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NEC MultiSync LCD1550V 15 in 14/03/2011

Pure Japanese Brilliance!

NEC MultiSync LCD1550V 15 in NEC make lots of brilliant products and monitors are a particular item they are great at producing! Reliability: Having used this monitor for years, it has never dis-coloured or had any pixels ever die on me! It is build very well! Features: The monitor features a 15" screen, which is more than big enough for people of average vision to look at! Its contrast ratio of 450:1 is rather low, however I don't see a massive difference compared with screen with 10000:1 ratio and you can only marginally see greys in the darker sections of movies! It provides plenty of brightness, so you won't be regularly straining your eyes with a 250cd/m2 setting! The viewing angle is provides is also more than adequate with a 120 degree vision, so unless you watch your monitor at a totally obscure angle, then you won't have a problem with this! The maximum resolution it can display at is 1024 * 768, which is enough for most people to be able to manage with! Connectivity: It can connect either via an RGB cable or via a standard VGA cable. Connection to and from your PC is very easy to achieve! The monitor is plug and play comp

Apple MB110B/A 14/03/2011

An Extremely Comforable Piece Of Art!

Apple MB110B/A As well as my wireless logitech keyboard that I own, I also have an Apple Mac that I use for work! The Apple keyboards a simply lovely! Design: With scrumptious curves and the keys spaced out, I can easily type for hours and hours on this wonderful device! The colour scheme that Apple chose for this keyboard is also great and really brightens up my dark home! Since the keyboard is also really slim, it fits anywhere on my desk and even seems to blend directly into my desk! Build Quality: As with all Apple products, the build quality is exceptional! I have used this particular keyboard for years now and it has not let me down yet! None of the button names have been worn off and through carefully looking after it, the keyboard has had no damage at all! It is also made from aluminium which also massively helps for reliability! Features: It contains the full QWERTY keyboard and many other buttons such as being able to turn up the brightness, take control of your movies with forward and rewind, eject discs and it also includes two USB ports for your Apple Mouse and other low-powered USB devices! It also works well with gaming, when I'm playing Half Life 2 with this keyboard, all the buttons respond really well! Connectivity: It connects via a single USB 2.0 port, providing more than enough power for the keyboard and two other USB powered devices!

Logitech K340 Keyboard 14/03/2011

A very nice and simple keyboard!

Logitech K340 Keyboard This keyboard provides you with serious battery life! When I first put the AA batteries in, I thought this keyboard was going to last as long as my Logitech wireless mouse (which didn't last very long, only about 5 days on 2 AA before you ask!). I have used this keyboard constantly everyday for nearly a year now on the same pair of batteries! Now that is amazing! This is writing long reports every day! Comfort: the keyboard is extremely comfortable to type with and with my long writing sessions I can honestly type for hours on end with no problems at all. All the keys and hotkeys are nicely laid out, allowing me to easily type out my long reports that I must create! Reliability: as already mentioned, I write for quite a long time and I have never had a problem with this keyboard! All the keys have responded promptly and on time and nothing has snapped yet (even when I accidentally dropped the keyboard on the floor!). A great keyboard that provides performance with speed over wireless!

Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical - mouse 14/03/2011

An extremely comfortable and durable mouse!

Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical - mouse This mouse is very comfortable and extremely durable and I have been using it for many years! Comfort: The mouse goes around my hand perfectly and after many hours of pointing and clicking at a variety of media on my PC (such as point-and-click adventures and doing various documents) my hand never feels uncomfortable when handling the mouse in a variety of positions! Easy of Use: The buttons are very nicely laid out and provide hours of fun clicking! The buttons are very reliable and after many hours of RTS gaming, they haven't lost their click yet! The scroll wheel in particular scrolls in a lovely click in either direction and clicking down on it is a total charm! Tracking: The infared sensor is very accurate and you can make very small and finite movements with it. It provides as equally good detection as some higher priced models and really comes into its own when playing games such as Counter-Strike!

OCZ Platinum - DDR3 - 2 GB - DIMM 240-pin - 1600 MHz 14/03/2011

Fast RAM for a great price!

