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Camelbak Mule 09/12/2006

I love it!

Camelbak Mule I got a camelbak M.U.L.E. from hubby for going hillwalking locally (we live in aberdeenshire so fantastic hills round us) and needed something a little larger than just a hydration pack as I tend to take 2 dogs and all the bits and bobs they need (poop bags, dog treats, leads etc) as well as some waterproofs for me! I suffer from asthma and find that regualr sipping on cool water helps avoid attacks, and means I use less of my inhalers, and can walk for further. The straps are comfy, the pack is well made, and fits nicely. Hubby finds it comfy too, so its not just built for us ladies! I find the reservoir easy to clean (I have the cleaning brushes for it, and use effervescene cleaning tablets too) and then tend to store it dry in the cupboard. I also tend to fill it the day before a walk, and freeze it until that evening, then leave out to thaw overnight so its refreshing and cool for the next walk. I love the valve - so easy to use, and great that it doesn't leak with the on/off valve. Also doesn't make the water taste vile like some of the alternative hydration pack bladders can.

Creative ZEN Nano Plus 1 GB 01/12/2006

zen nano plus rocks

Creative ZEN Nano Plus 1 GB The zen nano plus mp3 player ticked all the boxes I needed and more. I wanted lightweight, compact and funky (I bought the purple version) for using at the gym. The 1GB size means that I can have a variety of music for all my different sessions throughout my gym routine, form warming up, to aerobic, to cardio through weights and to cooling down, without having to listen to the same track over and over - the only repetitions I want are with my abs! I do find that the buttons can be a little fiddly to use, but other than that this is the perfect mp3 player for me. Its small enough that it can easily be held in a creative armband and not get in the way at the gym, and the headphones are really comfy. About a month after I bought my player, the battery cover clip did break, but I got straight on to Creative and they sent me out a replacement part with no hassle at all (fantastic customer service!) The batteries seem to last for far longer than the 18 hours stated - my current battery is now upto about 23 hours old and still going strong (although thats been over gym sessions rather than continuous playback) The radio is a great additional feature, and used quite often when I'm out and about with the dogs walking them. I found the software easy to use (I'm not very good at technical things generally) and can easily transfer music from our pc to the player - it holds about 100 mp3 tracks (no idea about wma capacity as I only use mp3), so its not for holding a ...

Dell Inspiron 6000 (N04606) 01/12/2006

Dell Inspiron 6000 - not bad on a budget

Dell Inspiron 6000 (N04606) 1.8GHz Intel Pentium processor, 512MB RAM, DVD burner, standard graphics card, wireless connections,and Windows XP Pro - not bad for a fairly reasonably priced lappy. I found the inspiron to be easy to use, although i did find the lappy mouse pad less responsive than many others I have used, and ended up using a USB mouse for anything that required major mouse action. I also disliked the cd/dvd drawer - it felt really cheap and plasticky to use. Its a fairly heavy piece of equipment and felt bulkier than the specs would suggest. Its not one for those of us constantly on the go! I was also alarmed at how hot it got and how quickly. The battery lasts for about 2 - 3 hours (not quite as good as some others) I would recommend this for students, or others who are manily desk based but would like the flexibiltiy to use the portable aspect of a lappy, but I would not recommend this for every day commuters to use. I felt more confident in the inspiron when using it with the mains adaptor than when I was usuing only battery power after a minor hiccup on the train when I lost some of a report I was doing. The screen is ok when you get use to tweaking the brightness levels, and all the controls are easy to use. Its a good entry level laptop.

The Fast And The Furious - Tokyo Drift (DVD) 01/12/2006

The Fast &The Furious Tokyo Drift

The Fast And The Furious - Tokyo Drift (DVD) If you are looking for an engaging story with deep characters to immerse yourself in - this is not the film for you, that said, its a pleasantly diverting way to spend some time. Prepare to be awestruck with the cars, and the driving is pretty amazing - drifitng is certainly not something you'll catch me doing in my wee fiat! Hubby was also well impressed at the females in the film too - plenty of eye candy. The story is pretty weak, and the characters didn't engage my interest, but I have to say some of the driving really took my breath away, and the scenery was certainly something a bit different from the usual settings for this type of film. A welcome glimpse of Vin Diesel at the end kept me happy on the old eye candy front too!

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (DVD) 01/12/2006

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (DVD) I rushed to the pictures to see this film, and liked it enough to buy the DVD - although my hubby has threatened divorce if I ever make him sit through it again. I really like the film - Johnny Depp shines as the madcap Captain Jack Sparrow again, and looks divine whilst doing it! The story is not as strong as the first movie, so prepare to be a little disappointed if you expect the same - although the special effects are just as mind blowing. There were parts of the film where it seemed a little long winded and drawn out, and even as a fan, could have been doing with a slightly more intense edit, and shortening it from the 2 hours it currently sits at - there are parts in there that really could have been done without, without affecting the story in the slightest. Its an amusing family film, although I would say to keep to the rating of 12 and above as some younger children might find some of the scenes a little too much for them.
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