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Everything that starts with D ... 17/04/2006

My love for Dick...

Everything that starts with D ... --------------- -----INTRODUCTION--------------- ----- Ever since I was young I've had a love for Dick Van Dyke... why? I have NO idea. He's just so... great! However, this love has grown even more throughout my teens. Now I have quite an obsessive personality. I don't stalk people or anything, but there are certain famous people I actually love... Dick Van Dyke being one of them. Other famous people I have an obsession with, in order of obsession, are: -Matt Bellamy (Muse frontman, and hint the Ciao name) -Sigmund Freud (Famous deceased psychologist and leader of the psychoanalysts) -Morrissey (Smiths frontman and solo artist) -Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes musician and Desaparecidos Frontman) -Dick Van Dyke (actor who appears around here in the list) -Rufus Wainwright (Solo Musician) -Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys frontman) -Jeff Buckley (Deceased solo musician) -Damien Rice (Solo Musician) I obsess over these people lots and discuss them all several times a day in different conversations. However, Dick Van Dyke is one of the rare exceptions to my usual obsession trend, as the people I usually love seem to be musicians and I'm drawn to the talent and personality of the stars. However, Dick Van Dyke is different, and the only actor on the list. So why the obsession? --------------- -----WHO THE DEVIL IS DICK VAN DYKE?-------------- ------ Well, if you don't know you're clearly an idiot.... but for you idiots Dick Van Dyke is an actor. He was born ...

Inna Heights - Buju Banton 21/03/2006

I Have The Cure For All Of Your Blues!

Inna Heights - Buju Banton --------------- --------The Band--------------- -------- The Cure was one of the bands that emerged in the immediate aftermath of the punk rock in the late 1970s. The Cure was one of the most enduring and popular of these bands, and was later followed by similar bands like The Smiths in the early 1980's. The Cure became famous for their slow, gloomy songs and frontman, Robert Smith's, ghoulish appearance. They helped to set the way for goth rock, but then started to move away from this by adding synthesizers and many guitars to their music. This helped them to move into the mainstream music, in the mid-80's with the Smiths, and they were considered to be much more indie, and popular than gothic. They introduced experimental rock, making some many "crazy" sounds and their music became increasingly jolly and jaunty sounding. Many people know of The Cure's music, and they are still running strong today. The band, originally called "The Easy Cure", was formed in 1976 by 3 schoolmates and founding members: -Robert Smith (vocals, guitar) -Michael Dempsey (bass)... no not the much loved Dempseyreview of Ciao, but that would be cool :oD -Laurence "Lol" Tolhurst (drums) The Cure's debut album, Three Imaginary Boys, was released in May 1979 with good reviews coming from the critics. Later in the same year, the group released the singles "Boys Don't Cry" and "Jumping Someone Else's Train", and the band were on their roll to fame, and success. At the end of 1979 Dempsey ...

Fun Fiction 20/03/2006

I'll be there for you Ciao-ers!

Fun Fiction This challenge was originally created by Dempsey (Dempseyreview) and so I'd like to thank him for challenging us all. We have all heard of the Friends series, which dominated both US and UK television……..Lets see if it can dominate Ciao. Friends Ciao is my new challenge. I hope you enjoy this read, and also hope to read your versions. --------------- ------------- What you have to do --------------- ------------- Pick three male Ciao members, and three female ciao members, much like the Friends series main cast. You can also, if you choose too, have a special guest to help your story along. Then pick a title for your episode, 'the one where……', just like the episodes of friends. Make up your own story, and hey presto you have got your episode. It is meant as light humour, and I hope you all enjoy it. --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------------- Friends Ciao UK 'The One with the Bouncy Castle' Starring :- Micheledog as Michele Playgirl27 as Lou Lipsalve as Jo DempseyReview as Dempsey Snowblindsupernaut as Ewan Beaker66 as Richard Special Guest: Danielalong as bouncy castle inflator 1, and E.J.Kingham as awkward customer 1 The Ciao friends are all sitting in Dempsey and Lou's flat, with the exception of Richard. The friends are discussing what they can do for Richard's birthday party to make up for missing his celebrations afew weeks earlier. Dempsey says: Richard's a nice guy. ...

