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Hey, I write reviews on stuff I've used and generally just share my opinions and problems with the items but I do have a habit of trailing off!

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Giant Grande Lava Lamp 17/04/2012

Fiery Awesomeness!!!

Giant Grande Lava Lamp Starting with the bad points...After several hours it gets hot to the touch which can end in a nice stinging wound, but your only meant to have it on for around 8 hours before it becomes a hazard.To start getting the cool effect, you need to have it on for a good solid two hours which to me is quite a long time!As with most Lava lamps there is a risk of explosion hence why there is a health and safety note mentioning that you should turn it off after 8 hours but I've had mine on for 10 hours by accident thanks to forgetting to turn it off before going to school. I came back home expecting the house to be on fire but luckily nothing bad happened the only worrying thing was the Wax moving around in the lamp at quite high speeds.I'm not sure about how much it weighs, but approximately 5-10kg which is moderately heavy especially when you want to it around But you'll probably donate it to a corner filled with many other groovy things....Onto the good bits ... YEAHHHWell one it's a lava lamp which means it's instantly awesome, when my mates come round they moan at me for leaving it off.Another up to this is the fact you could sit on your chair for a good solid hour staring at the lamp instead of the T.v... Those convection currents are always pleasing to the eye... watching as the wax floats upwards before cooling and falling downwards and repeat, providing you with something to watch comfortably or give your room a more.... Groovy atmosphere along with your shag carpet ;D It's ...

Russian Dwarf Hamster 16/04/2012

They're cute and fluffy yet smelly!

Russian Dwarf Hamster Let's start off with the bad points!First of all if you don't clean their cages out once a week or fortnight they will start to stink your room out, that is a definite, what I normally do is put them in a plastic ball bought from pets at home and let them roam your house for a while, while you clean out their den. this of course is quite fun to watch, seeing multi-coloured balls rolling around your house, but keep them away from dogs/cats... you can guess what happens then!Even though in the info book they said two females would get along, my two didn't every night Billie and Jennie would fight, all we could do was get another cage for them so they had a cage to them selves, this resolved the problem!I'm not considered a master of bringing up hamsters, but anyway, Jennie was a kind soul and Billie was the devil incarnated.. I looked after them the same way anyway, and have received a fair bit of nibbling but I'm fine with it. (makes me jump though when she does bite)Onto the good points!They are fairly easy to look after, my two died of old age October and September last year, they'll last you a good 2/3 years but It's heart breaking when they leave the family :'-(I'd recommend changing their food once or twice a day so it's fresh for them and the same with water bowls.Also make sure you keep them in a well sun-lit room or they'll loose their hair!What I love the most about these little animals is the cuteness factor, it's just overwhelmingly cute to see a little critter ...

Border Collie 16/04/2012

A energetic bundle of Joy!

Border Collie I'l start off with the bad points (my opinions)Well my Izzie (age 5/7 years) and my grandparents Sky (Age 2/3 years)(Both Border collies) are pretty much BURSTING with energy even though lately Izzie hasn't been hyper but when she wants to she has piles of energy, My grandparents dog Sky is always moving around the house and my granddad has to constantly pretty much take her out for walkies, which in a way can be a bit overwhelming due to the fact you have a crazy dog running around the house at the speed of light but eventually they both settle down for a while... then start over again.Both of our dogs have a thing where they go off attention seeking in the house, what Sky does is go up to a person and beg for attention then after a few strokes she runs off and finds another person then comes back again which I find quite cute but can be very annoying when you're trying to do something important I.e doing an essay for your next college project, Izzie on the other hand takes a more sinisterly cute approach where she walks up to you and rests her head on your lap looking up to you fluttering her eyes, which to me pretty much turns me into melted butter but eventually it loses it's charm and then you try to reach for the nearest tennis ball and throw it out the room in attempt to get the her into "play mode" XDTime for the good points.My Izzie is sometimes smart but she has her moments where she ends up looking like a right funny idiot, I.e when we go up to the farm to sort out ...

Sennheiser HD 201 16/04/2012

Strong and Loud!

