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Hula Hoops Original Crisps 10/12/2002

Anyone fancy a salted ring

Hula Hoops Original Crisps I have recently eaten my way through almost the entire contents of a twelve multipack of Hula Hoops Original Potato Rings. I bought them for my daughter who is two but she turned her nose up and so I got stuck with them. I got myself a packet tonight and sat down to read some opinions when I noticed the front of the packet has lots of little pictures of post boxes on it. 'What's that all about?' I thought, what could post boxes, 15 post boxes to be exact (although some obscured by rather large Hula Hoop logo) have to do with a potato snack? Perhaps this has something to do with an advertising campaign that has passed me by, maybe Hula Hoops are now sponsored by the Post Office, to find out more I turned the packet over. "The Original Hula Hoops - frankly more first class than a pillar box." Aha - it must be some kind of catchy advertising slogun. On examining the back of the packet I noticed another 'amusing' caption: "Take a walk on the mischevious side of life with Hula Hoops" Well, then I spotted and just couldn't help myself. I wish I hadn't as what I found there was most puzzling, all about a man called Steve Threlfall, well over my head, I've definitely been out of this country too long. Anyway, having never been confused by a potato snack before I decided I'd better just eat them and stop trying to understand them. If you've never had the pleasure of a Hula Hoop, they are a thick, hard, yellow ring, big enough to put on the ...

Member Advice on Pregnancy 07/12/2002

Pregnancy - The truth.

Member Advice on Pregnancy As I write I am 29 weeks pregnant with my second child. For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure, pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks, so I’m nearly three quarters of the way there! When you get pregnant you usually see your GP or a midwife who talk to you and give you lots of leaflets and little booklets full of information about pregnancy and birth. There are hundreds of books on the market and the Internet is swamped with websites aimed at mothers and fathers to be. In short, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips if you have the time and inclination to find it. But, there are still some things that these books and websites and your happy smiling midwife fail to tell you and that’s where I hope to help, to bring you the truth about pregnancy and birth! …Morning Sickness… Myth – In the first few weeks you feel sick in the mornings. Truth – In the first few months you feel sick continuously, morning, noon and night. The idea of food makes you want to puke, the smell of food makes you puke and the idea of actually eating something makes you want to die. Advantages – Makes giving up drinking alcohol and smoking really easy. Remedy – Some people swear by ginger or wearing those seasickness armband things but I’ve found the only thing that helps is to eat! If you can force it down you do actually feel much better. …Hair… Myth – When you’re pregnant ...

General: Bali 06/12/2002

I urge you to go back to Bali

General: Bali On Saturday October 12th 2002 just after 11pm a small bomb exploded in Paddy’s Bar on Legian Street in Kuta, Bali. This was shortly followed by a huge explosion that came from a car parked across the street outside the Sari Club. Both Paddy’s Bar and the Sari Club were full of young people; travellers, tourists, surfers, honeymooners, ex-pats, bar staff, doormen, prostitutes, DJs. A mix of people from all over the world and from all walks of life, all with one thing in common, to drink, dance, mingle and enjoy themselves. Both bombs killed people outright, and then fires started. Most buildings in Bali are made mainly of wood, these were no exception, the fires spread rapidly, and the buildings collapsed trapping hundreds of people. The lucky ones managed to escape, over 400 were injured, a huge part of Kuta was destroyed and the death toll was nearly 200. When the bomb went off I was on a Royal Brunei flight to London that had left Bali the same day with my Balinese husband and our daughter. The news of the bombings shocked us to the core; my husband had been in the Sari Club with his brother and his mates just two weeks before for his last night out before leaving, being pregnant I’d stayed at home but he’d bumped into at least five of my friends that night and he wasn’t there long. It was very possible that many of our friends and family had been in the vicinity of the bombings that night and our first few days in Britain were spent trying ...

BBC - CBeebies 05/12/2002

The Fimbles

BBC - CBeebies CBeebies, for those of you who don't know, is the BBC's channel for pre-school children and carries kiddy's favourites such as Teletubbies, The Tweenies and Bob the Builder. CBeebies latest offering for children is The Fimbles and that's what I've come here to tell you about. I probably wouldn't normally find myself watching programmes like this (maybe back in my student days but that's another story....) except for the fact that I'm the mother of a 26 month old little girl. She enjoys The Teletubbies and The Tweenies but has never really been that into TV, that was until The Fimbles started and now she's obsessed! ...What on earth are the Fimbles?... The Fimbles are three large people/animal type combination things. Their bodies are much like the Teletubbies, ie. fat with short legs, but their heads are more animal-like, long snouts and little floppy ears and they each have a little top knot on their heads. Their names are Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom. Fimbo - A male Fimble and the biggest of the three, he's yellow with green stripes. Florrie - A female Fimble, medium sized, blue with purple stripes. Baby Pom - The baby (obviously!), female, little, green with pink stripes and can't talk properly (well she's only a baby). ...Where do the Fimbles live?... The Fimbles live in Fimble Valley a wonderful, magical land of grass, flowers, rocks, strange trees like the tinkling tree and a bubble waterfall. There are also tuffets (of the Little Miss Muffet ... 30/11/2002 There are hundreds of websites on the internet these days offering advice and information about pregnancy and child rearing, the best, in my opinion, is the UK version of Babycentre has 6 main areas, your Personal Page, Getting pregnant, Pregnancy, Baby, Toddler and Community. When you join Babycentre your personal page is automatically updated everytime you visit, giving you specific information for your particular stage of pregnancy or the age of your child. They'll also email you updates if you wish. The information sections have lots of online tools such as an ovulation calendar, due date calculator and baby namer, there are plenty of FAQs and practical tips and advice from both other members and experts. My favourite area is the community section. This is basically a large collection of message boards. You can choose from a birth club board where you'll find lots of people who are either due the same time as you or who's babies are the same age as yours, this is a fantastic way to find support, friendship and information. What I particularly like is the layout of the boards, many pregnancy/baby sites have message boards but I've never seen ones like this before, they appear in boxes with the title of the message at the top and the messages underneath, you can usually see first line of the first few and last few messages, how many messages have been posted under that heading and the date the last one was posted. I don't know ...
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