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Fantastic Four (DVD) 25/03/2017

Fantastic Four isnt very fantastic

Fantastic Four (DVD) With Fox’s Xmen franchise doing well they desire to take there other big comic book team the fantastic four and make one of the most camp superhero films I've ever seen. The Fantastic Four are an amazing team in the comics but when put on the big screen you kind of wonder what the director was on when he made this. Marvels first family made into a literal laughing stock, I really hated this film it's extreamly poor and just makes Marvels first family into cringey superhero's that you could show a young child and they'd enjoy it more than a fantastic four fan would. Cast: Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic Jessica Alba as Sue Storm / Invisible Woman Chris Evans as Johnny Storm / Human Torch Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm / The Thing Julian McMahon as Victor von Doom / Doctor Doom Plot; Reeds Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm and Victor Von Doom plan a mission to space to do experiments on a space cloud that’s gonna fly over earth. So they build a rocket head up and the cloud speeds up so when there outside for some reason the cloud interrupts Victors proposal and gives them super powers. When back on earth Sue starts randomly turning invisible, Reed grabs wine that’s too far away with his stretchy arms, Johnny sets on fire while skiing, Ben turns into a rock and Victor can control electricity. So everyone except Victor tries to lose there powers but then desire not to so they can try stop Victor. Criteria; I really didn’t enjoy this film its just a ...

Man Thing (DVD) 19/03/2017

Man-Thing What-Thing

Man Thing (DVD) So when about 95% of superhero films in the past 5 years have failed, Marvel decides to take one of it's most unknown characters and make a very unknown film that well as always failed. In the comics man is a scientist who took some experimental super soldier serum and then dies in a swamp and becomes a brainless being know as Man-Thing who defends the swamp he lives in. So this kind of happens in the film except there's no super soldier serum and Man-thing looks more like a creepy tree Halloween costume than Man-Thing. Cast: Mark Stevens-Dr. Ted Sallis / Man-Thing Matthew Le Nevez-Sheriff Kyle Williams Rachael Taylor-Teri Elizabeth Richards Jack Thompson-Frederick Schist Rawiri Paratene-Peter Horn Alex O'Loughlin-Deputy Eric Fraser Plot; So there's a swamp that has a dark spirit witch the local Indians say is gonna get revenge on the local mining company that's been mining oil in the area, and then there's a ton of dead bodies turning up in the swamp. So a new sheriff Kyle Williams turns up to sort this out by first trying to figure out what's going on by looking at dead bodies and sending more people into the swamp to die. So Man-Thing continues on it's killing spree and now focuses on killing people at the oil mine. Criteria; So I didn't enjoy this film it just become murder after murder after murder so it's just receptive and boring, so the story is boring as stated before and it follows the comics very vaguely. With it been a unknown film it has no big names in so the ...

Elektra (DVD) 26/02/2017

Elektra wasnt very ELEKTRAfying

Elektra (DVD) Elektra was made to create hype for Daredevil 2 which was a bit confusing as in Daredevil Elektra died. So this film was very short which is good as after the first twenty minutes I wanted it to end but I persevered hoping it would get better but it just got more weirder with tattoos that come alive and a girl that anything she touches dies. So this film is pretty crape as the superhero motivation is protecting one girl and her dad. And the final battle is ridiculous as there's beds sheets all over the place and all Elektra ha s to do is through one of her knife things to win. Cast; Jennifer Garner-Elektra Natchios Goran Visnjic-Mark Miller Will Yun Lee-Kirigi Cary-Hiroyuki-Tagawa Roshi Terence Stamp-Stick Kirsten Pout-Abby Natassia Malthe-Typhoid Chris Ackerman-Tattoo Plot: Elektra an assassin for hire is killing anyone for money until she gets a mysterious contract to go to an island and wait for further instructions for millions of dollars, when she arrives on the island she sets up the most OCD house anyone ever seen. Later she throws a box cutter at a little girl called Abby who she uses assassin powers on to get a necklace back. She's then invited to Abby and her Fathers for christmas dinner. Later Elektra finds out Abby and her dad are the target so she leaves, but returns to help them when she notices more assassins coming on to the island so she somehow learns to control time so after Abby and her dad are killed she can save them again. So this all continues ...