Sennheiser HD 201 Let's start off with the bad points...The 3m cable that comes with the Headphones is beyond the most annoying thing to me, especially when it becomes spaghetti junction in your pocket.. no matter what when I want to extend it so I can listen to the TV from the other side of the room I always have to sort out and untangle the wire which usually takes me about 5 minutes of frustration and swear words.When I normally go out into town, I wear these main problem with them is the fact that it doesn't block out unwanted noise from the cars passing by unless you turn your music up to max, which does hurt a bit unless you set your equalisation to bass and mid through your electronic device.Onto the good bits :3When I say strong it is actually quite durable seeming the fact it survived being squished by my 10kg amplifier.. the most damage that came off was a chip in the plastic which really is quite astonishing (I did this by accident not on purpose of course ;) )The sound to me is a lot better than some of the cheap headphones you get from places and is very good quality, I mentioned it hurts when it's loud purely because my ears are sensitive to trebly sounds so I normally have my settings to bass and mids on my old Walkman MP3.The headphones to me look very nice and stylish (for headphones) which means it's not embarrassing to walk outside with them my opinion the headphones are great quality for the price which is actually not much at all, just under 20 pounds, I'd probably ...

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360) 08/04/2012

What is it... dragons?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360) Basic story line to this... you are Mr Dovahkin an old legendary dragon killer who has been brought back into the world to kill dragons... you start it off being a unlucky prisoner of the imperial army, about to have his lopped off for being a naughty boy, by chilling with Mr Guy Ulfric stormcloak who recently murdered Mr High King of Skyrim. Before your head gets separated from your body, Mr Alduin (a giant pointy black dragon) barges in setting fire to the city of Helgan (where your at, at the moment), you end up running around with your arms tied behind your back like a raw-chicken ready of the oven (co-incidentally the dragon will provide you with said oven because he's a nice bloke like that) and yeah once you escape Helgan with either Mr Stormcloak or a Imperial kind'ish Dude you'll be free to carry on with the main story-line or just go settle your lollygagging elsewhere with the guard... who stole your sweet roll in fallout 3.You may suffer some arrows in the knee's along your journey!Lets start with the bad stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!When the game was released, Bethesda didn't really do well in debugging the game so it has a lot of bugs, that includes:Quest characters that don't want to speak to you but you need to speak to them.water in some places are invisible.Walking on bones = pain (because the bones fly around at a million miles per hour when you run on them)stepping on a dragons tail when it's about to fly = you will probably fly with it, this is hilarious when ...

Too Human (Xbox 360) 07/04/2012

Butchering foes, Bashing buttons and Smashing screens!!

Dean Guitars Dean Razorback DB Floyd 02/04/2012

Lethal and Great looking... sadly overpriced and dodgy Floyd rose

Dean Guitars Dean Razorback DB Floyd I'l start off with the bad points because that's what I normally do!Now... the Floyd rose.. "special" as they call it in the specs is probably the worst feature of this guitar.. Not putting Floyd roses in general down, but this one is really cheap, using the whammy bar on it is probably an easier way to detune you're guitar than using the Machine heads, I can also admit to you that when you're moving the guitar around either your G or higher strings will likely ...literally just jump straight out of the bridge and try to go for your throat.. not matter how much you tighten it, I don't know why but it does that, probably because it's cheap and poorly made but I would definitely suggest throwing a brand new Floyd rose original.. Schaller tremolo or Ibanez Edge (these are makes of Floyd Roses that are probably the best around ranging in price from 100-250 pounds) and basically .. throw the old one into a deep dark chasm from wense it came or something like that.The stock pickups... like most for guitars are just not what you'd expect.. these ones for instance just aren't as strong as you wished they were.. but they do their jobs at least just not that well. of course you'd just want to replace them with some EMG's 81/85 or Seymour Duncan Blackouts if you're a Active pickup fan, or if you want to recreate some Dimebag Darrel (the Designer and advertiser of the DB Razorback and ML series) sounds, then get a Bill Lawrence L pickups (Can't remember what the numbers were) in there ... 30/03/2012

Cheap Axes-R-Us

I'l start off with the bad pointsOf course when you use the site it's not very appealing to the eyes, it's just incredibly basic unlike some other sites I've used.The stuff you buy from them is low'ish quality to suit the cheap prices, which can be an up seeming the fact that most of the stuff I've bought from them hasn't broken in anyway.I've also noticed for some of the stuff they don't have (and will most likely never get again) are left on the site.. this can lead to confusion and some angry fist waving.There is no Parcel Tracking what so ever, so you have to hope it'll arrive soon or hasn't been lost.Onto the good pointsThe site is actually very good for Luthier equipment ranging from standard screws to fret wire and Tremolo's so you can buy bodies and custom make your own "Vintage" like Stratocaster/telecaster/P-Bass or if you just want to upgrade your current guitar with strap locks, Knobs, Straps, Tremolos, Electronics or even pickups.Even though the sites incredibly basic you can get around the site with no trouble what so ever, you could probably try to get a small child to run around the site.Contacting is quite quick, I usually contact them via their Facebook Page if I have any questions or needs and I usually get a reply within an hour.All my delivery's arrive next day and free as long as you live in the UK of course.All the stuff there is cheap and reliable but nothing to get hyped up about, it does its job and very well!I'll upload and customise this review ...

