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91 18/09/2000

Great beenz tips The beenzboard is a very friendly community of people who collect beenz. The board is a great place to find all the latest news on beenz and where to find them. If you don’t have a lot of time to go searching out beenz for yourself, then you will probably find this board very helpful. It will almost definitely increase the amount of beenz in your account and the people there are always very quick to share the latest links and beenz news. I think the board is very helpful for beenz collectors and there is no hassle as all you have to do is register to have full access to the board. ... 18/09/2000

Good for extra cash Beenz are not going to make you rich, but you will earn a bit of extra cash without too much effort. There are several ways of getting beenz – most involve either visiting or registering at websites and these are generally free. The main problems with beenz are that they seem to be quite scarce at the moment and it can be quite time consuming finding them. Still, there are quite a few websites and lists devoted to finding them and this can make it much easier if you don’t have much time to spare and it is great if you want a bit of extra spending money. Apart from that, just remember that collecting beenz can be VERY addicitive, you have been warned! ...

Scary Movie (DVD) 17/09/2000

Not Scary and not worth the time either

Scary Movie (DVD) This film is a spoof of most of the recent scary films like Scream. There are some very funny scenes, but the film is very disjointed and feels more like a collection of mostly mediocre sketches, rather than a full-length film. The funny moments are VERY funny, but unfortunately, there aren’t that many of these. The other thing to bear in mind before seeing this film is that there are quite a lot of scenes that you might find tasteless and crude, depending on your sense of humour. Personally, I didn’t think that the few truly funny moments justified the price of the ticket or, even worse, the boredom of sitting through the rest of the film. ...

Come Together - Emlyn Rees, Josie Lloyd 17/09/2000

Predictable fun

Come Together - Emlyn Rees, Josie Lloyd The concept behind this book is very original and I think that it is this innovative writing style that sets ‘Come Together’ apart from similar books. This book’s first chapter is all about Jack who is one of the main characters in the book (and whose viewpoint is given by Emlyn Rees). The next chapter is written by Josie Lloyd and focuses on Amy’s point of view. This book is very funny, simply because the reader can see how the same events get interpreted very differently by the male and female minds. I had heard a lot about this book and how good it was, which is why I read it. Now that I’ve read it, I have to agree that it really is a good read. My only criticism would be that the ‘crisis’ moment at the end of the book is very contrived so that there is a crisis but the main character involved remains blameless – which helps to keep the story on track for the happy-ever-after ending. Still, apart from that, I thought ‘Come Together’ was worth reading. ...

Piece of Paradise - Sky 11/08/2000

The greatest album you'll never hear...

Piece of Paradise - Sky Savage Garden fans take note. The duo is called Sky – well, they were called Sky before they split up – they hail from Canada and their album, Piece of Paradise, is just as good, if not better than anything Savage Garden have done up to now. I bought this album when on holiday in Montreal, having seen the video for “Love Song” on the music channel. As it turned out, I got so hooked on the rest of the songs on the album that I hardly listened to Love Song at all. The melodies get in your head and under your skin, the vocals are too beautiful to be true and it’s a damn shame that Sky will never come over here. Buy the album on import if you can – it’s well worth it. ...

Version 2.0 - Garbage 11/08/2000

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 - Garbage What do you know? Garbage have found a fun side (well, slightly). Version 2.0 is full of haunting melodies and catchy choruses, with more upbeat-sounding, if not actually upbeat, songs such as When I Grow Up and Special. This is an outstanding album, in as much as every single song is an instant classic. This is due mainly to the immediately memorable hooks and choruses. Shirley Manson’s voice is as gorgeous and versatile as ever, while the mood shifts between hard and thrashing, and quietly haunting. Although all the songs on Version 2.0 are great, the standout track has to be You Look So Fine. The lyrics and melodies come together perfectly with Shirley Manson’s voice, making a classic Garbage song. ...

Affirmation - Savage Garden 11/08/2000


Affirmation - Savage Garden They explored with their first album, Savage Garden, and now Darren and Daniel have found a sound they’re happy with in Affirmation. The ballads are here, with Darren’s voice soaring on songs such as I Knew I Loved You and Two Beds And A Coffee Machine (strange title, but beautiful song). The uptempo songs seem to have been done by people on speed, with Darren hardly pausing for breath on Affirmation or The Animal Song – these fast songs positively radiate pure energy. Although all of the songs on Affirmation are fantastic, the outstanding track has to be Crash And Burn, the ultimate I’ll-be-there-for-you song. ...

