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Been away for a while - working on my latest review for the Toshiba A660-11M. Good to be back!

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Boots Advanced First Aid Spray Plaster 07/11/2013

No need to faff around with strips of fabric!

Boots Advanced First Aid Spray Plaster I do karate and we do get injured quite often in the classes. This means that I have an entire bag full of plasters and bandages in my larger sports bag for such events. In this bag I need to carry around an assortment of all sizes and shapes for each situation however when I saw these spray plasters advertised, I thought that they could replace all of them and make much more room in my bag for actual sport equipment and also speed up application time as it meant I wouldn't have to search all around the bag for the appropriate plaster and I also wouldn't have the inevitable trouble of trying to prise the backing from the plaster - all whilst bleeding over the floor. It didn't take long for me to get to try out the spray plaster, it wasn't a serious cut, only a small nick on my little toe, but it did mean I was bleeding over the floor and it didn't seem to want to stop bleeding and therefore I needed a plaster to stop it from continuing. I got the plaster out and sprayed, as directed, the ice cold liquid over my cut. It hurt more than the actual creation of the cut did! I didn't have a particularly large cut but it must've got into it, giving me the same sensation as hospital alcohol washes do on cut on your hands. It did, kind of, cover up the cut though and stopped the blood from trickling from my toe a little, although still not greatly. The bottle is a small metal bottle which is about the same size as a glue stick. It has a clear plastic cap to avoid accidental ...

Lemsip Blackcurrant Cold & Flu Sachets 19/05/2013

Get rid of a cold the easy way!

Lemsip Blackcurrant Cold & Flu Sachets Throughout winter many of us get colds and many of us get cold too! This hot drink can help relieve both of these quickly and with minimal effort. Lemsip is a sachet which, when mixed with hot water, creates either a lemon or blackcurrant medicated drink which is designed to relieve cold symptoms such as blocked up sinuses and scratchy throats. It does a pretty good job at it too. Although this drink can obviously be used at any time of year, hot or cold, the fact that it is a warm drink means that in the harsh winter weather it can be a little comforting getting a nice warm drink, especially if you have just gotten in from a long day at school/university/work which has been made to feel even longer due to your illness. Using the product couldn't be any simpler. Open the sachet which contains the measured contents of one drink and add boiling water (Most likely from your kettle) to fill up your mug. Then all you must do is drink it for almost instant relief! In my experience, the drink is very fast acting at opening up my sinuses and can have be breathing a little better within a couple of minutes of drinking. It is also good for sore throats and can relieve some of the pain by the time you finish the drink. The drink combats fevers and headaches too as it contains paracetamol. This paracetamol works as well as any tablets and acts in petty much the same time too. It is vital that you are aware of this inclusion however as you do not want to accidentally overdose ...

Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid 14/05/2013

Clear bacteria from everything

Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid This is an antiseptic disinfectant. In short, both of these words mean that this product kills bacteria, however antiseptic refers to killing bacteria on living tissue e.g. skin and disinfectant refers to killing bacteria on other surfaces such as a counter-top. Products are generally classified as one or the other as a disinfectant is generally too harsh for skin and can cause rashes etc. This product is different and can be used in a wider variety of situations due to having dual-classification. I have actually, to date, only used this as a disinfectant, not an antiseptic. I generally use it after I have cleared up cat vomit from the carpet. This is because I do not particularly want to be treading in millions of bacteria which will be left behind even after the carpet has been cleaned and dried. In my experience, even using this disinfectant neat (i.e. with no water, undiluted) will work perfectly fine on carpets and will not discolour them. I have tried it on both new and old carpets with the same neutral result. When applying to the carpet, it acts in the same way as water, it will not foam up of leave any residue, maing it very easy to apply. I also use this on pet bedding. As there is far too much fur on my cat's bed, I cannot put it through the washing machine as it would just clog it up, therefore I soak it in hot water in the skin. As pet beds can be a breeding ground for bacteria, I add a few lid-fulls of this disinfectant to combat this and keep it hygienic ...

