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X-Men - First Class (DVD) 16/08/2017

Xmen First Class the franchise is revived

X-Men - First Class (DVD) After the complete Disappointment of Xmen Last Stand and Xmen Origins Wolverine Fox managed to make a great Xmen movie. This film goes back in time to the sixties and looks at the forming of the Xmen and the friendship between Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto, this film is one of my favourites in the franchise and really restores the franchise after the last two films. This film is amazing it tells a great origin story that is very thrilling and emotional, and there’s even a scene with Hugh Jackmans Wolverine. It tells the emotional action packed origin of Magneto ,the confusing happy life of Professor X and the Emotional story of Mystique of how she comes to accept been a Mutant. Cast James McAvoy-Charles Xavier/Professor X Michael Fassbender-Erik Lensherr/Magneto Kevin Bacon-Sebastian Shaw Rose Byrne-Dr. Moira MacTaggert Jennifer Lawrence-Raven Darkholme/Mystique Caleb Landry Jones-Sean Cassidy/Banshee Nicholas Hoult-Hank McCoy/Beast Lucas Till-Alex Summers/Havok January Jones-Emma Frost Edi Gathegi-Armando Munoz/Darwin Jason Flemyng-Azazel Plot Eric Lehnssherr discovers his power after his mother is killed by Nazis in a concentration camp meanwhile Charles Xavier has learnt to master his powers and meets up with Mystique who he adopts as his sister. 10 years later Magneto is hunting down his mothers killer Sebastian Shawn who is planning to start a nuclear war between the US and the USSR and Xavier has earned a teaching Degree at Oxford university, but ...

Iron Man 2 (DVD) 13/08/2017

Iron man 2 a bit of a let down

Iron Man 2 (DVD) Iron Man 2 is a bit of a let down the first film did so well but this one didn’t hit the mark, Robert Downey Jr’s performance as Tony Stark/Iron Man is amazing in this film his performance is better than the last movie. But the main villain Whiplash/Ivan Vanco was disappointing as the last movies villain was really good this one was just disappointing, his reason for hating Tony Stark was ridiculous but he is a lot cooler than he was in the comics. Cast: Robert Downey, Jr.-Tony Stark Gwyneth Paltrow-Pepper Potts Don Cheadle-Lt. Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes Scarlett Johansson-Natalie Rushman/Black Widow Sam Rockwell-Justin Hammer Mickey Rourke-Ivan Vanko/Whiplash Samuel L. Jackson-Nick Fury Clark Gregg-Agent Coulson John Slattery-Howard Stark Garry Shandling-Senator Stern Paul Bettany-Jarvis Kate Mara-U.S. Marshal Leslie Bibb-Christine Everhart Jon Favreau-Happy Hogan Plot; Since Tony Stark became Iron Man the world has ha its longest time of peace, Tony has also started the Stark expo again where all the great minds of the world come together. But the Arc Reactor in Tony’s chest is infecting his blood and there’s no alternative that Tony can think of. Tony goes on holiday with Poppa Potts and he enters himself in a car race but the race is attacked by Ivan Vanco who hates Tony because Tony made an Arc Reactor before him, Tony beats Ivan and he is arrested but a rival business man Justin Hammer breaks Ivan out of Prison so he can make more Arc Reactors for ...

X-Men Origins - Wolverine (DVD) 29/06/2017

Xmen Origins Wolverine Damn you Fox

X-Men Origins - Wolverine (DVD) X-Men Origins Wolverine was the first of the Wolverine solo movies sadly it didn’t go very well. This movie is very disappointing for X-men Fans and even more disappointing for Comic Book fans. It gave us a lot of information on Wolverines past but didn’t do it very well, it made Wolverine a love sick puppy who shouts a hell of a lot and what they did to Deadpool was just wrong. I really didn’t like this movie it was slow Wolverine had horrible CGI claws and when they do introduce fan favourite Gambit he’s there for five minutes. Cast: Hugh Jackman-Logan / Wolverine Liev Schreiber-Victor Creed Danny Huston-Stryker Wraith Lynn Collins-Kayla Silverfox Kevin Durand-Fred Dukes Dominic Monaghan-Chris Bradley / Bolt Taylor Kitsch-Remy LeBeau Daniel Henney-Agent Zero Ryan Reynolds-Wade Wilson Plot; In 1845 James/Logan Murders his real parents after they kill his adopted parents who he thinks are his real parents, so Logan and his brother Victor go on the run and fight in ever important American war for the next 100 day they Logan gets cold feet and doesn’t like killing anymore, and then him and Victor commit a war crime are shot and they survive. A man named William Stryker comes and gets them out of prison and takes them to be on his covert team of mutants, but Wolverine gets cold feet again and six mouths later he’s settled down in Canada with Kayla Silverfox who Victor finds and kills then Wolverine goes on a mission of ...