Kill Bill Vol.1/Kill Bill Vol.2 (Box Set) (DVD) 19/03/2006

Bill, it's your baby!

Kill Bill Vol.1/Kill Bill Vol.2 (Box Set) (DVD) Kill Bill - a dodgy rhyme but also the acclaimed fourth film from the groudbreakingly famous writer and director Quentin Tarantino. Quentin Tarantino first rocked the movie world with his controversial, and powerful debut film; Reservoir Dogs, a film set in a warehouse after a bodged robbery with a mixture of colour-coded thugs and gangsters, launching the use of what would be Tarantino's trademark flashbacks to tell the story of the robbery. This was then followed up by other cult classics, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown. So what of the 4th film? Can it be as good as Tarantino's other classic films? Well, frankly, yes... --------------- -------------The Kill Bill Collection--------------- ------------- This box set contains only 2 discs: -Kill Bill Volume 1 (with film and extras) -Kill Bill Volume 2 (with film and extras) These 2 film volumes come together to make one long film, and volume 2 is simply the continuation of the story from where it left off at the end of volume 1. The story tells the revenge tale of "The Bride" (Uma Thurman), who was a member of "The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad". When "The Deadly Viper's" turn against her, and try to kill her "The Bride" is left in a coma. When she emerges from the coma 4 years later, she decides that it is time for payback with a vengeance. After being gunned down by her former boss, Bill (David Carradine), and the deadly squad of international assassins, she goes on a killing spree to try to kill the assassins ...

Babyshambles - Down in Albion 08/03/2006

Shoop, Shoop, Shoop-De-Lang-U-Lang Part Two?! YES!

Babyshambles - Down in Albion Now we have all heard of Pete Doherty's famous antics with drugs, the police, prison, and Supermodel - Kate Moss, but what of his band; Babyshambles? --------------- ---How Babyshambles were Formed--------------- --- Pete Doherty (Babyshambles frontman) was originally a co-frontman in the band "The Libertines" with frontman Carl Barat. However, The Libertines decided to break up, for many reasons, which included Pete Doherty getting the axe in June 2004 due to his drug dependency, and they played their last show in Paris, France in December 2004. Carl Barat has gone on to form his new band; "Dirty Pretty Things", while Pete Doherty went on to form his band; "Babyshambles" Babyshambles first single, appropriately named, Baby Shambles, was released in April 2004, before The Libertines split, on High Society Records. So Pete did not have much time to rest between the bands. However, the Babyshambles got a bad name for themselves as they became as famous for not turning up to their gigs, as Doherty's drug addiction! --------------- ---Who are the Babyshambles?-------------- ---- The Babyhambles are a 4 piece British rock/indie band, and their members are: Peter Doherty - Vocals and occasionally Guitar Patrick Walden - Guitar Drew McConnell - Bass Guitar Adam Ficek - Drums The band released this debut album, Down In Albion, on November 14 2005 on Rough Trade Records. The album is produced by Mick Jones and includes tracks from different genres from the usual ...

Everything that starts with A ... 05/03/2006

All About Alastair

Everything that starts with A ... Right, down to business... I have to thank Beaker66 for nominating me to take this challenge, as revenge for making him feel inferior.... Well, I'll certainly never do that again! (Really, I couldn't even if I wanted to) And so here you go..... Now you will know all about Alastair (and it's an exciting tale!) - Make yourself comfortable kids! - What day date and time is it? It is 21.08 on Saturday 4th March 2006. -Date of birth and where born? My date of birth is 26th September 1986, and I was born at Dewsbury Hospital (surprisingly in Dewsbury), in Yorkshire. -Height and weight I am 5'9" tall, I believe, and I am wayyyy TOO light. I weigh a mere 8.75 stones at this moment. Gulp! I can't do anything to put weight on though.... it just happens! -Are you Married, Single got a boyfriend? I am not married, I am single, and I don't have a boyfriend. Haha. Amusing question. -Do you have children, if so how many? No children, as I think it's abit too soon personally, but hopefully some day. I'd quite like 2 I think. Seth and Jacob.... Ha! (I have no idea what I'd call my kids, I just love those names though!) -Do you have pets and if so what are they? No, just my brother :o) ha! I used to have pets but haven't had any for afew years now. Nothing like a dog or anything though, just a couple of Rabbits, and hamsters, and goldfish. I gave them really original names too like Hammy the hamster, and Snowy the hamster (because he was white). ...

