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Air Berlin 16/10/2011

Air Berlin R U Serious?

Air Berlin Dear Mr. CEO Air Berlin, It has never happened to me before and I tend to travel quite often. I am not a HON client but still have about 180 flights per year and this was a first. To go to Zagreb and avoid the strike on Wed. the 12.10.11 I had my client in Zagreb change her appointments as well as changed mine and decided to do a one day flight forth and back. I woke up at 3.15 am to be at the airport by 5.00am for an on time check-in. I get to the counter and the young lady informs me that my flight to Munich has been cancelled due to the fact that the crew did not show up. I was re-booked on the next flight , at 8.05. I informed her that it would be a problem for me since my connecting flight to Zagreb from Munich was at 8.55 and that I would miss it. She asked me to go to the service counter and clear it up with them. I went there and I got the same answer. I then asked them to help me with another flight so that I could reach Munich to make my connecting flight. (This after I had informed them that the situation was not worthy of a German airline or for that matter in today's day and age. I would understand if this happened with Alitalia but not in Germany. The Gentleman, Mr. K explained to me about five times, that the only solution would be for me to get on the next flight and postpone my appointment. I explained to him that my return flight was the same day and that I needed more time in Zagreb since I had to close on a deal. That was why I wanted the ...
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