Spider-Man Trilogy (Box Set) (DVD) 18/06/2017

Spider Man Trilogy 2 Great 1 Bad

Spider-Man Trilogy (Box Set) (DVD) The Spider-Man Trilogy is a classic comic book movie trilogy although it went down the same road as the X-Men when it's third movie didn't go as well as the previous too but there's still two great movie. Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 are two excellent films which makes this box set worth buying and then there's Spider-Man 3, witch is ok but it was the downfall of the franchise as it took in too many Villains and had some strange ideas for example Emo Peter Parker and his dance routine. When you look at it they all sort of follow the same criteria, Peter Parker struggles with his powers, bad guy is involved in a fail science experiment, Mary Jane cheats and with great power comes great responsibility is repeated a couple hundred times Cast; Tobey Maguire-Peter Parker / Spider-Man Kirsten Dunst-Mary Jane Watson James Franco-Harry Osborn Green Goblin / Norman Osborn-Willem Dafoe Alfred Molina-Dr. Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus Thomas Haden Church-Sandman/Flint Marco Topper Grace-Venom/Eddie Brock Bryce Dallas Howard-Gwen Stacey Rosemary Harris-May Parker J. K. Simmons-J. Jonah Jameson Plot: Spider-Man This film follows Peter Parker a high school nerd who gets bullied a lot. He has a huge crush on MJ. When they were on a school trip to a science lab with his best friend Harry Osbourne while taking photos he’s bit on the thump by radioactive spider. When he wakes up the next day he discovers he has powers, he uses them to fight people at a fight club in a ring to make money. ...

The Incredible Hulk (DVD) 09/06/2017

The Incredible Hulk, Dont make him angry

The Incredible Hulk (DVD) The Incredible Hulk is the second film in the MCU it isn’t the best but its still pretty good, I enjoyed the way that Bruce Banner was Hulk from the opening sequence witch was what I didn’t like about the Original Hulk where it took forever for him to become Hulk. And in this film he wasn’t just running around the desert killing American soldiers, Bruce actually had an aim in this film witch was to find a cure. This film had a great Villain one with a vengeance against and who looks awesome. The possibility of it been tied to the MCU was unexpected but when Robert Downey JR. Walked in at the end I got so excited as this was the first step towards the Avenger. Cast: Edward Norton-Bruce Banner / Hulk Liv Tyler-Dr. Elizabeth 'Betty' Ross Tim Roth-Emil Blonsky William Hurt-General 'Thunderbolt' Ross Tim Blake Nelson-Samuel Stearns Plot; Bruce Banner is a scientist he was working on recreating the super soldier serum they used on Captain America except it didn’t work and Bruce Banner was turned into an enormous green rage monster. Bruce goes on the run and starts search for a car while on the run he starts work at a soda factory where his blood gets in the soda and the US Military find him he escapes but makes an enemy Emil Blonsky who gets some incomplete super soldier serum. After meeting up with past lover Betty Ross they together search for the cure to the Hulk. Criteria; I really enjoyed this film it was a lot better than the 2003 Hulk movie, The story in this film ...

Iron Man (DVD) 15/05/2017

Iron Man, now the time is here for the MCU to appear

Iron Man (DVD) Iron Man is the start the extremely popular Film and TV series the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) it is an absolutely brilliant film, with the excellent lead actor Robert Downey JR who played the Genius, billionaire, Playboy Tony Stark who when trouble strikes suits up as Iron Man. This film is absolutely brilliant it captures the character Tony Stark amazingly, it showed us how terrible it was in the middle east at the time and made us all watch in awe as Tony made a brilliant Iron Man suit and sent the Ten Rings Terrorist Organisations into next week. Cast: Robert Downey Jr.-Tony Stark / Iron Man Terrence Howard-Rhodey Jeff Bridges-Obadiah Stane Gwyneth Paltrow-Pepper Potts Leslie Babb-Christine Everhart Shaun ToubYinsen Faran Tahir-Raza Clark Gregg-Agent Coulson Plot; Tony Stark an American Weapons Designer is living the Dream he’s a billionaire winning many awards and has the power to get any girl he wants, but this all changes when he’s captured by the Ten Rings Terrorist Organizations who put shrapnel near his heart which he needs to build and arc reactor that stops the shrapnel from tunnelling to his heart. And then they force him to make bombs, but Tony decides to make a weaponized suit of armour which has cool weapons and gadgets Machine Guns, Flame Throws, Rocket Launchers and a flying system which he uses to escape the cell he’s been held in. When he gets back to America he stops his business from making weapons which really upsets his business partner ...

