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Avon Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Dry Oil Body Spray 26/08/2016

Soft and Silky Skin With Avon SSS Moisture Dry Oil Spray!

Avon Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Dry Oil Body Spray Winter is coming and I am already feeling it. From colder evening air and a slight rise in wind speed during the day, I’ve already taken the opportunity of packing away the lightest of clothing and taken out light scarves to keep the biting wind out. I suspect that we may well be heading towards a colder, icier winter like we have had to endure before. Normally then as the evenings begin to get darker, most of my friends or family tend to stay in but with my busy lifestyle and evening rehearsals means I’m out and about and not back at home until late. Having already been a fan of Avon’s Original Skin So Soft Dry Body Spray I was keen to try the Argan oil version and have bought a few products online from Avon UK to see me through this winter. Avon Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Dry Oil Body Spray has a general cost price of £2-30 per 150ml bottle size if buying direct from the UK site. Other sellers include: Amazon UK £4-75 (product code B00N9YCNV8) and also Amazon UK who are offering two bottles for £6-99 (product code B00N9YCNV8) The general product promise from Avon conveys: Fast absorbing moisturising spray, which locks in moisture after bath or shower for immediate and lasting softness. Enriched with Argan Oil and vitamin E for nourished and hydrated skin with a velvety feel. Deeply moisturises very dry skin. GENERAL IMPRESSIONS & DESIGN Avon’s Argan oil version of their famous Dry body spray oil moisturiser is exactly the same as the latter product in a ...

Logitech K280e 24/08/2016

Touch Type LogiTech-Tastic In A Sea of Black Plastic!

Logitech K280e There’s a sense of expensive foreboding when my present Apple wired keyboard shows a malfunctioning key and a spacebar that looks fine but only works intermittently. I have finally had enough of Apple’s wired keyboard, despite having ever so reliant function keys for the other apps on the iMac that I don’t use that much. When the Apple wired keyboard costs £40 each time, the design is evidently not as durable as it is with other owners. The option to go with another keyboard for my Mac computer comes down to either considering a wireless Mac unit at expensive cost or a wired PC & Mac compatible QWERTY keyboard, much of which I have a lot of experience from several brands I have had in the past. I have used plenty of Logitech keyboards at work but I have never justified buying one for myself as I find most Logitech branded products tend to be over priced. This is where the Logitech K280e comes in. It is a PC & Mac compatible wired QWERTY keyboard that costs on average £17 to £23 online dependent on stockist/seller. I bought mine from Amazon UK at a cost of £17-28 (product code B00FOJFGEM) although other sellers (with VAT added) include: £19-12 (product code 215574). £19-12 (product code 920-005209 ) £19-12 (product code P173007P) The general product promise released by Logitech conveys: Optimised for office environments, the Logitech K280e Corded Keyboard has many features that allow for comfort and productivity. It is ...

Fairy Pomegranate and Honeysuckle Washing Up Liquid 22/08/2016

A Subtle Fruit Flowery Combination In This Fairy Rendition!

Fairy Pomegranate and Honeysuckle Washing Up Liquid Being the eco warrior that I am, I tend to use my full size dishwasher once in a while. I don’t mind washing dishes by hand since being taught how to do it from a very early age by two very hard working teachers as parents. Unlike most of my family though, I have always used cost effective brands where washing up liquid is concerned as I find Fairy washing up liquid can be expensive to buy. I don’t have a LDL in my town although when I lived in Edinburgh and other major cities I continually bought Magnum J5 from LDL and found it to be a great cost effective liquid – long before the likes of Which Independent Consumer pasted a Best Buy on both Fairy washing up liquid and that product from LDL. Though I stray from time to time with supermarket brands, I always like to buy Fairy washing up liquid whenever price offers come about. In the last two months my local Co Op has reduced prices on the 520ml bottles of Fairy liquid of various fragrances and the Pomegranate & Honeysuckle washing up liquid has been one of them, part of a £2 deal for TWO bottles. Our other supermarket Morrisons (product code 296843011) also has the same deal on until January 2017. Better get stocked up if you have a busy end of year family celebration, then! Other sellers include (prices include VAT): £1-50 per 383ml (product code 290111327) £1-84 per 433ml (product code 135606) Clearly it pays to shop at either Morrisons or the Co Op if you want bigger sized ...

