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Every Dead Thing - John Connolly 30/09/2005

Looking for a killer

Every Dead Thing - John Connolly If you like your thrillers fast, dark and very violent then this is the one for you. With a convoluted plot involving lots of suspense, guts, blood and gore it races along at a cracking pace which is actually a very good thing as this book is l o n g! There is enough material here for two or possibly even three books as we follow Charlie 'Bird' Parker as he searches for the killer of his wife and child. The level of violence is so high for so long that I found myself becoming indifferent, the power to shock having become muted by over familiarity. Now I like a bit of blood and gore as much as the next person but he does pile it on in a relentless fashion and I must admit to being rather relieved when it stopped. I understand there is a sequel but I don't think my blood pressure is up to it. ...

Human Croquet - Kate Atkinson 30/09/2005

A real feast of a book!

Human Croquet - Kate Atkinson A weird but wonderful book that defies categorisation. It has humour, sex, violence, mystery, history, fantasy, time travel, alternative reality, imagination, unrequited love, incest, innocence and beautifully drawn characters. It's beautifully written, a real feast of a book! Sixteen year old Isobel takes us on a roller coaster ride through time, reality, life and death in the streets of trees. Along the way she reminds us that just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there. Perhaps she should also have said that just because you can see something doesn't mean it is. All this may make it sound rather fey but it's a down to earth gutsy book and great fun. I loved it! This is the first book of Kate Atkinson's that I read and it encouraged me to go on and read others. I would now happily read anything she has written, she has a unique voice. ...

Prodigal Summer - Barbara Kingsolver 30/09/2005


Prodigal Summer - Barbara Kingsolver This was recommended by someone in my reading group and when I read the review on the back cover I thought I was going to hate it. 'Sexual exuberance and eroticism' are not to my taste in reading and had I picked it off the shelf myself it would have gone back in a flash. If that had been the case I would have missed one of the most enjoyable books I have read in a long time. Yes there is sexual exuberance and eroticism but so beautifully written that it is, as Kenny Everett would have it, 'in the best possible taste!' I loved it, found it totally engrossing and was sorry when I had finished it. It is full of strong believable characters, a vivid sense of place and has an incredible feeling for the inter-dependence of all forms of life. For those among you who want to know what it's about, well it's about people and nature and the relationships affecting them and about what happened one prodigal summer and......... It's beautifully written, one of those books that so entirely engage ones attention that the outside world ceases to exist as one becomes totally absorbed...... A must read! ...

Rough Music - Patrick Gale 30/09/2005

Aspects of love

Rough Music - Patrick Gale The title 'Rough Music ' refers to the old European custom of making a loud noise outside the houses of those who's sexual behaviour does not comply with the local standards of respectability. That is not to imply that this is a book full of deviant sexuality. Primarily this is a book about relationships and the effects that our feelings and actions have on those around us. The book centres around the events that occur on two family holidays in Cornwall separated by time. Long buried memories are revealed. I found it totally involving and the characters so real and well developed that I felt I knew them, particularly the mother, father and son who form the core of the story. I loved this book and it will haunt me for some time to come. At times it is almost unbearably sad but I wouldn't have missed it for the world! I recommended this book to my reading group and it generated a very lively discussion particularly about homosexuality. Don't read it if you are homophobic but otherwise be prepared for a treat. ...
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