OCZ Platinum - DDR3 - 2 GB - DIMM 240-pin - 1600 MHz This RAM is incredibly fast and for the price that OCZ give it, it is an absolute steal. Providing 1333MHZ of bandwidth for the processor to use and giving you 2GB of memory to play with, the price is brilliant for the amazing performance you get! Providing RAM timings of 7-7-7-20, data is wacked on and off the RAM at a blistering speed, with similar brands such as Corsair and Kingston struggling to keep up! One thing to mention however, is that 2GB may not be enough for users running Windows Vista. Unfortunately Vista requires at least 1GB of Ram to run efficiently, before you even think of starting to run games. However in Windows XP and Windows 7, 2GB is more than sufficient for the average users' needs and no game such as Half Life 2 and Team Fortress use even more than 1GB worth! Intensive tasks such as encoding and DVD writing are also taken care of with the large amount of RAM given! All in all an absolutely amazing kit of RAM that is well worth the price! ...

Sapphire RADEON HD 5670 - Graphics adapter - Radeon HD 5670 - PCI Express 2.0 x16 - 512 MB GDDR5 - Digital Visual Interface (DVI), HDMI, DisplayPort ( HDCP ) - lite retail 14/03/2011

An immensely powerful budget graphics card that provides power!

Sapphire RADEON HD 5670 - Graphics adapter - Radeon HD 5670 - PCI Express 2.0 x16 - 512 MB GDDR5 - Digital Visual Interface (DVI), HDMI, DisplayPort ( HDCP ) - lite retail Being in the mid-tier range of graphics cards, this allows for great power and overclocking potential, while not breaking the banks! Using ATI's proprietary stream technology to full effect with your processor, this reduces bottlenecks associted with running processor and graphics card intensive tasks (I.E. playing Crysis on max settings). Direct X 11 and OpenGL are fully supported with this graphics card and the equivalent Nvidia cards (the 9800GT for example) just don't compete in terms of price and performance! The card has a fast GPU providing 775MHZ, with potential for even great overclocks and provides an amazing 24.8G Samples of texture filling! While providing 512MB of GDDR5 memory also is amazing and provides speedy memory! For this price it is brilliant! Testing this card using 3D Mark 06, it managed to score a fantastic 11698, which is a massive improvement over the similarly price Nvidia GT 240! As temperature is very important with graphics cards, the card runs at 82 degrees when overclocked and when not under load runs at a cool 21 degrees, the fan being very good with the system! This is an excellent graphics card providing great performance for money!

Intel Dual-Core 5080 3.73 GHz 14/03/2011

Providing blistering speed!

Intel Dual-Core 5080 3.73 GHz With the advent of dual core processor, this really does give insane power to the user! Also the exclusivity of the Xeon processor family to servers only is no longer and it is finally available for Desktop Machines! With more cache on-board then regular dual cores and providing a larger FSB, these processors can zip data round your computer in nano seconds! Gaming with dual cores is brilliant, with games such as Crysis utilising multi-core architecture to full effect! With dual core, it is very much possible to do things twice as fast, with the majority of processor intensive programs utilising both cores to double the output! Providing support for 64-bit operating systems, this can allow you to run the processor on a 64-bit version of Windows, allowing you to expand your memory capacity (capped at 3.25 GB for Windows Machines) and allowing you to zip through programs in seconds! Power consumption is also massively reduced, with reductions in the amount of heat given off and how power is used. Also extra security is included with Intel's proprietary 'Disable Bit 2' hardware, that protects against advance virus attacks! All in all the processor is fantastic and a massive improvement over older systems!

Tevion MD 30302 14/03/2011

An absolutely excellent budget TV

Tevion MD 30302 This TV is totally brilliant, giving you a great TV for a fantastic price. For gaming this is sensational and playing Little Big Planet in 1080i looks absolutely great. For paying half the price of a branded TV, this TV does a great job and the fact that Aldi provides a 3 year warranty makes this a total must-buy! Other information is that it has a great contrast ratio, making the blacks look more than adequate when watching films. The fact that is has only 1 HDMI port is no big deal, as HDMI splitters are very cheap to buy as well! Freeview is also built-in with a menu that is very easy to navigate and flawless! The Nicam Stereo is sufficient and not terribly brilliant, but with a TV like this, it doesn't really matter! The viewing angle is also satisfactory and allows me and my family to easily watch it from anywhere in our large room! It also features two scart connections, allowing you to plug in your SD devices and also be able to plug in a PC via a VGA cable!

Ninja Gaiden Black (Xbox) 14/03/2011

An Insane Game That Recreates The Insane Difficulty Of The NES!