X-Men Trilogy - X-Men/X-Men 2/X-Men - The Last Stand (Collectors' Edition) (Box Set) (DVD) 14/05/2017

Xmen Trilogy two great films one terrible film

X-Men Trilogy - X-Men/X-Men 2/X-Men - The Last Stand (Collectors' Edition) (Box Set) (DVD) The Xmen Trilogy is one of the best superhero trilogy of the early 2000s. I bought the collector’s edition as I’d really enjoyed the films and it was packed with special effects witch i enjoyed going through. The first two films are great but the third one took away everything great about the first two with the deaths of some fan favourite characters and some absolutely stupid concepts. But the first two where great with great actors like Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman taking the lead along with the new suits and the more mature take on superhero films then ever before they really where great. Cast: Wolverine-Hugh Jackman Professor X-Patrick Stewart Magneto-Ian Mckellen Rouge-Anna Paquin Cyclops-James Marsden Storm-Halle Berry Jean Grey-Famke Janssen Mystique –Rebecca Romijn Kelsey Grammar-Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast Nightcrawler-Alan Cumming Colonel William Stryker-Brian Cox Iceman/Bobby-Shawn Ashore Aaron Stanford-John Allerdyce/Pyro Ellen Page-Kitty Pryde Vinnie Jones-Cain Marko/Juggernaut Ben Foster-Warren Worthington III/Angel Plot; Mutants are the next stage of human evolution they’ve been around since the 1940s but as more keep coming humanity are getting more scared so they start fighting against mutants, but the mutant community is divided by two sides one lead by Magneto who believe mutants and humans cant live on earth together and that humans must go, and the other side lead by Professor X who believe mutants and humans can live on earth together. Xmen ...

Spider-Man 3 (DVD) 12/05/2017

Spider-Man 3 was Venomous

Spider-Man 3 (DVD) Spider man 3 made the Spider man trilogy a perfect trilogy as in the first one was great and the last made us all want refunds, just like the Xmen. This film had an emo dancing peter parker which made me want to cry and had too many villains in Green Goblin AKA Harry Osbourne, Sandman and Venom. And in this film I realised that MJ is an absolute pain to all her boyfriends as she cheats on everyone of them which really made me hate that character. Cast: Tobey Maguire-Peter Parker / Spider-Man Kirsten Dunst-Mary Jane Watson James Franco-Harry Osborn Thomas Haden Church-Sandman/Flint Marco Topper Grace-Venom/Eddie Brock Bryce Dallas Howard-Gwen Stacey Rosemary Harris-MayParker J.K Simmons-J. Jonah Jameson Plot; Peter Parker is having a perfect relationship with MJ and she’s got a job on stage and Harry Osborne hates Peter and is attacking him in the streets as he thinks Peter killed his Dad. Meanwhile Alien goo is falling from the sky and is currently hanging out in Peters apartment, but a fugitive Flint Marko is on the run and he falls into a hole where scientist are conducting a experiment on sand which turns him into the Sandman. Spider Man keeps foiling Sandmans plans as he tries to steal money for his ill daughter, but when Peter gets infected by the Venom symbiote he goes rogue cheating on MJ and ruining peoples lives for the fun of it. Criteria; This film was ok but it was no where near as good as the previous Spider-Man films the story felt like too much was shoved ...

Fantastic Four - The Rise Of The Silver Surfer (DVD) 22/04/2017

Fantastic Four 2 Fall of the Franchise

Fantastic Four - The Rise Of The Silver Surfer (DVD) After the total catastrophe of Fantastic Four, Fox desire to make a sequel that was way worse. So this film made think that Fox really didn't know how to make a Fantastic Film with was proven after Fan4stic But this film really good suck they continued with the campy characters from the first film, turned Galactus a powerful space giant into a space close that was bland and boring and they decided to allow the Fantastic Four to swap powers. So that made the film silly and made me think that the producers probably never read a comic. Cast: Ioan Gruffudd-Dr. Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic Jessica Alba-Sue Storm / Invisible Woman Chris Evans-Johnny Storm / Human Torch Michael Chiklis-Ben Grimm / The Thing Doug Jones-Norrin Radd / Silver Surfer Laurence Fishburne-voice of the Silver Surfer Julian McMahon-Dr. Victor Von Doom / Doctor Doom Plot; Reed Richards and Sue Storm are getting married but there's a strange object known as the silver surfer flying around the world causing havoc so his space cloud master Galactus has an easier time digesting earth. After the silver surfer does something to the Human Torch after a small fight at Reed and Sue's wedding Johnny can now trade power. So the government come to see the Fantastic Four about stopping the silver surfer, but when they fail Victor Von Doom AKA Doctor Doom comes with info and the government trust him more than the Fantastic Four and they all set off to stop the Silver Surfer, but Doctor Doom has alter ...

