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Sorry I've been gone so long! My blog keeps me super busy. Please do give my blog a read! :D

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Playmobil Summer Fun 6671 Water Park Summer Camper 12/08/2017

Keeping my daughter quiet this August!

Playmobil Summer Fun 6671 Water Park Summer Camper So it was my daughter's birthday 4 days ago, and of course as it is now her new favourite thing (aside from Barbie and anything to do with slime or squishy stuff), she requested lots of Playmobil sets. She now has a house, a play park and the summer camper to boot. Her Playmobil friends have way more adventures than I do! About the Toy My daughter loves playing with her little Playmobil families and I prefer them to lego because the pieces are much easier to build. Despite instructions, they aren't like building an Ikea flat pack and my 8 year old is able to manage to build this camper van all by herself. I think it's a bit smaller than I anticipated it was for the price, but she loves it so I can't put a price on happiness really. It can fit about 4 Playmobil people in which is great because that's how many come in the box. It's slightly fragile, (not as robust as one might expect) but not annoyingly so, as she can race it around the floor without all the wheels falling off, but at the same time it is easy to dismantle should you need to. At the moment the roof seems to be missing, but she doesn't seem to mind, asserting that it is an open top camper van! Haha! In terms of look and feel, the van fits in well with other features in the range and we like that it looks quite cool. It's clearly American inspired as the driver is on the left but thats neither here nor there! It's also great because it comes with deck chairs, pretend food, equipment for a barbecue (even a ...

Narcos Season 1 (DVD) 05/08/2017

Get ready to Netflix and Chill...

Narcos Season 1 (DVD) I was mostly inspired to write this blog post because Narcos season 3 is out on September 1. I cannot wait! In order to get myself all psyched up for this imminent series, I decided to re-watch previous episodes and I was reminded how addictive the show is and the elusiveness of the Colombian Drug cartels. Storyline The show is focused around Pablo Escobar, the Patron, the drug lord and the leader of the notorious Medellin Cartel in Colombia in the 1970s. Season 1 shows his rise, political ambitions and his brutality over the course of the years, ending with his stint in 'prison'. (More like a large mansion with friends, women and food that he doesn't ever leave!), which he eventually escapes from. My Opinion Shown from the perspective of Federal Agent Steve Murphy, but heavily spoken in Latin American spanish, the show demonstrates a strong blend of originality, authenticity and hosts great entertainment. Whilst it slightly glamourises the drug life (can you imagine so much money you have to bury it underground because there is nowhere else to store it?) it also shows the brutality, the anarchy in Colombia at the time as the Government fought guerilla communists aswell as the Drug overhaul. I liked the show for it's raw, gritty coverage of events at the time, and the political plays that had to happen. It's so much more than just a show about narcotics - it's really gripping! The cast are all relatively new (to myself anyway) except the actor for the role of Agent ...

Two Can Play That Game (DVD) 23/07/2017

Proper classic and an old favourite movie of mine!

Two Can Play That Game (DVD) With my love (and addiction!) of Netflix, I am always on the prowl for films and shows to download and watch. My partner currently lives in Liverpool (he's moving back to London in the next 6 months thank God!) so I was up there this weekend at the Liverpool International Music Festival, and had a lovely 2.5 hour train journey back today to catch up on one of my favourite past-times. I tried watching Saw VI but it was way too gory and jumpy for me to watch my own on public transport! I then switched over and started to watch one of my old favourite movies - Two can play that game! Plot Vivica Fox, aka Shante Smith is the typical woman, with a happy relationship giving advice to her friends with man problems. There's Diedre - her ghetto fabulous friend who's boyfriend has no job, no money and no ambition. There's Karen, who spent loads of money fixing up her boyfriend and is now moping around the house because he realised he looks attractive and has swanned off. Lastly there's Tracey who's boyfriend is clearly cheating on her. Shante spends a lot of time telling her friends what to do, and advising how they can keep their man 'in-line'. Her number one rule to suss out when your partner is cheating, is when he says he is 'working late'. One evening, when due to have dinner with her boyfriend Keith, she gets a call that he is working late. She then goes out to dinner with her friends and in the club, she spots Keith on the dance-floor with another woman. She confronts it, ...