Bulldog Natural Grooming Sensitive Moisturiser 19/08/2016

Sensitively Smooth & Effective Facial Softness From Bulldog!

Bulldog Natural Grooming Sensitive Moisturiser After the spectacular disaster of L’Oreal Mean Expert All in One moisturiser being unsuitable for my skin, I was at two minds to check out anything else that might actually be worthwhile. These days with my combination skin, it can be hard to find a moisturiser that actually absorbs into my skin, doesn’t make me itch and doesn’t make my skin look greasy. I end up buying anti-shine products that combats grease but can be pricey to buy. I have been recommended to try Bulldog’s range of toiletries for men by a good friend of mine. Researching the products online leads me to believe that most of the skincare products are mid-priced. But then I paid a visit to my local Co Op supermarket only to find that three of the moisturisers that Bulldog produce have seen a recent price cut! So for £4 per 100ml tube size, I came away with Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser for Men. It seems to normally retail between £3-80 and £6-99 and a number of sellers with VAT added prices include: £3-80 (product code B0050G2N8Q) £6-35 (product code 5905605) £5-99 (product code 10599977) The general product promise released by Bulldog conveys: Weren’t we promised hover boards by now? In the meantime, at least you can moisturise your sensitive skin. Specially formulated with two essential oils, green tea, green algae, konjac mannan and vitamin E to help rehydrate sensitive skin. General Impressions & Design Unlike L’Oreal Expert for Men there is ...

Armani Eau de Nuit Men Eau de Toilette 18/08/2016

Eau de Nuit Springs Memories of Paco Rabanne's One Million!

Armani Eau de Nuit Men Eau de Toilette When I got a chance to take a quick holiday out of the UK before the summer holidays, I knew that I would need to replenish some of my aftershaves. I have a few which are years old and have lost their edge but I like to keep them until they run out as some of them can still be used as top up body fragrances. I knew that I wanted something different following on from the likes of Paco Rabanne One Million aftershave, a previously purchased scent that I never thought would smell that good on me. My old favourite Fahrenheit by Christian Dior seems to have been largely forgotten. Perhaps as I get older, I may be finally embracing newer fragrances… Due to a sample bottle sent to me in the post from a friend I have been instantly hooked by Eau de Nuit by Giorgio Armani and another fragrance, soon to be revealed. The Eau de Nuit fragrance appeared in 2013, as a redesign to Armani’s Homme EDT fragrance dating back to 1984. The 50ml of Eau de Nuit by Armani cost me £39 from (product code GIO0416). Other sellers with VAT prices include: 50ml size £33-90 (product code B00A8JCJ5C). 50ml size £50-50 (product code 46752002). 50ml size £55-00 (product code Z023456). 100ml size £72-00 (product code 1034553). The general product promise released by Armani conveys: Eau de Nuit Pour Homme is handsome, with a style that has presence without imposition. The aromatic fougère scent was created with ...

Sony CR Battery (CR2032) 17/08/2016

Great Sony Quality, Great Long Lasting Battery Power!

Sony CR Battery (CR2032) Since the purchase of the battery operated Byron Sentry BY103 door bell I bought in 2012, life with the door bell has been a necessity rather than an issue of extravagance. The plug itself has been a great boon and the bell is a loud one, if not a basic one-style electronic “ding dong” sound that does the job, even if I am at the other end of my home. Byron rightly suggests that the single CR2032 battery on board can have a longevity value of 3 to 5 years and after the included battery died out, I began to buy replacement batteries from brands like Panasonic and Uniross. I have had a Sony CR2032 battery before, so I am aware of how long this battery lasts, in general. A number of sellers online who sell this battery include: single battery £1-19 (product code 36461) single battery £1-35 (product code B0009U7C8O) 5 pack £2-58 (product code B005HSW33C) 1 pack £1-56 57p for 1, £2-88 for 5 (product code 18-2074). The general product promise from Sony conveys: This is a Sony 3V lithium coin cell battery. It's ready to be used for various applications, such as quartz watches, PC motherboards, PDAs and backup memories. Leakage resistance is all part of the design, as the newly developed battery construction and electrolyte ensure maximum leakage resistance over a long span of time. General Impressions & Design Generally I find CR2032 batteries all look the same other than carry ...