X-Men - The Last Stand (DVD) 14/04/2017

Xmen Last Stand should be the last

X-Men - The Last Stand (DVD) Xmen the Last Stand was the first of a long line of bad Xmen films. They made a joke of one of the most gripping comic books the dark phoenix saga with the burning less impressive “Mutant Cure” witch takes away mutant powers. They killed Cyclops my least favourite Xmen but killing a core character so the actor can go be in superman returns a bit of a bad move. And of course the worst Xmen director Brett Ratner who has horrible ideas like build a lab on Alcatraz island and introduce a mutant class system that doesn’t work at all as each mutant is different and unique so there is no way to grade there powers. Cast: Hugh Jackman-Logan/Wolverine Halle Berry-Ororo Munroe/Storm Ian McKellen-Eric Lensherr/Magneto Patrick Stewart-Professor Charles Xavier Famke JanssenJean Grey Anna Paquin-Marie/Rogue Kelsey Grammar-Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast Rebecca Romijn-Raven Darkholme/Mystique James Marsden-Scott Summers/Cyclops Shawn Ashore-Bobby Drake/Iceman Aaron Stanford-John Allerdyce/Pyro Ellen Page-Kitty Pryde Vinnie Jones-Cain Marko/Juggernaut Ben Foster-Warren Worthington III/Angel Plot; After Jean Greys death in X2 Cyclops is depressed, so he goes to alkaline lake and Jean Grey comes back to life as the phoenix and kills Cyclops and is later captured by Wolverine and Storm. Meanwhile humans have developed a serum that takes away mutant powers they call it the “cure” and it didn’t go well some mutants even destroyed labs. Magneto rescues Mystique after she was captured but she ...

Fantastic Four (DVD) 25/03/2017

Fantastic Four isnt very fantastic

Fantastic Four (DVD) With Fox’s Xmen franchise doing well they desire to take there other big comic book team the fantastic four and make one of the most camp superhero films I've ever seen. The Fantastic Four are an amazing team in the comics but when put on the big screen you kind of wonder what the director was on when he made this. Marvels first family made into a literal laughing stock, I really hated this film it's extreamly poor and just makes Marvels first family into cringey superhero's that you could show a young child and they'd enjoy it more than a fantastic four fan would. Cast: Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic Jessica Alba as Sue Storm / Invisible Woman Chris Evans as Johnny Storm / Human Torch Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm / The Thing Julian McMahon as Victor von Doom / Doctor Doom Plot; Reeds Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm and Victor Von Doom plan a mission to space to do experiments on a space cloud that’s gonna fly over earth. So they build a rocket head up and the cloud speeds up so when there outside for some reason the cloud interrupts Victors proposal and gives them super powers. When back on earth Sue starts randomly turning invisible, Reed grabs wine that’s too far away with his stretchy arms, Johnny sets on fire while skiing, Ben turns into a rock and Victor can control electricity. So everyone except Victor tries to lose there powers but then desire not to so they can try stop Victor. Criteria; I really didn’t enjoy this film its just a ...

Man Thing (DVD) 19/03/2017

Man-Thing What-Thing

Man Thing (DVD) So when about 95% of superhero films in the past 5 years have failed, Marvel decides to take one of it's most unknown characters and make a very unknown film that well as always failed. In the comics man is a scientist who took some experimental super soldier serum and then dies in a swamp and becomes a brainless being know as Man-Thing who defends the swamp he lives in. So this kind of happens in the film except there's no super soldier serum and Man-thing looks more like a creepy tree Halloween costume than Man-Thing. Cast: Mark Stevens-Dr. Ted Sallis / Man-Thing Matthew Le Nevez-Sheriff Kyle Williams Rachael Taylor-Teri Elizabeth Richards Jack Thompson-Frederick Schist Rawiri Paratene-Peter Horn Alex O'Loughlin-Deputy Eric Fraser Plot; So there's a swamp that has a dark spirit witch the local Indians say is gonna get revenge on the local mining company that's been mining oil in the area, and then there's a ton of dead bodies turning up in the swamp. So a new sheriff Kyle Williams turns up to sort this out by first trying to figure out what's going on by looking at dead bodies and sending more people into the swamp to die. So Man-Thing continues on it's killing spree and now focuses on killing people at the oil mine. Criteria; So I didn't enjoy this film it just become murder after murder after murder so it's just receptive and boring, so the story is boring as stated before and it follows the comics very vaguely. With it been a unknown film it has no big names in so the ...