E45 Itch Relief Cream 11/05/2013

Moisturises and Soothes

E45 Itch Relief Cream I actually only bought this accidentally a few years ago. I suffer from very dry hands and was actually only looking for a moisturizing cream. As E45 is well known as a moisturizing cream I didn't really pay attention to anything but the brand and the price when I was buying it - I didn't realise the "Itch Relief" written on the front. Nevertheless, I still did use it as a moisturiser as it was E45 after all and this product is based on their moisturiser. For this purpose, it worked fairly well - if I used it multiple times a day, my skin would be a lot smoother and it wouldn't crack and bleed from the harsh winter weather as it one did. However, as I was using large amounts of it in a single place - more than was probably intended as an itch cream, I did have trouble with it sinking into my skin and it generally took a very long time. This meant that I was unable to do anything until it has absorbed or face having to wipe cream off of every surface I touched afterwards. I have also used the cream as an itch relief cream after I actually read the packaging but it was still not what you would call a fast absorbing cream, it would still take a fair while to do so. I didn't really have any use for this cream after I found an actual moisturising cream, however I did find it perfect for insect bites. In the summer when my legs get covered in midge bites due to being in the garden too long, I can really struggle to get to sleep as all I can think about is the itchiness. As I ...

Tesco Soluble Aspirin 05/05/2013

Cheap and fast pain relief

Tesco Soluble Aspirin I am not a fan of aspirin at all generally, however Tesco's dispersible version is starting to change my opinion slightly. This aspirin comes in a, surprisingly large, paperboard box with two strips inside each holding eight tablets. These tablets are each individually sealed meaning you can use one without affecting another and therefore meaning they have a great shelf life. The fact that you will not be throwing these away often as well as the initial very low price of just 30p for the set makes it very cheap! Aspirin is used for many different common forms of pain but are generally used for things such as headaches, backache, toothache and any other form of ache... The unique aspect of these tablets over Tesco's other cheap pain relief medication is that fact that you dissolve these in a glass of water and drink it instead of taking it in tablet form. This has both good and bad points. The fact that they are dissolved already means that you should theoretically get pain relief faster as it doesn't have to dissolve in your stomach - this appears to hold true as although paracetamol or ibuprofen can take around 15 minutes to work, I find aspirin can take as little as 5 for at least some relief can be felt. Being essentially just a drink makes it far easier to take over any other form of pain relief in most cases - however, if you have a bit of an upset stomach too this could be worse as you may not want to be drinking too much to prevent unsettling it, in this case a ...

Tesco Ibuprofen Caplets 02/05/2013

Same effect, easier to swallow

Tesco Ibuprofen Caplets I generally do all of my medicine shopping alongside any grocery shopping I am doing as the cheap brands generally are as good as the named brands but are far cheaper. When buying ibuprofen, my choice is usually only between Tesco's capsules or Tesco's tablets. The price is almost identical, you get the exact same amount, you take them the same way and they have the same effect. The only difference is whether you prefer tablets or capsules. I actually do prefer these capsules however I am really not bothered about having the tablets either, I find the capsules far easier to swallow as they seem to get stuck less - I have had a few occasions with the tablets where they get stuck at the back of my throat fro a second or two and require a second drink of water before they go down. If available, I will go for the capsules for this reason but, as seems to happen all to often, if the capsules have sold out, I will pick up the tablets still. These capsules should be taken with a drink of water and preferably with or just after food for the best effect. I have found that these are impossible to take if you do not have enough water as they seem to get stuck to the inside of your mouth - this is one advantage of the tablets, you appear to be able to take them with less water. However, what's the harm in having more water anyway? It may help you feel better by drinking more too! The capsules come in blister packs with a foily/papery backing. This has the advantage of keeping each ...

Strepsils Extra Blackcurrant Lozenges 27/04/2013

A Review of a Winter Essential (and a Free Biology Lesson)!

