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Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 27/03/2017

Double Love For Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation I'm pretty lucky that I have been blessed with good skin by my dear mother and father; the only thing about my skin is that I have an uneven skin tone and dark circles under my eyes. I tried the Estee Lauder BB cream which I did really like but wanted a little bit more of a coverage when I went out for a night on the town. All my friends use the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (which I will now call DWF) and I thought I would give it a try. Estee Lauder has never let me down so far. Estee Lauder History Estee Lauder started in 1946 by Estee Lauder and her husband in New York City. Starting originally with only four products (a cleansing oil, skin lotion, all purpose crème and a crème pack) they got their first store account with Saks Fifth Avenue in 1948 and soon expanded their range of products to the makeup and perfume that we all know today. Estee Lauder have been under fire by animal rights for a number of years. The company states that they use human testing subjects and do not test on animals unless required by law. In China, many makeup products have to be tested on animals before selling to the public and this caused controversy because Estee Lauder state that they are "cruelty free". The worry being that people are funding companies that are not cruelty free but sell "cruelty free" products. As of today, Estee Lauder currently test on animals. Another controversy was in 2001 when children were found working in a factory in New York which worked on Estee ...

Member Advice on Body Piercing 26/03/2017

NBCMad Bible To Piercings

Member Advice on Body Piercing Some people squeal at the thought of piercings and needles but I promise you, it is not as bad as people think. I have over 10 piercings and I plan on getting more soon. I have read horror stories of what people do before or after they get a piercing and then when they have a bad experience, badmouth the piercing so I wanted to write a review to explain to people, point blank, what to do with your piercing as well as explaining my piercings. Hopefully, this will give you an insight into the piercing world and may help you make an informed decision. Does It Hurt? Of course it hurts. You're putting a needle through your skin. However, people have different experiences when it comes to pain. I am use to piercings so they do not hurt me as much as someone who has never had a piercing before or someone who is scared of needles. A Reputable Piercing Artist Don't believe when people say "anyone can do piercings, you don't need a qualification". Of course, I can pick up a needle and shove it through someone's ear but that doesn't make me a piercer. There is a qualifictation you can take to become a body piercer but the main thing that you need is experience. A good body piercer would have done an apprenticeship as well as registering with the local health authority. They will also need good hygiene habits and excellent customer service skills. My piercing artist goes through at least five gloves because every time he touches something different, he will change his gloves. I ...

Jerome Russell B Blonde Toner 25/03/2017

Silver Fox Right Here Mate

Jerome Russell B Blonde Toner I'm a little bit naughty... Calm down Sir. I am always changing my hair colour. I just get bored with the same colour. At one point, I had to tell my hairdresser to only let me dye my hair different shades of blonde because I always revert back to blonde. When silver/grey hair colouring started becoming a thing I did want to try it out. I was scared in case I didn't like it but when I found out that you could put a toner in your hair that would wash out I was game for it. I picked up a box in Tesco and the rest was history. Jerome Russell The Jerome Russell company has over 30 years experience in the hair colouring industry. Offering different varieties of hair colourants, their products are well-known internationally for home dying. Another lovely fact to know is that their products are cruelty free (not tested on animals). A good bit of information to know for those who are against animal testing. B Blonde Silver Toner The silver toner (75ml) is part of the B Blonde range of products offered by Jerome Russell. As I have explained it is a non-permanent toner and claimed to last up to 8 washes. This toner contains no ammonia or peroxide. For those who do not know, ammonia is a chemical that is used to get through to the hair cuticle to colour the hair. Ammonia is one of the culprits of causing coloured hair to become damaged. Peroxide is used for bleaching hair as it gets to the hair shaft and removes the natural pigment of the hair (also known as hydrogen ...

