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Ford Fiesta ST 12/05/2010

Fiesta STeps up to the mark where the XR left off

Ford Fiesta ST You can take the ST out of Essex ........ As an ex-Essex boy myself, I completely understand the need to drift off into the bygone days of `go faster stripes` and `giant oversized spoilers` so it was no surprise really that when Ford released their greatest hot hatch since the XR2i, I would immediately be on the phone to my bank manager asking for an extended overdraft facility on my exhausted bank account (enjoying the motoring puns yet?) No need however, as I was able to quite deftly haggle my early 2006 Fiesta ST down to a pretty reasonable price from Ford and although it’s fairly high insurance group (Group 13 to be exact), over 25’s shouldn’t have too much of a problem (No claims discount permitting!) I have now owned my Fiesta ST for over 3 years and perfectly positioned to review this little hot hatch. Although they don’t make them anymore (no concrete plans for an ST in the new shape yet) there are plenty to be picked up on the second hand market. If you are looking for a Fiesta ST then make yourself a nice cup of tea (or your equivalent beverage of choice), take a seat and read on. This should be all you need to know ....... Handling the beaST – The Drive Some reviews start and end on this note and I am making no exception here. The driving experience in the Fiesta ST is second to none which can almost directly be attributed to the sports suspension, shocks and rigid chassis that put the ordinary Fiesta a cut above the rest. Although slightly harsh, the ...

Philips 32PW9308 27/10/2004

A good TV that won't 100 htz your pocket!

Philips CDR-950 05/02/2004

Do it yourself ditty's!

Car Safety 12/08/2003

Get smashed and grabbed!

Car Safety In a almost panic like state I fumbled for my mobile phone, not really thinking about who I was going to call. Well, the police would have been a good start! If you have ever had to call the police out at eleven o’clock at night for a car break in, you will appreciate just how long it can take for the chaps to turn up, just to take a statement and yep, there I was, standing out in the cold with the night manager of Sainsburys, waiting for the old bill to scream round the corner in their nice, shiny, not smashed up police car. I waited a while, smoked a cigarette and then waited some more, whilst the manager of that most helpful supermarket chain told stories of old about car thefts, break ins and joy riders. I can’t say I felt better after all that but it was only a few days later that I began to take in the finer points of what that nice young chap had told me. You see, to the un-trained eye I had just parked my car for a few hours to watch a movie. To others, I had given my car keys to a rather shifty looking gang of teenagers and basically told them to do their worst. Slightly off the car safety subject here but I am possibly going to save your little car from total destruction at the hands of petty thieves, with my guide of do’s and DO NOT do’s when leaving your car. Charity starts at home - Hey the thieves know this, so they are more than likely going to break into your car outside your house, so all the goodies you would normally leave at home for a day trip to ...

London Dungeon, London 07/08/2003

Dark Dingy Dungeons

Marantz CD-4000 31/07/2003

MaRANTZ and RAVES about this one!

Marantz CD-4000 It’s a crazy old world really. While most of us settle for compact Hi-Fi units, the rest spend countless time, effort and money buying separate components, believing that ultimately, it provides a superior listening experience. I am one of these fools, who at sometime in the past, found himself with a few extra pounds (in the bank) and decided to buy a home cinema amplifier (see Yamaha review) You must understand that once you have purchased one unit, a compulsive retail madness overcomes your body and you find yourself getting DAB tuners, double cassette decks and a whole multitude of speakers and then not forgetting 16 miles of industrial sized audio cable, which is about as inconspicuous as placing a giraffe in the corner of your living room. However, once I have got my amp and experienced this `wonderful` sound, I needed a CD player and I couldn’t have got better than the Marantz CD4000. SOUND Marantz are well known for quality products, so I really didn’t need much convincing to get this one. The important thing about separates is balancing your components to create an overall lively but controlled sound, which can be tricky. Your speakers reproduce the sound, the Amp decodes it but your CD player creates it, making it an important starting point in the audio process. The Marantz is sharp and clear, with a very distinct vivid, vibrant sound that would clean up even the most bass orientated systems. It lacks depth however, which would disappoint the bass lovers out ...

Tussauds - Alton Towers, United Kingdom 29/07/2003

Oh those wonderful Towers of Alton

Amiga A1200 18/07/2003

My little Amigo!

The biggest secret - David Icke 11/07/2003

Biggest Secret - Is Icke maniac or magician?

Yamaha RX-396RDS 08/07/2003

An Odeon in your living room

BBC1 - The Mysterious Cities Of Gold 04/07/2003

Wow, an entire city made of Gold!

Ford Fiesta 1.3 04/07/2003

The Fiesta legacy lives on...

Philips DVDR890 04/07/2003

Philips DVD Recordable - Right choice?

Cape Town (South Africa) 03/07/2003

Is Cape Town for you? Great holiday!

Ford Escort 1.3 03/07/2003

1.3 Escort in mind? Read on....

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