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Ultrasonex Phaser Toothbrush 14/08/2007


Ultrasonex Phaser Toothbrush I love this toothbrush. I bought it because I had problems every time I bought a new conventional toothbrush. I used to get ulcers and sore gums due to the harsh new bristles. With the Ultrasonex the brush does most of the work for you. It applies the correct amount of pressure (so no more scrubbed gums), and because of the sonic action your teeth feel (and look) much cleaner and smoother. All you have to do is move the brush along your teeth and gumline (back and front) and if you stay in one area too long the brush head temporarily stops to let you know that that area is done. I bought my Ultrasonex at the Co-op just after Christmas 2006 for £19.99 and it was definitely money well spent. The brush heads are quite pricey but I would probably spend that amount on conventional toothbrushes anyway because they wear out faster. They are probably better for the environment as well because of the small amount of plastic you are disposing of as opposed to a whole conventional toothbrush.
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