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First name: Chris
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About me: www.thenovabug-blog.blogspot.c - Read it! ;) Like video games? I write for The Pixel Empire, a retrospective game site that bucks the trend! Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook!

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hiker Hope everyone is well...writing elsewhere these days.
Ailran I like a challenge... so will the end of this year and next (2016) see me return with a 'Around the world in 80 Films' attempt? (Actually can I even find 80 countries I can watch and review films from!)
Averilla Did I miss anything?
MarcoG Busy busy busy...golly gosh I'm busy
anonymili Trying hard to get my "mojo" back but it's proving difficult. Technical issues here also prevent me from participating as much as I could!
ntg13 Trying to find time for some reviews/rates!
80smusicreviewer Many thanks for all rates, I will always return but may need a week to do so.
daveboxer Pennywa ... you have stolen my heart
azana Love reading genuinely helpful consumer reviews - shame some people have forgotten what that means, if they ever knew of course. Sigh.
laurahartleyy I'm a blogger from London, studying at Oxford University and interning in Paris! Check out my blog for even more reviews of books, films and lifestyle articles: :) All my reviews are posted there first :)
pixie65 Returning after a very long absence. Life throws a curve ball you need to learn quickly how to duck and roll or you will be out of the game !
TheNuttyTart Hi and thanks for popping by, Thank you for the rates and the E's as well! I try and keep up with the newest uplists, but if I happen to miss your work please let me know and I will be pleased to read/rate you... Rebecca Rachael x :o)
katykicker Back writing & RATING! If you would like to be added to my COT please do let me know :) No need to thank me for E's unless you fancy a chat :)
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