Smiffy's Flicked Wig 13/03/2017

And Then He XXXXXX Me

Smiffy's Flicked Wig As some of you may know, I recently finished an adult panto called The Only Way Is Dick© written by Luke Coldham. I played the character Fanny Filler, a disgusting, highly sex-driven, lady in waiting to Queen Banga. We were having issues with getting dancers for the show so Queen Banga and myself offered to be dancers (I must have been half asleep at this time). They knew we didn't have experience as dancers but the idea of adult panto dancers isn't so much about backflips and expert things but dancing in time, altogether and being funny. We done many dances, we danced as villagers to Hero - Cyndi Lauper and Cover Girl - RuPaul, rock chicks for Bat Out Of Hell (renamed Rat Out Of Hell) - Meatloaf, Vegas Showgirls for What A Wonderful Fish Are Soles and finally 60's chicks for And Then He Kissed Me (remake And Then He XXXXXX Me). Luke, our director wanted us to have 60's hair which, to make things easier, he wanted us to have wigs for. Smiffy's is a well-known brand for dress-up and we found these wigs to wear. Smiffys History Smiffys (also known as Smiffy's) was founded in 1894 by Mr Robert Henry Smith as part of the R H Smith & Sons group. The company caters to the fancy dress industry providing costumes, wigs and accessories as well as party items although originally they began only as wigmakers. In 2012 Smiffys partnered with SOS children's villages which is an independent, non-governmental international development organisation whose work focuses on children in ...

Shaka Zulu Lounge Bar, London 13/03/2017

Ruined My Cousin's Hen Do

Shaka Zulu Lounge Bar, London Words honestly cannot begin to describe the experience that we had at this establishment but I will try to as constructively as possible. Shaka Zulu Shaka Zulu is London's largest South African restaurant since 2010 based in Camden. It is a lounge bar where you can have a meal and/or go downstairs to the club. The place itself has amazing décor. The wood carvings on the walls and wooden statues are truly a marvel to look at. I was quite easily to find as it is in the middle of Camden Market. Why Did I Visit? It was planned that for my cousin's hen do we would have a weekend trip round London. Shaka Zulu came up and we thought that it would be a fun and different place to go. What appealed to us was that we could have a meal and after go to the nightclub downstairs. My cousin does like a good nightclub. What They Offer - Food Sunday lunch menu, A La Carte, Desserts, African food. - Drink Wine, cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, other alcoholic drinks - Nightclub downstairs Popular music, club music. My Experience We paid for everything upfront which was a drinks on arrival, a three course meal and entry into the nightclub which came to around £55 pp, which we thought was a good deal. There were a lot of rules and regulations that we had to abide by such as no hen do things (like blow up willies, sashes etc), arrive 15 minutes before our allotted slot, smartly dressed and a few others. Although my cousin isn't into the "tacky" hen do things like blow up willies ...

Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-961 Skin Spa 17/02/2017


Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-961 Skin Spa I belong to a website where you get to test new products and review them. Basically a Ciao but you get the products to test and review for free rather than get paid to review them. I usually got given products like shampoo or food so you can imagine my excitement when I was finally trusted enough to test an electrical product. So I've never tried epilation before, all I knew was what people told me... That it hurt like the fire of a thousand suns... Wow, they were right! Braun Braun GmbH (formerly known as Braun AG), is a German products company founded in 1921 mainly dealing in electrical appliances such as razors, epilators, toothbrushes, small household appliances and other hair care appliances. Formerly a subsidiary of Gillete, Braun is now wholly owned by Procter & Gamble who acquired Gillette in 2005. Those P&G people getting their claws into everyone. Use As this comes with many attachments to use I will review them all one by one and hopefully give you a clear understanding of the entire product. Essentially it is a case of choosing which attachment you wish to use, plugging it into the device and moving the device against the hairs of the area that you wish to epilate. I read somewhere that it is best to go with the hairs rather than against them as this is less painful but I found this method did not remove any hairs at all so decided to epilate against the hairs. To change the attachments there is a button on the sides of the epilator that you push that ...

