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5 10/08/2003

To anyone who likes a bargain Im not sexist my any means but I think this comment is aimed at all those female shoppaholics that like to pick up a bargain or three. I came across about a year ago and have been totally addicted ever since. Every week I visit the site at least 3 times and every week I almost refurbish my house (well at least in my imagination anyway). is part of the catalogue chain GUS and they sell off items at mad crazy prices. For example I bought a beautiful bikini for 2 quid when it was advertised in the catalogue at 20 quid. Ive also purchased trousers, shorts, summer vests and kiddies tea-shirts. The site is well organized and easy to find your way around as it is categorized by product and you can literally purchase anything on there. Unfortunately the items do change on a regular basis so if you required a new oven for example you may have to wait a few weeks before one is available on site. Having said that it is worth the wait because you will usually save between 40-90% off the original price. (My friend bought a new dining table and chairs recently for 400 quid but a few days later the exact same one came onto this site for only 99 quid). There is also a section called price plunge where you are able to take a gamble and hold out for the cheapest price as they will put items on sale at 40% discount etc and then take a further 10% discount off every few days if all the items are not sold - the gamble is do you buy or do you wait a bit ...

English Springer Spaniel 09/08/2003

Mans best Friend

English Springer Spaniel They say that dogs are a mans best friend and I have discovered how true that is. Two years ago I wanted to surprise my husband for his birthday and decided to buy him a dog. I knew that he loved westies but they never really appealled to me. I wanted a dog with a bit more character and decided to ring around RSPCA and similar places. Eventually I seemed to get lead to the English Springer Spanier Association and as luck would have it they had a one year old male available fully trained and supposedly I was told that I would fall in love with him. I took my chances and told them I would have the dog (even without seeing it). I trundled off to the nearest pet shop buying beds and bowls, collars and leads, food and biscuits. I called back to collect my husband but didnt tell him where I was taking him. Eventually we arrived in derby and I was greeted by an old man with a black and white springer spaniel on his lead. My husband totally fell in love with the dog and by this time I think sussed out what was going on. We exchanged papers and money etc and I went to the car boot to get our new dog lead. The dog must have spelled the biscuits as he jumped in the boot with his nose in the bag and his arse and tail moving profusely from side to side. All the way home I sat in the back of the car with the dog whilst my husband drove. The dog was just licking me constantly and sniffing my husbands ears. He settled in with us immediately and we called him Barney. From ...

Polaroid PDC 2070 08/08/2003

Polaroid piccies

Polaroid PDC 2070 At a wedding party earlier this year I was very impressed when a friend took a picture of me using her new digital camera. Not impressed because the picture of me looked nice, but impressed because my friend is a dizzy blonde and not very technically minded to say the least. Well of course I had to keep up with the jones's and if she can use one then so could I. Out came the catalogues (and my husbands wallet) and off I marched to Argos to purchase the Polaroid PDC2070. Very nice indeed, 120 pounds which included a leather wallet, picture software, USB leads and a 64mb memory card. Now being a typical women I couldnt get the camera out of the box quick enough to have a play with my new toy taking pictures of the dog, my husband, the house etc etc. But then I realised I could zoom in 3 times and so the pictures became more detailed (I wont tell you what I was focusing on though). I was so proud of the new purchase showing all the family the LCD display and explaing how the picture could be lightened/darkened/resolution improved/videocam facility/editing facility etc etc. However, a few weeks later we went on holiday and befriended a group of people. One of the gents there got his camera out which could do a great deal more than mine and also looked much prettier (probably cost a great deal more also). I was a bit embarrassed with my measly camera and suddenly the urge to take pictures disappeared. Now dont get me wrong, I am very pleased with my camera but ...

Netdoctor Alphosyl 2 in 1 Shampoo 08/08/2003

it worked for us!!!!

Netdoctor Alphosyl 2 in 1 Shampoo A few months ago my partner and I decided to tie the knot as he wanted to make an honest women of me. Everything was going smoothly and considering we only had 13 weeks to prepare for everything, we seemed to be way ahead of schedule and so far stress free. Well almost stress free. You see my husband was planning to wear a black morning suit with all the trimmings and my worst fear was that within half an hour of him wearing the jacket he would be covered in dandruff. Now I know that they can do amazing things with cameras these days and they could disguise the dandruff on his collar but would they be able to disguise me constantly brushing him down!!!! My husband does not suffer continually with this problem but from time to time it rears his ugly head and out comes the anti-dandruff shampoo again. Unfortunately I am not an avid fan of these products as they usually take a few weeks to work and they make your hair quite limp in the process. Alas though, we were given a small bottle of alphosyl shampoo from my father and reluctantly tried it. The shampoo was a thick green substance and was quite smelly but not in a particularly unpleasant way, this was applied to the scalp, massaged and left for 5 minutes and then repeated. Hey presto, shiny, dandruff free hair that smelt very fresh. I have quite a sensitive scalp and if I use the wrong products on my hair I end up itching constantly but the alphosyl works wonders for that too so we are both very ...

Tiger Balm 08/08/2003

My genie in a bottle

Tiger Balm As a lifelong sufferer of migraines I have tried every tablet, lotion and potion available to me. In a desperate attempt to find a magic cure I have even gone to the extremes of acupunture, reflexology, accupressure, countless visits to chinese doctors and herbalists etc, etc, etc!!!! Unfortunately, I am still searching for the magic cure but along the way I came across a very faithful friend. Namely my jar of tiger balm. I am completely in awe of this little pot of ointment and when I say I do not leave the house without it, I am neither joking or exagerating. I have inherited 6 jars of tiger balm along the years and these are all kept in places of importance - my make up bag, my car, my desk, my bedside cabinet, bathroom cabinet and even a jar in the garden shed (dont ask me why there though). At the first sign of a headache I fish out my genie in a bottle and just rub a little bit of the ointment onto my temples or the back of my neck etc. It doesnt cure the headache completely but it gives immediate relief and the menthol ingredient omits a warm glowing sensation. Ive also used this for insect bites, muscular aches and pains and as a deterent against my husband if Im not in the mood for sex (just dab some on your neck and your partner will either stay well clear or burn his tongue whilst nibbling you). Tiger balm costs under a fiver and will last for years. Its now easily available too, Ive seen it on the shelves at tesco, I purchased some in the maldives ...
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