Elektra (DVD) 26/02/2017

Elektra wasnt very ELEKTRAfying

Elektra (DVD) Elektra was made to create hype for Daredevil 2 which was a bit confusing as in Daredevil Elektra died. So this film was very short which is good as after the first twenty minutes I wanted it to end but I persevered hoping it would get better but it just got more weirder with tattoos that come alive and a girl that anything she touches dies. So this film is pretty crape as the superhero motivation is protecting one girl and her dad. And the final battle is ridiculous as there's beds sheets all over the place and all Elektra ha s to do is through one of her knife things to win. Cast; Jennifer Garner-Elektra Natchios Goran Visnjic-Mark Miller Will Yun Lee-Kirigi Cary-Hiroyuki-Tagawa Roshi Terence Stamp-Stick Kirsten Pout-Abby Natassia Malthe-Typhoid Chris Ackerman-Tattoo Plot: Elektra an assassin for hire is killing anyone for money until she gets a mysterious contract to go to an island and wait for further instructions for millions of dollars, when she arrives on the island she sets up the most OCD house anyone ever seen. Later she throws a box cutter at a little girl called Abby who she uses assassin powers on to get a necklace back. She's then invited to Abby and her Fathers for christmas dinner. Later Elektra finds out Abby and her dad are the target so she leaves, but returns to help them when she notices more assassins coming on to the island so she somehow learns to control time so after Abby and her dad are killed she can save them again. So this all continues ...

Blade Trinity (DVD) 06/02/2017

Blade Trinity another rubbish blade film

Blade Trinity (DVD) Blade trinity was well another blade film so not that good but it was a lot worse than the last one Wesley snipes isn’t blade half the time as he was too busy supposedly smoking cannabis. Arrows can now bounce of walls and still hit a person and it has Ryan Reynolds witch is good but it can’t save the film and there’s a scene with vampire dildos witch I think is taking everything way too far. So I watch this film hoping that the franchise had improved but it just made everything worse as blade is a really cool character in the comics. Cast; Wesley Snipes-Blade Kris Kristofferson-Whistler Jessica Biel-Abigail Whistler Ryan Reynolds-Hannibal King Parker Posey-Danica Dominic Purcell-Drake John Michael Higgins-Dr. Vance Plot: Blade is still fighting vampires but when the vampires trick him into killing a human which is all caught on CCTV so basically he’s screwed and gets arrested by the FBI. Who hand him over to the vampires, while he’s under arrest Hannibal king and Abigail whistler turn up and rescue him and ask him to join the night stalkers a vampire hunting group. Meanwhile Dracula AKA Drake the most powerful vampire in the world has awoken, so Blade, Abigail Whistler and Hannibal King hunt down this powerful Vampire. Criteria: I didn’t enjoy the film that much I felt like they could have used a lot more Hannibal King as he was my favorite character and Wesley Snipes could have actually played the character he auditioned for. The story was okay but was pretty ...

Catwoman (DVD) 25/01/2017

Catwoman Killed the character for 9 Years

Catwoman (DVD) So Catwoman was extremely poor no wonder Halle Berry won a Razzie for it. This film has literally no resemblance to the comics, they changed catwomans name her suite her profession and her villains as her main villain is batman. So they got rid of Selina Kyle for some reason and made her Patience Phillips, they made her into the weirdest person ever as she can barely get through a crowd of people where everyone is walking normally without bumping into everyone she passes. And been a graphic designer for a fashion company she should know how to dress in good cloths abut hers look like there from the 80’s. Cast; Halle Berry-Catwoman Benjamin Bratt-Tom Lone Sharon Stone-Laurel Hedare Lambert Wilson-George Hedare Frances Conroy-Ophelia Alex Borstein-Sally Plot Patience Phillips a graphic designer for a fashion company works and has a boring life. When she’s told off by her boss George Hedare she gets a dead line to do some more art. While doing her art she sees a cat stuck on her building so instead of calling the fire brigade she climbs out her window and tries to save the cat, she ends up having a casual conversation with police officer until she starts to fall and he runs up three stair cases in record time to save her. Later that night patience goes to deliver her art work when she finds out the fashion company is selling a product that if you stop using it, it gives you horrible skin. And been the clumsiest woman ever she knocks stuff over gets chased and the facility ...
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