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Honda NSR125 23/09/2011

Honda NSR 125 R (Best starter bike) With reasons why..

Honda NSR125 So, there I am, writing my first review about an awesome bike called Honda NSR... It all started this spring, when I dreamt about a bike, for around couple years.. So, I decided strictly... I need to get a motorbike license, and a bike of course.. I browsed thro ALOT of websites, picked between variours bikes.. Street bikes, choppers, scooters and I decided on this one, streetbike =]. Then I had to choose betwem : Aprillia RS Honda NSR Honda CBR Why did I choose Honda NSR - I asked around all the friends who own, or knew something about the motorcycles, since one of them owned 600cc ones, others had 49cc ones, so I had to get as much information as possible, and that's what I did. One of my friends told me - If it's your first bike, then get nothing but Honda. It's the most reliable and you will know, that it won't fall apart while you are riding it unless you screw something up.. And that was my last goal to it. Aprillia RS < Honda NSR : I really loved the looks and power of Apirillia RS, BUT, I decided on Honda NSR, cause I got the comparasment and good comment about it, that aprillia's are Italian brand, so their parts will cost alot, and they break OFTEN, and the price of their newer brands are insane!I had around 1,500$ in my pockets, found a fiting honda NSR and went to have a look at it.... I have to tell you, it was awesome as soon as I saw it in real life. The owner, was a very simple dude from urban zone, so he said he kept it in garage all the time, and he was ...
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