screen is for map display and control. For GBA games you can choose which screen you prefer to use for game play. I use the top screen in real SP fashion lol. Furthermore don't abuse the touch screen because apparently it scratches. Also some DSs and PSPs have dead pixels (due to LCD screens), this is usually apparent as soon as you get ...

My 10 Awards would go to... 02/02/2005

The 1st Annual MotoAthan Mobile Phone Awards

My 10 Awards would go to... Disclaimer: The purpose of this op is to acknowledge some of the best mobile phones of 2004*. It is by no means a definitive guide and controversy will probably run rampant. *For phones to qualify for nomination they must have been released between 01/07/03 and 31/1/05. Let the award announcements begin.... --- Award 1: Most innovative form factor --- Awarded to the phone with the most unique form factor or phone which has improved on a current or past form factor. The nominees: - Samsung D410 (Slide down phone) - Motorola V80 (rotate feature) - SonyEricsson S700 (rotate feature) - Motorola V3 (thinnest clamshell on market) - Sony Ericsson P910 (PDA style with QWERTY keys) And the award goes to... Motorola's V3 (picture 1). Motorola is bringing back the goods in smaller, thinner packages. The V3 is innovative because it means that we can have the clamshell without the fat. No more looking like you're concealing a weapon in your pant pockets lol. Runner up... SonyEricsson S700. --- Award 2: Best candy bar style phone --- This award is given to the most feature-packed and best looking candy bar phone available during the award period. The nominees: - Motorola E398 - SonyEricsson T610 - SonyEricsson K700 - Nokia 7250/i And the award goes to... SonyEricsson T610. The phone that in my opinion made SonyEricsson a legitimate force to be reckoned with. The T610 was feature packed with Bluetooth, infrared (what for? lol), huge ...

All About Me 30/01/2005

One man, a laptop and nothing else to do

All About Me I'm back! After a 7 week hiatus. 1. What time did you start this? 17.09 2. What time do you wake up in the morning? Well sir you're really asking two questions there. One takes us back to 1936, Franklin D. Roosevelt was president and Turkeys were called walking birds. We would have walking bird every year for thanksgiving with all the trimmings.... Just joking LOL That really depends. On a normal school day I would get up at 7:30. But now that I'm on holidays i usually get up at 11am LOL. I’m so slack. 3. If you could eat lunch with one famous person who would it be? Dunno, I don't really care for famous people. Maybe Nicole Kidman.... 4. Gold or Silver? Gold. Silver is tackmaster 2005. What about platinum? LOL 5. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Saw (2004). It was really good. The funniest part would have to be when the clown entered the room with the girl with the bear trap mask and he was on a tricycle, everyone in the cinema was laughing. That Aussie dude in the movie (one of the main captives) can't act at all. 6. Favourite TV Show? The Amazing Race. The bickering and trickery is so funny. SO glad that Colin and his girlfriend lost. Chip and Kim all the way. 7. What do you have for breakfast? Corn Flakes. Yeah Corn Flakes are cool. 8. What would you hate to be left with in a room? A pack of vicious wolves. Yes that would be a very unpleasant experience. 9. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? Unfortunately I ...

10 Things That Really Annoy Me 09/12/2004

Annoy - To harass or disturb by repeated attacks

10 Things That Really Annoy Me If it moves, then it annoys. However of all the things that annoy me, the top 10 are as follows: 10. Drivers who don't indicate Indicators were invented for a reason, that obviously being to indicate when you are turning. Some people have yet to grasp the beauty that is the indicator. I feel very strong about this issue as its just bloody dangerous turning or changing lanes without signalling to your fellow road users. Furthermore it’s even worse when people don't indicate but don't even look to see if the lane is free before changing into it. These people usually drive beat-up sedans from the 1980s or 1970 Toyotas and don't care what they do to other people's property, what with their "3rd party insurance" they can do whatever they want. Plain stupidity, these people do not deserve a driver’s license. 9. Seeds in fruit I hate the seeds in a watermelon! and in the mandarin! In summer I always have watermelon and find it a chore having to remove the seeds manually before eating the fruit or spitting them out while eating the fruit. I mean how charming must that look to visitors. 8. The waiting room at my local doctor's clinic Last time I checked the point of making an appointment at a doctor's clinic was so that you don't have to wait forever to get looked at. Yet as a running theme at my local doctor's clinic appointments are worth less than the paper used by the snooty receptionist to write them on. On my last visit I had an appointment for 8:30 am (the ...