Strepsils Extra Blackcurrant Lozenges I can generally tell when I am about to become ill because I get a really sore throat where it becomes very painful to both speak and swallow food and drink (Well, this happens to the majority of us before a viral infects such as a cold, for more information, see the next paragraph). This sore throat can last up to about 3 or 4 days before it clears and I then get the classic cold symptoms of a runny nose, sneezing etc... *Start of the sciency-bit* Just because I am a science guy, this is why we get sore throats from a cold before other symptoms generally. A "Cold" is a type of virus, a virus is tiny protein with harmful DNA at its core, the sole purpose of a virus is to infiltrate one of your cells and multiply to spread this strand of DNA into the cells around it, hijacking them. Your immune system know this though and, before the body can identify the virus in question, will send cells known as phagocytes to go to where these harmful viruses are located a destroy them by any means possible. The means they take is to "eat" the cells a virus could be hiding in. These phagocytes are pretty much brutes, they do not think about what they are doing and eat everything nearby just to be safe, not only will the cells containing the viruses be "eaten" but also healthy cells surrounding them too. As the throat is usually one of the first places viruses get to when they enter the body, this is where the phagocytes usually take first action and hence, as they are eating many of the ...

Tesco Ibuprofen Tablets 26/04/2013

Cheap and effective pain relief

Tesco Ibuprofen Tablets In the past, I have suffered from migraines - they were only occasional and not what you would call severe and therefore I saw no point in going to the doctors for it to get any treatment. In order to tackle them, I merely used to use these ibuprofen tablets and they really seemed to take the majority of the pain away. Admittedly, I would still be able to feel it, but it was nowhere near as bad and I was then able to do some things instead of being stuck in bed whilst having one. These tablets cost just 40p for 16 tablets makes them just 2.5p per tablet, now nobody can say that they do not think that pain relief is not worth just 2.5p, can they? The low price of these is what makes me grab a box or two every time I go to Tesco's, just like I do with their paracetamol tablets, as you really cannot ever have enough as they are useful in such a variety of situations and for all sorts of pain (as I explain in the next paragraph), they will eventually get used and it is really not a great expense for you. Ibuprofen are anti-inflammatory pain killers and are therefore best suited for pain caused by physical trauma such as a sport injury or from things such as joint issues. I have also used these when I have had braces tightened as it really aids in relieving toothache too. As the pain relief of ibuprofen is generally higher than that of paracetamol, this is one reason why paracetamol are more suited to headaches but ibuprofen more suited fro migraines. To find out how ...

Tesco Paracetamol Caplets 24/04/2013

Mild pain relief, mild price

Tesco Paracetamol Caplets The price to pain relief ratio is paracetamol, with any brand, is fantastic. I do not think there is anything else you can get that is as effective for the same price over the counter. At Tesco, the price for 16 of these is only about 30p making them incredibly affordable. Every now and again, I will just go into Tesco and essentially strip the shelves of their paracetamol just because I can afford to and because it is always handy to have these with you. You can keep a couple of packs in the medicine cabinet, a pack in the bathroom(s), a pack in the kitchen, a pack in the car and a pack in any bags which you carry around with you anywhere. The fact that the pack is pretty small makes it perfect for travel as it will not get in your way nor will it weigh your bag down - when you are away from home, having a headache which will not go can be horrible and annoy you for hours, these may combat that! I was going to write a bit about paracetamol in this review but, to be honest, it just makes it longer than it has to be. I can not really explain it any better than the NHS can anyway, so here is the link to their paracetamol information page which lists the action the drug has on the body as well as recommended dosage for its use: mol/Pages/Introduction.aspx The tablets are the size of any other paracetamol tablet, about 2cm long. then come in a foil-backed plastic container strip which they must be pushed out of. As each tablet ...

Bop It Extreme 24/04/2013

The game of the 00s!