Everything that starts with F ... 27/02/2006

Freud-Phallic Stage, Oedipus Complex & Penis Envy?

Everything that starts with F ... Sigmund Freud: The Man, The Legend, The Psychoanalist out to change the world, along with every mind on the planet! Any of you people who have studied psychology at some stage in your life will have heard about the work of Freud, and even you non-psychologists will usually know him by name, as he is one of the most famous psychologists in history. "Why would you write a review about Freud?" I hear you ask..... well, simply, I love him and his work! I studied psychology at A-level, and this is where I discovered this great man! Now, I even own a "nodding Freud" for my long car journeys, and I even have a "Freud Action Figure" complete with phallic looking cigar! --------------- ---------Freud's History--------------- --------- Freud was born in Moravia (now Austria) in 1856 and died in London in 1939. He trained as a doctor in Vienna where he practised until 1937, when he escaped to London from the Nazis. Early in his career he encounted patients suffering from limb paralysis though there was no physical explanation for their problems. He found that the symptoms tended to clear up once they had recalled and worked through the memory of distressing events whioch preceded the onset of their symptoms, events that they had usually forgotten. These experiences led him to the conclusion that we sometimes repress painful, guilt provoking or unhappy memories into the unconscious memory, into which we have no conscious access. These memories do not disappear or lie latent ...

Legend [Columbia] - Johnny Cash 26/02/2006

The Man In Black lives on!

Legend [Columbia] - Johnny Cash I couldn't believe my eyes when I realised that a review hadn't been written on this great box set. Mainly because it is Johnny Cash, and hence, a legend (as the title of the product suggests)! I shall start straight away with mentioning that you won't get a huge description about every song on the album, as you would with my normal reviews. "Why, Alastair, WHYYYYY?!!!" I hear you cry... well, frankly, because there are 104 songs on the album, and if I did, I'd be here for a year....and so would you! :o) This product is, in my opinion, the definitive box set from Mr. Johnny "The Man In Black" Cash. The box set celebrates the 50th anniversary of Johnny Cash's recordings between 1955-2005. It consists of 104 recordings from 1955 through to 2002, the year before he sadly died. The set also includes 7 tracks that were previously unreleased! Now, if this doesn't seem like enough Johnny Cash fun for you, there is also a 72 page display book, which contains many rare and unseen photographs, of the man himself, his family, loved ones, and friends. These many photos also include shots from when he performed live at Folsom Prison (which tends to be known as his most famous performance, and live album). The display book also includes a small amount of song information for each song, the song lyrics for the song "Man In Black", a letter from Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash (his second wife), and credits from the producer. The book also features a new article by Patrick Carr, ...

Hatful of Hollow - Smiths (The) 21/02/2006

Please, Please, Please, Get This Album

Hatful of Hollow - Smiths (The) The Smiths, for people who don't know, were the definitive British indie rock band of the 1980's. The 4 piece band are from Manchester and the members were: Morrissey (Vocals) Johnny Marr (Guitars, Harmonica, Mandolins, and pretty much anything else) Andy Rourke (Bass Guitar) Mike Joyce (Drums) The group's 2 core members were Morrissey and Johnny Marr, as they were the song writing duo. With song writing simplicity, Morrissey wrote the lyrics, and Johnny Marr wrote the Music. I personally love The Smiths because of the great lyrics. They range from witty, to depressing, to sad, and to thought provoking throughout the album. Without Morrissey, I feel that it would be quite possible that The Smiths would just be "another band". However, the music plays an important role too, obviously. The music is much more jolly, and happy sounding, which when compared to the more sombre lyrics, causes a perfect juxtaposition. The Smiths sound joilly and happy, but if you listen more carefully, the lyrics make the music as a whole sound much more sombre, and dark. As you will see reading the track list, the song titles are imaginative, and not the shortest that you will ever see. The Smiths were well known for this, and they always use the title of the song in the actual song lyrics, and this aids in the story telling. For example, other tracks on other Smiths albums include "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side", "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me", "Girlfriend In A ...