Game of Thrones Season 3 (DVD) 18/07/2017

One of my favourite shows and TV series!

Game of Thrones Season 3 (DVD) I am a Netflix addict, through and through. However, at some point last year I had run out of stuff to watch and decided to give this ‘Game of Thrones’ show a go. It started off quite slowly and I didn’t really get into it until earlier this year when I then caught it all on Sky Atlantic and was totally hooked! In my opinion, Season 3 is when the show really starts to pick up and gain pace. I am going to try really hard to review this without any mega-spoilers! Background to Game of Thrones, Season 3 The show is set in the Seven Kingdoms, with the King on the Iron throne as Robert Baratheon. Robert is close friends with Ned Stark and goes to visit him in the North. Events occur, and Ned travels back with King Robert, his wife and three children to Kings Landing (the capital), where more twists and turns lead to King Robert’s death and Ned Stark being executed for treason. Seeking revenge for Ned’s death, the Starks in the North rally around and battle against the Lannisters (Roberts wife’s family name) for their seat on the Iron throne. However, this inspires many other Houses to also claim right to the throne, including the two Baratheon brothers, and the predecessors before the Baratheon’s – the last surviving Targaryens. Season 3 Season 3 is when things get real in the Seven Kingdoms. All Ned Stark's children have gone separate ways and been split up in various scenarios, and trying to stay strong until they are reunited. The show focuses on the developing battle ...

Kiko Nail Lacquer 06/07/2017

Good quality, doesn't chip -- and it's cheap!

Kiko Nail Lacquer I am trying really hard to save money lately (apparently having a lot of money for life is important now I'm pushing 30) and one thing I've had to cut back on is getting acrylic nails. It means I now have a big and expanding personal nail polish collection - and some recent additions are from Kiko. I got a number of 10ml little nail polishes in pink, red and a nail strengthener as my nails are incredibly brittle since recently converting to wearing my nails au naturel. The prices vary as I bought a couple of them for £3 but my nail strengthener was on offer for £2.50. Considering the price, I expected the polish to be really thin, watery and difficult to apply but it was actually completely the opposite. The nail polish is surprisingly really good quality! A thick, substantial brush makes the polish easy to apply evenly and without looking too streaky. The consistency of the polish is good because it comes out quite well, and is not too runny or clumpy. Naturally - as is the case with most nail polishes nowadays, I did have to apply two layers to give a full covered effect, but this is to be expected. I don't find this nail polish dries very quickly but this can be helped with a really good freeze dry spray which I've got from New Look (also highly recommended by the way!) My biggest bug bear with nail polishes is that it looks tacky once it starts to chip, and I was impressed that this nail polishes lasted about a week before chipping enough that I wanted to take it ...

The Only Way Is Essex - Series 3 (DVD) 09/06/2017

Glitz, glamour and a lot of fake tan!

The Only Way Is Essex - Series 3 (DVD) As you may remember from my previous blog – reality TV is an unhealthy addiction of mine, and alongside many brilliant shows on Netflix (Line of Duty for example!) I’ve been whacking out re-runs of The Only way is Essex and I am now up to season 12. Cringe! It’s only taken me a matter of months which is quite embarrassing, but Season 3 definitely was a chuckler! Concept/Storyline Essentially the show is a reality concept, following a gang of Essex guys and girls and their relationship mix-ups. This season shifts the focus to Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright’s break-up and all their dramas. We meet Lucy’s new boyfriend, the Italian Stallion that is Mario Falcone, and we follow the ups and downs of Joey Essex and Sam Faiers as he kills us with more of his hilarious one-liners. Considering it started with a bang, this is Mark Wright’s (now a well known TV host) last season, and we welcome a ton of new faces like Billi Mucklow and Cara Kilbey. Two fiery characters, set to cause a stir! My Opinion This season is where the show really starts to pick up a lot of pace, as three seasons in, the characters have a lot of stability and foundation, you understand their personalities and pin-points slightly more and there’s considerably a lot more eye candy to look at! Their fake tans and make-up has improved, and the characters have a lot more flair and confidence about them. You can’t help but watch the ‘reality’ of it all as they vow ‘I’ll never speak to her ever again’ but ...