Bop It Extreme This really is a game from my childhood and, in my opinion, the most iconic real-life game of the 00s. My sister got this when she was about 14, that would have made me about 8. I remember always wanting to have a go with it and she would generally refuse as she wanted to use it instead. I would then hear "Twist-it", "Flick-it", coming from her room, across the hallway and into my room - this did become a little irritating! For those of you who haven't seen or played with this device. The concept to the game is simple; hold the device at the handles with each of your hands. When the voice tells you to either "Flick it", "Twist it", "Spin it", "Pull it" or, you guessed it, "bop-it", you must do the appropriate action to one of the five input devices on the toy. The aim of the game si to get the highest amount of consecutive correct actions within a reasonable time - you have a couple of seconds to perform each action but this time decreases as you progress). The concept sounds very simple, and it really is, however it does not get boring because of it. If you have another person with you, you will be ever trying to beat their high score but even alone, you can easily entertain yourself for an hour or two with this device! For those of your wondering, I think my best score was something like 70. However, for an 8 year old, this was pretty good going! This game is suitable for those of any age to play with safely but Hasbro recommends ages 4 and over due to those younger ...

Tesco Value A4 White Paper 24/04/2013

Cheap with decent results

Tesco Value A4 White Paper As a student, you can easily underestimate the true cost of paper before you begin studying. I really didn't take notice of this expenditure and, although it still wasn't a major hassle, I still wasn't too pleased when I had less money than I actually thought I did to spend each week. This is where Tesco came to my rescue. By selling this paper at £2 to £3 for 500 sheets, I am able to keep my study costs down and have more money for drinkin... urm... I mean... donating to the poor! This paper is 75 gsm (grams per square metre) which is a decent paper mass (Generally, the higher the better). This means that the paper is made of decently dense material. However, although it is fairly thick, I do not believe it is thick enough for double sided writing, but this could be down to me being a little heavy handed when writing and drawing though. Admittedly, I do not really use plain paper to take my notes on, but my diagrams would be a whole lot more organised if I could have two on one sheet of paper. I have also tried this paper for inkjet printing with varied results. Text seems to come out perfectly fine and appears as good on this paper as on any other. However if I do any form of images or graphics, the ink does seem through to the other side a little bit - not by much at all but it does still indicate the paper quality. A downside to this paper is that it, as many cheap papers do, has a slight yellowish tint i.e. it is not pure white. This, I would not say, is ...

Hitachi Travelstar Z5K320 HTS543225A7A384 250GB 23/04/2013

Upgrade Your Laptop or Playstation!

Hitachi Travelstar Z5K320 HTS543225A7A384 250GB I bought this hard drive only for about £40 two years ago. I did this as I had the 40GB Playstation 3 which I quickly used up the hard drive space of mainly from all of the demos I liked to have on the system. I soon found that 40GB wasn't enough for me and that I needed a higher capacity drive. If you, too, are looking to buy a hard drive as a PS3 upgrade. You must get one to these specifications: - Capacity > 60GB (This is not actually a "must" but I really recommend something bigger than 60GB). - 2.5" (If you don't get the 2.5" drives, they will not fit in). - SATA II or SATA 3.0 (They are the same thing, just different names, SATA III is NOT SATA 3.0!) - 5400rpm (7200rpm is also apparently compatible but I would go with 5400rpm just to be sure as this is what the original PS3 hard drives are). This hard drive satisfies all of these conditions are therefore is why I got it for my system upgrade. The hard drive itself will appear no different to any other before installation. It looks the same, feels the same and gets installed in exactly the same way as any other hard drive from any other brand. Therefore, I will skip to performance. As I used this to upgrade, I will compare this with the original PS3 hard drive's performance. As soon as I installed it, I could notice an increase in speeds for loading. Don't get me wrong, this increase is very modest and you will only really notice it if you are actually looking for it, however, in my case at least, it was definitely ...