From the Waist Down - Jack Rabbit Slim 11/08/2000

Savage Garden

From the Waist Down - Jack Rabbit Slim The first album from the Australian duo is a treat. The best known track is probably the ballad Truly Madly Deeply, but anyone who buys this CD expecting it to be full of love songs is in for a shock. Although Universe is a beautiful song in a similar vein to Truly Madly Deeply, the rest of the album is filled with songs which have hard, funky beats. The singles To The Moon And Back and I Want You are on this album, while other songs such as Violet will have you grooving. ...

Play - Moby 11/08/2000


Play - Moby The album which launched a thousand adverts. You may not recognise the titles to most of the tracks, but you probably know most of the songs as they’ve been used to advertise various products. This is quite a nice surprise when you first put the CD in your stereo, as you are immediately familiar with a lot of the tracks on the album. As with any album which has nineteen tracks, there are bound to be a few tracks which you will skip over, but overall, Play is excellent and innovative. From the soft, hypnotic melodies of Porcelain to the funkier Find My Baby and Natural Blues, Play is a treat of an album. ...

Something to Remember - Madonna 11/08/2000

Something to Remember

Something to Remember - Madonna This collection of love songs was released before Madonna became cool again – which means that this album is low on hype and high on good music, unlike her most recent efforts. Something To Remember contains all the slow songs which were memorable from Madonna’s early days, such as Crazy For You and Live To Tell, through to the likes of Take A Bow and Forbidden Love, from her under-rated Bedtime Stories album. The standout tracks have to be This Used To Be My Playground (which was previously only available on the “A League Of Their Own” Soundtrack), which is heartbreakingly beautiful, and the title track, which is from the Dick Tracy soundtrack. ...

Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow 11/08/2000

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow The follow-up to her Grammy-winning album, Tuesday Night Music Club, at first seemed to be suffering from Alanis Morrissette syndrome with the first single, If It Makes You Happy. However, this judgement was hasty on my part as all the rest of the songs on the album are pure Sheryl Crow; catchy and melodious. Some of the songs, such as Change Would Do You Good, are upbeat, whereas songs such as Home are quieter and more reflective. All in all, this second album is a mature progression from Tuesday Night Music Club and is well worth listening to. ...

Supergrass - Supergrass 11/08/2000


Supergrass - Supergrass I decided to buy this album when I saw the video for Pumping On Your Stereo and was completely impressed by two things; the innovation of the Muppet-like video and the sheer exuberance of the song. When I heard the second single from the album, Moving (which appears on the soundtrack of the film East Is East), I was sold. The rest of the album didn’t disappoint. All twelve tracks have been written well, and there is a raw feel to the album, which is very appealing. Supergrass have produced a great album, and I hear they’re even better live… ...

Best of 1980-1990 - U2 11/08/2000


Best of 1980-1990 - U2 Take one amazing band, compile some of their best known songs from the Eighties onto one CD and here you have an instant winner. From the opening riff of Pride (In The Name Of Love) to the closing moments of All I Want Is You, every track serves to remind you why U2 are one of the biggest stadium bands of all time. With Or Without You, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, and Desire are but three of the fourteen classics. My only complaint is that some U2 classics have been overlooked, such as One and Mysterious Ways. However, there is a good reason for this; these songs were recorded after 1990, and will appear on another Greatest Hits album, which is yet to be released. ...

Like You Do...Best of the Lightning Seeds - Lightning Seeds (The) 11/08/2000

Like you do...The Best of the Lightning Seeds

Like You Do...Best of the Lightning Seeds - Lightning Seeds (The) With a band like The Lightning Seeds, a greatest hits album is bound to be a treat. From the first track, the reflective What You Say, to the final anthem, Three Lions, Like You Do is packed full of hits. If you have ever watched Match Of The Day you’ll know The Life Of Riley, while Lucky You, Change, Pure… and pretty much all the other songs on the album are completely uplifting. Ian Broudie’s vocals are complimented wonderfully by these tunes, and the resulting album is a true class act. ...

Man Who - Travis 11/08/2000

The Man Who

Man Who - Travis They were the band of 1999 – and their album, The Man Who, shows us why. An antidote to the manufactured girl and boy groups, Travis got back to basics and won us over with their simple, catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Fran Healy’s vocals soar between quietly fragile and achingly hard, somewhat reminiscent of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, while songs such as Why Does It Always Rain On Me and Turn have become modern-day anthems. Whether Travis can survive the backlash that success has created remains to be seen, with bands such as Coldplay emerging. However, The Man Who will always be considered a great album. ...
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