Motorola V600 07/12/2004

Join the MotoRevolution! Viva! Viva!

Motorola V600 The war is over! Let us rejoice, liberation has come and we are free again! Nokia has conceded defeat in the lucrative mobile phone wars. Nokia, who we shall from now on call the Axis of Evil has not really given us anything in the last 2 years that was worthwhile. The 'coalition of the willing' however (Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson), who aren’t really a coalition, but have jointly stolen some prime Nokia market share, have consistently come up with one excellent phone after the other. For example, I died a little after first seeing the Nokia 3220, the phone whose serious lack of creativity is only surpassed by its over-the-top tackiness, a running theme at Nokia. Thankfully Motorola has saved us with their new V series. Enter the Motorola V600... The V600 was one of three V series Motorola phones to come out at about the same time (Feb/March 2004). We also have the V300 and the V525. Of these three phones the V600 is the top of the line and the most expensive. My review will centre on the key aspects of any mobile phone review, Design/Style, Productivity & User Interface, Camera/Multimedia & Connectivity, and Reception. --- Design/Style: 10/10 --- The Motorola V600 commands attention. With its chrome bezel, it’s striking black and platinum colouring and its purely aesthetically pleasing design. Of all the phones in the market I believe that this design is perhaps the best. Its a phone that you would be proud to show off to all your friends. ...

Nokia 3660 04/12/2004

Mummy I want the UGLY phone! (Revised 4/12/04)

Nokia 3660 Damn! the Nokia 3660 is one ugly phone, but I guess its all genetics. I mean when has Nokia ever made a decent looking yet uniquely stylish phone? By now I expect that Nokia will have sent out some secret operatives to get rid of me, and If you have read my review of the Nokia 7250 you will understand why. I am not a big fan of Nokia, but in all honesty they do have some good things going for them, like the loyal followings of the masses and this means that they can come up with all sorts of weird and sometimes wonderful designs and be sure that people will buy them no questions asked lol. Right off the bat, I didn't buy this phone but I used it over a period of 5 days, (me and my mates frequently exchange phones to check them out). Style and Shape: 1.8/10 Its looks and shape are by far its major shortcomings. Its sort of a mix between one of those phones your grandma has (with the winding dial) and a back massager. Its too bulky and large and looks like you're carrying a concealed weapon in your pants when you're walking. The size of it in your pocket can be a safety hazard as low lives may want to add this 'unique' Nokia to their collection (ie steal it, lol). If the phone was smaller it would be far better. It is also quite heavy at 130g, but then again this has to be the case because of its size, the Motorola v600 is something like 125g and is only half the size. So the 3660 isn't that bad. I guess the good thing about most of Nokia's phones is that they come ...

The Ring (DVD) 02/12/2004

Seven days...

The Ring (DVD) Its been five days since I received a mysterious phone call. Some freak called me and said "Seven days", thats it. It must have been a joke, a hoax, it couldn't have been real. The nerve of some people. All of this happened after I watched a video tape with these freaky images. My friend was telling me about an urban legend involving a video like the one I had watched. I didn't believe her. I mean come one... who believes urban legends? Right? Now I'm kind of freaking out... If you've watched this video please contact me! Just joking... But I had you going didn't I? lol The purpose of this review is just to introduce you to the film 'The Ring' (2002) and it is not intended to spoil the ending of the film. So its safe to read on knowing that you can watch the movie for yourself and thus be enthralled by its twists and turns. 'The Ring', is directed by Gore Verbinski, and stars Naomi Watts as Rachel Keller, a journalist who travels to the Pacific Northwest to investigate the mysterious death of her niece after watching a video tape. Its the English language remake of the highly acclaimed Japanese horror film 'Ringu' (1998) based on Koji Suzuki's popular novel. The videotape is full of eerie images. Once you watch the video the screen goes blank and the phone rings. When you pick up the phone an eerie voice says "seven days". Seven days later the viewer will spontaneously die. Some notable highlights of the video are: - the reflection of a woman brushing her ...