L'Oreal Men Expert Fresh Extreme Deodorant 15/08/2016

Extreme To The Touch, Not So Fresh & Long lasting Though!

L'Oreal Men Expert Fresh Extreme Deodorant After buying Carbon Protect 4 in 1 Anti Perspirant by L’Oreal Men Expert at the start of May this year and being largely impressed with the combination deodorant anti-perspirant product, I thought I would buy the product again having only to find that it was sold out at my local supermarket. The other supermarket in town has yet to be hit with L’Oreal Men Expert products in general and the only other alternative comes down to L'Oreal Men Expert Fresh Extreme Anti-perspirant Deodorant. The 250ml pressurized spray cost me £2-00 from my local Morrison’s supermarket with a special price reduction running until 21st of August 2016 (product code 288500011.) A number of sellers also sell this spray (with VAT) including: £3-95 (product code B0045ZVMQC) £3-19 (product code 203016). £3-19 (product code 7581270) Ciao’s current seller sells the product but is out of stock. The general product promise released by L’Oreal conveys: L'Oreal Men Expert Fresh Extreme Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray with ultra absorbent Active Micro Captors to help combat wetness. Innovation 48H non-stop dry General Impressions & Design Similar to L’Oreal Mean Expert Carbon Protect 4 in 1 deodorant this L'Oreal Men Expert Fresh Extreme Anti-perspirant Deodorant has an identical metal canister body and shape. This time the colours of brushed stainless steel finish with a sporty orange plastic collar and finger concave ...

Acctim Sonnet Quartz Bell Alarm Clock 14/08/2016

Having A Ding Dong With Acctim & The Ability to Sleep Through It!

Acctim Sonnet Quartz Bell Alarm Clock The very old fifteen-year-old Timex desktop clock that my late parents owned suddenly stopped working a few months ago. I sensed that there might be something wrong even when a new battery was installed and the minute hand went faster than it should. It has been used occasionally as an alarm clock for friends who have stayed and it has provided utterly reliable usage over the years. Finding a reasonable replacement wasn’t easy for me though as the shop that used to sell those kind of clocks had long closed down. Looking online brought a few desktop clock options including the Acctim Sonnet Quartz Bell Alarm clock. Priced originally at £8-94 from Amazon UK, the price has now risen to £9-52 (product code B004HI8RHO). Other sellers including VAT prices consist of: at £12-95 (product code A-12613). at £9-99 (product code 141591012857). The general product promise released by Acctim conveys: Acctim clocks are synonymous with style, design & quality, backed with a 1 year guarantee & supported by a friendly Customer Service team. This Acctim clock combines functionality with style. Sonnet alarm clock offers you loud bell alarm with snooze function, backlight and luminous hands. Requires 1 x CR14 battery - not included. General Impressions & Design Out of the blister pack that this clock is packaged in and carrying the name Acctim Sonnet 12613 I wasn’t expecting this clock to be so large when it arrived in the post. The clock ...

L'Oreal Men Expert All-In-One Moisturising Cream 12/08/2016

More of A Wet Shave Facial Mask Than An Expert Moisturiser!

L'Oreal Men Expert All-In-One Moisturising Cream I was never a fan of the original L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturiser. It smelt badly of pencil sharpenings and forever refused to absorb into my skin, leaving me with a very sticky face and an uncomfortable feeling. So when the opportunity came to buy a new facial moisturiser I was swung by L'Oreal's claims for this newer product for men. I was at two minds with L’Oreal Men Expert All-in-1 Moisturising Cream for Normal Skin was actually “worth it” as I usually buy much plainer moisturiser. Priced originally at £4-97 at my local Co Op, it would appear that several months on, prices for this compact 75ml tube has swung between low to high prices per individual sellers and with VAT, prices range from: £6-72 (product code B00HSHI83O) £7-30 (product code 1883925). £4-00 (product code 7669801) The product promise by L’Oreal conveys: This refreshing cream hydrates skin to protect from dryness and discomfort. Result: Skin immediately feels fresh and stays comfortable and hydrated all day long. Texture specially engineered for men, non-greasy: this refreshing cream is invisible on skin. Non-sticky: it instantly penetrates. General Design & Content Mirroring the kind of design L’Oreal pays attention to its Fresh Extreme deodorant spray stemmed from the same L’Oreal Men Expert range, glossy silver and sporty bright orange colours dominates this tube of moisturiser. Being 75ml in size instantly put this product ...