Ikea Tindra Scented Tea Lights 16/02/2017

Thank You For My Christmas Present Tribe

Ikea Tindra Scented Tea Lights For Christmas this year my best friend's four children (also known as The Tribe) bought me a neat little lantern and Ikea Strawberry Scented Tea Lights (also known as Sinnlig). Not sure what I would do with a lantern but they picked it out themselves) because "Auntie Anna likes candles". Please note this review is for the strawberry scented tea lights and NOT the Tindra. Ciao told me that I should write my review for under this title as they cannot open a new product for a different scent. Ikea Ikea (formerly known a Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) is a Dutch multinational group of companies which designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances and home decoration accessories. Founded in 1943 it is located in almost 50 countries and operating almost 400 stores, it is considered one of the most well-known and profitable retail stores in the world. It is also known for its eco-friendly approach to its furniture and accessories. The Tea Lights The tea lights usually come in a 12 pack however my pack came with XX tea lights. They are 59mm in diameter, 17cm in length, 12cm in width, 4cm in height and 0.47 kg in weight. I believe this is the average size for a standard tea light so I imagine it will fit any tea light holder. It fits my lantern perfectly. The burning time is said to last 9 hours. I do not believe this is entirely true. Mine seem to burn out within a few hours. I would say at least 5. I think saying 9 hours is close but I would shave a few ...

H2D Magicurl Grand CW2 15/02/2017

More Of A Weapon Than A Curler

H2D Magicurl Grand CW2 Mother dearest asked me one Christmas what I wanted. Now that I'm attempting to be an adult most things that I want I normally buy for myself and the things that I do want are too expensive for me to buy so I can't expect someone else to buy it for me. I said to her I would like a curling wand so when Christmas came around I was happily surprised when she gave it to me... I might be an "adult" but I still turn into a big kid at Christmas time. I've never heard of H2D before so most the additional information about this product I am having to look at online so please forgive me. H2D Upon reviewing their website I cannot see any history in respect of this company. It is more them banging on about how amazing and fantastic they are... Big head much? They state that they "push the boundaries of hair styling technology and quality to create class-leading products for salon and home use. Years of research and development by salon and hair care specialists has created state-of-the-art advancements to make styling your hair easier than every before". Yawn! Haven't we heard this all before? The Spear I will call it the spear as I see this more as a weapon of pain than beauty. The barrel is 32mm which I find is very large (nothing against H2D). As this is a wand there is no clip, this feature is ideal for those who don't like the feeling of the clip tugging on their hair. The handle is long enough to hold and it is very light to pick up. The handle contains heat resistant ...

Neutrogena Nourishing Body Lotion 14/02/2017

Smells Good Enough To Eat... But Please Don't

Neutrogena Nourishing Body Lotion As much as I am someone who "sticks to what they know", I do like trying different things to see if something else I haven't tried is better than what I have. I usually always used Cocoa Butter on my skin which I cannot personally fault, but the smell starts to get sickly after a while and I found myself not using it as much as I should. Doing the weekly shopping with daddy I came across Neutrogena Nourishing Body Lotion with Nordic Berry for Normal to Dry Skin. It was on sale for around £3 so I thought if I don't like it, I haven't lost out much. The Neutrogena Story Emanuel Stolaroff was on a business trip in Europe in 1954 (before my daddy was a twinkle in his daddy's eye where he came across a soap developed and patented by a Belgian cosmetic chemist named Dr Edmond Fromont. The formula Dr Fromont used rinsed quickly and easily from the skin and essentially left no soap residue. It only took 11 minutes for skin to return to its normal pH-level, apparently this was amazing back in the 50s. Stolaroff had such high expectations for Neutrogena he arranged to import and distribute it in the USA. Developing relationships with skin experts and dermatologists the Neutrogena brand expanded into the well-known brand we all know today. The Norwegian Formula The Norwegian Formula is a highly concentrated glycerine-rich cream which was inspired by the Norwegian fishermen to help heal and protect their dry and chapped hands. Fishermen are battling against the elements mother ...

Jerome Russell B Blonde 12/02/2017

Be Beautiful Blonde For Chips!