10 Worst Presents 01/12/2004

Is it really that hard to buy for me?

10 Worst Presents While in an ideal world you could just buy anything for anyone... this isn't an ideal world and 'anything' won’t do. The phrase it’s the thought that counts is getting stale lol. I demand relevant pressies. LOL joking... Why can’t we make a wish list of all the things we want each year and send it to all our friends and relatives, so that we get only the things we want! And also not feel bad for doing it. Ah well. Here is a list of the top 10 worst presents I have received. 10. Chocolates. It irks me when people give me chocolates for Christmas - Roses, Celebrations etc etc. I can eat chocolates at anytime of the year, a special occasion such as Christmas or my Birthday commands something special, something that I can actually enjoy for more than 2 minutes. I end up eating all the Cadbury Turkish Delights and giving the rest to the visitors lol. Ewww, the worst is the chocolate/mint combos. 9. Underwear and Socks. No explanation required. Simply put - why would you? Also I hate it when I get novelty undies! Why would I want Donald Duck boxers? He doesn't. 8. Stationary. I always get pens and pencils from people. And whats it with people getting those packs of 30 pens that are so cheap and hardly even work! As a full time student I have so many pens and pencils already and don’t really need anymore thanks! LOL 7. Dictionaries. I must have about 10 dictionaries, in various languages and in different sizes. I think it’s safe to say that this is ...

Motorola T720i 01/12/2004

Bringing colour to a classic form

Motorola T720i Being in the market for a new mobile phone for three months there wasn't really anything out there that tickled my fancy, enter the Motorola T720. This stylish clamshell flip phone, from the masters of the flip, is Motorola's first colour flip phone to be released. And being a teenager I wanted this phone because it is stylish, otherwise I'd hold onto my Nokia 3210. Here comes fun: Motorola T720i Review Colour Screen: Motorola made a smooth transition from monochrome to colour. Now that I've experience the wonders of a colour screen theres no going back to the bland and boring monochrome handset screens of the past. The screen is large making it ideal for viewing pictures and playing games. However it only supports 4000 or so colours so in that sense its out-dated and thus will not show great detail or great sharpness, unlike my Motorola e365 which does. There happens to be another issue, after a while if you close the flip too fast or slam the phone shut too hard you run the risk of screwing up the phone hardcore. This has happened to me, after not being too considerate to my Moto, the phone now shuts off when you slam the flip phone shut, whereas in the begginning this was not an issue. If you have read some of my other reviews, you will discover that I've had a couple of flip phones in the past and this has never been a problem before, until now that is. The front 2-line LCD display is also very helpful as it tells you who is calling before you open the flip and ...

La Trobe University 01/12/2004

Qui cherche trouve

La Trobe University I started my tertiary studies at La Trobe University in 2003, mainly because it was only a twenty minute drive from my house, but La Trobe University has exceeded all my expectations. I'll be reviewing La Trobe's main campus in Melbourne (it has numerous campuses in regional Victoria). --- La Trobe? But I thought the only university in Melbourne was Melbourne University --- Well, if you thought that you are greatly mistaken my friends. Metropolitan Melbourne has 6 universities of which each one has numerous campuses in Victoria. La Trobe University was built in the 1960s, and was the third university to open in Victoria. Because of its 1960s architecture (soon to be refurbished) it has a whole James Bond feel to it, which I find quite humorous. Named after Charles La Trobe the first Victorian governor. Its coat of arms has an Australian Wedge tail eagle, go the EAGLE! --- How do I get there? --- La Trobe is located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in a place called Bundoora, about 35 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. Numerous bus routes pass through the University and a tram line goes right past it making travelling to La Trobe from anywhere in Melbourne relatively easy. The cool thing about La Trobe is even though it’s located in a metropolitan city it has vast bushland and a huge moat surrounding it making the university so pleasant to wander through. If you decide to drive there you will need to buy a daily parking ticket or a yearly. However I warn you that ...