The Only Way Is Essex - Series 2 (DVD) 30/04/2017

Cringe-worthy yet so entertaining!

The Only Way Is Essex - Series 2 (DVD) If there's one thing I am ashamed to admit - it's that I am a reality TV junkie. And for some reason TOWIE (an abbreviated version of The Only Way Is Essex) is my main crux. I have been quite sad and I've been re-watching all 20+ seasons on Netflix. If you're ever feeling down - the Essex lot will give you a hell of a lot of laughs! Concept/Storyline Essentially the show follows a gang of Essex guys and girls and their relationship mix-ups. This season focuses on Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright and their on/off relationship. In a last bid attempt to give their 10 year relationship another go, the couple get engaged amidst all kinds of cheating speculations and others ‘butting their noses in’. This season is also when we are introduced to the incredibly unique Joey Essex. With his child-like personality, handsome face and aspirational attitude to success he is a winner in the show, replacing the favourite Mark Wright – especially as he tries to woo the sassy Sam Faiers. Intertwined this series is Arg and Lydia’s relationship woes, Kirk and Lauren Pope being on/off, and newbies Chloe Sims, Gemma Collins, Frankie Essex whilst we say goodbye to Amy Childs and the vajazzle! My Opinion This isn’t quite my favourite season, but back in the day this is where I originally started watching it and got completely sucked in. Their naiveté, blasé attitude and one-liners are absolutely classic and it made me laugh every morning (I watch it on my commute) to get me in a great mood ...

The Last Kingdom Season 1 (DVD) 16/04/2017

Absolutely LOVE this show!

The Last Kingdom Season 1 (DVD) I am a mega Netflix addict. I ought to write a massive thank you letter to whichever genius came up with the concept that I could download a TV show on the app and watch it offline. It solves my commute entertainment and it means I can watch soooo much now! I whizzed through so many seasons; Suits, Greenleaf and my boyfriend recommended The Last Kingdom. Let’s just say…it’s sooooo good! Synopsis If you watch Vikings it’s a similar premise but from the opposite side of the fence. Uhtred (the elder) is the Lord of Bebbanburg, (Bamburgh, Northumbria) when a load of Danes come and invade, killing and capturing Saxons. His eldest son is killed, and his youngest son – originally called Osbert – is renamed Uhtred to take his elder brother’s place. Uhtred (the younger) is the only remaining survivor of the battle. He is taken a slave by Earl Ragnar Ragnarsson and his uncle takes his place as the Lord of Bebbanburg, believing everyone else died in battle. Earl Ragnar Ragnarsson grows to see Uhtred as more as a son than a slave, after he saves his daughter Thyra from another Danish boy, Kjartan. When Earl Ragnar finds out he punishes Kjartan for threatening Thyra by cutting out his eye. Years later Kjartan and his father seek revenge by setting the house on fire, and spread the rumour that Uhtred started the fire. With nowhere left to turn, Uhtred sets his sights on seeking revenge on Kjartan for killing his family, and strikes an allegiance with Alfred, King of Wessex in order ...

NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream 29/03/2017

The kind of lip gloss I've been looking for!

NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream I have been on the hunt for a nice matte, brown lipgloss for a long time and have struggled to find one. Last week my sister and I had gone to Milan for a long weekend, but after a flight cancellation (thank Easyjet/Italian hir strike) we ended up staying for 5 days unexpectedly. Having crammed in every thing we’d already planned to do that only really left us one thing to fill our time and do…more shopping! One of the stores we ended up in was the NYX store, and although I was already familiar with the brand (I follow them on Instagram) I hadn’t bought a lot of their products before. I had a lip cream of their already but it was purchased on eBay so I had no idea if it was legit. With this lip cream - I knew it was the real deal and it was perfection! About the lip cream I picked up a shade named Dubai which is a deep brown colour, but there are over 50 to choose from. The packaging is simple - a small tube which has the body the colour of the lip cream and a black screw top lid. It has NYX in black writing on the lid so it does look quite stylish still, albeit a bit basic. Not one for fuss and unecessary frills I was happy with it being simple and sleek. The lip cream itself is actually quite thick, but with the rim of the lip cream being secured, not too much comes out in one go which is great to apply it without mess. I also find that it moisturises my lips brilliantly, aswell as giving good coverage to cover any cracks I may have in my lips. I rarely feel the ...