Logitech HD Webcam C510 16/03/2012

Powerful and fast!

Logitech HD Webcam C510 As I normally do I'll start off with the bad pointsThe clip's dodgy because of the fact it doesn't clip it basically "Hangs/clings on for dear life" on your computer screen (or where-ever you place it) so it is pretty easy to knock around and thanks to the main fact that it only weighs a couple hundred grams.The Mic Sensitivity is ASTONISHING if you use it people can hear you from one corner of the room to another, this is a drawback because if you have background noise there is a chance that it can ruin your calls on Skype or promote confusion but this is also an up purely because you can go round your room and still talk to the people your on call with.The wire placement... now that's a bit of a annoying thing... to me of course because when I turn it 360* to show someone something on another screen I usually end up with a wire in my face abusing my screen ... that's just my problem with it.. you can simply stick the wires to something on the computer so you don't have to bother with strings dangling in your view. ;)Onto the good points and there is a lot of them!Firstly its the fact that it's small and compact (it folds to make it even smaller!) and that you can place it in a small box somewhere else in your room, so you don't have to worry about another set of wires flying around old spaghetti junction.Next is the high quality video, its like watching a movie sometimes... well... it would be a very boring one with me running around showing off the mic sensitivity ... Its ...

Qwik Tune Chromatic Guitar Tuner 05/03/2012

Does what it says on the tin just... slowly!

Qwik Tune Chromatic Guitar Tuner Let's start with the bad points of itNormally I use chromatic tuners that can be attached to the headstock so they are generally more sensitive to vibrations and sound but this one even when plugged in is a bit... dodgy... Unless you have like five minutes or more of free time because this electronic tuner isn't really fast at responding so you do have to take it slowly.Every now and then my one goes BERZERK and the rod flies everywhere.. only thing I can do is just take the batteries out and put em in again.. it seems to work.The pitch pipe or whatever it is sound is quite... horrible to my ears to be honest and just makes it hard for me to tell if I'm tuning the guitar right or wrong, so I NEVER use the setting/sound/whatever.Onto the good pointsOf course there is the most obvious which is its simple.. anyone could use this and that's how it should be... plug in, press that purple button and you're set and ready to tune.It's very small and compact, so you could pretty much put it any where you want like in your pocket/gig bag unlike the stomp-box tuners which tend to take up a lot of space and weigh a good few kg's which means more strain on your arms if you're a weakling like me, I carry around a modified Dean Razorback in a hard case which is agony as it is.Despite it being quite in-sensitive it does it's job if you take your time and not rush it.. like with most things.. You just can't expect it to respond as quick as you want it to but for that you'd have to probably ...

Jackson JS30KV 04/03/2012

A decent starter guitar

Jackson JS30KV I've had mine for about a year I guess.I'l start with the problems of the guitar.Because it is such a light guitar, it tends to get neck dive which we all know is a extreme hassle and a complete frigging pain... If you don't know what neck dive is, it basically means your guitar is neck heavy and generally the neck "dives" towards the ground and rendering it more difficult to play. but the way to deal with this, which works because I've done it. is to move the left strap pin further left onto the furthest Neck bolt I'll display a pic.The tuners are sometimes incredibly stiff on the E and A string, at one point the E strings lock seized up and I hat to remove the string and replace, All I can recommend is getting new tuners but it is bearable for me. But really can be a pain.Next is the poorly placed jack, it's poorly placed due to the fact you can't play sitting down while plugged in... unless you use a 90* jack lead... Basically if you do try the jack lead will stab into your leg and may break the input/jack if you have your Flying V's position like the classic (I'll upload to show what I mean about the position)... the ONLY thing you can do about this is either constantly stand up or Take the whole input jack plate out and replace with a Stratocaster Jack lead and that involves cutting into the wood itself to make room for the jack plate and the actual wiring (wiring stuff for the jack needs to be flipped like 45* so it is horizontal with the horn) once you done what I've ...
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