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Looking forward to spending some more time on Ciao, and catching up with everything. Thanks again for the r/r/cs. You'll also find my reviews (or variations) on Dooyoo under the same user name I have here.

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3 in 1: Solitaire, Mahjong & Tangram (Nintendo DS) 31/01/2012

Cards, tiles and shapes

3 in 1: Solitaire, Mahjong & Tangram (Nintendo DS) INTRODUCTION As a huge fan of Solitaire card games, I was really excited to find that there was going to be a sequel to Solitaire DS (sold as Solitaire: The Ultimate Collection on some websites, and Solitaire Overload in the US). This time the card games would be joined with Mahjong and Tangrams to create this 3 in 1 collection of solitaire and puzzle games, so I added it to last year's Christmas wish list, and I was pleased to find this game in my stocking on Christmas Day, which was sadly to turn out to be one of the last Christmas presents my Mum would give to me as she sadly passed away last November. This game is also known as Solitaire Overload Plus in the US. AVAILABILITY 3 in 1: Solitaire, Mahjong and Tangram was released in late 2010, it is still widely available between £12-£15 in most places, but it will be more expensive from home shopping catalogues if they sell them. Second hand will generally be cheaper. The game is rated 3 under the PEGI games certification system. The UK version of the game was developed by GameOn and published by Deep Silver. 707 WAYS TO TEST YOUR PATIENCE ~Starting Up~ When I first load the game there aren't any user profiles to set up as such, the main menu just consists of the four game options (Solitaire, Mahjong, Tangram and the Picture Puzzles) which can all be accessed with the tap of the stylus. You can also access a general game tutorial, change a few settings and view a list of credits of those involved who produced the game. ...

Twinings Aromatics Earl Grey Tea Bags 04/09/2011

It's Earl Grey, but not as I know it!

Countdown (Nintendo DS) 03/11/2010

Oh, what a conundrum!

Countdown (Nintendo DS) INTRODUCTION It’s hard to believe that Countdown has been on our TV screens for almost 30 years, and must be one of the longest running game shows on British television. While many aspects of the show have changed over the years, the words and numbers game has stood the test of time, and I think it will grace the Channel 4 weekday afternoon schedule for years to come. The show, currently presented by Jeff Stelling and Rachel Riley, has also moved on with the times with various incarnations of the game being released on various formats and have now reached the modern age with versions of the game released on the Nintendo Wii and DS consoles. I bought the Nintendo DS version of the game as part of my Mum’s birthday present, and I paid £9.99 from Amazon. has the game for £12.99, while Game sells it for £14.99. The game is published by Mindscape and is rated 3 under the PEGI game ratings system. Surprisingly, there is no language warning given because of the letters game as there is on Scrabble Interactive Edition 2009. MY EXPERIENCE Starting up When the game is first loaded, I’m greeted with the Countdown theme tune and title sequence, I can bypass this by tapping the touchscreen if I don’t want to see it. I can set two player profiles, and there is also a ‘Guest’ mode to allow friends to play the game without upsetting my statistics. Navigation The game menus are nicely laid out and in fitting with Countdown’s blue colour scheme used on the TV show at the time ...

More Touchmaster (Nintendo DS) 06/09/2010

I can't stop this game I started

More Touchmaster (Nintendo DS) INTRODUCTION TouchMaster is one of my favourites in my collection of games for my Nintendo DS Lite, so I treated myself to the second game in this series which is More TouchMaster. I paid £12.99 including delivery from a seller on Amazon Marketplace, but Game is currently offering it for £9.99 when it is in stock. PRODUCT INFORMATION More TouchMaster was released in 2008 and published by Midway Games. It is rated as suitable for anyone aged 7 or over according to PEGI’s game suitability scheme. There is a warning that it contains violent games, which I think applies to Beaned and Catwalk Caper. MY EXPERIENCE Starting up The most noticeable difference from the first TouchMaster, is there are spaces for three player profiles. Setting up my profile was as straight forward as entering my name and choosing an avatar which the game refers to as a mascot. There’s a good selection of mascots to choose from and I selected the cat. Navigation The game’s menus are clear and easy to navigate. After selecting my player profile I can choose whether to play the games, look at my trophies and achievements in the Trophy Room, start a multiplayer game, or change various options such as my name, mascot and the sound/music effects all in easy to follow menus. There is a back button to go back a menu. A nice touch is the mascot interacts with you if you don’t tap anything in the menus, the cat miaows for example. The 20 games in this collection are organised into the appropriate genres, ...

