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First name: Chris
Sex: male
About me: www.thenovabug-blog.blogspot.c - Read it! ;) Like video games? I write for The Pixel Empire, a retrospective game site that bucks the trend! Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook!

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wibowo1988 my name is arie wibowo...i am from indonesia...i am 25 years me to learn ciao ... because I'm not good at english
Averilla Did I miss anything?
Walowiz Oh how they make me laugh, the serious types.
ryanando Haven't been around for a long time now. Who knows if I'll ever return.
afandidani i will go to succes because I do not want my life useless to others
TitleyTravels I'm just about to graduate, and looking forwards to finding out what life has to throw at me.
hiker Just a flying visit...hope all is well with all my Ciao buddies.
emmareid been busy. will be back soon... Thnks for all reads.
xbrightx Heating sorted - at a cost!
Randal1 No information
MarcoG Busy busy busy...golly gosh I'm busy
Amazingwoo Our little boy arrived Friday 13th December, weighing in at 8lb and measuring a lengthy 57cm. His name is Dane and we are utterly in love.
rikogida Hi all. My name is Rik. Im not exactly a poet but ive always had a talent for cards to special people in my life. If you want to write a special message to somebody try me for help I do it for fun.
rolletrog Here's to a happy and healthy 2013! PS: People that leave the same comment on every single review get right on my wick!
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