Staedtler Stick Pens 430M 16/01/2017

Gets the job done!

Staedtler Stick Pens 430M What is the one thing that seems to vanish into thin air in my office? Pens. I’ve got about four ones on my desk as I type this, and one dusty blue one I’ve ‘borrowed’ from someone else (she’ll never get it back). Anyway, looking for things to review – seems I’ve done everything - and I found my pen which is a lovely Staedtler Stick 430 M. About these pens These pens are really simple in their design, with basic plastic on the rim and the body of the pen, for easy gripping, no slipping and comfort. I use these pens day in, day out with no problems at all. The pens perform well for right handed and left handed people, (feedback from colleagues here!) as the rollerball tip has ink covering all angles, so you never feel like you need to manoeuvre the pen around to get the pen to perform properly. It sounds weird, but I’d even go so far as to say these pens make my handwriting look marginally better than normal! Some pens, when difficult to write with, make writing anything a chore and my handwriting turns to scribble. I definitely agree that the easier it is to use, the better the execution of my writing. All pens come with co-ordinating lids which can click on, to stop the pain from drying out, but in my experience these often get lost and the pen never dries out! Not sure if there’s something in the ink which makes it long lasting, but usually the lids go walkabouts and I’ve found pens months later without a lid and they still get the job done. If you are a bit ...

Hungry Hungry Hippos 05/01/2017

So much Christmas fun!

Hungry Hungry Hippos My daughter loves playing games, and despite being a girly girl and enjoying playing with makeup and princesses, from time to time she does love a good family game. We’ve had Monopoly (no idea where half the money is), scrabble (she’s a bit of a sore loser because I always win!) and Frustration, and the latest game she asked for was Hungry Hippos. She asked me a bit too late, as I’d already done my Christmas shop, so I recommended one of her aunts to get it for her. The game The game is actually really easy, essentially there are 20 balls, and it’s a four player game (but you can also play with two or three people) as there are four hippo heads which you constantly hit a lever to bob their heads up and down. The aim is to catch as many balls in your hippo’s mouth and you are the winner if you collect the most. Simple! Assembly Assembly doesn’t even require instructions, as inside the box is literally the board, and the four colourful hippo heads which you can click into place, and easily remove by pulling them off. There is a trick where the lever clicks down so the hippo’s mouth stays shut when you’re packing it away, but by lifting it again, the head is fully functional. Playing the game Hungry Hippos is actually a lot of fun, and more so than I thought it would be. Initially I started off just casually pressing to get my hippo to eat the balls, but after two rounds it does turn into quite a raucous game, everyone hitting the hippo as hard as they can and ...

Mylee UV Lamp Dryer Gel Polish Nail Manicure Kit 30/12/2016

Best £22.99 I ever spent!

Mylee UV Lamp Dryer Gel Polish Nail Manicure Kit I love having my nails done, and I went ages when I would only get nail extensions put on so I looked all glamorous. However, a few months ago I made a conscious decision to save money wherever possible, and trips to the nail salon had to go. I’ve always loved painting my own nails, and I have a range of nail polishes from Essie to Rimmel to Barry M. However, no matter how expensive they are, they don’t quite last as long as Shellac does. So my sister and I decided to have a bright idea to buy a home shellac kit. Essentially it is a home UV Lamp set which you use, and the nail polish hardens and doesn’t chip. About MyLee UV Lamp I looked high and low on eBay, Boots and Amazon to find a machine that was reasonably priced but also had good reviews. Fortunately in the end, I stumbled on this set which cost £22.99 and came with the Top Coat and Base coat nail polishes to use with it. MyLee is a leading nail brand for both UV and LED nail technology and the recommendations made me satisfied to buy this model. Features: • 4 x 36 watt bulbs for high performance • 1 x Bluesky Top Coat • 1 x Bluesky Base Coat • Removable tray • 120 second timer for optimum drying times • Suitable for hands and feet Using the lamp We have been using the lamp for a couple of months now and I cannot find a single fault with it. Set up was ridiculously easy, just insert the bulbs into the machine and go! To give yourself a long lasting manicure, the process is easy: 1. Ensure hands (or feet!) ...