Ninja Gaiden Black (Xbox) Making the original Ninja Gaiden (the Xbox version) better in every way, this is well worth buying if you like regularly punishing yourself! Story: Ryu Hyabusa is the last of his clan and he is on a tale of bloody and grim revenge through a series of cities and environments! Gameplay: Man is this game hard, after many issues with the first game about its difficulty, Team Ninja decided to include a 'Ninja Dog' difficulty (very easy mode), to make the game more open for players of lesser skill to play! However if you go on the normal difficulty, it will really beat you down every time and you have to use every move in Ryu's arsenal to get a high score (let alone survive)! You can use a variety of moves (with more unlocked as your gain more experience from your dead enemies)! There are a large variety of enemies within the game, with Ryu being able to unleash an insane amount of combos. You also have the ability to launch magic against your enemies (although this isn't recommended) as it is quite rare and should be used against the insanely hard bosses. Seriously even if you learn the attack pattern, they will beat you down again and again! Graphics and Sound: Insanely beautiful, this game allows you to see your enemies being gloriously slashed up and some of the larger bosses (especially towards the end of the game), look great! The sound of the slashes also gives that gory sword-slice-flesh type sound that I haven't heard recreated in any other game! Online: Since the ...

Mass Effect (PC) 14/03/2011

A Totally Awesome And Massive RPG

Mass Effect (PC) This is made by Bioware, possibly one of the biggest and greatest games companies out at the moment! Story: You are Commander Shepherd, tasked with finding a rogue 'Specter' and bringing peace to the galaxy! Gameplay: This is where Mass Effect hugely excels over other standard RPGs. These include being able totally and I mean totally customise your character (think Fallout3 levels of customisation). You have a variety of abilities and assignments you can give to your other squad members (such as a combat/mage role). These include having 'force' powers provided via 'Biotics', which can give moves such as telekinesis and the ability to use special technical abilities on foes. The game is a 3rd person action RPG, allowing you to blast most of your enemies to pieces, while being able to control what abilities/moves your character has! You can change through various squad members during the game, tailoring your squad to your tastes! You don't always have to resort to violence however to solve your differences and you can easily talk your way out of hazardous situations (there are thousands of lines of dialogue within the game too). There are a huge range of inventive and creative enemies and characters, giving the knowledge that the creators are really into their science fiction writing! Graphics and Sound: The graphics are simply beautiful...That is the only way they can be described. Seeing your ship the 'N7' pass through a warp gate or looking at a new world to describe ...

Dead Rising (Xbox 360) 14/03/2011

A Fun Game For A While, But Man Does It Get Dull!!!

Dead Rising (Xbox 360) Story: You are Frank West, a journalist who is looking for the scoop of his life! You fly to this town that is under military lockdown and after taking some pictures you find that not all is well! After some military choppers try and take your helicopter down, you land on the roof of a mall and there you story begins! Gameplay: A fun game, however it really does get very dull! The fact that Capcom has managed to pull of replicating a zombie film is by no means a small feat! The engine that runs Dead Rising is fantastic and at no time is their a drop in frame rate as the hordes of undead come towards you! The main feature about Dead Rising is the multitude of ways you can kill the undead! It is possible to hit them with golf bats and shoot them, however you can use more mundane ways such as lawnmower or a serv bot head! There are also many crazy bosses located within the game, each with their own traits that you must work out and find their weaknesses! There are a multitude of ways to complete the game, from you just staying in a cupboard and surviving for 3 days to actually bothering with the storyline! The gameplay does get very repetitive when you have to constantly keep killing zombies to level up your character and gain extra attacking moves and health! Graphics & sound: The undead have never sounded so great, with surround sound you hear the undead all around you trying to each you! The engine as already mentioned holds up great and each zombie has a nice amount of ...

Gears of War (PC) 14/03/2011

A Totally Insane Game That Everyone Should Play!