Hot Chocolate Souffle-Gu 14/07/2005

Gü is for you!

Hot Chocolate Souffle-Gu Gü chocolate puds have to be the best brand since.....the last really, really good brand! The hot chocolate souffles can only be described as divine! The chocolate souffles are made with 53% cocoa chocolate, so they are just light enough to be still liked by milk chocolate lovers and just dark enough to be loved by the dark chocolate lovers too! They are also served in glass ramekins giving this product, that can be cooked in a microwave, a rather sophisticated feeling. The product should be kept refrigerated, but shouldn't be frozen, and it should be served hot. Cooking the souffles is extremely simple, and not long to wait either! The plastic lids should be removed from the top of the ramekins and this is how simple it is to cook them! 1)Oven: Take out of fridge and leave at room temperature for 1 hour before cooking. Place ramekins on a tray in a pre-heated oven at 140 degrees C and cook for 13 minutes (or gas mark 3 for 10 minutes) 2)Microwave, one at a time, on high:650W-35 seconds, 800W-25 seconds This means that even those who don't have a microwave can still enjoy these yummy puddings! I personally microwave them, as you can do this straight from the fridge in seconds, and believe me when I say, they taste just as good! After the product has been cooked, you will notice that the souffle has risen to almost twice the height of the original amount in the ramekin after it had been removed from the fridge. Hot chocolate sauce has risen up into a mushroom shape ...

Back To Bedlam - James Blunt 14/07/2005

Back to....good music in the charts....not bedlam!

Back To Bedlam - James Blunt James Blunt is a new kid on the block, if you like, bringing along with him his acoutic guitar and some rock and pop. "Back to Bedlam" is James Blunt's debut album, and it's currently storming the UK music charts. Blunt has released several singles, with "you're beautiful" being his biggest hit to date, which was released at the end of May 2005. However, the album has been out since 11th October 2004, and James Blunt's talent is only just being recognised! James Blunt's family have not, however, got any musical history, and so the listener is left wondering how a man could become so talented! Instead, his family have served in some kind of army for hundreds of years. Not a musical bone in any one of their bodies at all. The only music the young James heard growing up was "Happy Birthday" and "Silent Night" because his father considered all music, yes, even classical, to be unnecessary noise! Although the young James was not one to rock the family boat, he didn't really think he was going to join the army but it certainly crept up on him and he found himself in Kosovo holding a gun. After carrying out his duties for Queen and country, what James wanted to do very much was, besides getting stoned and laid, put his gun down, pick up a guitar and make an album in America! Therefore, James went to Los Angeles in September 2003 and started to record his first album. At night, James Blunt would go to bars, bringing with him his guitar and British accent (which was too posh for ...

O - Damien Rice 01/07/2005

"O" I say, you saucy man, Damien!

O - Damien Rice "O" is Damien Rice's debut album! Many people say that "O" is the greatest album that they have ever purchased, and I must agree that it is up there with the best albums that I own! Damien Rice is an Irish, acoustic, singer/songwriter from County Kildare, Ireland. In 1999 Damien travelled around Europe busking on the streets to earn some money, after leaving his band, Juniper, who never released an album. He arrived back to Dublin a year later full of ideas and inspiration for new music. He wrote and recorded a demo, using money that he could find from anyone that would give it to him, and sent the demo to the producer and composer, David Arnold, known for things like Bjork and Jame Bond. David Arnold enjoyed the demo and gave Damien some money for a mobile studio in which he could work. Damien Rice released his debut solo album, "O", in Ireland in early 2002, and in July 2002 the album was released in the UK and it received widespread critical acclaim. Damien went on to release the album in the USA and Europe in June 2003, with Damien appearing on The Letterman Show and receiving more advertising from publications, such as Newsweek. However, Damien Rice still seems to be incredibly under-rated especially in the UK. Damien Rice has worked with the band that he usually works with live and on his album "B-Sides". They are: Damien Rice: Vocals, guitars, clarinet, bass, percussion and songwriter Lisa Hannigan: Vocals Tomo (Tom Osander, formerly of "God Street Wine"): ...

