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Sega Megadrive 04/01/2014

Sega Megadrive is AWESOME!

Sega Megadrive I bought this, along with the Sonic The Hedgehog game, for my husband as a Christmas present and he was absolutely over the moon. Ok, so it in no way can compete with the modern games consoles, BUT that is not why I bought it or why my husband loved it. The Sega is so loved by him because of the nostalgia associated with it. The down-side of this is that there is no official support due to Sega only making games now and discontinuing the Megadrive line, so no new games. That said, there are loads of games to choose from in spite of this. The instructions consist of two steps: 1 ) plug in the console and controller 2) push game firmly into the slot until it clicks 3) switch on the console and troubleshooting is: are you sure you plugged it in? Go and check the plug. Those were simpler times! It's a brilliant first console for small children because you can't get truly violent games (any that are violent are so poor when it comes to graphics that no-one will be having nightmares!) or on-line capabilities (meaning no need for parental controls) and it is extremely difficult to break.

Morrisons G2STB Glass JUG Blender 04/01/2014

Blender is not fit for purpose

Morrisons G2STB Glass JUG Blender My husband went out to buy a blender so we can make baby-food for our four month old son. He came back with the Morrisons own brand blender at £15 and we got to blending. Looking over it I was impressed. For our money we got: - a large jug - two speed settings - a pulse function - lid with a removable section so that more can be added mid-blend - suction-cups on the feet of the base to stop it from slipping on the counter - small footprint (so it doesn't take up loads of room on the counter top) Ok, so the blades are not removable meaning cleaning them was going to be tricky, but I hypothesised that I could get rid of most of the food by putting hot soapy water in and letting it run for a minute or two. Looked brilliant for blending baby meals up with. With this in mind I started on my fill-the-freezer project and boiled/roasted/grilled up loads of food to blend and store for future food for the baby. On the first attempt to blend we put in boiled potato. I mean boiled as in falls-apart-when-you-try-to-stab-it-with-a-fork boiled. There was no crunch in this stuff. After a couple of minutes the blender started to smoke and smell like burning rubber and the base lit up with blue sparks. We washed it up (my hypothesis proved to be incorrect - cleaning it is terribly difficult) returned it and took home a replacement. Morrisons were brilliant about swapping it even though we didn't have the receipt any more. This time we put in half the maximum amount and added some water ...

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier 04/01/2014

Moby-wrap baby-carrier is a total life-saver

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier During my pregnancy I looked into various methods of transporting babies and I immediately knew that I wanted to use baby-wearing as my primary method. We bought a couple of different slings to try and we found that the moby-wrap is far and away the most comfortable one we used. It has several benefits including: - promotes skin-to-skin (best for baby) - really comfortable for you and the baby - you are hands-free but still cuddling your baby - multiple wrap/folds can be achieved with the same item so it grows with your baby - helped settle the baby when he was fussy/colicky - it can act as a breastfeed shield if you are feeing shy about feeding in public Downsides we encountered: - can be a bit tricky to fold and tie to begin with (you get the hang of it fast, though) - not always weather-appropriate - air-drying after a wash takes up lots of space (we drape it over my step-daughters four-poster/princess bed to dry it) - it was a bit pricey for what you get
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