Blade Trinity (DVD) 06/02/2017

Blade Trinity another rubbish blade film

Blade Trinity (DVD) Blade trinity was well another blade film so not that good but it was a lot worse than the last one Wesley snipes isn’t blade half the time as he was too busy supposedly smoking cannabis. Arrows can now bounce of walls and still hit a person and it has Ryan Reynolds witch is good but it can’t save the film and there’s a scene with vampire dildos witch I think is taking everything way too far. So I watch this film hoping that the franchise had improved but it just made everything worse as blade is a really cool character in the comics. Cast; Wesley Snipes-Blade Kris Kristofferson-Whistler Jessica Biel-Abigail Whistler Ryan Reynolds-Hannibal King Parker Posey-Danica Dominic Purcell-Drake John Michael Higgins-Dr. Vance Plot: Blade is still fighting vampires but when the vampires trick him into killing a human which is all caught on CCTV so basically he’s screwed and gets arrested by the FBI. Who hand him over to the vampires, while he’s under arrest Hannibal king and Abigail whistler turn up and rescue him and ask him to join the night stalkers a vampire hunting group. Meanwhile Dracula AKA Drake the most powerful vampire in the world has awoken, so Blade, Abigail Whistler and Hannibal King hunt down this powerful Vampire. Criteria: I didn’t enjoy the film that much I felt like they could have used a lot more Hannibal King as he was my favorite character and Wesley Snipes could have actually played the character he auditioned for. The story was okay but was pretty ...

Catwoman (DVD) 25/01/2017

Catwoman Killed the character for 9 Years

Catwoman (DVD) So Catwoman was extremely poor no wonder Halle Berry won a Razzie for it. This film has literally no resemblance to the comics, they changed catwomans name her suite her profession and her villains as her main villain is batman. So they got rid of Selina Kyle for some reason and made her Patience Phillips, they made her into the weirdest person ever as she can barely get through a crowd of people where everyone is walking normally without bumping into everyone she passes. And been a graphic designer for a fashion company she should know how to dress in good cloths abut hers look like there from the 80’s. Cast; Halle Berry-Catwoman Benjamin Bratt-Tom Lone Sharon Stone-Laurel Hedare Lambert Wilson-George Hedare Frances Conroy-Ophelia Alex Borstein-Sally Plot Patience Phillips a graphic designer for a fashion company works and has a boring life. When she’s told off by her boss George Hedare she gets a dead line to do some more art. While doing her art she sees a cat stuck on her building so instead of calling the fire brigade she climbs out her window and tries to save the cat, she ends up having a casual conversation with police officer until she starts to fall and he runs up three stair cases in record time to save her. Later that night patience goes to deliver her art work when she finds out the fashion company is selling a product that if you stop using it, it gives you horrible skin. And been the clumsiest woman ever she knocks stuff over gets chased and the facility ...

Spider-Man 2 (DVD) 17/01/2017

Spider-Man 2 was too similar to the first one

Spider-Man 2 (DVD) This Film wasn’t as good as the original but it was still very good. The sequel to 2002’s Spider-man is a good film with a new villain Doctor Octopus who was pretty good. I quite enjoyed this film with peter having an identity crisis and losing his powers while trying to win back Mary-Jane after dumping her in the previous film. The origin story from the green goblin and doctor octopus is pretty similar a failed science experiment makes you evil. And of course there’s the confusion when you can’t figure out where Spider-man’s webs are attached to when he’s swinging around New York. Cast; Tobey Maguire-Peter Parker / Spider-Man Kirsten Dunst-Mary Jane Watson James Franco-Harry Osborn Alfred Molina-Dr. Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus Rosemary Harris-May Parker J. K. Simmons-J. Jonah Jameson Plot; Two years after the original peter parker is finding it hard to keep a job while keeping up being spider-man. He is also finding it hard to keep a relationship with MJ as she’s now a successful model and actress. When he’s writing an article for the daily bugle on Dr. Otto Octavius, who is working on a science experiment on the subject of fusion. But Otto’s experiment goes wrong and he ends up with four metal arms telepathically controlling him. So Otto goes on for a life of crime to finish his science experiment, but can spider-man stop him as he starts to lose his powers due to an identity crisis. And with harry Osborne hunting down spider-man to get revenge for his father. I ...

The Punisher (DVD) 05/01/2017

The Punisher, Punished me with this film

The Punisher (DVD) The Punisher is ok it had descent story with ok fight scenes but the rest of the film was terrible there was too much messing, around and at certain points it felt more like a western than superhero/ Antihero film. And it showed you the punisher setting up all these weapons which look cool and we want him to use but them he uses his fists a bow and a pistol. Like he had a good plan which if it happened to me I’d be pretty devastated but the villains the saints where made up for the film and never appeared in the comics which was quite disappointing. I feel this film took the idea of the punisher switch some minor things about the character and the back story and then just made everything else up, like that in the comics he was a soldier not and FBI agent and in the comics the Saints never existed. Cast; Thomas Jane-Frank Castle/The Punisher John Travolta-Howard Saint Will Patton-Leonard Glass Laura Elena Harring-Livia Saint Ben Foster-Spacker Dave Russell Andrews-Jimmy Weeks Edward Jemison-Nicky Duka John Pinette-Mr Bumpo Rebecca Romijn-Joan "The Mouse" Mark Collie-Harry "Heck" Thornton Plot; Frank Castle does his last job for the FBI where he ratted out one of the Saint boys who was selling guns, one of the saints get shot and castle retires but the saints aren’t happy that there son was killed so they send a gang to kill frank castle and his family. They kill franks family shoot frank in the chest and have him blown into the water by an explosion and he survives. ...