Juggling - General 27/06/2005

Balls, clubs, diabolo, whatever you choose to use!

Juggling - General Almost anyone can juggle. It is not an art form reserved for circus people, but is a physically and mentally relaxing form or sport and recreation. Once you have learned how to juggle, like swimming or riding a bike, it is impossible to forget! It is a skill that you can keep for life, and unlike most sports, juggling is completely portable and you can do it almost anywhere, either alone, with a partner, or in a group! The fine art of juggling is amazingly great fun! There are many different ways of juggling that you could try. You could juggle with small beanbags, balls, rings, clubs, a diabolo, a devil stick, or even a yo-yo! Juggling with small bean bags: This is a good idea for beginners as they move much slower than balls! Another option to this is scarf or handkerchief juggling! A great start for beginners, starting with simple throwing and catching of one bag, then juggling with two, and then finally juggling with three! Throw the balls from hand to hand in a "figure 8" or infinity sign pattern, with underhand throws. Let go of the ball towards the midline of your body, and catch it towards the outside, carrying it back to the midline to throw again. The "figure 8" pattern should extend about a foot above your shoulder on each side, and your hands should be kept down low. Don't reach up higher than your chest to throw or catch. Keep the balls on a plane in front of you. Once this has been mastered, the person should move onto ball juggling! Juggling with ...

B-Sides [EP] (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Damien Rice 27/06/2005

B-sides of an A standard!

B-Sides [EP] (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Damien Rice Damien Rice has become an under-rated acoustic star since the release of his debut album "O". Many people say that "O" is the greatest album that they have ever purchased, and so fans weren't disappointed when Damien Rice released his album "B-Sides". Since "B-Sides" was released many fans have been confused as to whether some of the songs on "B-Sides" are infact, even better than some of the songs on "O". Damien Rice has worked with the band that he usually works with both live and that he worked with when creating "O". They are: Damien Rice: Vocals, guitars, and songwriter Lisa Hannigan: Vocals Tomo: Drums Vyvienne Long: Cello Shane Fitzsimons: Bass also featured on this album who was not featured on "O" is Nickie Geddes who plays the Cello on the track "Woman like a Man (Live unplugged)" "B-Sides" is definitely a great album in it's own right, and features both never heard before songs like the first four tracks on the album, and songs that were featured on "O" but with a difference like the last four tracks on the album. Track List: 1)The professor and la fille danse (Live at Cornucopia) In my opinion, the best song on the album. Some explicit lyrics, so maybe not suitible for those are offended by mild swearing, or sexual innuendo. A beautiful acoustic sond with guitar and voice. The voice is full of emotion and sings out a great melody, and some fantastic lyrics, which are either in french or too explicit to mention. The professor is sung about and ...

Want Two (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Rufus Wainwright 26/06/2005

Pray for your sins; the gay messiah has come!

Want Two (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Rufus Wainwright Want two, an album with brilliant song writing from Rufus Wainwright! Some controvercial tracks are explored by Rufus so may not be the best choice in album for the strongly religious or the easily offended, due to explicit lyrics about being baptised in certain bodily fluids. However, Want two is a first class album which is full of exciting music that would inspire even the laziest person to want to create music. Wonderful melodies from the piano, and guitar, with Rufus' voice sounding out clearly and perfectly in tune over the top! The album has a couple of average songs which is why the album is not as good as some of his previous albums, but still, it is well worth a listen! The bonus DVD is also excellent! It is a full-length concert DVD, "Rufus Wainwright Live at the Fillmore", filmed at the historic San Francisco venue. It has songs from all of the albums by Rufus, not just Want two, and I'd quite happily pay this price for the DVD alone!!! I'd say it was better than the album itself, and well worth watching, and approximately an hour and a half! This album should be purchased even if it is just for one track, "The Art Teacher", which is performed live on the album, and shows just how talented Rufus truely is! A great Album, with an amazing DVD to go with it, with different songs other than from the album too! Album track listings: 1)Agnus Dei Opens with scratching violin. It sounds worse than it is, because violins tend to make me cringe! But have no ...
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