Jerome Russell B Blonde Ciao have listed this product as "Jerome Russell B Blonde" and the picture is just of the cream peroxide. I cannot see how you can review the cream without reviewing the powder so I will be reviewing both the cream and the powder together. I hope Ciao decide to change the photo they have provided. I've been lots of different hair colours but I have had to tell my friends to never let me go any other colour than blonde because no matter what I do I always revert back to being blonde. I love being blonde but the upkeep of it can be an absolute nightmare to handle. I couldn't afford to be paying almost £100 to get it done every month and I was at a total loss of what to do. Then my friend mentioned about making our own bleach at home. I was very sceptical at first because whenever I had done my hair at home, it has always gone horribly wrong but I thought I would give it a try and if worse came to worse I would get out that trusty "I messed up my hair" brunette box dye. Jerome Russell Jerome Russell is a hair colour company with over 30 years of experience. Their products range from temporary colours, semi and permanent colours, toners, bleach, highlighting, hair colour thickening, eye lashes, glitter sprays (hair and body) and colour sprays. The colour ranges from natural colours (blonde) to pastels and wild colours. I will be going pastel pink soon, my cousin has told me not until after her wedding. Ingredients List Powder Bleach Potassium ...

Avon Speed Dry Nail Enamel 12/02/2017

Fanny Approves Of The Speed

Avon Speed Dry Nail Enamel I've just finished performing adult pantomime with my theatre group called "The Only Way Is Dick!". I performed as a dancer (the only dancing experience I have is with a pole or after 5 jagers and 7 vodka and diet cokes and played the character "Fanny Filler"... I know. She is the disgusting, skanky lady in waiting for Queen Banga. Having five costume changes and playing basically five separate characters was tough so my hair and makeup needed to be pretty neutral (until the end when I fannied it up). I wanted to have a basic UV gel on my nails to keep them looking good for show week but as I was getting ready for the dress run I had 10 minutes before I had to leave and realised I hadn't done my nails... EEEEKKKKK!!! In a mad rush and panic I hunted through my nail box and found Avon Speedy Dry in the colour rapid black and threw that on my nails and headed for the door. Please note I am reviewing the rapid black colour and when I use different colours I will add these to this review with pictures Packaging Speed Dry comes in a small black box. Nothing exciting or new to report there. The bottle is a simple rectangle shape with the Avon logo and product name on the front. It is easy to spot that it is speed dry as the "SPEED DRY +30" description is in a large font. The bottle I have is a 12ml bottle but I can see that it also comes in a 10ml bottle. I am ensure whether the 12ml bottle has been discontinued. Application Like any other simple nail varnish this one is ...

Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel 12/02/2017

Amazing Nails For An Amazing Price

Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel If your not sure what Avon is... Where have you been? Avon has been around since before I can remember. Avon sells many products like make-up, perfumes, clothes, fitness gear, home decoration etc. Wow they have branched out over the years. Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel is a range of nail varnishes by Avon that I think most women have in their make-up box or at least have tried at some point. It comes in a different range of colours so my review is on the product itself rather than the different colours available. The Bottle Coming in your standard square glass bottle with a black lid the bottle is of good size at 10ml. The application brush is of good size as well. The glass is quite thick, I say this purely because I have dropped mine on hard floors and it hasn't even cracked. Thumbs up to that one. I find that it easy to open (always helpful) and so far I haven't had an issue where I have had a spillage. Application As you would with any other nail varnish (best always put on a clear base varnish first to protect the nail which Avon does sell), apply over the nail, wait to set (you can do this my a slight touch on the varnished nail) and apply second coat if necessary. Thoughts? I have found that some colours, like the yellow, needs at least 3 coats so the colour has a matt finish whereas darker colours like the black and purple only need 2 coats for a matt finish but obviously this is up to ones own preference whether a matt finish is what is required. ...