Hulk (DVD) 16/12/2016

I didnt want him angry or him normally

Hulk (DVD) k is by far one of the worst super hero films I’d ever seen. Like for the first half the movie we hear some science mumbo jumbo no one understands and we see Bruce Banner make heart beat noises and seeing hulk in the mirror. So when Bruce finally transforms to hulk he fights mutant dogs witch pose no threat to Hulk what so ever and he also fights a tiny amount of the US army witch is a few helicopters and tanks which again pose no threat. Like honestly we want to see hulk fight something of equal strength and we end up seeing fight an underwater cloud. So yeah this film offers really no entertainment. And they make you feel like you’re Reading a comic by moving scenes around in squares like a comic. Cast; Eric Bana-Bruce Banner Jennifer Connelly-Betty Ross Sam Elliott-Ross Josh Lucas-Talbot Nick Nolte-Father Plot; Bruce Banner a scientist who has been infected with something by his father when he was a child. He’s in love with another scientist Betty Ross but she’s with Talbot who is an ex-soldier who wants Bruce and Betty to study regenerative soldiers. When hulk is caught in a radioactive explosion he becomes the hulk and trashes the lab. Ross (Bettys Father) takes up the task to stop the Hulk as his daughters in danger. After Hulk saves Betty from Mutant dogs sent by Bruce’s Dad they go on the run to find a cure for the Hulk. Criteria; I really didn’t enjoy this everything really just failed there was no threats or anything that made you feel for the characters, ...

X-Men 2 (DVD) 08/12/2016

The X-Men are back In X2

X-Men 2 (DVD) This film nearly beat the original for me, X2 is an excellent film with everything from the original and more with new characters like Nightcrawler and characters like Iceman and pyro having more of a part this is one of my favourite X-men films. This film looks more into wolverines past along with showing off more of the X-men. I really enjoyed it the plot and everything matched up to the standards of the previous film. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s seen the previous film. Cast; Wolverine-Hugh Jackman Professor X-Patrick Stewart Cyclops-James Marsden Storm-Halle Berry Jean Grey-Famke Janssen Magneto-Ian Mckellen Mystique –Rebecca Romijn Rouge-Anna Paquin Nightcrawler-Alan Cumming Colonel William Stryker-Brian Cox Iceman/Bobby-Shawn Ashmore Plot; Wolverine continues hunting down his past as he heads to Alkali Lake, a location Professor X gave him as it may hold a key to his past. With nothing there he heads back to Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters to re-unite with the X-Men. Meanwhile Mystique is still posing as Senator Kelly getting an insight on what’s going on after an attack on the president by Nightcrawler Colonel William Stryker turns up to add new security measures. He also tortures Magneto (who’s in a plastic prison) for information on the X-Men. Professor X tracks down Nightcrawler and sends Storm and Jean to find him and Cyclops go to visit Magneto, which leaves Wolverine looking after Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters. But the school is ...

Daredevil (DVD) 29/11/2016

Daredevil I wouldnt DARE watch it again

Daredevil (DVD) This film was very disappointing; I really hated it as it made a really awesome superhero look stupid. So Matt Murdock is a blind layer who’s over senses are enhanced so he can still basically see so when he’s not lawyering he’s fighting crime Batman no sorry daredevil. This film really made me think it was just a batman film, because daredevil travels around by grappling hook a lot of the time and puts on a deep batman like voice when he’s been daredevil. Cast: Matt Murdock/Daredevil-Ben Affleck Elektra-Jennifer Garmer Bullseye-Colin Farrel Wilson Fisk/King Pin-Michael Clarke Duncan So as a young boy Matt runs face first into some spilt toxic waste witch takes away his sight, but this makes his over senses (mainly Hearing) a lot better so that he can practically see. His dad Jack Murdock is killed in alley way after not cooperating with Wilson Fisk, from then on Matt pledges to rid hell’s kitchen New York of all crime. Later in his life matt meets a girl called Elektra who he falls in love with, he is also going around the city beating up criminals, and trying to track down the man who killed his father Wilson Fisk. This film is well absolutely rubbish it had me board to death, and all the way through I was disappointed. Like with Bullseye they scared his forehead with a target and Daredevils powers where quite a bit off in the comics it shows daredevil using all his over four senses when in this film he only used one of them. And the constant narration is quite out of place ...