N-SPA Fruit Raspberry Milkshake Body Cream 01/09/2010

Did I just smother my skin in Raspberry yoghurt?

Asda Crumble Topping 01/09/2010

I couldn't grumble about this crumble topping

Asda Crumble Topping INTRODUCTION Autumn is just around the corner as I write this review, and the other day I picked the first lot of apples from my tree in the back garden. The variety of apple I have is suitable for eating and cooking, so I decided to make a crumble with them. I tend to use crumble topping from out of a packet, as I feel it produces equally good results without having to dig out the food processor and cuts down on the washing up afterwards. The crumble topping I am reviewing is ASDA’s own brand, and I paid 33p. PACKAGING The crumble topping comes in 225g packet, as shown in Ciao's product picture. The picture shows a rather nice looking apple and blackberry crumble as the ‘serving suggestion’, and informs me that I all I need to do is sprinkle the contents of the packet over some fruit, and then bake it. I’m given a few guidelines on the front of the packaging that I can expect this to approximately serve 6 people, that it takes 5 minutes to prepare, and my crumble will be ready in 30 minutes. The back of the packet provides me with the all important information I would expect, including instructions for use, storage instructions (in a cool dry place), the ingredients list, contact details and the nutritional data. This product contains gluten and wheat, and possibly contains traces of nuts and/or seeds. The packaging didn’t state whether it’s suitable for vegetarians, so I am assuming that it is not. MY EXPERIENCE Getting the fruit into a stew ASDA claims that I can ...

Jewel Quest: Solitaire (Nintendo DS) 01/09/2010

This had me in a twist

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic 01/09/2010

All aboard the XpressMusic 5530

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic INTRODUCTION My Mum's trusty Nokia 6230i was close to packing up when I had bought her a new phone which was supposed to be her Christmas present. The keypad on her phone had been going for a while, and it looked like it was going to go completely, so I gave the phone to her a month early (November 2009). I'd seen a few touchscreen phones advertised on Ideal World, and realised they had a number of advantages especially as many of them seem to have decent sized keys and a good sized screen. After having a look at the vast array of touchscreen phones on the Carphone Warehouse website I was drawn to the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic (which I will refer to as the Nokia 5530 from now on) because it was on offer at £99.99 plus a £10 top up, and it had wi-fi on it which meant Mum could surf the internet on her phone using our wireless broadband connection. Mum wanted a pink phone, and this handset happened to feature in the Illuvial Pink Collection, so that is what I bought. This handset retails from £129.99 on pay as you go depending on the network, so I got a bargain. This phone is often free on pay monthly deals depending on the length of the contract. You can also buy a 'comes with music' version from the Nokia website which enables you to download as much music as you want for a year, and keep the downloaded files forever. SMARTER THAN THE AVERAGE MOBILE? The Nokia 5530 falls into the smartphone category as it runs using the Symbian S60 operating system. I'm not sure that the ...

Mahjongg (Nintendo DS) 03/08/2010

This just dragged on and on...

Scrabble Interactive: 2009 Edition (Nintendo DS) 31/05/2010

Scrabble here, Scrabble there, Scrabble everywhere

Asda Instant Custard Mix 14/04/2010

Eat this quick before it turns into slime

Aunt Bessies Bramley Apple Pie 13/04/2010

A lovely slice of apple pie

Master All Classics (Nintendo DS) 06/04/2010

Mastering classic games old and new

42 All-Time Classics (Nintendo DS) 20/03/2010

Is every one a classic?

ASDA Smartprice Sponge Scourers 18/03/2010

Smart Price, but are they smart for washing up?

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