Trek Mates Avalanche GTX Ski Gloves 23/04/2013

Trek Mates Avalanche GTX Ski Gloves

Trek Mates Avalanche GTX Ski Gloves I am only an occasional skier, once in a while I may go on a skiing holiday but I mostly just visit my local indoor ski slope to practice. Therefore, although I need the equipment, I don't like to pay higher prices for them as it really isn't justified. A couple of years ago, when i was looking for my first set of equipment, I avoided actual winter sports shops because of the likely high prices and settled instead for the high street. When in TX Maxx one day, I noticed a small display of gloves and luckily enough, these were there and at the low prices we have came to expect from TX Maxx. At just £20, getting actual ski gloves seemed like a bargain! The gloves themselves are fairly lightweight in terms of ski gloves however still much heavier than your everyday glove. The warmth to weight ratio is great though. I have raynaud's syndrome and therefore get extremely cold hands, however even in the coldest climates, if I am wearing these gloves, my hands are nice an toasty and I needn't worry about them at all! The gloves stretch fully over your hands (obviously) and also fairly far over your wrists too which helps a great deal in keeping you warm and preventing snow getting inside. Getting snow inside gloves when skiing is horrible as you are both cold and wet then - being waterproof, the water will not evaporate out either so you are stuck with the wetness until you take them off! The gloves have wrist straps which do prevent snow getting in too but have the main purpose ...

Wilko Non Drowsy Hayfever and Allergy Relief Tablets 22/04/2013

Stop the sniffles!

Wilko Non Drowsy Hayfever and Allergy Relief Tablets I suffer quite bad from hayfever, but luckily only for a couple of weeks a year (usually the last couple of weeks in June). During this period I generally get a very runny nose, constant sneezing and, worst of all, itchy, stinging, irritated, red eyes! These tablets do not stop any of these symptoms at all. However they seem to relieve the symptoms a little. I have actually done tests where I purposely suffer a day without taking these tablets and then the next day I take them and see the difference in my symptoms. The results generally go as follows: - Eyes are unaffected, they will still be very itchy and irritated. - Nose will still run but at a slightly reduced amount. - The frequency of sneezing is greatly reduced. By taking these I will probably sneeze about half as much as usual - if that! Even though the sneezing is probably the most manageable symptom I get, the fact that these tablets still help relieve it still makes the purchase worthwhile. Considering it costs pennies to get a weeks supply of these tablets, there is really no reason not to buy them. The tablets themselves are very small, about the size of a grain of rice and white. You take them once a day (I recommend the morning with your breakfast so that they can kick in before you get exposed to pollen outside). I take multivitamins daily throughout the year and these are massive - this means that when, for two weeks a year, I take these tiny tablets, I generally lose them when I put them in my mouth, ...

Optrex Itchy Eye Drops 21/04/2013

aaaaahh... relief... finally!

Optrex Itchy Eye Drops The final weeks of June are hell for my eyes. Hayfever makes them sting, red, itchy and just generally uncomfortable from morning to night. Once my eyes start itching it feels like nothing will sooth them. I generally, despite all of my willpower, scratch them lightly but then it gets worse and I must scratch more, making them hurt eventually. This is where these drops come in. If I use the drops at the early stages of my eyes being itchy and use these instead of the gentle scratching, my itchy eyes generally subside for a few hours and I do not have to worry about them getting worse. One bottle, although small, goes a long way due to only using two drops in each eye every few hours. One bottle will last until the expiry time which, from what I remember, is 14 days after opening. You must make sure that you don't use them after this period however as once the seal is broken the fluid is no longer sterile and could easily cause an eye infection. The drops do have a couple of downsides. Firstly, it involves putting drops into the eye which i absolutely hate. I cannot do this very well and it takes me a long time to get it done correctly. Even if I manage to do it, it is generally only after many misses of my eye altogether which leads to me having a wet face afterwards. The drops also feel a little sticky once they have dried. The fluid, after a while, my my eyelids very slightly stick together when blinking. It is not enough for anybody to notice but it does make you ...
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