Spider-Man (DVD) 23/11/2016

Spider-Man fighting, loving and laughing

Spider-Man (DVD) won’t say it’s the best superhero film but it was pretty good. This film seems to have nearly everything we wanted from the first live action spider-man film. It had a ok designed villain The Green Goblin his costume wasn’t amazing, an excellent Mary Jane (MJ for short) Peter Parkers love interest. A great representation of Peter Parker and the spider-man pretty good I can’t say he’s may favourite representation of spider-man but he’s pretty good. Cast; Spider-Man / Peter Parker-Toby Maguire Green Goblin / Norman Osborn-Willem Dafoe Mary Jane Watson- Kristen Dunst Harry Osborn-James Franco Ben Parker-Cliff Robertson May Parker-Rosemary Harris J. Jonah Jameson-J.K. Simmons Flash Thompson-Joe Manganiello This film follows Peter Parker a high school nerd who gets bullied a lot. He has a huge crush on MJ. When they were on a school trip to a science lab with his best friend Harry Osbourne while taking photos he’s bit on the thump by radioactive spider. When he wakes up the next day he discovers he has powers, he uses them to fight people at a fight club in a ring to make money. One day when leaving the fight club his uncle is shot by a thief and when he sees this he chases the man who shot his uncle and put him away. Peter then becomes spider-man who fights crime and saves people usually MJ, he gets photos of himself doing it and sells it to the daily bugle. Also a man names Norman Osbourne becomes the Green Goblin, who wants to do evil to his business partners who ...

Blade 2 (DVD) 15/11/2016

Blade 2 Blood, Gore and more

Blade 2 (DVD) Blade 2 isn’t the best superhero film I’ve seen I felt like I was watching a failed kid’s vampire film with half the actions and scripts but then the overflow of bad language a violence turned it into a blood bath with some of the worst special effects I’ve ever seen. Most the time I felt like I was watching cinematics from a video game, all the fancy showing off with weapons and Vampires exploding into sparks and then of course the bad guys that can only be killed by light, which I guess is a good think unless you’re working with a team of vampires who also die from light. Cast; Blade-Wesley Snipes Abraham Whistler-Kris Kristofferson Reinhardt-Ron Perlman Nyssa-Leonor Varela Scub-Norman Reedus Elder Eli Damaskinos-Thomas Kretschmann Jared Nomak-Luke Goss Chupa-Matt Scyhulze This film starts two years after Blade and follows blade as he hunts down his lost mentor Abraham Whistler, when he finds him he takes him back to the lab where he manages to save Abraham. They are attacked by Vampires when the intense fight stops the Vampires give a message that a Vampire has evolved and is hunting down Vampires, they also say that they’ve been training a team for two years the Vampire team know as “the Blood Pack” where been trained to kill blade but now the Vampires want Blade to lead this team to defeat the Mutated Vampires. This film has good actors which generally made the film ok, but the special effects where rubbish I absolutely hatted them Vampires exploding into sparks, Men ...

X-Men (DVD) 11/11/2016

X-Men what a start

X-Men (DVD) In my opinion X- Men was the start of the super hero movies. This is the first super hero film that didn’t fail terribly, It follows Mutants in there struggle to be accepted in a world that hates them. The film follows the mutants named Rouge , Logan AKA Wolverine , Professor X and Magneto. Cast; Wolverine-Hugh Jackman Professor X-Patrick Stewart Magneto-Ian Mckellen Rouge-Anna Paquin Cyclops-James Marsden Storm-Halle Berry Jean Grey-Famke Janssen Mystique –Rebecca Romijn Rouge has to deal with never been able to touch human skin without draining there life force. Logan or Wolverine tries to hunt down his past after losing his mind. Professor X and the X-Men help any mutant and fight Magneto as he tries to mutate the world leaders. And Magneto and his evil brotherhood of mutants fight the X-Men as they try to stop him from mutating the world leaders. I think this was a great place to start the X-Men movie franchise and it was the first super hero film that didn’t fail and got a good fan base I personally really enjoyed it. The graphics may not be amazing but it was made sixteen years ago, but I still believe its one of the best super hero films today. This film isn’t very comic book accurate with a large wolverine, none of the X-Men where the cloves they had in the comics, most the costumes where made up by film designers and the comics didn’t seem to play a major part so if you’re looking for comic book accurate film I wouldn’t recommend this. This film some great actors ...
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