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length Volume Mascara 09/02/2017

Loving My Long Lauder Lashes

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length Volume Mascara I will always vouch for Estée Lauder makeup products. I did veer away from them at first purely because of the price but now I know how good it is I know it is worth the money. I usually use the foundation but I had a bit of extra money behind me once and decided to treat myself so I bought the Infinite Daring Length Volume Mascara. The Boring Bits - 10 hour wear - Clump resistant - Flakeproof - Smudgeproof formula - Sweat and humidity resistant - Ophthalmologist tested - Fragrance fee - Suitable for contact lens wearers Reviews Has a 4.4/5 star rating on the Estée Lauder website Has a 4.5/5 star rating on Has a 4.5/5 star rating on Holds a 4/5 star rating at The Bottle Estée Lauder mascara comes in your average mascara tube. It is a metallic blue colour with the Estée Lauder brand and name in gold writing. I find that it can be difficult to find unless you ask an Estée Lauder representative to find it for you as many of their mascaras look fairly similar to each other. The Brush Personally I prefer thin brushes when it comes to mascara. I'm not a fan of the thick brushes as I find these make my eyes itch and are more prone to smudge. No one likes panda eyes. The brush fibres on this mascara are thin (just the ...

NYX Cosmetics Eye Liner - Liquid Eyeliner 09/02/2017

NYX? No, Your Xhit

NYX Cosmetics Eye Liner - Liquid Eyeliner I usually like sticking to what I know but sometimes I like to try different make-up brands to see if anything comes up that is better than what I already use. I was out buying foundation and needed some eye liner. I saw this liner and as much as I hate felt tip liners I thought I would give it a go as I believed this was a popular brand of make-up. Information Now known as Epic Ink Liner. The reviews on the NYX Cosmetics website (American based) are 2.9 - 5 stars. Reviews on other websites are: - - 3.3 - 5 - - 3.7 - 5 - Ebay - 4.1 - 5 I have found that most of these reviews are from American based websites and the product packaging has changed although it still has the same name. Very confusing. Ingredients list: Water/Aqua/Eau, Propylene Glycol, Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer, Laureth-21, Acrylates/Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer, C11-15 Pareth-7, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Laureth-12 Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Acrylates Copolymer, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Caprylyl Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Dehydroacetate,  Phenoxyethanol. MAY CONTAIN / PEUT CONTENIR (+/-): Black 2 (CI 77266). Website asks to see ingredients on packaging. Bottle It comes as a pen with the applicator as a felt tip (personally I am not a fan of the felt tip). It is black with the NYX logo and product name on the pen. Not much to say on this point really. Application Take off the lid and draw ...

Shark Lift Away NV340UKV 09/02/2017

Eating Away All The Dirt!

Shark Lift Away NV340UKV At one point, our house was like the graveyard for hoovers. For some reason unknown, hoovers never lasted long in our house. We bought cheap Tesco ones to Vax ones and eventually they broke or stopped working. On our weekly shopping trip we came across a seller in Costco who was promoting the Shark Lift Away hoover. We spoke to her at length and after testing the hoover I begged dad to get it for us. The reviews I had read were all positive and I said to my daddy if we don't like it, I will write one of my famous complaint letters to the company. Needless to say I did not need to write my complaint email that makes companies quake and shiver at the sight of my email address and I am hopeful that I will never have to. General Sharkie Information - 5 Year guarantee - No loss of suction or power - Powered lift-away (able to convert to hand held) - Anti-allergen complete seal technology (states that 99.9% of dust and allergens are captured) - Attachment for pet hair - LED lights (at end of hoover to light up dark areas) - Carpet and hard floor converter - Swivel steering - Light weight - Hemp filter - 2-1 dusting brush - Under appliance tool - Upholstery tool - Wide upholstery tool - Crevice tool (I have not used this attachment) - Dust away attachment (I have not used this attachment) - Flexi crevice tool (I have not used this attachment) - Dusting brush (I have not used this attachment) - Mobile detail tool (I have not used this attachment) - Car detail kit (I have not ...
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