Morrisons Value Cream Cleaner 10/08/2016

Magic Cream Cleanser Cleaning Value from Morrisons!

Morrisons Value Cream Cleaner When it comes to cleaning products I have a vast knowledge from experience of working as a private cleaner in my early years. A way to fund myself through university amidst working as a telesales operative in London weren’t areas that I thought I would excel in. I like challenges but I also like products that deliver on their claims, even if some are more toxic than others. I first became aware of budget value cream cleanser creams when I was growing up and when the “Basics” range of cleaning products hit our-then Safeways (now, Morrison’s) supermarket in town. Over the years as supermarkets have changed names and companies, so too have the basic cream cleanser products, leading to Morrison’s Value Cream Cleanser. At just 27p for a standard 500ml bottle (product code 117544011), Morrison’s Value Cream Cleanser has very little pretensions even though many years ago the name has changed to Savers Cream Cleaner. It is only produced in one size and the following product promise that Morrison’s have released with this cream cleanser conveys: Beat stubborn stains and cut through grease with the tough cleaning action of our lemon cream surface cleaner. Great for bathrooms and kitchens, its easy to rinse formula makes it simple and effective to use. Tough on stubborn stains, cuts through grease and grime. Suitable for enamel. General Impressions & Design Bleach based cream cleanser products are never going to be safe to use in a home versus more eco friendly ...

Bioforce Atrogel Arnica gel 08/08/2016

Adoration of Arnica - A Natural Way to Ease Bruising & Swelling

Bioforce Atrogel Arnica gel Atrogel Arnica gel has been a product that my late parents have been buying for many years when it comes to natural alternative medicine. Although my late parents dabbled with essential oils and aromatherapy oils, which eventually led me to scented candles, we had a lot of alternative medicine when I was growing up, largely due to my scientific father who didn’t like to use a lot of chemical drugs. This product is sold at a number of sellers (prices with VAT) including: £7-99 (product code 7593). £8-00 (product code 081201). £9-60 (product code B001ECTZ7M). £9-99 £10-79 (product code 7663404). The general product promise from Bioforce conveys: Bioforce Atrogel Arnica gel is a traditional herbal medicinal product for use in the symptomatic relief of muscular aches, pains and stiffness. It helps to relieve symptoms including sprains, bruises and swelling after injury, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy. General Impressions & Design Packed in a colourful company green and white box with a photo of the bright yellow Arnica flower, Bioforce Atrogel Arnica gel is contained in a soft white tube with the same kind of graphics out of the box and a removable twist cap. The product is made by the A.Vogel company, who stems from Alfred Vogel (1902-1996) who was a Swiss phytotherapist and Jan de Vries, a Dutch alternative medicine specialist who ...

Apple EarPods Headphones with mic 05/08/2016

Added Value & Versatility With Apple's EarPods & A Microphone!

Apple EarPods Headphones with mic I like Apple products. I have done so ever since I discovered Apple Mac computers in 2007. A few months ago before going on holiday I discovered that I couldn’t find my standard Apple in-ear phones and though I have Sennheiser ones that are used with my Apple iPod Classic, I like Apple's default in-earphones as they seem to be able to deliver a good sound quality, independent of whatever equaliser sound settings my various devices may have. On a quick trip to Argos I noticed a recent price slash of various Apple accessories and decided to buy what I thought at time were replacement Apple in-ear pod earphones. It wasn’t until I got to see the product that I realised I had bought the wrong product and that they turned out to be Apple in-Ear pods with Remote and microphone MD827ZM/A. Originally the price I paid was £14-99 reduced from £24-99. Now several months later, Argos has the price slightly to £20-95 (product code 116/6321). Other sellers include (including VAT): £6-94 (product code B0097BEG1C) £7-99 £15-00 (product code 609-1215 ) £22-43 (product code 82805002) Various product promises exist online, but the one from Apple and Argos conveys: The Apple Ear pods with Remote and Mic are a perfect addition to any mp3 or mp4. Unlike traditional, circular ear buds, the design of the new Apple Ear Pods is defined by the geometry of the ear, maximising comfort. This product features a 1m-cord ...