Scott Barnes Eyelash Brush 26/12/2016

Great brush for great application!

Scott Barnes Eyelash Brush I am trying to get into makeup (have been for a while now) and one of the things that this brought is a lot of experimentation. Over the years I’ve put in false eyelashes, and taken them off but with each time mine have started to grow weaker and shorter. I put them on most recently last month for my birthday and they irritated me no-end and I took them off after only a week. What I did notice though is that my own lashes are now tiny and thin so I started thinking about buying an eyelash growth serum. I was THIS close to buying it when I came across a natural life hack online which said to apply extra virgin olive oil to your eyelashes at night to aid growth. So I bought some olive oil from Waitrose and this eyelash brush on eBay and started to get it popping! The brush The brush is quite unique as it has a long plastic handle which is sturdy and the head has a metal comb with small teeth like a fine tooth comb. It’s quite lightweight, and I keep it in a pot with all my other makeup brushes. It’s usually what professional makeup artists use, and I first came across the brand from a makeup blogger who I follow on Snapchat. It’s got great teeth which I find has an amazing capability to spread the olive oil evenly across all my lashes, separating them, and covering them root to tip. I’ve been using this brush a few weeks now and I’ve been very impressed! I initially bought some cheap eyelash brushes on eBay but I really didn’t get the same effect so this one is much ...

Loreal L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Facial Oil 24/11/2016

Great for my skin and smells lovely!

Loreal L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Facial Oil My skin can be quite sometime-ish (a word we use in our house!) where one day it isn’t too bad, and then sometimes I get these recurring spots on my chin and upper lip which are really irritating, and aren’t always well concealed by makeup! I had received some vouchers for my birthday, and so in Superdrug I was having a nosey around to see what I could get to treat myself. I liked the look of this oil, as it was mid-priced (not too expensive/not too cheap) at £5.29 . It usually retails at around £13 but Superdrug had 30% off so I nabbed a bargain. Packaging It comes in a plastic rectangular shaped bottle, which is slightly gold in design and with an easy access squeeze pump lid. Looking at it from afar, I wouldn’t have thought it was a L’oreal branded product as this is kept quite minimal. It’s a 150ml bottle which is actually fairly big in my opinion and it looks nice on my dresser. My usage This literally is an oil, and it recommends using 2 drops which you rub onto your dry face with your fingertips and later rinse off with a flannel. It says it dissolves makeup, but my foundation is quite heavy, so I use micellar water to remove my makeup first. Then I let my face dry before applying this oil. I find it is quite runny and oily so literally only a squirt or so is more than enough. It rubs into my face easily and doesn’t feel heavy or cloggy which is a bonus. I love this because it removes my makeup effectively, leaving my face feeling refreshed, clean and clear. ...

Dip & Flip, London 27/10/2016

Cool burger restaurant in Brixton!

Dip & Flip, London I love trying out new restaurants and I drive past Dip & Flip in Brixton almost everyday, and it has always caught my attention. When one of my friends wanted to meet for a catch up recently, I suggested this cool, new burger place (for my own selfish purposes!) and we went on a Tuesday evening after work. The website has a cool premise with their Dip & Flip range, mainly that they either flip the meat in a gravy and it is served all juicy for you (in addition to your burger), or you can get the gravy on the side and dip it in yourself. Quite a new premise and we were happily willing to give it a try! Pros - The service is good, staff are willing to help, really friendly and explained to us exactly the food options, what we could have and the popular favourites. Based on this we got the crispy bacon and green chilli fries which literally went down a treat! - The food is flavoursome, filling and smells really good! - The ambience in the restaurant is nice, it's child-friendly which is a winner, so you can go as a family. - The value of the food was good, the total bill was just under £30 for two of us, so we couldn't complain! Cons - In terms of comparisons as a "burger" place it isn't the best burger I've ever had (and I've eaten a lot.) Perfectly edible, but there is a lot of competition in the burger market so they're up against it really! - This is definitely a place where I was sucked in by advertising. I am not a big fan of overly-wet food so the concept of a ...
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