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The North Face Base Camp Duffel - X-Large 26/02/2008

A big, big bag

The North Face Base Camp Duffel - X-Large - The product: Its a bag... a big bag... a very big bag... 140L to be precise. Because of its large capacity its also large in size so those with a small body may find it hard to carry, for those vertically challenged people amongst us possibly consider the smaller 80-100L bags. - Appearance: The bag comes in a variety of colours (I chose a nice and boring black colour so as not to stand out too much, you could go for the yellow though...). - Practicality: For carrying the bag has two small handles at either end (for lifting on / off vehicles etc. only really), two standard carry straps (although you'd have to be pretty strong to carry the bag for any length of time and most importantly I think detatchable rucksack style carrying straps for carrying, well, like a rucksack! There is one internal mesh pocket which built into the main flap on the top of the bag, zip closing but stuff falls out of this quite easily into the main comartment when the zip is open. Because of the large d-shaped lid its relatively easy to access things inside the bag. When not in use the bad compacts down well so it doesn't take up too much room. What this bag isn't... Its not a rucksack - yes it has rucksack style straps which do make it easier to carry but its certainly not a rucksack. It doesn't have the back support (or padding) or additional features such as a hip belt that most rucksacks have. You need to pack it carefully if using it with the rucksack style straps to ...

Garmin FORERUNNER205 27/05/2007

Garmin Forerunner 205 - your virtual coach...

Garmin FORERUNNER205 I purchased the 205 shortly after it was released in the UK and so have had one for some time now, other than a problem with a faulty button (the guys at Garmin promptly replaced the unit under warranty) I've not had any problems with it. + The Product: Essentially its a small wrist mounted GPS, at its very basic it will record information on your run (or walk or cycle ride). Information can be viewed on this history section of the GPS so you can see / compare things like distance run, average speed, fastest speed etc.. You can then download this information for a permanent record, or to carry out more analysis, or even to save the route so you can send this to friends. + Training Options: Another key feature is the training options built into the GPS, training sessions can be set to enable you do carry out specific training programs on your run, for example interval training, You can also set yourself targets, so for example if you want to do a 1.5mile run in 9 minutes then you program this in and start, you then see you're virtual partner on the screen, if you're ahead of them escellent, if not then move those legs a bit faster and pick up the pace! The virtual partner is a great feature, if you run the same route frequently you can even run against yourself (based on your previous performance). Even if you haven't run the route before you can still enter a target time and race against your virtual partner. There are alerts, so you can set a slow pace alert, if ...

HotGym Home Or Travel Gym 20/03/2007

HotGym - An excellent concept, well designed

HotGym Home Or Travel Gym I recently purchased a HotGym, living in a flat I have very limited space for any exercise equipment. The HotGym collapses down brilliantly for hiding under the bed or behind the sofa when not in use. - The Product The website ( shows just how compact this gym goes for storage and the functionality when in use. It's very easy / relatively quick to put together and take apart, the website states 5 mins, at the moment it takes me around 6 mins so not too far out, and you could of course leave it up space permitting. Once assembled the gym feels extremely stable and offers a range of exercises from heaves (pull-ups / chin-ups), dips, leg raises and even elevated press ups. For me this is ideal - I much prefer doing exercises that use your own body weight for resistance, for extra resistance ankle weights or a weighted belt can be used. The gym comes with full instructions on how to assemble and also well illustrated recommended exercises. - Price I came across the HotGym from an advert in Men's Fitness magazine several months ago, the only thing that delayed my purchase was the price (£169 plus p&p), is this too much to pay for a bit of metal? My initial thoughts were yes, on reflection though this isn't actually bad value, the more I use it the more I continue to be impressed by its design and functionality and surprised that there is nothing else on the market that I've found like this. No need to join a gym and pay high membership ...
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