KFC 13/03/2004

Good food, good drink, good God lets eat

KFC When it comes to fattening fast food, you can’t go past the original fried chicken place.... KFC! I mean if your going to splurge out on fattening goodies at least buy something that'll fill you up and will keep you satisfied. When it comes to chicken you can’t get much better than KFC, with their secret 11 herbs and spices and all those added extras that you can only find at the Colonel's place. I've decided to review some of Australia's KFC stores to provide an insight to all who might be interested to see what globalisation can really do. I've read some of the other UK KFC reviews on, so lets see how KFC of Australia rates. Furthermore as a former KFC employee, way back in the good old days, I can really tell you whats going on. --- Menu: (Caution: Vegetarians Beware!!) --- As the name of the fast food chain suggests, KFC specialises in fried chicken products. I warn all vegetarians that KFC is not vegie-frendly at all! So don’t bother popping in for a visit lol. However they do sport a varied menu with something to please most people. The original and the best: Of cause we shall start with what KFC has always been famous for... The Original Recipe Chicken. The chicken is freshly delivered daily and is floured on the premises using a flouring bench, then deep fried in oil for around 15 minutes (if my memory serves me well). Its taste is fantastic and no body has been able to simulate such flavour other than KFC. In terms of price it costs $1.90 AU a ...

Motorola E365 07/02/2004

Smarter than your average Moto.

Motorola E365 Motorola hasn't always been able to dazzle and satisfy us with some of their offerings. Many of their phones are very good however some dont quite cut it. Surprisingly the e365 surpassed all my expectations. Im glad I've got one... But why keep the wonders of this pint sized phone a secret? I just have to give a thorough review of what makes this phone great and what doesn't. I first laid eyes on my Motorola e365 on an Australian media website, in a Christmas competition, and I thought 'yeah why not ill give it a crack' ('give it a go' in Australian lol). So I SMS'd a response to why I deserve the new Motorola thinking there was no hope, and two weeks later I recieved a phone call from that website telling me that I'd won the competition. Ah so dreams do come true after all. Thus began my MotoExperience... When I said thorough I meant thorough so If you need to go to the bathroom, DO SO NOW!! lol. I'll be reviewing the Camera, the colour screen, the ringtones and the list goes on. I'll also be comparing it to other handsets that I have had experience with namely the Motorola T720, the Nokia 7250 and the Ericsson T610, so nothing will be sacred. Design: Just like sushi the Motorola e365's design is an acquired taste. When I first saw this phone on the web I thought it was not very aesthetically pleasing, however when I held it in my hands for the first time it was really something different. The phone has more or less the same dimensions (width, height and depth) as ...

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P72 18/01/2004

You dont have a photographic memory, so buy a Sony

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P72 It was the year my father was to go on one of his journeys to the motherland, I wished I could also go, I really wanted to see the relatives I hadn't seen for years, I wanted to see the Acropolis, and most of all I wanted to see the world famous Greek Isles. All my dreams of a summer in Greece will go unforfilled, well until I graduate (so my parents would say). So what was my solution? I hurried to the bank, withdrew the little money I had in my account (I am a student after all) and instructed my father to purchase a digital camera from Athens or Singapore. I had my doubts on what he would come home with but he surprised me. Two months later upon arrival in Australia he presents to me the Sony CyberShot DSC P72. I was stunned (I thought he would've bought some crappy little thing, ok so I was wrong). I know that Sony is a great electronics company, but what are their digital still cameras like, I asked myself. I promptly developed the photos my father had taken and I was stunned at the quality that this machine churns out. Here is my review: The thing that attracts me to the Sony P72 (Sony Cybershot DSC P72) is its price tag (I'm sure my father also), you know that saying "you get what you pay for"? well whoever first said that hadn't seen the likes of the Sony P72, you get what you pay for and then some. Only $550AU, about 230 GBP (however you can get it cheaper if you look around) or $330EU. The digital still pictures on this machine are of great quality, for ...
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