Gears of War (PC) I totally fell in love with this game the first time I played it! The PC version is better in many ways to the Xbox 360 version, because it features better graphics and new content (with the ability to ride on a Brumak (a giant beast that is filled with rocket launchers and all kinds of other death dealing abilities!). Story: Centred around a team of 5 'Gears', who are desperately trying to fight off the ever advancing Locust (beings that have lived underground for many years) and whom humanity managed to really annoy and they have come to the surface! It really makes you feel for the characters' plight! Gameplay: The addictive gameplay comes from the fact you can hide behind waist-high walls and fire a variety of weapons at the enemy. The Locust come in all shapes and sizes (from the tiny infantry class to the massive boomers) and you can kill them in a variety of ways (through tagging them with grenades), to chainsawing them in half with your bayonet (which never gets old). Other weapons include the Hammer Of Dawn (a giant orbital weapon that allows you to laser your enemies to death)! Graphics and Sound: The colour grey has never looked quite so good in this game, with the PC being able to stretch the environment and character models to their limit! The guns all sound great, with the haunting music in the background really setting the background in this Gears game! The online mode is also hilarious, with all the abilities (including chainsawing other players) to be ...

Lost Planet 2 (PS3) 13/03/2011

An Amazing Achievement As It Truly Tops The First Game!

Lost Planet 2 (PS3) Somehow Capcom has managed to go one better and release a game that is far superior to its predecessor. Story: *Spoiler* After E.D.N 3 gets terraformed and warmed, the planet gets heated up, seriously changing the environment and the movement of the Akrid *Spolier* and in this game the new humans have to kill off the new G-type Akrid (gigantic Akird), which is directly affecting the planet's atmosphere (plus they want the T-ENG from the Akrid)! Gameplay: Like the first game, however this is much more online and customisable! You can fully customise your character with whatever load-out of weapons and costume you want! The whole game can be played with 4 players online or offline (only 2 player splitscreen however with system link required for 4 players) and it is a complete blast. There are many co-op elements that the game makes great use of for 4 people and it really is a true testament to how good this game is! The game is set in a mission structure and you have to use your VSs and wit to defeat the AI and bosses. The VSs are great and again imaginative, with some that look like they have come out of a Gundam Movie. Online Vs mode is also included, with capture the 'point' type gameplay, including all the VSs from the game and the ability to play as the Akrid! Graphics and Sound: The new Framework engine has been used in this game and it truly shows, with the lush environment completely surrounding the player and the sound of the Akrid is intense, showing just how ...

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PS3) 13/03/2011

A Totally Brilliant And Sensational Masterpiece!

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PS3) This honestly is an absolutely brilliant title and well worth playing for anyone into sci-fi shooters! There are two versions of this game, Lost Planet and Lost Planet: Colonies. The Colonies game provides new multiplayer maps, with new weapons and also allowing the player to play as Akrid (the enemies within the game)! The story is set on a hospitable planet called E.D.N. 3 and the original settlers are chased away by the insect-like Akrid. The humans then come back with the mission of terraforming the planet to make it alright for them to live there and have the side effect of killing the Akrid. However events unfold that change the story around immensely. The two factions are the Snow Pirates and NEVEC (the original settlers), each fighting against each other for control of the planet! The gameplay consists of a 3rd person shooter, with the ability to use a variety of awesome weaponry (from rocket launchers to plasma guns), to take down humans and VSs (Vitality Suits I.E. giant drivable robots)! The VSs really are the star of this game and you can customise them with different weapon load-outs to suit your taste. However this drains your T-ENG (essentially another life meter), that when empty starts draining your health and eventual death. You can heal yourself via T-ENG, however you only have a limited supply, which you get from killing Akrid. There are also some very interesting and creative bosses for you to slay within the game! The graphics and sound are ...

Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360) 12/03/2011

An astonishingly good game!

Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360) Gears of War 2 massively improves on the original! It provides a solid campaign with gameplay and multiplayer options as well! Story: the story carries on from Gears Of War, where the Locust now have the ability to sink entire cities, so the Cog now have no choice but to attack the Locust and destroy them for good. Gameplay: the cover system has been completely redesigned so that it give the player complete control. Only 80% of the time did the cover system in Gears Of War actually work, however in this game, it works 99.9% of the time! New weapons have also been included, such as the awesome mortar launch, mulcher (gattling gun) and poison grenades, with the ability to tag the grenades against walls to set up ambushes for your opponents! New enemies have also been included, such as the lovely 'butchers' and blood hounds that want to tear you limb from limb. The graphics aren't a massive improvement, however character models and environments look at lot smooth and less jagged. The online mode has also been increased, with the ability to play 5 on 5 battles, new modes such as 'Wingman' and 'Horde' and much much more! You will certainly be playing for hours!
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