Roberts CD9959 03/08/2016

Wallow With The Roberts Swallow For A Squat Size, Sound & Price!

Roberts CD9959 Whenever I work in my kitchen for a long period of time, I like to listen to music or the radio. My 2012 Sony CFDS50 player has a CD player built in and a radio but the sound quality and power of sound are both weak. Trying to program the digital radio tuner when it has been switched off for a period of time can also be frustrating as I find the Sony player doesn’t save any of my favourite radio stations unless the unit is always plugged in and left in standby. It shouldn’t be this difficult to find a quality brand that offers a non-DAB radio with a CD player added and external speakers. Yet for all that the UK seems to be out of a recession, compact CD radio players seem to be rare unless I consider buying a bigger ghetto blaster - a design, which seems to be coming back. At one time portable stereos were all the rage and they were cost effective. I required a smaller unit for my kitchen – out of the way and compact as possible with reasonable sound quality. I have had my eye on a Roberts CD9959 Swallow CD radio player for some time. We have one in the kitchen at work and I was largely impressed with the features. At cost, the little stereo unit costs on average £35 to £42 online though mine cost £41 from an independent store. A number of sellers online offer the following prices (including VAT): £38-83 (product code B0009JNKGI ) £44-99 (product code 925/381 ) £39-99 (product code 136467 ) ...

Oral-B Advantage Complete Clean Fresh Manual Toothbrush Twinpack 01/08/2016

The Advantage of Going Manual For Quick & Complete Clean Teeth!

Oral-B Advantage Complete Clean Fresh Manual Toothbrush Twinpack Between the times when I don’t have my cordless toothbrush charger and subsequently have to wait a good few hours until the battery tops up, I usually use my back up Braun Vitality Sonic brush that I bought in 2014. However a few months ago the brush stopped charging completely and despite taking it apart, and testing the battery, it was the charger base that was no longer making the connection. This is when I began to look for a replacement secondary back up electric toothbrush. Whilst shopping one day in my local Co Op, I noticed a few toothbrushes on special offer; none of them being the electric, cordless types that I was after though. Despite this, I took a closer look at the special offers consisting of the £2-49 Oral B Cross Head manual toothbrush and the Oral B Advantage Complete Clean Manual twin pack priced at £1-89 versus the normal price of £3-99. Based on the shape of the brush and the keen pricing, I put the requirement of a cordless Sonic brush to the back of my mind and bought the twin pack, not just suitable for taking one away, if perhaps going on holiday but definitely useful as a back up when the first one wears away. Online and currently, Oral-B Advantage Complete Clean Toothbrush Twin Pack is available from several sellers including: Amazon UK: Twin pack £3-00 (product code B014R4ZX3I). £3-49 for the twin pack. The general promise from Oral B conveys: Oral-B Advantage Complete Clean Manual Toothbrush cleans hard to reach places ...

Hotpoint TVFS73BGG 30/07/2016

Not So Hilarious With This Hotpoint Aquarius!

Hotpoint TVFS73BGG You might have heard of the certain fire risk that Hotpoint tumble dryer appliances have had in the last two years. Pressured from the likes of Which consumer magazine and BBC Watchdog new owner Whirlpool finally had to admit there was a big problem with the threat of tumble dryers catching fire since the American company took over Hotpoint from the Merloni family in 2014. Unlike some parts in England, my location in Scotland means any electric tumble dryer is a necessity due to constantly wet weather. So my experience begins at Hotpoint HQ and Hotpoint Support who were contacted at the end of November 2015 because my old TVM560P vented tumble dryer model was one of many models affected. It took Hotpoint three months before they got in contact with me regarding the modification repair though and in April 2016 decided to send out an engineer even when I wasn’t home. Instead of paying the suggested retail price of £299 the Hotpoint TVFS73BGG was offered at a cut price of just £49. Individual machine exchange cases are different; some owners get a free appliance or a price reduction and some owners don’t get a choice of what is available where the replacement machines are concerned. But then Hotpoint could not deliver to my location in Scotland exactly (cue the problems I had before with the washing machine from Ciao’s video review campaign when two washers turned up at once a few years ago) and eventually when they did, Hotpoint couldn’t guarantee agreed day delivery and ...
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